Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales
Description: Founded in 1929 by March Bloch and Lucien Febvre, Annales highlights, beyond its prestigious heritage, the most innovative advances in historical research. The exploration of new domains of research and comparative history, covering a range of cultures and epistemological reflections by contributions from prestigious scholars and young historians alike, defines the spirit of Annales, a noted history journal whose prominence is internationally recognized. Outside of the history discipline, Annales also plays an important role in the social sciences, serving as a platform for reasoned dialogue between the various human sciences. The journal largely focuses on the examination of recent discoveries in the sciences in the form of reports (200 per year) and deep analyses of the most important works.
Coverage: 1946-2011 (1ère Année, No. 1 - 66e Année, No. 4)
Moving Wall
Moving Wall: 5 years
ISSN: 03952649
EISSN: 19538146
Subjects: History, History, Social Sciences, Sociology
Collections: Arts & Sciences V Collection