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The American Historical Review

Vol. 107, No. 2, April 2002

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Table of Contents

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  1. Tyler Anbinder
    DOI: 10.1086/532290
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  2. Robert Eskildsen
    DOI: 10.1086/532291
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  3. Introduction (pp. 419-424)
    Patrick Manning
    DOI: 10.1086/532292
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  4. Kenneth Pomeranz
    DOI: 10.1086/532293
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  5. R. Bin Wong
    DOI: 10.1086/532294
    Stable URL:
  6. David Ludden
    DOI: 10.1086/532295
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  7. News, Public, Nation (pp. 481-495)
    Michael Schudson
    DOI: 10.1086/532296
    Stable URL:
  8. Reviews of Books (pp. 496-497)
    The Negroland Revisited: Discovery and Invention of the Sudanese Middle Ages Pekka Masonen
    Review by: Jay Spaulding
    DOI: 10.1086/532297
    Stable URL:
  9. Race and the Writing of History: Riddling the Sphinx Maghan Keita
    Review by: Wilson J. Moses
    DOI: 10.1086/532298
    Stable URL:
  10. Reviews of Books (pp. 497-498)
    Ornamentalism: How the British Saw Their Empire David Cannadine
    Review by: Antoinette Burton
    DOI: 10.1086/532299
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  11. Reviews of Books (pp. 498-500)
    Barbarism and Religion. Volume 1, The Enlightenments of Edward Gibbon, 1737-1764 J. G. A. Pocock; Barbarism and Religion. Volume 2, Narratives of Civil Government J. G. A. Pocock
    Review by: D. R. Woolf
    DOI: 10.1086/532300
    Stable URL:
  12. Prophet of Decline: Spengler on World History and Politics John Farrenkopf
    Review by: Georg G. Iggers
    DOI: 10.1086/532301
    Stable URL:
  13. Out of the Dead House: Nineteenth-Century Women Physicians and the Writing of Medicine Susan Wells
    Review by: Emily K. Abel
    DOI: 10.1086/532302
    Stable URL:
  14. Reviews of Books (pp. 501-502)
    Nymphomania: A History Carol Groneman
    Review by: Rachel Maines
    DOI: 10.1086/532303
    Stable URL:
  15. Reviews of Books (pp. 502-503)
    Novel History: Historians and Novelists Confront America's Past (and Each Other) Mark C. Carnes
    Review by: James Goodman
    DOI: 10.1086/532304
    Stable URL:
  16. Reviews of Books (pp. 503-504)
    History and Reading: Tocqueville, Foucault, French Studies Dominick LaCapra
    Review by: Paul Friedland
    DOI: 10.1086/532305
    Stable URL:
  17. Reviews of Books (pp. 504-505)
    Un Modello per la storia: Materiale, attivita, funzione Giuseppe Papagno
    Review by: Charles Tilly
    DOI: 10.1086/532306
    Stable URL:
  18. Reviews of Books (pp. 505-506)
    Lost Time: On Remembering and Forgetting in Late Modern Culture David Gross
    Review by: Patrick H. Hutton
    DOI: 10.1086/532307
    Stable URL:
  19. Reviews of Books (pp. 506-507)
    Intellectuals and the Articulation of the Nation Ronald Grigor Suny, Michael D. Kennedy
    Review by: Nicholas J. Miller
    DOI: 10.1086/532308
    Stable URL:
  20. Reviews of Books (pp. 507-509)
    Guilt of Nations: Restitution and Negotiating Historical Injustices Elazar Barkan
    Review by: Audrey Thomas McCluskey
    DOI: 10.1086/532309
    Stable URL:
  21. Forces of Habit: Drugs and the Making of the Modern World David T. Courtwright
    Review by: Virginia Berridge
    DOI: 10.1086/532310
    Stable URL:
  22. Reviews of Books (pp. 509-510)
    Nature and the English Diaspora: Environment and History in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Thomas R. Dunlap
    Review by: Harriet Ritvo
    DOI: 10.1086/532311
    Stable URL:
  23. Reviews of Books (pp. 510-511)
    Scots in the North American West, 1790-1917 Ferenc Morton Szasz
    Review by: John H. M. Laslett
    DOI: 10.1086/532312
    Stable URL:
  24. Reviews of Books (pp. 511-512)
    Exile to Paradise: Savagery and Civilization in Paris and the South Pacific, 1790-1900 Alice Bullard
    Review by: William B. Cohen
    DOI: 10.1086/532313
    Stable URL:
  25. Reviews of Books (pp. 512-513)
    Gender, Sexuality and Colonial Modernities Antoinette Burton
    Review by: Nancy Rose Hunt
    DOI: 10.1086/532314
    Stable URL:
  26. The Sino-American Friendship as Tradition and Challenge: Dr. Ailie Gale in China, 1908-1950 M. Cristina Zaccarini
    Review by: Gael Graham
    DOI: 10.1086/532315
    Stable URL:
  27. Reviews of Books (pp. 514-515)
    The Rise and Fall of the European Defense Community: Anglo-American Relations and the Crisis of European Defense, 1950-55 Kevin Ruane
    Review by: Kevin Smith
    DOI: 10.1086/532316
    Stable URL:
  28. Der Mauerbau: Die Westmachte und Adenauer in der Berlinkrise 1958-1963 Rolf Steininger
    Review by: Georg Schild
    DOI: 10.1086/532317
    Stable URL:
  29. Reviews of Books (pp. 515-516)
    Perpetual Happiness: The Ming Emperor Yongle Shih-shan Henry Tsai
    Review by: John W. Dardess
    DOI: 10.1086/532318
    Stable URL:
  30. Reviews of Books (pp. 516-517)
    The Spirit and the Flesh in Shandong, 1650-1785 D. E. Mungello
    Review by: Kathleen L. Lodwick
    DOI: 10.1086/532319
    Stable URL:
  31. Reviews of Books (pp. 517-518)
    Shitao: Painting and Modernity in Early Qing China Jonathan Hay
    Review by: Susan Naquin
    DOI: 10.1086/532320
    Stable URL:
  32. Banished Immortal: Searching for Shuangqing, China's Peasant Woman Poet Paul S. Ropp
    Review by: Harriet T. Zurdorfer
    DOI: 10.1086/532321
    Stable URL:
  33. Fuzhou Protestants and the Making of a Modern China 1857-1927 Ryan Dunch
    Review by: R. Keith Schoppa
    DOI: 10.1086/532322
    Stable URL:
  34. Reviews of Books (pp. 519-520)
    Seeking Modernity in China's Name: Chinese Students in the United States, 1900-1927 Weili Ye
    Review by: Daniel H. Bays
    DOI: 10.1086/532323
    Stable URL:
  35. Reviews of Books (pp. 520-521)
    The Making of the Republican Citizen: Political Ceremonies and Symbols in China 1911-1929 Henrietta Harrison
    Review by: Peter Zarrow
    DOI: 10.1086/532324
    Stable URL:
  36. Reviews of Books (pp. 521-522)
    The Lure of the Modern: Writing Modernism in Semicolonial China, 1917-1937 Shu-mei Shih
    Review by: Wang Zheng
    DOI: 10.1086/532325
    Stable URL:
  37. Reviews of Books (pp. 522-523)
    Social Transformation in Modern China: The State and Local Elites in Henan, 1900-1937 Xin Zhang
    Review by: Michael Gasster
    DOI: 10.1086/532326
    Stable URL:
  38. Reviews of Books (pp. 523-524)
    Yoritomo and the Founding of the First Bakufu: The Origins of Dual Government in Japan Jeffrey P. Mass
    Review by: Janet R. Goodwin
    DOI: 10.1086/532327
    Stable URL:
  39. Reviews of Books (pp. 524-525)
    Creating a Public: People and Press in Meiji Japan James L. Huffman
    Review by: Timothy Cheek
    DOI: 10.1086/532328
    Stable URL:
  40. Reviews of Books (pp. 525-526)
    Nanking: Anatomy of an Atrocity Masahiro Yamamoto; The Nanjing Massacre in History and Historiography Joshua A. Fogel
    Review by: Yoshihisa Tak Matsusaka
    DOI: 10.1086/532329
    Stable URL:
  41. Reviews of Books (pp. 526-527)
    Judgment at Tokyo: The Japanese War Crimes Trials Tim Maga
    Review by: Richard H. Minear
    DOI: 10.1086/532330
    Stable URL:
  42. Reviews of Books (pp. 527-528)
    Disputed Mission: Jesuit Experiments and Brahmanical Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century India Ines G. Zupanov
    Review by: Geoffrey A. Oddie
    DOI: 10.1086/532331
    Stable URL:
  43. The Begums of Bhopal: A Dynasty of Women Rulers in Raj India Shaharyar M. Khan
    Review by: Geraldine Forbes
    DOI: 10.1086/532332
    Stable URL:
  44. Reviews of Books (pp. 528-529)
    Women and the Colonial State: Essays on Gender and Modernity in the Netherlands Indies 1900-1942 Elsbeth Locher-Scholten
    Review by: Rita Smith Kipp
    DOI: 10.1086/532333
    Stable URL:
  45. Reviews of Books (pp. 530-531)
    The Philippine War 1899-1902 Brian McAllister Linn
    Review by: Greg Bankoff
    DOI: 10.1086/532334
    Stable URL:
  46. Manufacturing Montreal: The Making of an Industrial Landscape, 1850 to 1930 Robert Lewis
    Review by: Christina Burr
    DOI: 10.1086/532335
    Stable URL:
  47. William Osler: A Life in Medicine Michael Bliss
    Review by: Bonnie Ellen Blustein
    DOI: 10.1086/532336
    Stable URL:
  48. Reviews of Books (pp. 532-533)
    Dreams of a More Perfect Union Rogan Kersh
    Review by: Keith E. Whittington
    DOI: 10.1086/532337
    Stable URL:
  49. Reviews of Books (pp. 533-534)
    Tribes and the American Constitution Francis G. Hutchins
    Review by: Sidney L. Harring
    DOI: 10.1086/532338
    Stable URL:
  50. Reviews of Books (pp. 534-535)
    The Federal Appointment Process: A Constitutional and Historical Analysis Michael J. Gerhardt
    Review by: Kermit L. Hall
    DOI: 10.1086/532339
    Stable URL:
  51. Reviews of Books (pp. 535-536)
    Lines in the Sand: Race and Class in Lowcountry Georgia, 1750-1860 Timothy James Lockley
    Review by: Whittington B. Johnson
    DOI: 10.1086/532340
    Stable URL:
  52. Reviews of Books (pp. 536-537)
    From Settler to Citizen: New Mexican Economic Development and the Creation of Vecino Society, 1750-1820 Ross Frank
    Review by: Cheryl E. Martin
    DOI: 10.1086/532341
    Stable URL:
  53. Reviews of Books (pp. 537-538)
    Elizabeth Murray: A Woman's Pursuit of Independence in Eighteenth-Century America Patricia Cleary
    Review by: Deborah A. Rosen
    DOI: 10.1086/532342
    Stable URL:
  54. These Fiery Frenchified Dames: Women and Political Culture in Early National Philadelphia Susan Branson
    Review by: Jean V. Matthews
    DOI: 10.1086/532343
    Stable URL:
  55. Reviews of Books (pp. 538-539)
    Pantaloons and Power: Nineteenth-Century Dress Reform in the United States Gayle V. Fischer
    Review by: Carol Kolmerten
    DOI: 10.1086/532344
    Stable URL:
  56. Reviews of Books (pp. 539-540)
    George Palmer Putnam: Representative American Publisher Ezra Greenspan
    Review by: Gerald J. Baldasty
    DOI: 10.1086/532345
    Stable URL:
  57. Reviews of Books (pp. 540-541)
    Selling the True Time: Nineteenth-Century Timekeeping in America Ian R. Bartky
    Review by: Lindy Biggs
    DOI: 10.1086/532346
    Stable URL:
  58. Reviews of Books (pp. 541-542)
    A History of Banking in Antebellum America: Financial Markets and Economic Development in the Era of Nation-Building Howard Bodenhorn
    Review by: George D. Green
    DOI: 10.1086/532347
    Stable URL:
  59. Reviews of Books (pp. 542-543)
    Migrants against Slavery: Virginians and the Nation Philip J. Schwarz
    Review by: Stanley Harrold
    DOI: 10.1086/532348
    Stable URL:
  60. Reviews of Books (pp. 543-544)
    Democracy and Slavery in Frontier Illinois: The Bottomland Republic James Simeone
    Review by: James E. Davis
    DOI: 10.1086/532349
    Stable URL:
  61. Reviews of Books (pp. 544-545)
    Political Culture and Secession in Mississippi: Masculinity, Honor, and the Antiparty Tradition, 1830-1860 Christopher J. Olsen
    Review by: Manisha Sinha
    DOI: 10.1086/532350
    Stable URL:
  62. Reviews of Books (pp. 545-546)
    The Peculiar Democracy: Southern Democrats in Peace and Civil War Wallace Hettle
    Review by: Christopher J. Olsen
    DOI: 10.1086/532351
    Stable URL:
  63. Reviews of Books (pp. 546-547)
    The Political Work of Northern Women Writers and the Civil War, 1850-1872 Lyde Cullin Sizer
    Review by: Judith Ann Giesberg
    DOI: 10.1086/532352
    Stable URL:
  64. Reviews of Books (pp. 547-548)
    American Archives: Gender, Race, and Class in Visual Culture Shawn Michelle Smith
    Review by: Patricia Johnston
    DOI: 10.1086/532353
    Stable URL:
  65. Reviews of Books (pp. 548-549)
    A Great Civil War: A Military and Political History, 1861-1865 Russell F. Weigley
    Review by: Mark Grimsley
    DOI: 10.1086/532354
    Stable URL:
  66. Reviews of Books (pp. 549-550)
    Time Full of Trial: The Roanoke Island Freedmen's Colony, 1862-1867 Patricia C. Click
    Review by: Martin Crawford
    DOI: 10.1086/532355
    Stable URL:
  67. "Let No Guilty Man Escape": A Judicial Biography of "Hanging Judge" Isaac C. Parker Roger H. Tuller
    Review by: Lawrence H. Larsen
    DOI: 10.1086/532356
    Stable URL:
  68. Reviews of Books (pp. 550-551)
    Edge of the Sword: The Ordeal of Carpetbagger Marshall H. Twitchell in the Civil War and Reconstruction Ted Tunnell
    Review by: Joseph G. Dawson III
    DOI: 10.1086/532357
    Stable URL:
  69. Reviews of Books (pp. 551-552)
    Reconstruction in the Cane Fields: From Slavery to Free Labor in Lousiana's Sugar Parishes, 1862-1880 John C. Rodrigue
    Review by: Sharon Ann Holt
    DOI: 10.1086/532358
    Stable URL:
  70. Reviews of Books (pp. 552-553)
    Thinking Confederates: Academia and the Idea of Progress in the New South Dan R. Frost
    Review by: Christie Anne Farnham
    DOI: 10.1086/532359
    Stable URL:
  71. Reviews of Books (pp. 553-554)
    Paternalism in a Southern City: Race, Religion, and Gender in Augusta, Georgia Edward J. Cashin, Glenn T. Eskew
    Review by: David Goldfield
    DOI: 10.1086/532360
    Stable URL:
  72. Reviews of Books (pp. 554-555)
    Laborers in the Vineyard of the Lord: The Beginnings of the AME Church in Florida, 1865-1895 Larry Eugene Rivers, Canter Brown, Jr.
    Review by: William E. Montgomery
    DOI: 10.1086/532361
    Stable URL:
  73. Reviews of Books (pp. 555-556)
    Religion in the Modern American West Ferenc Morton Szasz
    Review by: Eldon G. Ernst
    DOI: 10.1086/532362
    Stable URL:
  74. Reviews of Books (pp. 556-557)
    Downtown: Its Rise and Fall, 1880-1950 Robert M. Fogelson
    Review by: Carl Abbott
    DOI: 10.1086/532363
    Stable URL:
  75. Reviews of Books (pp. 557-558)
    The Monied Metropolis: New York City and the Consolidation of the American Bourgeoisie, 1850-1896 Sven Beckert
    Review by: Frederic Cople Jaher
    DOI: 10.1086/532364
    Stable URL:
  76. Reviews of Books (pp. 558-559)
    Surviving the City: The Chinese Immigrant Experience in New York City, 1890-1970 Xinyang Wang
    Review by: K. Scott Wong
    DOI: 10.1086/532365
    Stable URL:
  77. Reviews of Books (pp. 559-560)
    St. Louis: The Evolution of an American Urban Landscape Eric Sandweiss
    Review by: Andrew Hurley
    DOI: 10.1086/532366
    Stable URL:
  78. Reviews of Books (pp. 560-561)
    The St. Louis Veiled Prophet Celebration: Power on Parade, 1877-1995 Thomas M. Spencer
    Review by: Steven Hoelscher
    DOI: 10.1086/532367
    Stable URL:
  79. Reviews of Books (pp. 561-562)
    See America First: Tourism and National Identity, 1880-1940 Marguerite S. Shaffer
    Review by: Susan Schulten
    DOI: 10.1086/532368
    Stable URL:
  80. Ruins and Rivals: The Making of Southwest Archaeology James E. Snead
    Review by: Steven Conn
    DOI: 10.1086/532369
    Stable URL:
  81. Reviews of Books (pp. 562-563)
    Fragile Paradise: The Impact of Tourism on Maui, 1959-2000 Mansel G. Blackford
    Review by: Donald J. Pisani
    DOI: 10.1086/532370
    Stable URL:
  82. Reviews of Books (pp. 563-564)
    Houdini, Tarzan, and the Perfect Man: The White Male Body and the Challenge of Modernity in America John F. Kasson
    Review by: Howard P. Chudacoff
    DOI: 10.1086/532371
    Stable URL:
  83. Reviews of Books (pp. 564-565)
    Paul Robeson: The Years of Promise and Achievement Sheila Tully Boyle, Andrew Bunie
    Review by: Susan Curtis
    DOI: 10.1086/532372
    Stable URL:
  84. Reviews of Books (pp. 565-566)
    Americans All! Foreign-Born Soldiers in World War I Nancy Gentile Ford
    Review by: Jennifer D. Keene
    DOI: 10.1086/532373
    Stable URL:
  85. Reviews of Books (pp. 566-567)
    A Fateful Time: The Background and Legislative History of the Indian Reorganization Act Elmer R. Rusco
    Review by: Larry Burt
    DOI: 10.1086/532374
    Stable URL:
  86. Only One Place of Redress: African Americans, Labor Regulations, and the Courts from Reconstruction to the New Deal David E. Bernstein
    Review by: Merl E. Reed
    DOI: 10.1086/532375
    Stable URL:
  87. Reviews of Books (pp. 567-568)
    The Color of Work: The Struggle for Civil Rights in the Southern Paper Industry, 1945-1980 Timothy J. Minchin
    Review by: Colin J. Davis
    DOI: 10.1086/532376
    Stable URL:
  88. Reviews of Books (pp. 568-569)
    Culture of Misfortune: An Interpretive History of Textile Unionism in the United States Clete Daniel
    Review by: Robert E. Weir
    DOI: 10.1086/532377
    Stable URL:
  89. Reviews of Books (pp. 569-570)
    Oil and Ideology: The Cultural Creation of the American Petroleum Industry Roger M. Olien, Diana Davids Olien
    Review by: August W. Giebelhaus
    DOI: 10.1086/532378
    Stable URL:
  90. Reviews of Books (pp. 570-571)
    Don't Breathe the Air: Air Pollution and U.S. Environmental Politics, 1945-1970 Scott Hamilton Dewey
    Review by: Christopher Sellers
    DOI: 10.1086/532379
    Stable URL:
  91. Reviews of Books (pp. 571-572)
    Civil Defense Begins at Home: Militarization Meets Everyday Life in the Fifties Laura McEnaney
    Review by: Richard M. Fried
    DOI: 10.1086/532380
    Stable URL:
  92. Reviews of Books (pp. 572-573)
    One Nation Underground: The Fallout Shelter in American Culture Kenneth D. Rose
    Review by: Laura A. Belmonte
    DOI: 10.1086/532381
    Stable URL:
  93. Reviews of Books (pp. 573-574)
    Long Time Gone: Sixties America Then and Now Alexander Bloom
    Review by: Terry Anderson
    DOI: 10.1086/532382
    Stable URL:
  94. No Peace, No Honor: Nixon, Kissinger, and Betrayal in Vietnam Larry Berman
    Review by: George C. Herring
    DOI: 10.1086/532383
    Stable URL:
  95. Reviews of Books (pp. 574-576)
    A Not So Foreign Affair: Fascism, Sexuality, and the Cultural Rhetoric of American Democracy Andrea Slane
    Review by: Michael E. Birdwell
    DOI: 10.1086/532384
    Stable URL:
  96. Reviews of Books (pp. 576-577)
    Gaylaw: Challenging the Apartheid of the Closet William N. Eskridge, Jr.
    Review by: Patricia A. Cain
    DOI: 10.1086/532385
    Stable URL:
  97. Machines in Our Hearts: The Cardiac Pacemaker, the Implantable Defibrillator, and American Health Care Kirk Jeffrey
    Review by: Audrey B. Davis
    DOI: 10.1086/532386
    Stable URL:
  98. Reviews of Books (pp. 577-578)
    The Story of Taxol: Nature and Politics in the Pursuit of an Anti-Cancer Drug Jordan Goodman, Vivien Walsh
    Review by: John Parascandola
    DOI: 10.1086/532387
    Stable URL:
  99. Reviews of Books (pp. 578-579)
    Winds of Change: Hurricanes and the Transformation of Nineteenth-Century Cuba Louis A. Perez, Jr.
    Review by: Philip A. Howard
    DOI: 10.1086/532388
    Stable URL:
  100. Reviews of Books (pp. 579-580)
    Indians, Merchants, and Markets: A Reinterpretation of the Repartimiento and Spanish-Indian Economic Relations in Colonial Oaxaca, 1750-1821 Jeremy Baskes
    Review by: A. J. Bauer
    DOI: 10.1086/532389
    Stable URL:
  101. Reviews of Books (pp. 580-581)
    La Revolucion: Mexico's Great Revolution as Memory, Myth, and History Thomas Benjamin
    Review by: John Mason Hart
    DOI: 10.1086/532390
    Stable URL:
  102. Reviews of Books (pp. 581-582)
    Mexico in the 1940s: Modernity, Politics, and Corruption Stephen R. Niblo
    Review by: James W. Wilkie
    DOI: 10.1086/532391
    Stable URL:
  103. Reviews of Books (pp. 582-583)
    The Bewitchment of Silver: The Social Economy of Mining in Nineteenth-Century Peru Jose R. Deustua
    Review by: John Fisher
    DOI: 10.1086/532392
    Stable URL:
  104. Reviews of Books (pp. 583-585)
    Freud in the Pampas: The Emergence and Development of a Psychoanalytic Culture in Argentina Mariano Ben Plotkin
    Review by: Lawrence J. Friedman
    DOI: 10.1086/532393
    Stable URL:
  105. Reviews of Books (pp. 585-586)
    Poor People's Politics: Peronist Survival Networks and the Legacy of Evita Javier Auyero
    Review by: Richard J. Walter
    DOI: 10.1086/532394
    Stable URL:
  106. Gendered Compromises: Political Culture and the State in Chile, 1920-1950 Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt
    Review by: Paul W. Drake
    DOI: 10.1086/532395
    Stable URL:
  107. Reviews of Books (pp. 586-587)
    Hadrian and the Cities of the Roman Empire Mary T. Boatwright
    Review by: Julian Bennett
    DOI: 10.1086/532396
    Stable URL:
  108. Reviews of Books (pp. 587-588)
    The Making of a Christian Empire: Lactantius and Rome Elizabeth DePalma Digeser
    Review by: M. J. Edwards
    DOI: 10.1086/532397
    Stable URL:
  109. Reviews of Books (pp. 588-589)
    Apocalypse et salut dans le christianisme ancien et medieval Claude Carozzi
    Review by: Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak
    DOI: 10.1086/532398
    Stable URL:
  110. Reviews of Books (pp. 589-590)
    "The Earth Is Our Book": Geographical Knowledge in the Latin West ca. 400-1000 Natalia Lozovsky
    Review by: Bernard S. Bachrach
    DOI: 10.1086/532399
    Stable URL:
  111. Reviews of Books (pp. 590-591)
    Bishops, Councils, and Consensus in the Visigothic Kingdom, 589-633 Rachel L. Stocking
    Review by: Isabel Moreira
    DOI: 10.1086/532400
    Stable URL:
  112. Reviews of Books (pp. 591-592)
    Les origines de la feodalite: Hommage a Claudio Sanchez Albornoz Joseph Perez, Santiago Aguade Nieto
    Review by: Adam J. Kosto
    DOI: 10.1086/532401
    Stable URL:
  113. Reviews of Books (pp. 592-593)
    Early Carolingian Warfare: Prelude to Empire Bernard S. Bachrach
    Review by: Charles R. Bowlus
    DOI: 10.1086/532402
    Stable URL:
  114. Robert the Burgundian and the Counts of Anjou, ca. 1025-1098 W. Scott Jessee
    Review by: George T. Beech
    DOI: 10.1086/532403
    Stable URL:
  115. Reviews of Books (pp. 593-594)
    Making Agreements in Medieval Catalonia: Power, Order, and the Written Word, 1000-1200 Adam J. Kosto
    Review by: James F. Powers
    DOI: 10.1086/532404
    Stable URL:
  116. Reviews of Books (pp. 594-595)
    Hildegard von Bingen in ihrem historischen Umfeld: Internationaler wissenschaftlicher Kongreb zum 900 jahrigen Jubilaum, 13.-19. September 1998, Bingen am Rhein Alfred Haverkamp
    Review by: Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski
    DOI: 10.1086/532405
    Stable URL:
  117. Reviews of Books (pp. 595-596)
    The Bishop's Palace: Architecture and Authority in Medieval Italy Maureen C. Miller
    Review by: Mary Stroll
    DOI: 10.1086/532406
    Stable URL:
  118. Reviews of Books (pp. 596-598)
    The Crusades from the Perspective of Byzantium and the Muslim World Angeliki E. Laiou, Roy Parvis Mottahedeh
    Review by: Nina G. Garsoian
    DOI: 10.1086/532407
    Stable URL:
  119. Reviews of Books (pp. 598-599)
    Cistercians, Heresy and Crusade in Occitania, 1145-1229: Preaching in the Lord's Vineyard Beverly Mayne Kienzle
    Review by: Constance H. Berman
    DOI: 10.1086/532408
    Stable URL:
  120. Reviews of Books (pp. 599-600)
    How to Recover the Holy Land: The Crusade Proposals of the Late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries Antony Leopold
    Review by: Jonathan Riley-Smith
    DOI: 10.1086/532409
    Stable URL:
  121. Medieval Mercenaries. Volume 1, The Great Companies Kenneth Fowler
    Review by: Richard W. Kaeuper
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  122. Reviews of Books (pp. 600-601)
    The Miracles of St. John Capistran Stanko Andric
    Review by: Nora Berend
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  123. Reviews of Books (pp. 601-602)
    Town and Country in Europe, 1300-1800 Stephan R. Epstein
    Review by: Steven A. Epstein
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  124. Reviews of Books (pp. 603-604)
    Urban Achievement in Early Modern Europe: Golden Ages in Antwerp, Amsterdam, and London Patrick O'Brien
    Review by: R. A. Houston
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  125. Arme, Bettler, und Vaganten: Uberleben in der Not 1450-1850 Martin Rheinheimer
    Review by: Lee Palmer Wandel
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  126. Reviews of Books (pp. 604-606)
    Toleration in Enlightenment Europe Ole Peter Grell, Roy S. Porter; Mutua Christianorum Tolerantia: Irenicism and Toleration in the Netherlands: The Stinstra Affair 1740-1745 Joris van Eijnatten
    Review by: Adam Sutcliffe
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  127. Reviews of Books (pp. 606-608)
    The House of Rothschild. Volume 1, Money's Prophets 1798-1848 Niall Ferguson; The House of Rothschild. Volume 2, The World's Banker 1849-1999 Niall Ferguson
    Review by: Robert Forster
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  128. Reviews of Books (pp. 608-609)
    The Crisis of Reason: European Thought, 1848-1914 J. W. Burrow
    Review by: John Andrew Bernstein
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  129. Reviews of Books (pp. 609-610)
    Fires of Hatred: Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe Norman M. Naimark
    Review by: Aviel Roshwald
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  130. Reviews of Books (pp. 610-611)
    Feeding the German Eagle: Soviet Economic Aid to Nazi Germany, 1933-1941 Edward E. Ericson III
    Review by: J. David Cameron
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  131. Reviews of Books (pp. 611-612)
    Captive University: The Sovietization of East German, Czech, and Polish Higher Education, 1945-1956 John Connelly
    Review by: Nancy M. Wingfield
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  132. Reviews of Books (pp. 612-613)
    The Politics of Social Conflict: The Peak Country, 1520-1770 Andy Wood
    Review by: Ann Hughes
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  133. Reviews of Books (pp. 613-614)
    Constructing Cromwell: Ceremony, Portrait and Print, 1645-1661 Laura Lunger Knoppers
    Review by: R. C. Richardson
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  134. Reviews of Books (pp. 614-615)
    Venice Transfigured: The Myth of Venice in British Culture, 1660-1797 John Eglin
    Review by: David Armitage
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  135. Reviews of Books (pp. 615-616)
    Revolutionary Britannia? Reflections on the Threat of Revolution in Britain, 1789-1848 Edward Royle
    Review by: Roger Price
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  136. Reviews of Books (pp. 616-617)
    Victorian Sensation: The Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation James A. Secord
    Review by: Patrick Brantlinger
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  137. Rival Jerusalems: The Geography of Victorian Religion K. D. M. Snell, Paul S. Ell
    Review by: Josef L. Altholz
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  138. Reviews of Books (pp. 617-618)
    Divided Hearts: Britain and the American Civil War R. J. M. Blackett
    Review by: J. Matthew Gallman
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  139. Reviews of Books (pp. 618-619)
    The Persistence of Victorian Liberalism: The Politics of Social Reform in Britain, 1879-1900 Robert F. Haggard
    Review by: Nancy LoPatin-Lummis
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  140. Reviews of Books (pp. 619-620)
    The Hidden Consumer: Masculinities, Fashion, and City Life 1860-1914 Christopher Breward
    Review by: John Tosh
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  141. Reviews of Books (pp. 620-621)
    For Home, Country, and Race: Constructing Gender, Class, and Englishness in the Elementary School, 1880-1914 Stephen Heathorn
    Review by: Julia Wrigley
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  142. Reviews of Books (pp. 621-622)
    Spiritualism and British Society between the Wars Jenny Hazelgrove
    Review by: Elaine C. Showalter
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  143. Reviews of Books (pp. 622-623)
    Lord Hailey, the Colonial Office and the Politics of Race and Empire in the Second World War: The Loss of White Prestige Suke Wolton
    Review by: Nicholas Evan Sarantakes
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  144. Reviews of Books (pp. 623-624)
    Britain and the Spanish Anti-Franco Opposition, 1940-1950 David Dunthorn
    Review by: James K. Hopkins
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  145. Reviews of Books (pp. 624-625)
    The Crisis of Democracy in Spain: Centrist Politics under the Second Republic, 1931-1936 Nigel Townson
    Review by: Pamela B. Radcliff
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  146. The Vision of Rome in Late Renaissance France Margaret M. McGowan
    Review by: George Huppert
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  147. Reviews of Books (pp. 625-626)
    A History of Rape: Sexual Violence in France from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century Georges Vigarello, Jean Birrell
    Review by: Rachel G. Fuchs
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  148. Reviews of Books (pp. 626-628)
    Priceless Markets: The Political Economy of Credit in Paris, 1660-1870 Philip T. Hoffman, Gilles Postel-Vinay, Jean-Laurent Rosenthal
    Review by: Michael Kwass
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  149. Reviews of Books (pp. 628-629)
    French Exile Journalism and European Politics 1792-1814 Simon Burrows
    Review by: Jeremy D. Popkin
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  150. Reviews of Books (pp. 629-630)
    The Rise of Professional Women in France: Gender and Public Administration since 1830 Linda L. Clark
    Review by: Charles E. McClelland
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  151. Reviews of Books (pp. 630-631)
    Constructing Class and Nationality in Alsace 1830-1945 David Allen Harvey
    Review by: Stephen L. Harp
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  152. Reviews of Books (pp. 631-632)
    Victor Considerant and the Rise and Fall of French Romantic Socialism Jonathan Beecher
    Review by: Alan B. Spitzer
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  153. Reviews of Books (pp. 632-633)
    Defeated Flesh: Medicine, Welfare, and Warfare in the Making of Modern France Bertrand Taithe
    Review by: Ann F. La Berge
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  154. Reviews of Books (pp. 633-634)
    Fascination and Misgivings: The United States in French Opinion, 1870-1914 Jacques Portes, Elborg Forster
    Review by: Richard Kuisel
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  155. Reviews of Books (pp. 634-635)
    Zarathustra in Paris: The Nietzsche Vogue in France, 1891-1918 Christopher E. Forth
    Review by: Philip Nord
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  156. Reviews of Books (pp. 635-636)
    Reformers on Stage: Popular Drama and Religious Propaganda in the Low Countries of Charles V, 1515-1556 Gary K. Waite
    Review by: Andrew Pettegree
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  157. Reviews of Books (pp. 636-637)
    The Logic of Charity: Amsterdam, 1800-1850 Marco H. D. van Leeuwen, Arnold J. Pomerans
    Review by: Annemieke van Drenth
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  158. Reviews of Books (pp. 637-638)
    Becoming Modern: Young Women and the Reconstruction of Womanhood in the 1920s Birgitte Soland
    Review by: Doris H. Linder
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  159. Reviews of Books (pp. 638-639)
    Biskopen visiterar: Den kyrkliga overhetens mote med lokalsamhallet 1650-1760 [The Bishop's Visit: The Encounter of Church Authorities with the Local Community, 1650-1760] Olle Larsson; Emancipation och religion: Den svenska kvinnororelsens pionjarer i debatt om kvinnans kallelse ca 1860-1900 [Emancipation and Religion: The Pioneers of the Swedish Movement and the Debate over a Woman's Calling ca. 1860-1900 Inger Hammar
    Review by: Goran Malmstedt
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  160. Reviews of Books (pp. 639-640)
    The Apocalypse in Germany Klaus Vondung, Stephan D. Ricks
    Review by: Peter Paret
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  161. Reviews of Books (pp. 640-641)
    Catholic Revival in the Age of the Baroque: Religious Identity in Southwest Germany, 1550-1750 Marc Forster
    Review by: Robert Bireley
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  162. Reviews of Books (pp. 641-642)
    Everyday Life in the German Book Trade: Friedrich Nicolai as Bookseller and Publisher in the Age of Enlightenment 1740-1810 Pamela E. Selwyn
    Review by: Benjamin W. Redekop
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  163. Reviews of Books (pp. 642-643)
    Heirat als Privileg: Obrigkeitliche Heiratsbeschrankungen in Tirol und Vorarlberg 1820 bis 1920 Elisabeth Mantl
    Review by: Robert Lee
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  164. Reviews of Books (pp. 643-644)
    Aspekte deutsch-britischer Expansion: Die Uberseeinteressen der deutschen Migranten in GroSSbritanien in der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts Ulrike Kirchberger
    Review by: Richard A. Voeltz
    DOI: 10.1086/532453
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  165. German Travel Cultures Rudy Koshar
    Review by: Joan Campbell
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  166. Reviews of Books (pp. 644-646)
    The Most Valuable Asset of the Reich: A History of the German National Railway. Volume 1, 1920-1932 Alfred C. Mierzejewski; The Most Valuable Asset of the Reich: A History of the German National Railway. Volume 2, 1933-1945 Alfred C. Mierzejewski
    Review by: D. E. Showalter
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  167. Reviews of Books (pp. 646-647)
    Composers of the Nazi Era: Eight Portraits Michael H. Kater
    Review by: Michael Meyer
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  168. Reviews of Books (pp. 647-648)
    Another Country: German Intellectuals, Unification and National Identity Jan-Werner Muller
    Review by: Robert G. Moeller
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  169. Reviews of Books (pp. 648-649)
    Choosing Death: Suicide and Calvinism in Early Modern Geneva Jeffrey R. Watt
    Review by: R. Po-chia Hsia
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  170. Reviews of Books (pp. 649-650)
    Le faux monnayage dans le Pays de Vaud (1715-1750): Crime et repression Olivier F. Dubuis
    Review by: Julius R. Ruff
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  171. Reviews of Books (pp. 650-651)
    Renaissance Humanism and the Papal Curia: Lapo da Castiglionchio the Younger's De curiae Commodis Christopher S. Celenza
    Review by: Charles L. Stinger
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  172. Reviews of Books (pp. 651-652)
    The Strozzi of Florence: Widowhood and Family Solidarity in the Renaissance Ann Crabb
    Review by: Jacqueline Murray
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  173. Reviews of Books (pp. 652-653)
    Working Women of Early Modern Venice Monica Chojnacka
    Review by: Thomas Kuehn
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  174. Reviews of Books (pp. 653-654)
    Fascist Modernities: Italy, 1922-1945 Ruth Ben Ghiat
    Review by: Simonetta Falasca Zamponi
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  175. Reviews of Books (pp. 654-655)
    Literacy and Written Culture in Early Modern Central Europe Istvan Gyorgy Toth
    Review by: Larry Wolff
    DOI: 10.1086/532464
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  176. Reviews of Books (pp. 655-656)
    Beloved Children: History of Aristocratic Childhood in Hungary in the Early Modern Age Katalin Peter
    Review by: Hugh Cunningham
    DOI: 10.1086/532465
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  177. Reviews of Books (pp. 656-657)
    Nationalism and the Crowd in Liberal Hungary, 1848-1914 Alice Freifeld
    Review by: Lee Congdon
    DOI: 10.1086/532466
    Stable URL:
  178. Reviews of Books (pp. 657-658)
    Slovenia and the Slovenes: A Small State and the New Europe James Gow, Cathie Carmichael
    Review by: Leopoldina Plut-Pregelj
    DOI: 10.1086/532467
    Stable URL:
  179. Russia's First Civil War: The Time of Troubles and the Founding of the Romanov Dynasty Chester S. L. Dunning
    Review by: Carol B. Stevens
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    Stable URL:
  180. Reviews of Books (pp. 658-659)
    "A People Born to Slavery": Russia in Early Modern European Ethnography, 1476-1748 Marshall T. Poe
    Review by: Charles J. Halperin
    DOI: 10.1086/532469
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  181. Possessed: Women, Witches, and Demons in Imperial Russia Christine D. Worobec
    Review by: Laurie Bernstein
    DOI: 10.1086/532470
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  182. Science, Women and Revolution in Russia Ann Hibner Koblitz
    Review by: Christine Ruane
    DOI: 10.1086/532471
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  183. Reviews of Books (pp. 661-662)
    Russia Enters the Railway Age, 1842-1855 Richard Mowbray Haywood
    Review by: Patricia Herlihy
    DOI: 10.1086/532472
    Stable URL:
  184. Reviews of Books (pp. 662-663)
    P. A. Stolypin: The Search for Stability in Late Imperial Russia Abraham Ascher
    Review by: George Yaney
    DOI: 10.1086/532473
    Stable URL:
  185. Reviews of Books (pp. 663-664)
    Lenin: A Biography Robert Service
    Review by: Robert C. Williams
    DOI: 10.1086/532474
    Stable URL:
  186. Reviews of Books (pp. 664-665)
    Russian Modernity: Politics, Knowledge, Practices David L. Hoffmann, Yanni Kotsonis
    Review by: Jeffrey Brooks
    DOI: 10.1086/532475
    Stable URL:
  187. Reviews of Books (pp. 665-666)
    Village Mothers: Three Generations of Change in Russia and Tataria David L. Ransel
    Review by: Barbara Alpern Engel
    DOI: 10.1086/532476
    Stable URL:
  188. Reviews of Books (pp. 666-667)
    Night of Stone: Death and Memory in Twentieth-Century Russia Catherine Merridale
    Review by: Anna Geifman
    DOI: 10.1086/532477
    Stable URL:
  189. Reviews of Books (pp. 667-668)
    May Her Likes Be Multiplied: Biography and Gender Politics in Egypt Marilyn Booth
    Review by: Jane Hathaway
    DOI: 10.1086/532478
    Stable URL:
  190. Reviews of Books (pp. 668-669)
    The Middle East between the Great Powers: Anglo-American Conflict and Cooperation, 1952-7 Tore T. Petersen
    Review by: James F. Goode
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  191. Reviews of Books (pp. 669-670)
    Asante Identities: History and Modernity in an African Village 1850-1950 T. C. McCaskie
    Review by: David Owusu-Ansah
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  192. Grundbesitz, Landkonflikte und kolonialer Wandel: Douala 1880 bis 1960 Andreas Eckert
    Review by: Andrew R. Carlson
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  193. Reviews of Books (pp. 670-671)
    Nationalism and African Intellectuals Toyin Falola
    Review by: Terence Ranger
    DOI: 10.1086/532482
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  194. Reviews of Books (pp. 671-672)
    Bo-Tsotsi: The Youth Gangs of Soweto, 1935-1976 Clive Glaser
    Review by: Helen Bradford
    DOI: 10.1086/532483
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  195. Reviews of Books (pp. 673-674)
    Bride of the Wind Lawrence Levy, Evzen Kolar, Bruce Beresford, Marilyn Levy
    Review by: John C. Tibbetts
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  196. Reviews of Books (pp. 674-675)
    Conspiracy Nick Gillott, Frank Pierson, Loring Mandel
    Review by: Alan E. Steinweis
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  197. Lumumba Jacques Bidou, Raoul Peck, Pascal Bonitzer
    Review by: Amy Abugo Ongiri
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  198. Reviews of Books (pp. 675-676)
    No Man's Land (Nikogarsnja zemlja) Frederique Dumas-Zajdela, Marc Baschet, Cedomirc Kolar, Danis Tanovic
    Review by: Catherine Portuges
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  199. Collected Essays (pp. 677-680)
    DOI: 10.1086/532488
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  200. DOI: 10.1086/532489
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  201. Other Books Received (pp. 684-691)
    DOI: 10.1086/532490
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  202. Communications (pp. 692-693)
    Ron Cantor, Alfred J. Rieber, John L. Harper and Joseph LaPalombara
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