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The American Historical Review

Vol. 107, No. 3, June 2002

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Table of Contents

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  1. Samuel K. Cohn, Jr.
    DOI: 10.1086/532493
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  2. Ottoman Orientalism (pp. 768-796)
    Ussama Makdisi
    DOI: 10.1086/532495
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  3. DOI: 10.1086/532496
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  4. Ted Steinberg
    DOI: 10.1086/532497
    Stable URL:
  5. Barbara H. Rosenwein
    DOI: 10.1086/532498
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  6. Reviews of Books (pp. 846-847)
    Napoleon III and His Regime: An Extravaganza David Baguley
    Review by: David P. Jordan
    DOI: 10.1086/532499
    Stable URL:
  7. Reviews of Books (pp. 847-848)
    Tosca's Rome: The Play and the Opera in Historical Perspective Susan Vandiver Nicassio
    Review by: Maura O'Connor
    DOI: 10.1086/532500
    Stable URL:
  8. Reviews of Books (pp. 848-849)
    Transatlantic Ties in the Spanish Empire: Brihuega, Spain, and Puebla, Mexico, 1560-1620 Ida Altman
    Review by: Stanley J. Stein
    DOI: 10.1086/532501
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  9. "L'humanite, le christianisme, et la liberte": Die internationale philhellenische Vereinsbewegung der 1820er Jahre Natalie Klein
    Review by: Thomas W. Gallant
    DOI: 10.1086/532502
    Stable URL:
  10. Reviews of Books (pp. 849-850)
    Masturbation: The History of a Great Terror Jean Stengers, Anne Van Neck, Kathryn A. Hoffmann
    Review by: Lesley A. Hall
    DOI: 10.1086/532503
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  11. Reviews of Books (pp. 850-851)
    The CIAM Discourse on Urbanism, 1928-1960 Eric Mumford
    Review by: Michael Honhart
    DOI: 10.1086/532504
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  12. Reviews of Books (pp. 851-852)
    The Memory of Judgment: Making Law and History in the Trials of the Holocaust Lawrence Douglas
    Review by: Omer Bartov
    DOI: 10.1086/532505
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  13. Reconstructing Italian Fashion: America and the Development of the Italian Fashion Industry Nicola White
    Review by: Christopher Breward
    DOI: 10.1086/532506
    Stable URL:
  14. Reviews of Books (pp. 852-853)
    From Puerto Rico to Philadelphia: Puerto Rican Workers and Postwar Economies Carmen Teresa Whalen
    Review by: Rachel Buff
    DOI: 10.1086/532507
    Stable URL:
  15. Reviews of Books (pp. 853-854)
    British and American Anticommunism before the Cold War Markku Ruotsila
    Review by: Fraser J. Harbutt
    DOI: 10.1086/532508
    Stable URL:
  16. Reviews of Books (pp. 854-855)
    The Hidden Hand: Britain, America and Cold War Secret Intelligence Richard J. Aldrich
    Review by: H. W. Brands
    DOI: 10.1086/532509
    Stable URL:
  17. Reviews of Books (pp. 855-856)
    Science and Civilisation in China. Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part 13, Mining Peter J. Golas
    Review by: Roger Burt
    DOI: 10.1086/532510
    Stable URL:
  18. Reviews of Books (pp. 856-857)
    The Manchu Way: The Eight Banners and Ethnic Identity in Late Imperial China Mark C. Elliott
    Review by: John E. Wills, Jr.
    DOI: 10.1086/532511
    Stable URL:
  19. Reviews of Books (pp. 857-858)
    Qing Colonial Enterprise: Ethnography and Cartography in Early Modern China Laura Hostetler
    Review by: Bradly W. Reed
    DOI: 10.1086/532512
    Stable URL:
  20. Reviews of Books (pp. 858-859)
    Manchus and Han: Ethnic Relations and Political Power in Late Qing and Early Republican China, 1861-1928 Edward J. M. Rhoads
    Review by: Colin Mackerras
    DOI: 10.1086/532513
    Stable URL:
  21. Reviews of Books (pp. 859-860)
    The Salt Merchants of Tianjin: State-Making and Civil Society in Late Imperial China Man Bun Kwan
    Review by: Michael Tsin
    DOI: 10.1086/532514
    Stable URL:
  22. A Paradise Lost: The Imperial Garden Yuanming Yuan Young-Tsu Wong
    Review by: Laura Hostetler
    DOI: 10.1086/532515
    Stable URL:
  23. Reviews of Books (pp. 860-862)
    Encountering Chinese Networks: Western, Japanese, and Chinese Corporations in China, 1880-1937 Sherman Cochran
    Review by: Jane Kate Leonard
    DOI: 10.1086/532516
    Stable URL:
  24. Reviews of Books (pp. 862-863)
    Mao's War against Nature: Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China Judith Shapiro
    Review by: Dali L. Yang
    DOI: 10.1086/532517
    Stable URL:
  25. Reviews of Books (pp. 863-864)
    Organizing the Spontaneous: Citizen Protest in Postwar Japan Wesley Sasaki-Uemura
    Review by: Michael Lewis
    DOI: 10.1086/532518
    Stable URL:
  26. Reviews of Books (pp. 864-865)
    Abortion before Birth Control: The Politics of Reproduction in Postwar Japan Tiana Norgren
    Review by: Elise K. Tipton
    DOI: 10.1086/532519
    Stable URL:
  27. Reviews of Books (pp. 865-866)
    Penumbral Visions: Making Polities in Early Modern South India Sanjay Subrahmanyam
    Review by: Mattison Mines
    DOI: 10.1086/532520
    Stable URL:
  28. Traditional Industry in the Economy of Colonial India Tirthankar Roy
    Review by: Dipesh Chakrabarty
    DOI: 10.1086/532521
    Stable URL:
  29. Reviews of Books (pp. 866-867)
    Telugu Resurgence: C. P. Brown and Cultural Consolidation in Nineteenth-Century South India Peter L. Schmitthenner
    Review by: Anne E. Monius
    DOI: 10.1086/532522
    Stable URL:
  30. Reviews of Books (pp. 867-868)
    Jagadis Chandra Bose and the Indian Response to Western Science Subrata Dasgupta
    Review by: Satpal Sangwan
    DOI: 10.1086/532523
    Stable URL:
  31. Reviews of Books (pp. 868-869)
    Ethnicity, Islam and Nationalism: Muslim Politics in the North-West Frontier Province 1937-1947 Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah
    Review by: Gregory C. Kozlowski
    DOI: 10.1086/532524
    Stable URL:
  32. Reviews of Books (pp. 869-870)
    Untouchable Freedom: A Social History of a Dalit Community Vijay Prashad
    Review by: R. S. Khare
    DOI: 10.1086/532525
    Stable URL:
  33. Reviews of Books (pp. 870-871)
    La Gestion de l'etranger: Les Atikamekw et la presence eurocanadienne en Haute-Mauricie 1760-1870 Claude Gelinas
    Review by: Colin M. Coates
    DOI: 10.1086/532526
    Stable URL:
  34. Reviews of Books (pp. 871-872)
    Getting It Wrong: How Canadians Forgot Their Past and Imperilled Confederation Paul Romney
    Review by: Allan Smith
    DOI: 10.1086/532527
    Stable URL:
  35. Facing East from Indian Country: A Native History of Early America Daniel K. Richter
    Review by: James Axtell
    DOI: 10.1086/532528
    Stable URL:
  36. Reviews of Books (pp. 872-873)
    Peace and War on the Anglo-Cherokee Frontier 1756-63 John Oliphant
    Review by: Edward J. Cashin
    DOI: 10.1086/532529
    Stable URL:
  37. Reviews of Books (pp. 873-874)
    Making the Heartland Quilt: A Geographical History of Settlement and Migration in Early-Nineteenth-Century Illinois Douglas K. Meyer
    Review by: Timothy R. Mahoney
    DOI: 10.1086/532530
    Stable URL:
  38. Reviews of Books (pp. 874-875)
    Our Common Country: Family Farming, Culture, and Community in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest Susan Sessions Rugh
    Review by: Allan G. Bogue
    DOI: 10.1086/532531
    Stable URL:
  39. Reviews of Books (pp. 875-876)
    Fort Union and the Upper Missouri Fur Trade Barton H. Barbour
    Review by: Robert C. Carriker
    DOI: 10.1086/532532
    Stable URL:
  40. Reviews of Books (pp. 876-877)
    The Fugitive's Gibraltar: Escaping Slaves and Abolitionism in New Bedford, Massachusetts Kathryn Grover
    Review by: Bruce Laurie
    DOI: 10.1086/532533
    Stable URL:
  41. Reviews of Books (pp. 877-878)
    Double Character: Slavery and Mastery in the Antebellum Southern Courtroom Ariela J. Gross
    Review by: Dickson D. Bruce, Jr.
    DOI: 10.1086/532534
    Stable URL:
  42. Reviews of Books (pp. 878-879)
    The Counterrevolution of Slavery: Politics and Ideology in Antebellum South Carolina Manisha Sinha
    Review by: Lorri Glover
    DOI: 10.1086/532535
    Stable URL:
  43. Reviews of Books (pp. 879-880)
    Ashe County's Civil War: Community and Society in the Appalachian South Martin Crawford
    Review by: Ralph Mann
    DOI: 10.1086/532536
    Stable URL:
  44. Reviews of Books (pp. 880-881)
    The Free State of Jones: Mississippi's Longest Civil War Victoria E. Bynum
    Review by: George C. Rable
    DOI: 10.1086/532537
    Stable URL:
  45. Reviews of Books (pp. 881-882)
    The Imagined Civil War: Popular Literature of the North and South, 1861-1865 Alice Fahs
    Review by: LeeAnn Whites
    DOI: 10.1086/532538
    Stable URL:
  46. Grant Jean Edward Smith
    Review by: Steven E. Woodworth
    DOI: 10.1086/532539
    Stable URL:
  47. Reviews of Books (pp. 882-883)
    Enemies of the Country: New Perspectives on Unionists in the Civil War South John C. Inscoe, Robert C. Kenzer
    Review by: Carl N. Degler
    DOI: 10.1086/532540
    Stable URL:
  48. Reviews of Books (pp. 883-884)
    The Collapse of the Confederacy Mark Grimsley, Brooks D. Simpson
    Review by: Michael B. Ballard
    DOI: 10.1086/532541
    Stable URL:
  49. Reviews of Books (pp. 885-886)
    Struggle for Mastery: Disfranchisement in the South, 1888-1908 Michael Perman
    Review by: Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore
    DOI: 10.1086/532542
    Stable URL:
  50. Reviews of Books (pp. 886-887)
    Interracial Intimacy: The Regulation of Race and Romance Rachel F. Moran
    Review by: Katya Gibel Azoulay
    DOI: 10.1086/532543
    Stable URL:
  51. The White Image in the Black Mind: African-American Ideas about White People, 1830-1925 Mia Bay
    Review by: Grace Elizabeth Hale
    DOI: 10.1086/532544
    Stable URL:
  52. Reviews of Books (pp. 887-888)
    The Color of Race in America 1900-1940 Matthew Pratt Guterl
    Review by: Seth Forman
    DOI: 10.1086/532545
    Stable URL:
  53. Reviews of Books (pp. 888-889)
    "Lord, Please Don't Take Me in August": African Americans in Newport and Saratoga Springs, 1870-1930 Myra B. Young Armstead
    Review by: Lillian Serece Williams
    DOI: 10.1086/532546
    Stable URL:
  54. Reviews of Books (pp. 889-890)
    Inside Greenwich Village: A New York City Neighborhood, 1898-1918 Gerald W. McFarland
    Review by: Raymond A. Mohl
    DOI: 10.1086/532547
    Stable URL:
  55. Reviews of Books (pp. 890-891)
    The Natural West: Environmental History in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains Dan Flores
    Review by: Robin Doughty
    DOI: 10.1086/532548
    Stable URL:
  56. Reviews of Books (pp. 891-892)
    The Fruits of Natural Advantage: Making the Industrial Countryside in California Steven Stoll
    Review by: Jose M. Alamillo
    DOI: 10.1086/532549
    Stable URL:
  57. Reviews of Books (pp. 892-893)
    California Earthquakes: Science, Risk and the Politics of Hazard Mitigation Carl-Henry Geschwind
    Review by: Kevin Rozario
    DOI: 10.1086/532550
    Stable URL:
  58. Reviews of Books (pp. 893-894)
    Changing Tracks: Predators and Politics in Mt. McKinley National Park Timothy Rawson
    Review by: Rebecca Conard
    DOI: 10.1086/532551
    Stable URL:
  59. Reviews of Books (pp. 894-895)
    Wingless Eagle: U.S. Army Aviation through World War I Herbert A. Johnson
    Review by: Dominick A. Pisano
    DOI: 10.1086/532552
    Stable URL:
  60. America's Airports: Airfield Development, 1918-1947 Janet R. Daly Bednarek
    Review by: Joseph J. Corn
    DOI: 10.1086/532553
    Stable URL:
  61. Reviews of Books (pp. 895-896)
    Ties That Bind: Economic and Political Dilemmas of Urban Utility Networks, 1800-1990 Charles David Jacobson
    Review by: David E. Nye
    DOI: 10.1086/532554
    Stable URL:
  62. Reviews of Books (pp. 896-897)
    Devices and Desires: Gender, Technology, and American Nursing Margarete Sandelowski
    Review by: Julie Fairman
    DOI: 10.1086/532555
    Stable URL:
  63. Reviews of Books (pp. 897-898)
    Brotherhoods of Color: Black Railroad Workers and the Struggle for Equality Eric Arnesen
    Review by: Melinda Chateauvert
    DOI: 10.1086/532556
    Stable URL:
  64. Reviews of Books (pp. 898-899)
    South Carolina and the New Deal Jack Irby Hayes, Jr.
    Review by: Douglas Carl Abrams
    DOI: 10.1086/532557
    Stable URL:
  65. Reviews of Books (pp. 899-900)
    Hollywood Modernism: Film and Politics in the Age of the New Deal Saverio Giovacchini
    Review by: Michael S. Shull
    DOI: 10.1086/532558
    Stable URL:
  66. Reviews of Books (pp. 900-901)
    Searching for John Ford: A Life Joseph McBride
    Review by: Robert Brent Toplin
    DOI: 10.1086/532559
    Stable URL:
  67. Strike Songs of the Depression Timothy P. Lynch
    Review by: Kenneth J. Bindas
    DOI: 10.1086/532560
    Stable URL:
  68. Reviews of Books (pp. 901-902)
    Swing, That Modern Sound Kenneth J. Bindas
    Review by: Sherrie Tucker
    DOI: 10.1086/532561
    Stable URL:
  69. Reviews of Books (pp. 902-903)
    Swing Shift: "All-Girl" Bands of the 1940s Sherrie Tucker
    Review by: Susan M. Hartmann
    DOI: 10.1086/532562
    Stable URL:
  70. Reviews of Books (pp. 903-904)
    Japanese Pride, American Prejudice: Modifying the Exclusion Clause of the 1924 Immigration Act Izumi Hirobe
    Review by: Mae M. Ngai
    DOI: 10.1086/532563
    Stable URL:
  71. Reviews of Books (pp. 904-905)
    Free to Die for Their Country: The Story of the Japanese American Draft Resisters in World War II Eric L. Muller
    Review by: David Yoo
    DOI: 10.1086/532564
    Stable URL:
  72. Reviews of Books (pp. 905-906)
    Holding up More Than Half the Sky: Chinese Women Garment Workers in New York City, 1948-92 Xiaolan Bao
    Review by: Huping Ling
    DOI: 10.1086/532565
    Stable URL:
  73. Reviews of Books (pp. 906-907)
    Poverty Knowledge: Social Science, Social Policy, and the Poor in Twentieth-Century U.S. History Alice O'Connor
    Review by: Ruth Crocker
    DOI: 10.1086/532566
    Stable URL:
  74. "An Interracial Movement of the Poor": Community Organizing and the New Left in the 1960s Jennifer Frost
    Review by: Mark Edward Braun
    DOI: 10.1086/532567
    Stable URL:
  75. Reviews of Books (pp. 907-908)
    Women Who Would Be Rabbis: A History of Women's Ordination, 1889-1985 Pamela S. Nadell
    Review by: Diane Lichtenstein
    DOI: 10.1086/532568
    Stable URL:
  76. Reviews of Books (pp. 908-909)
    The Great Divide: Religious and Cultural Conflict in American Party Politics Geoffrey Layman
    Review by: Gregory L. Schneider
    DOI: 10.1086/532569
    Stable URL:
  77. Reviews of Books (pp. 909-910)
    Enemies within: The Culture of Conspiracy of Modern America Robert Alan Goldberg
    Review by: Athan Theoharis
    DOI: 10.1086/532570
    Stable URL:
  78. Reviews of Books (pp. 910-911)
    Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East, 1945-2000 Melani McAlister
    Review by: Steven Z. Freiberger
    DOI: 10.1086/532571
    Stable URL:
  79. Reviews of Books (pp. 911-912)
    The Rise and Fall of Synanon: A California Utopia Rod Janzen
    Review by: Louis J. Kern
    DOI: 10.1086/532572
    Stable URL:
  80. Reviews of Books (pp. 912-913)
    The Virgin, the King, and the Royal Slaves of El Cobre: Negotiating Freedom in Colonial Cuba, 1670-1780 Maria Elena Diaz
    Review by: Nancy Priscilla Naro
    DOI: 10.1086/532573
    Stable URL:
  81. Reviews of Books (pp. 913-914)
    Tornel and Santa Anna: The Writer and the Caudillo, Mexico 1795-1853 Will Fowler
    Review by: Stanley C. Green
    DOI: 10.1086/532574
    Stable URL:
  82. Reviews of Books (pp. 914-915)
    Cantinflas and the Chaos of Mexican Modernity Jeffrey M. Pilcher
    Review by: Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo
    DOI: 10.1086/532575
    Stable URL:
  83. El cuerpo como texto: La problematica del castigo corporal en el siglo XVIII Carlos Alberto Garces
    Review by: Robert Buffington
    DOI: 10.1086/532576
    Stable URL:
  84. Reviews of Books (pp. 915-917)
    Region and Nation: Politics, Economics, and Society in Twentieth-Century Argentina James P. Brennan, Ofelia Pianetto
    Review by: David Rock
    DOI: 10.1086/532577
    Stable URL:
  85. Reviews of Books (pp. 917-918)
    Del estado liberal a la nacion catolica: Iglesia y ejercito en los origenes del peronismo; 1930-1943 Loris Zanatta, Judith Farberman; Peron y el mito de la nacion catolica: Iglesia y ejercito en los origenes del peronismo (1943-1946) Loris Zanatta, Luciana Daelli
    Review by: Joel Horowitz
    DOI: 10.1086/532578
    Stable URL:
  86. Reviews of Books (pp. 918-919)
    Information Gathering in Classical Greece Frank Santi Russell
    Review by: A. D. Lee
    DOI: 10.1086/532579
    Stable URL:
  87. Reviews of Books (pp. 919-920)
    The Athenian Nation Edward E. Cohen
    Review by: Edward M. Harris
    DOI: 10.1086/532580
    Stable URL:
  88. Reviews of Books (pp. 920-921)
    Alexander the Great in Fact and Fiction A. B. Bosworth, E. J. Baynham
    Review by: Waldemar Heckel
    DOI: 10.1086/532581
    Stable URL:
  89. Romanization in the Time of Augustus Ramsay MacMullen
    Review by: Karl Galinsky
    DOI: 10.1086/532582
    Stable URL:
  90. Reviews of Books (pp. 921-922)
    Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire Clifford Ando
    Review by: Michael Peachin
    DOI: 10.1086/532583
    Stable URL:
  91. Reviews of Books (pp. 922-923)
    After Rome's Fall: Narrators and Sources of Early Medieval History Alexander Callander Murray
    Review by: Malcolm Todd
    DOI: 10.1086/532584
    Stable URL:
  92. Reviews of Books (pp. 923-924)
    State and Society in the Early Middle Ages: The Middle Rhine Valley, 400-1000 Matthew Innes
    Review by: Alexander Callander Murray
    DOI: 10.1086/532585
    Stable URL:
  93. Reviews of Books (pp. 924-925)
    "Those of My Blood": Constructing Noble Families in Medieval Francia Constance Brittain Bouchard
    Review by: Geoffrey Koziol
    DOI: 10.1086/532586
    Stable URL:
  94. Reviews of Books (pp. 925-926)
    The Corruption of Angels: The Great Inquisition of 1245-1246 Mark Gregory Pegg
    Review by: Bernard Hamilton
    DOI: 10.1086/532587
    Stable URL:
  95. Reviews of Books (pp. 926-927)
    The Myth of Pope Joan Alain Boureau, Lydia G. Cochrane
    Review by: Katherine L. Jansen
    DOI: 10.1086/532588
    Stable URL:
  96. Reviews of Books (pp. 927-928)
    Women Pilgrims in Late Medieval England: Private Piety as Public Performance Susan Signe Morrison
    Review by: John A. Nichols
    DOI: 10.1086/532589
    Stable URL:
  97. Reviews of Books (pp. 928-929)
    Shylock's Children: Economics and Jewish Identity in Modern Europe Derek J. Penslar
    Review by: Lionel B. Steiman
    DOI: 10.1086/532590
    Stable URL:
  98. Reviews of Books (pp. 929-930)
    The Second Battlefield: Women, Modernism, and the First World War Angela K. Smith; French Women and the First World War: War Stories on the Home Front Margaret M. Darrow
    Review by: Martha Hanna
    DOI: 10.1086/532591
    Stable URL:
  99. Reviews of Books (pp. 930-931)
    Broadcasting Freedom: The Cold War Triumph of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty Arch Puddington
    Review by: Richard Anderson
    DOI: 10.1086/532592
    Stable URL:
  100. The Portable Queen: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Ceremony Mary Hill Cole
    Review by: G. W. Bernard
    DOI: 10.1086/532593
    Stable URL:
  101. Reviews of Books (pp. 931-932)
    Irlanda y el rey prudente Enrique Garcia Hernan
    Review by: Christopher Storrs
    DOI: 10.1086/532594
    Stable URL:
  102. Reviews of Books (pp. 932-933)
    Defining a British State, Treason and National Identity, 1608-1820 Lisa Steffen
    Review by: Jim Smyth
    DOI: 10.1086/532595
    Stable URL:
  103. Reviews of Books (pp. 933-934)
    Harmony and the Balance: An Intellectual History of Seventeenth-Century English Economic Thought Andrea Finkelstein
    Review by: Michael J. Braddick
    DOI: 10.1086/532596
    Stable URL:
  104. The Making of King James II: The Formative Years of a Fallen King John Callow
    Review by: Tim Harris
    DOI: 10.1086/532597
    Stable URL:
  105. Reviews of Books (pp. 934-935)
    Born to Rule: British Political Elites Ellis Wasson
    Review by: Walter L. Arnstein
    DOI: 10.1086/532598
    Stable URL:
  106. Reviews of Books (pp. 935-936)
    The Demography of Victorian England and Wales Robert Woods
    Review by: Theodore Koditschek
    DOI: 10.1086/532599
    Stable URL:
  107. Reviews of Books (pp. 936-937)
    Striking a Bargain: Work and Industrial Relations in England 1815-1865 James A. Jaffe
    Review by: John Host
    DOI: 10.1086/532600
    Stable URL:
  108. Reviews of Books (pp. 937-938)
    The Public Culture of the Victorian Middle Class: Ritual and Authority and the English Industrial City 1840-1914 Simon Gunn
    Review by: Jeffrey Auerbach
    DOI: 10.1086/532601
    Stable URL:
  109. Reviews of Books (pp. 938-939)
    The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes Jonathan Rose
    Review by: Denis Paz
    DOI: 10.1086/532602
    Stable URL:
  110. Reviews of Books (pp. 939-940)
    Spreading Germs: Disease, Theories and Medical Practice in Britain, 1865-1900 Michael Worboys
    Review by: John V. Pickstone
    DOI: 10.1086/532603
    Stable URL:
  111. Reviews of Books (pp. 940-941)
    The Great War: Memory and Ritual Commemoration in the City and East London 1916-1939 Mark Connelly
    Review by: Stanley Weintraub
    DOI: 10.1086/532604
    Stable URL:
  112. Reviews of Books (pp. 941-942)
    The British Communist Party and Moscow, 1920-1943 Andrew Thorpe
    Review by: Victor Silverman
    DOI: 10.1086/532605
    Stable URL:
  113. Reviews of Books (pp. 942-943)
    Revolution, Counter-Revolution and Union: Ireland in the 1790s Jim Smyth
    Review by: Thomas P. Power
    DOI: 10.1086/532606
    Stable URL:
  114. Reviews of Books (pp. 943-944)
    Northern Ireland at the Crossroads: Ulster Unionism in the O'Neill Years 1960-9 Marc Mulholland
    Review by: Peter Hart
    DOI: 10.1086/532607
    Stable URL:
  115. Reviews of Books (pp. 944-945)
    Kingship and Favoritism in the Spain of Philip III, 1598-1621 Antonio Feros
    Review by: Luis R. Corteguera
    DOI: 10.1086/532608
    Stable URL:
  116. Reviews of Books (pp. 945-946)
    The Betrothed of Death: The Spanish Foreign Legion during the Rif Rebellion, 1920-1927 Jose E. Alvarez
    Review by: Douglas Porch
    DOI: 10.1086/532609
    Stable URL:
  117. Reviews of Books (pp. 946-947)
    Balancing the Scales of Justice: Local Courts and Rural Society in Southwest France, 1750-1800 Anthony Crubaugh
    Review by: Michael P. Fitzsimmons
    DOI: 10.1086/532610
    Stable URL:
  118. Reviews of Books (pp. 947-948)
    Forests and Peasant Politics in Modern France Tamara L. Whited
    Review by: Christopher H. Johnson
    DOI: 10.1086/532611
    Stable URL:
  119. Reviews of Books (pp. 948-949)
    A Revolution in Language: The Problem of Signs in Late Eighteenth-Century France Sophia Rosenfeld
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    To Speak for the People: Public Opinion and the Problem of Legitimacy in the French Revolution Jon Cowans
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    The Life of an Unknown: The Rediscovered World of a Clog Maker in Nineteenth-Century France Alain Corbin, Arthur Goldhammer
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  122. Reviews of Books (pp. 951-952)
    French Socialists before Marx: Workers, Women and the Social Question in France Pamela Pilbeam
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    Bodies and Souls: Politics and the Professionalization of Nursing in France, 1880-1922 Katrin Schultheiss
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    Marianne in the Market: Envisioning Consumer Society in Fin-de-Siecle France Lisa Tiersten
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    Vichy and the Eternal Feminine: A Contribution to a Political-Sociology of Gender Francine Muel-Dreyfus, Kathleen A. Johnson
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    Das Geschaft mit Hitlerdeutschland: Schweizer Wirtschaft und Drittes Reich Daniel Bourgeois, Birgit Althaler
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    La Suisse et les refugies a l' epoque du national-socialism
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    The Red Cross and the Holocaust Jean-Claude Favez, John Fletcher, Beryl Fletcher
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    Federalism and Enlightenment in Germany, 1740-1806 Maiken Umbach
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    Frauen und Manner des Burgertums: Eine Familiengeschichte (1750-1850) Rebekka Habermas
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    Antifeminismus im Kaiserreich: Diskurs, soziale Formation und politische Mentalitat Ute Planert
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    Culture and Inflation in Weimar Germany Bernd Widdig
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    Nazi Terror: The Gestapo, Jews, and Ordinary Germans Eric A. Johnson
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    Macht und Ohnmacht der Verflechtung: Rom und Bologna unter Paul V Nicole Reinhardt
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    Collegij a forma di Seminario: Il sistema di formazione teologica nello Stato di Milano in eta spagnola Simona Negruzzo
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    A Nation Collapses: The Italian Surrender of September 1943 Elena Agarossi, Harvey Fergusson II
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    History and Myth in Romanian Conciousness Lucian Boia
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    Die Rumanisierung der Bukowina: Die Durchsetzung des nationalstaatlichen Anspruchs Grossrumaniens 1918-1944 Mariana Hausleitner
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    Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland Jan T. Gross
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    Interpreting the Russian Revolution: The Language and Symbols of 1917 Orlando Figes, Boris Kolonitskii
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  145. Reviews of Books (pp. 972-973)
    Rossiia kak problema Vsemirnoi istorii: Izbrannye trudy Huruki Wada, G. A. Bordiugov, Fumiaki Moria, I. S. Davidian, V. E. Molodiakova
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  146. Reviews of Books (pp. 973-974)
    Hammer and Rifle: The Militarization of the Soviet Union, 1926-1933 David R. Stone
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  147. Reviews of Books (pp. 974-975)
    Stalinist Reconstruction and the Confirmation of a New Elite, 1945-1953 J. Eric Duskin
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  148. Reviews of Books (pp. 975-976)
    Rethinking World-Systems: Diasporas, Colonies, and Interaction in Uruk Mesopotamia Gil J. Stein
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  149. Reviews of Books (pp. 976-977)
    The Places Where Men Pray Together: Cities in Islamic Lands Seventh through the Tenth Centuries Paul Wheatley
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  150. Reviews of Books (pp. 977-978)
    To Come to the Land: Immigration and Settlement in Sixteenth-Century Eretz-Israel Abraham David, Dena Ordan
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  151. Reviews of Books (pp. 978-979)
    Frontiers of the Ottoman State, Transjordan 1850-1921 Eugene L. Rogan
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    Lebanon: The Challenge of Independence Eyal Zisser
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    Kuwait 1950-1965: Britain, the Al-Sabah and Oil Simon C. Smith
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    Afghan Communism and Soviet Intervention Henry S. Bradsher
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    In the Shadow of the Sultan: Culture, Power, and Politics in Morocco Rahma Bourqia, Susan Gilson Miller
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    Speaking with Vampires: Rumor and History in Colonial Africa Luise White
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    "I Will Not Eat Stone": A Women's History of Colonial Asante Jean Allman, Victoria Tashjian
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    Religious Encounter and the Making of the Yoruba J. D. Y. Peel
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    Nigerian Chiefs: Traditional Power in Modern Politics, 1890s-1990s Olufemi Vaughan
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    Science and Society in Southern Africa Saul Dubow
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    Atanarjuat the Fast Runner Paul Apak Angilirq, Zacharias Kunuk
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    Through the Consul's Eye Tanguera Films, Jorge Amat, Gerard Guicheteau
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    Band of Brothers Tom Hanks, Stephen Spielberg
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