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The American Historical Review

Vol. 107, No. 4, October 2002

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Table of Contents

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  1. Benjamin J. Kaplan
    DOI: 10.1086/532663
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  2. David Nirenberg
    DOI: 10.1086/532664
    Stable URL:
  3. Joseph Bradley
    DOI: 10.1086/532665
    Stable URL:
  4. Louis S. Warren
    DOI: 10.1086/532666
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  5. Mark Mazower
    DOI: 10.1086/532667
    Stable URL:
  6. Reviews of Books (pp. 1179-1180)
    Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of History Marc Van de Mieroop
    Review by: D. T. Potts
    DOI: 10.1086/532668
    Stable URL:
  7. Writing Violence on the Northern Frontier: The Historiography of Sixteenth-Century New Mexico and Florida and the Legacy of Conquest Jose Rabasa
    Review by: Cynthia Radding
    DOI: 10.1086/532669
    Stable URL:
  8. Reviews of Books (pp. 1180-1181)
    History and Memory in the Age of Enslavement: Becoming Merina in Highland Madagascar, 1770-1822 Pier M. Larson
    Review by: Fred Morton
    DOI: 10.1086/532670
    Stable URL:
  9. Reviews of Books (pp. 1181-1182)
    The Navigation of Feeling: A Framework for the History of Emotions William M. Reddy
    Review by: Barbara Rosenwein
    DOI: 10.1086/532671
    Stable URL:
  10. Reviews of Books (pp. 1182-1183)
    Picturing the Past: English History in Text and Image 1830-1870 Rosemary Mitchell
    Review by: Stephanie L. Barczewski
    DOI: 10.1086/532672
    Stable URL:
  11. Reviews of Books (pp. 1183-1184)
    The Unvarnished Truth: Personal Narratives in Nineteenth-Century America Ann Fabian
    Review by: Kimberly Rae Connor
    DOI: 10.1086/532673
    Stable URL:
  12. Reviews of Books (pp. 1184-1185)
    Benjamin Shambaugh and the Intellectual Foundations of Public History Rebecca Conard
    Review by: Jannelle Warren-Findley
    DOI: 10.1086/532674
    Stable URL:
  13. Reviews of Books (pp. 1185-1186)
    Myth, Memory, and the Making of the American Landscape Paul A. Shackel
    Review by: Elizabeth A. Perkins
    DOI: 10.1086/532675
    Stable URL:
  14. Reviews of Books (pp. 1186-1187)
    Embodiment of a Nation: Human Form in American Places Cecelia Tichi
    Review by: Tim Armstrong
    DOI: 10.1086/532676
    Stable URL:
  15. Reviews of Books (pp. 1187-1188)
    Sense of History: The Place of the Past in American Life David Glassberg
    Review by: Marita Sturken
    DOI: 10.1086/532677
    Stable URL:
  16. Sojourner in the Promised Land: Forty Years among the Mormons Jan Shipps
    Review by: Robert S. Fogarty
    DOI: 10.1086/532678
    Stable URL:
  17. Reviews of Books (pp. 1188-1189)
    Travel and Ethnology in the Renaissance: South India through European Eyes, 1250-1625 Joan-Pau Rubies
    Review by: Kamakshi P. Murti
    DOI: 10.1086/532679
    Stable URL:
  18. Reviews of Books (pp. 1189-1190)
    The Dynamics of Global Dominance: European Overseas Empires, 1415-1980 David R. Abernethy
    Review by: Michael Adas
    DOI: 10.1086/532680
    Stable URL:
  19. Reviews of Books (pp. 1190-1191)
    The People with No Name: Ireland's Ulster Scots, America's Scots Irish, and the Creation of a British Atlantic World, 1689-1764 Patrick Griffin
    Review by: Donald Harman Akenson
    DOI: 10.1086/532681
    Stable URL:
  20. Reviews of Books (pp. 1191-1192)
    Receiving Erin's Children: Philadelphia, Liverpool, and the Irish Famine Migration, 1845-1855 J. Matthew Gallman
    Review by: Dale T. Knobel
    DOI: 10.1086/532682
    Stable URL:
  21. Firms, Networks and Business Values: The British and American Cotton Industries since 1750 Mary B. Rose
    Review by: David A. Zonderman
    DOI: 10.1086/532683
    Stable URL:
  22. Coercion, Contract, and Free Labor in the Nineteenth Century Robert J. Steinfeld
    Review by: Mary Turner
    DOI: 10.1086/532684
    Stable URL:
  23. Reviews of Books (pp. 1193-1195)
    Italian Workers of the World: Labor Migration and the Formation of Multiethnic States Donna R. Gabaccia, Fraser Ottanelli
    Review by: Janet E. Worrall
    DOI: 10.1086/532685
    Stable URL:
  24. Reviews of Books (pp. 1195-1196)
    Those without a Country: The Political Culture of Italian American Syndicalists Michael Miller Topp
    Review by: Bruno Ramirez
    DOI: 10.1086/532686
    Stable URL:
  25. "A Truthful Impression of the Country": British and American Travel Writing in China, 1880-1949 Nicholas Clifford
    Review by: Joshua A. Fogel
    DOI: 10.1086/532687
    Stable URL:
  26. Recovery and Restoration: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Politics of Reconstruction of West Germany's Shipbuilding Industry, 1945-1955 Henry Burke Wend
    Review by: S. Jonathan Wiesen
    DOI: 10.1086/532688
    Stable URL:
  27. Reviews of Books (pp. 1197-1198)
    Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Nation: Geschichtsschreibung in Westdeutschland und Japan, 1945-1960 Sebastian Conrad
    Review by: Uta G. Poiger
    DOI: 10.1086/532689
    Stable URL:
  28. Reviews of Books (pp. 1198-1199)
    The Economic Cold War: America, Britain and East-West Trade, 1948-63 Ian Jackson
    Review by: Richard J. Aldrich
    DOI: 10.1086/532690
    Stable URL:
  29. Reviews of Books (pp. 1199-1201)
    A Soldier and a Woman: Sexual Integration in the Military Gerard J. DeGroot, Corinna Peniston-Bird
    Review by: Peter M. Beattie
    DOI: 10.1086/532691
    Stable URL:
  30. Treason by the Book Jonathan D. Spence
    Review by: Benjamin A. Elman
    DOI: 10.1086/532692
    Stable URL:
  31. A. Bushel of Pearls: Painting for Sale in Eighteenth-Century Yangchow Ginger Cheng-Chi Hsu
    Review by: Craig Clunas
    DOI: 10.1086/532693
    Stable URL:
  32. Reviews of Books (pp. 1202-1203)
    Yellow Music: Media Culture and Colonial Modernity in the Chinese Jazz Age Andrew F. Jones
    Review by: Hanchao Lu
    DOI: 10.1086/532694
    Stable URL:
  33. Reviews of Books (pp. 1203-1204)
    A Place in the Sun: Marxism and Fascism in China's Long Revolution A. James Gregor
    Review by: Marie-Claire Bergere
    DOI: 10.1086/532695
    Stable URL:
  34. Reviews of Books (pp. 1204-1205)
    Mao's China and the Cold War Jian Chen
    Review by: June Grasso
    DOI: 10.1086/532696
    Stable URL:
  35. Reviews of Books (pp. 1205-1206)
    Prisoners from Nambu: Reality and Make-Believe in Seventeenth-Century Japanese Diplomacy Reinier H. Hesselink
    Review by: Brett L. Walker
    DOI: 10.1086/532697
    Stable URL:
  36. Reviews of Books (pp. 1206-1207)
    The Conquest of Ainu Lands: Ecology and Culture in Japanese Expansion, 1590-1800 Brett L. Walker
    Review by: Gregory Smits
    DOI: 10.1086/532698
    Stable URL:
  37. A Time of Crisis: Japan, the Great Depression, and Rural Revitalization Kerry Smith
    Review by: Sharon A. Minichiello
    DOI: 10.1086/532699
    Stable URL:
  38. Reviews of Books (pp. 1207-1208)
    The Victim as Hero: Ideologies of Peace and National Identity in Postwar Japan James J. Orr
    Review by: Tom Havens
    DOI: 10.1086/532700
    Stable URL:
  39. Reviews of Books (pp. 1208-1209)
    The Colonial Bastille: A History of Imprisonment in Vietnam, 1862-1940 Peter Zinoman
    Review by: Robert K. Brigham
    DOI: 10.1086/532701
    Stable URL:
  40. Reviews of Books (pp. 1209-1210)
    Voices from S-21: Terror and History in Pol Pot's Secret Prison David Chandler
    Review by: Pamela Sodhy
    DOI: 10.1086/532702
    Stable URL:
  41. Reviews of Books (pp. 1210-1211)
    Brave Men of the Hills: Resistance and Rebellion in Burma, 1825-1932 Parimal Ghosh
    Review by: Raymond Callahan
    DOI: 10.1086/532703
    Stable URL:
  42. Disciplining Punishment: Colonialism and Convict Society in the Andaman Islands Satadru Sen
    Review by: Henrika Kuklick
    DOI: 10.1086/532704
    Stable URL:
  43. Reviews of Books (pp. 1211-1212)
    Modern Forests: Statemaking and Environmental Change in Colonial Eastern India K. Sivaramakrishnan
    Review by: D. A. Washbrook
    DOI: 10.1086/532705
    Stable URL:
  44. Reviews of Books (pp. 1212-1213)
    Fractured Modernity: Making of a Middle Class in Colonial North India Sanjay Joshi
    Review by: Barbara D. Metcalf
    DOI: 10.1086/532706
    Stable URL:
  45. Reviews of Books (pp. 1213-1214)
    Lessons from Schools: The History of Education in Banaras Nita Kumar
    Review by: Gauri Viswanathan
    DOI: 10.1086/532707
    Stable URL:
  46. Reviews of Books (pp. 1214-1215)
    A Good and Wise Measure: The Search for the Canadian-American Boundary, 1783-1842 Francis M. Carroll
    Review by: John G. Reid
    DOI: 10.1086/532708
    Stable URL:
  47. Reviews of Books (pp. 1215-1216)
    Amassing Power: J. B. Duke and the Saguenay River, 1897-1927 David Massell
    Review by: Jean L. Manore
    DOI: 10.1086/532709
    Stable URL:
  48. Reviews of Books (pp. 1216-1217)
    The Rise of Agrarian Democracy: The United Farmers and Farm Women of Alberta, 1909-1921 Bradford James Rennie
    Review by: Edward Bell
    DOI: 10.1086/532710
    Stable URL:
  49. Reviews of Books (pp. 1217-1218)
    From Fireplace to Cookstove: Technology and the Domestic Ideal in America Priscilla J. Brewer
    Review by: Jeffrey L. Meikle
    DOI: 10.1086/532711
    Stable URL:
  50. Reviews of Books (pp. 1218-1219)
    Imagining New England: Explorations of Regional Identity from the Pilgrims to the Mid-Twentieth Century Joseph A. Conforti
    Review by: Jack Tager
    DOI: 10.1086/532712
    Stable URL:
  51. Reviews of Books (pp. 1219-1220)
    Across the Great Divide: Cultures of Manhood in the American West Matthew Basso, Laura McCall, Dee Garceau
    Review by: Brian W. Dippie
    DOI: 10.1086/532713
    Stable URL:
  52. Reviews of Books (pp. 1220-1221)
    Cloak and Dollar: A History of American Secret Intelligence Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
    Review by: Athan Theoharis
    DOI: 10.1086/532714
    Stable URL:
  53. Peoples of a Spacious Land: Families and Cultures in Colonial New England Gloria L. Main
    Review by: Elaine Forman Crane
    DOI: 10.1086/532715
    Stable URL:
  54. Reviews of Books (pp. 1221-1222)
    Philadelphia's Enlightenment, 1740-1800: Kingdom of Christ, Empire of Reason Nina Reid-Maroney
    Review by: Richard W. Pointer
    DOI: 10.1086/532716
    Stable URL:
  55. Reviews of Books (pp. 1222-1223)
    A Blessed Company: Parishes, Parsons, and Parishioners in Anglican Virginia, 1690-1776 John K. Nelson
    Review by: Frederick V. Mills, Sr.
    DOI: 10.1086/532717
    Stable URL:
  56. Reviews of Books (pp. 1223-1224)
    All Our Relations: Blood Ties and Emotional Bonds among the Early South Carolina Gentry Lorri Glover
    Review by: Marie Jenkins Schwartz
    DOI: 10.1086/532718
    Stable URL:
  57. Reviews of Books (pp. 1224-1225)
    The Life and Times of Martha Laurens Ramsay 1759-1811 Joanna Bowen Gillespie
    Review by: Daniel McDonough
    DOI: 10.1086/532719
    Stable URL:
  58. Crowds and Soldiers in Revolutionary North Carolina: The Culture of Violence in Riot and War Wayne E. Lee
    Review by: Paul A. Gilje
    DOI: 10.1086/532720
    Stable URL:
  59. Reviews of Books (pp. 1225-1226)
    Land and Allegiance in Revolutionary Georgia Leslie Hall
    Review by: John Oliphant
    DOI: 10.1086/532721
    Stable URL:
  60. Reviews of Books (pp. 1226-1227)
    The Shaping of Southern Culture: Honor, Grace, and War, 1760s-1890s Bertram Wyatt-Brown
    Review by: Kenneth S. Greenberg
    DOI: 10.1086/532722
    Stable URL:
  61. Reviews of Books (pp. 1227-1228)
    Five Points: The Nineteenth Century New York City Neighborhood That Invented Tap Dance, Stole Elections, and Became the World's Most Notorious Slum Tyler Anbinder
    Review by: Gerald W. McFarland
    DOI: 10.1086/532723
    Stable URL:
  62. Reviews of Books (pp. 1228-1229)
    Grasping at Independence: Debt, Male Authority, and Mineral Rights in Appalachian Kentucky, 1850-1915 Robert S. Weise
    Review by: H. Tyler Blethen
    DOI: 10.1086/532724
    Stable URL:
  63. Reviews of Books (pp. 1229-1230)
    Faith and Family: Dutch Immigration and Settlement in the United States, 1820-1920 Robert P. Swierenga
    Review by: Walter D. Kamphoefner
    DOI: 10.1086/532725
    Stable URL:
  64. Reviews of Books (pp. 1230-1231)
    Local Matters: Race, Crime, and Justice in the Nineteenth-Century South Christopher Waldrep, Donald G. Nieman
    Review by: Dennis C. Rousey
    DOI: 10.1086/532726
    Stable URL:
  65. Reviews of Books (pp. 1231-1232)
    Born in Bondage: Growing up Enslaved in the Antebellum South Marie Jenkins Schwartz
    Review by: Jeffrey Robert Young
    DOI: 10.1086/532727
    Stable URL:
  66. Reviews of Books (pp. 1232-1233)
    While God Is Marching on: The Religious World of Civil War Soldiers Steven E. Woodworth
    Review by: David B. Chesebrough
    DOI: 10.1086/532728
    Stable URL:
  67. The Metaphysical Club Louis Menand
    Review by: Ronald Story
    DOI: 10.1086/532729
    Stable URL:
  68. Reviews of Books (pp. 1233-1234)
    Muscular Christianity: Manhood and Sports in Protestant America, 1880-1920 Clifford Putney
    Review by: P. C. Kemeny
    DOI: 10.1086/532730
    Stable URL:
  69. Reviews of Books (pp. 1234-1235)
    Betting the Line: Sports Wagering in American Life Richard O. Davies, Richard G. Abram
    Review by: Murray Sperber
    DOI: 10.1086/532731
    Stable URL:
  70. Reviews of Books (pp. 1235-1236)
    Investing for Middle America: John Elliott Tappan and the Origins of American Express Financial Advisors Kenneth Lipartito, Carol Heher Peters
    Review by: Rowena Olegario
    DOI: 10.1086/532732
    Stable URL:
  71. Reviews of Books (pp. 1236-1237)
    Reinforced Concrete and the Modernization of American Building, 1900-1930 Amy E. Slaton
    Review by: Gail Cooper
    DOI: 10.1086/532733
    Stable URL:
  72. Reviews of Books (pp. 1237-1238)
    As Long as They Don't Move Next Door: Segregation and Racial Conflict in American Neighborhoods Stephen Grant Meyer
    Review by: David Roediger
    DOI: 10.1086/532734
    Stable URL:
  73. Reviews of Books (pp. 1238-1239)
    A Lynching in the Heartland: Race and Memory in America James H. Madison
    Review by: Leonard J. Moore
    DOI: 10.1086/532735
    Stable URL:
  74. The Politics of Whiteness: Race, Workers, and Culture in the Modern South Michelle Brattain
    Review by: Nancy MacLean
    DOI: 10.1086/532736
    Stable URL:
  75. Reviews of Books (pp. 1239-1241)
    Homefront: A Military City and the American Twentieth Century Catherine Lutz
    Review by: Wanda Ellen Wakefield
    DOI: 10.1086/532737
    Stable URL:
  76. Reform and Resistance: Gender, Delinquency, and America's First Juvenile Court Anne Meis Knupfer
    Review by: Eric C. Schneider
    DOI: 10.1086/532738
    Stable URL:
  77. Reviews of Books (pp. 1241-1242)
    Women in Labor: Mothers, Medicine and Occupational Health in the United States, 1890-1980 Alison L. Hepler
    Review by: Miriam Cohen
    DOI: 10.1086/532739
    Stable URL:
  78. Reviews of Books (pp. 1242-1243)
    Un-American Womanhood: Antiradicalism, Antifeminism, and the First Red Scare Kim E. Nielson
    Review by: Elna C. Green
    DOI: 10.1086/532740
    Stable URL:
  79. Reviews of Books (pp. 1243-1244)
    Duquesne and the Rise of Steel Unionism James D. Rose
    Review by: Marilyn D. Rhinehart
    DOI: 10.1086/532741
    Stable URL:
  80. Reviews of Books (pp. 1244-1245)
    Harvest Wobblies: The Industrial Workers of the World and Agricultural Laborers in the American West, 1905-1930 Greg Hall
    Review by: Nigel Anthony Sellars
    DOI: 10.1086/532742
    Stable URL:
  81. Dust Bowl, USA: Depression America and the Ecological Imagination, 1929-1941 Brad D. Lookingbill
    Review by: Charles J. Shindo
    DOI: 10.1086/532743
    Stable URL:
  82. Reviews of Books (pp. 1245-1246)
    Scientists, Business, and the State, 1890-1960 Patrick J. McGrath
    Review by: Stephen P. Waring
    DOI: 10.1086/532744
    Stable URL:
  83. Reviews of Books (pp. 1246-1248)
    Improbable Warriors: Women Scientists and the U.S. Navy in World War II Kathleen Broome Williams
    Review by: Maureen Honey
    DOI: 10.1086/532745
    Stable URL:
  84. Radio Goes to War: The Cultural Politics of Propaganda during World War II Gerd Horten
    Review by: Saverio Giovacchini
    DOI: 10.1086/532746
    Stable URL:
  85. Die Ambivalente Normalisierung: Deutschlanddiskurs und Deutschlandbilder in den USA, 1941-1955 Thomas Reuther
    Review by: Ed Peterson
    DOI: 10.1086/532747
    Stable URL:
  86. Reviews of Books (pp. 1249-1250)
    Law and War: An American Story Peter Maguire
    Review by: Michal R. Belknap
    DOI: 10.1086/532748
    Stable URL:
  87. Reviews of Books (pp. 1250-1251)
    The Cold War and the Color Line: American Race Relations in the Global Arena Thomas Borstelmann
    Review by: Robert Weisbrot
    DOI: 10.1086/532749
    Stable URL:
  88. Reviews of Books (pp. 1251-1252)
    America and Intellectual Cold Wars in Europe: Shepard Stone between Philanthropy, Academy, and Diplomacy Volker R. Berghahn; The Making of the Cold War Enemy: Culture and Politics in the Military-Intellectual Complex Ron Robin
    Review by: Walter L. Hixson
    DOI: 10.1086/532750
    Stable URL:
  89. Reviews of Books (pp. 1252-1253)
    Rebel and a Cause: Caryl Chessman and the Politics of the Death Penalty in Postwar California, 1948-1974 Theodore Hamm
    Review by: James W. Marquart
    DOI: 10.1086/532751
    Stable URL:
  90. Reviews of Books (pp. 1253-1254)
    The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission: Civil Rights and States' Rights Yasuhiro Katagiri
    Review by: Mark Newman
    DOI: 10.1086/532752
    Stable URL:
  91. Reviews of Books (pp. 1254-1255)
    Going South: Jewish Women in the Civil Rights Movement Debra L. Schultz; Fight against Fear: Southern Jews and Black Civil Rights Clive Webb
    Review by: Mark K. Bauman
    DOI: 10.1086/532753
    Stable URL:
  92. Reviews of Books (pp. 1255-1256)
    The Most Dangerous Area in the World: John F. Kennedy Confronts Communist Revolution in Latin America Stephen G. Rabe
    Review by: Joseph S. Tulchin
    DOI: 10.1086/532754
    Stable URL:
  93. Reviews of Books (pp. 1256-1257)
    Nixon's Civil Rights: Politics, Principle, and Policy Dean Kotlowski
    Review by: Timothy N. Thurber
    DOI: 10.1086/532755
    Stable URL:
  94. Reviews of Books (pp. 1257-1258)
    Playboys in Paradise: Masculinity, Youth and Leisure-Style in Modern America Bill Osgerby
    Review by: Kevin White
    DOI: 10.1086/532756
    Stable URL:
  95. Reviews of Books (pp. 1258-1259)
    La ville aux Iles, la ville dans l'ile: Basse-Terre et Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, 1650-1820 Anne Perotin-Dumon
    Review by: Pieter C. Emmer
    DOI: 10.1086/532757
    Stable URL:
  96. Reviews of Books (pp. 1259-1260)
    Cuba: Island of Dreams Antoni Kapcia
    Review by: Robert Whitney
    DOI: 10.1086/532758
    Stable URL:
  97. Reviews of Books (pp. 1260-1261)
    From Moon Goddesses to Virgins: The Colonization of Yucatecan Maya Sexual Desire Pete Sigal
    Review by: Terry Rugeley
    DOI: 10.1086/532759
    Stable URL:
  98. The Chaco Mission Frontier: The Guaycuruan Experience James Schofield Saeger
    Review by: Jim Norris
    DOI: 10.1086/532760
    Stable URL:
  99. Reviews of Books (pp. 1261-1262)
    Containing the Poor: The Mexico City Poor House, 1774-1871 Silvia Marina Arrom
    Review by: Pablo Piccato
    DOI: 10.1086/532761
    Stable URL:
  100. Reviews of Books (pp. 1262-1263)
    Sandinista: Carlos Fonseca and the Nicaraguan Revolution Matilde Zimmermann
    Review by: Michael D. Gambone
    DOI: 10.1086/532762
    Stable URL:
  101. Reviews of Books (pp. 1263-1264)
    Hijas, novias y esposas: Familia, matrimonio y violencia domestica en el Valle Central de Costa Rica (1750-1850) Eugenia Rodriguez Saenz
    Review by: Edith B. Couturier
    DOI: 10.1086/532763
    Stable URL:
  102. Reviews of Books (pp. 1264-1265)
    La ciudad de los monos: Roberto Brenes Mesen, los catolicos heredianos y el conflicto cultural de 1907 en Costa Rica Ivan Molina Jimenez
    Review by: Douglass Sullivan-Gonzalez
    DOI: 10.1086/532764
    Stable URL:
  103. Reviews of Books (pp. 1265-1266)
    Honorable Lives: Lawyers, Family, and Politics in Colombia, 1780-1850 Victor M. Uribe-Uran
    Review by: Anthony McFarlane
    DOI: 10.1086/532765
    Stable URL:
  104. Reviews of Books (pp. 1266-1267)
    Liberalism in the Bedroom: Quarreling Spouses in Nineteenth-Century Lima Christine Hunefeldt
    Review by: Victor M. Uribe-Uran
    DOI: 10.1086/532766
    Stable URL:
  105. Reviews of Books (pp. 1267-1268)
    A Slave's Place, a Master's World: Fashioning Dependency in Rural Brazil Nancy Priscilla Naro
    Review by: Hendrik Kraay
    DOI: 10.1086/532767
    Stable URL:
  106. Reviews of Books (pp. 1268-1269)
    Banking and Economic Development: Brazil, 1889-1930 Gail D. Triner
    Review by: Alfonso W. Quiroz
    DOI: 10.1086/532768
    Stable URL:
  107. Reviews of Books (pp. 1269-1270)
    Ancient Siege Warfare Paul Bentley Kern
    Review by: Antonio Santosuosso
    DOI: 10.1086/532769
    Stable URL:
  108. The Science of Man in Ancient Greece Maria Michela Sassi, Paul Tucker
    Review by: Maud Gleason
    DOI: 10.1086/532770
    Stable URL:
  109. Reviews of Books (pp. 1270-1271)
    The Power of Money: Coinage and Politics in the Athenian Empire Thomas Figueira
    Review by: Robert A. Moysey
    DOI: 10.1086/532771
    Stable URL:
  110. Reviews of Books (pp. 1271-1272)
    The School of History: Athens in the Age of Socrates Mark Munn
    Review by: Stewart Flory
    DOI: 10.1086/532772
    Stable URL:
  111. Reviews of Books (pp. 1272-1273)
    Between Geography and History: Hellenistic Constructions of the Roman World Katherine Clarke
    Review by: W. Jeffrey Tatum
    DOI: 10.1086/532773
    Stable URL:
  112. Reviews of Books (pp. 1273-1274)
    Constructing Autocracy: Aristocrats and Emperors in Julio-Claudian Rome Matthew B. Roller
    Review by: Clifford Ando
    DOI: 10.1086/532774
    Stable URL:
  113. Reviews of Books (pp. 1274-1275)
    Rome's Eastern Trade: International Commerce and Imperial Policy, 31 BC-AD 305 Gary K. Young
    Review by: Philip Freeman
    DOI: 10.1086/532775
    Stable URL:
  114. Reviews of Books (pp. 1275-1276)
    Laying down the Law: A Study of the Theodosian Code John F. Matthews
    Review by: Judith Evans Grubbs
    DOI: 10.1086/532776
    Stable URL:
  115. Reviews of Books (pp. 1276-1277)
    Count Marcellinus and His Chronicle Brian Croke
    Review by: T. D. Barnes
    DOI: 10.1086/532777
    Stable URL:
  116. Betes et hommes dans le monde medieval: La bestiaire des clercs du Ve au XIIe siecle Jacques Voisenet
    Review by: John J. Contreni
    DOI: 10.1086/532778
    Stable URL:
  117. Reviews of Books (pp. 1277-1278)
    Spiritual Kinship and Social Practice: Godparenthood and Adoption in the Early Middle Ages Bernhard Jussen, Pamela Selwyn
    Review by: Paul Fouracre
    DOI: 10.1086/532779
    Stable URL:
  118. Reviews of Books (pp. 1278-1279)
    Early Irish Kingship and Succession Bart Jaski
    Review by: Brendan Smith
    DOI: 10.1086/532780
    Stable URL:
  119. Reviews of Books (pp. 1279-1280)
    At the Gate of Christendom: Jews, Muslims and 'Pagans' in Medieval Hungary, c. 1000-c. 1300 Nora Berend
    Review by: Janet L. Nelson
    DOI: 10.1086/532781
    Stable URL:
  120. Reviews of Books (pp. 1280-1281)
    Knights of the Cloister: Templars and Hospitallers in Central-Southern Occitania c.1100-c.1300 Dominic Selwood
    Review by: David Abulafia
    DOI: 10.1086/532782
    Stable URL:
  121. The Household Knights of King John S. D. Church
    Review by: Anne Curry
    DOI: 10.1086/532783
    Stable URL:
  122. Reviews of Books (pp. 1281-1282)
    English Seigniorial Agriculture, 1250-1450 Bruce M. S. Campbell
    Review by: Jane Whittle
    DOI: 10.1086/532784
    Stable URL:
  123. Reviews of Books (pp. 1282-1283)
    The Spiritual Franciscans: From Protest to Persecution in the Century after Saint Francis David Burr
    Review by: Kevin Madigan
    DOI: 10.1086/532785
    Stable URL:
  124. Reviews of Books (pp. 1283-1284)
    Das venezianische Albanien (1392-1479) Oliver Jens Schmitt
    Review by: Stefan Troebst
    DOI: 10.1086/532786
    Stable URL:
  125. Reviews of Books (pp. 1284-1285)
    The Paston Family in the Fifteenth Century, Endings Colin Richmond
    Review by: Barbara J. Harris
    DOI: 10.1086/532787
    Stable URL:
  126. Haskalah and History: The Emergence of a Modern Jewish Historical Consciousness Shmuel Feiner, Chaya Naor, Sondra Silverston
    Review by: David Biale
    DOI: 10.1086/532788
    Stable URL:
  127. Reviews of Books (pp. 1285-1286)
    National Character and Public Spirit in Britain and France, 1750-1914 Roberto Romani
    Review by: Clive Emsley
    DOI: 10.1086/532789
    Stable URL:
  128. Reviews of Books (pp. 1286-1287)
    La Crise des societes imperiales: Allemagne, France, Grande-Bretagne (1900-1940) Christophe Charle
    Review by: John Horne
    DOI: 10.1086/532790
    Stable URL:
  129. Reviews of Books (pp. 1287-1288)
    Russia Abroad: The Ideological and Political Views of Russian Emigres in European Russian Newspapers between 1918 and 1940 Julitta Suomela
    Review by: Chris J. Chulos
    DOI: 10.1086/532791
    Stable URL:
  130. Reviews of Books (pp. 1288-1289)
    Bishops and Reform in the English Church, 1520-1559 Kenneth Carleton
    Review by: Norman Jones
    DOI: 10.1086/532792
    Stable URL:
  131. Reviews of Books (pp. 1289-1290)
    Print and Protestantism in Early Modern England Ian Green
    Review by: Paul S. Seaver
    DOI: 10.1086/532793
    Stable URL:
  132. Reviews of Books (pp. 1290-1291)
    The Scottish Book Trade, 1500-1720: Print Commerce and Print Control in Early Modern Scotland Alastair J. Mann
    Review by: Alexandra Halasz
    DOI: 10.1086/532794
    Stable URL:
  133. Curiosity, a Cultural History of Early Modern Inquiry Barbara M. Benedict
    Review by: Carol Blum
    DOI: 10.1086/532795
    Stable URL:
  134. Women Alone: Spinsters in England 1660-1850 Bridget Hill
    Review by: Martha Vicinus
    DOI: 10.1086/532796
    Stable URL:
  135. Reviews of Books (pp. 1292-1293)
    Undertaker of the Mind: John Monro and Mad-Doctoring in Eighteenth-Century England Jonathan Andrews, Andrew Scull
    Review by: Peter McCandless
    DOI: 10.1086/532797
    Stable URL:
  136. Reviews of Books (pp. 1293-1294)
    The Politics of Regicide in England, 1760-1850 Steve Poole
    Review by: James Epstein
    DOI: 10.1086/532798
    Stable URL:
  137. Reviews of Books (pp. 1294-1295)
    Public Speech and the Culture of Public Life in the Age of Gladstone Joseph S. Meisel
    Review by: Simon Gunn
    DOI: 10.1086/532799
    Stable URL:
  138. Reviews of Books (pp. 1295-1296)
    Abject Loyalty: Nationalism and Monarchy in Ireland during the Reign of Queen Victoria James H. Murphy
    Review by: Sean Farrell
    DOI: 10.1086/532800
    Stable URL:
  139. Reviews of Books (pp. 1296-1297)
    A History of Water in Modern England and Wales John Hassan
    Review by: Norman Pearson
    DOI: 10.1086/532801
    Stable URL:
  140. Crypto-Judaism and the Spanish Inquisition Michael Alpert
    Review by: Lu Ann Homza
    DOI: 10.1086/532802
    Stable URL:
  141. Reviews of Books (pp. 1297-1298)
    The Gift in Sixteenth-Century France Natalie Zemon Davis
    Review by: Kristen B. Neuschel
    DOI: 10.1086/532803
    Stable URL:
  142. Reviews of Books (pp. 1298-1299)
    Richelieu's Army: War, Government and Society in France, 1624-1642 David Parrott
    Review by: Douglas Clark Baxter
    DOI: 10.1086/532804
    Stable URL:
  143. Reviews of Books (pp. 1299-1300)
    A Lust for Virtue: Louis XIV's Attack on Sin in Seventeenth-Century France Philip F. Riley
    Review by: Michael Hayden
    DOI: 10.1086/532805
    Stable URL:
  144. Reviews of Books (pp. 1300-1301)
    Enemies of the Enlightenment: The French Counter-Enlightenment and the Making of Modernity Darrin M. McMahon
    Review by: Jolanta T. Pekacz
    DOI: 10.1086/532806
    Stable URL:
  145. Reviews of Books (pp. 1301-1302)
    Les arrets de reglement du Parlement de Paris au XVIIIe siecle: Dimension et doctrine Philippe Payen; La physiologie de l'arret de reglement du Parlement de Paris au XVIIIe siecle Philippe Payen
    Review by: Philip Dawson
    DOI: 10.1086/532807
    Stable URL:
  146. Reviews of Books (pp. 1302-1303)
    Making Democracy in the French Revolution James Livesey
    Review by: Laura Mason
    DOI: 10.1086/532808
    Stable URL:
  147. Reviews of Books (pp. 1303-1304)
    Blood in the City: Violence and Revelation in Paris, 1789-1945 Richard D. E. Burton
    Review by: Charles Tilly
    DOI: 10.1086/532809
    Stable URL:
  148. Reviews of Books (pp. 1304-1305)
    Readers and Society in Nineteenth-Century France: Workers, Women, Peasants Martyn Lyons
    Review by: Sarah A. Curtis
    DOI: 10.1086/532810
    Stable URL:
  149. Reviews of Books (pp. 1305-1306)
    The French Defence Debate: Consensus and Continuity in the Mitterrand Era R. E. Utley
    Review by: Julius W. Friend
    DOI: 10.1086/532811
    Stable URL:
  150. Reviews of Books (pp. 1306-1307)
    The Lion and the Double Eagle: Finland's Imperial Decades 1830-1890 Max Engman
    Review by: John Rogers
    DOI: 10.1086/532812
    Stable URL:
  151. Reviews of Books (pp. 1307-1308)
    Matheus Miller's Memoir: A Merchant's Life in the Seventeenth Century Thomas Max Safley
    Review by: Gerald L. Soliday
    DOI: 10.1086/532813
    Stable URL:
  152. Reviews of Books (pp. 1308-1309)
    Medicine and the German Jews: A History John M. Efron
    Review by: Shulamit Volkov
    DOI: 10.1086/532814
    Stable URL:
  153. Reviews of Books (pp. 1309-1310)
    The Kaiser's Army: The Politics of Military Technology in Germany during the Machine Age, 1870-1918 Eric Dorn Brose
    Review by: Martin Kitchen
    DOI: 10.1086/532815
    Stable URL:
  154. Zeppelin! Germany and the Airship, 1900-1939 Guillaume de Syon
    Review by: Detlef Siegfried
    DOI: 10.1086/532816
    Stable URL:
  155. Reviews of Books (pp. 1310-1311)
    "Aryanisation" in Hamburg: The Economic Exclusion of Jews and the Confiscation of Their Property in Nazi Germany Frank Bajohr, George Wilke
    Review by: Karl A. Schleunes
    DOI: 10.1086/532817
    Stable URL:
  156. Reviews of Books (pp. 1311-1312)
    Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945 Gerald D. Feldman
    Review by: Henry Ashby Turner, Jr.
    DOI: 10.1086/532818
    Stable URL:
  157. Reviews of Books (pp. 1312-1313)
    Zwangsarbeit und Vernichtung: Das Wirtschaftsimperium der SS; Oswald Pohl und das SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt 1933-1945 Jan Erik Schulte
    Review by: George C. Browder
    DOI: 10.1086/532819
    Stable URL:
  158. Reviews of Books (pp. 1313-1314)
    Soldiers as Citizens: Former Wehrmacht Officers in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1955 Jay Lockenour
    Review by: Heike Bungert
    DOI: 10.1086/532820
    Stable URL:
  159. Reviews of Books (pp. 1314-1315)
    La citta dei crucci: Fazioni e clientele in uno stato repubblicano del '400 William J. Connell
    Review by: Duane J. Osheim
    DOI: 10.1086/532821
    Stable URL:
  160. Reviews of Books (pp. 1315-1316)
    Benandanti e inquisitori nel Friuli del Seicento Franco Nardon
    Review by: John Jeffries Martin
    DOI: 10.1086/532822
    Stable URL:
  161. Reviews of Books (pp. 1316-1317)
    The Conquest of the Soul: Confession, Discipline, and Public Order in Counter-Reformation Milan Wietse de Boer
    Review by: William V. Hudon
    DOI: 10.1086/532823
    Stable URL:
  162. Aspiring Saints: Pretense of Holiness, Inquisition, and Gender in the Republic of Venice 1618-1750 Anne Jacobson Schutte
    Review by: Jutta Sperling
    DOI: 10.1086/532824
    Stable URL:
  163. Theater of Acculturation: The Roman Ghetto in the Sixteenth Century Kenneth Stow
    Review by: Peter Blastenbrei
    DOI: 10.1086/532825
    Stable URL:
  164. Reviews of Books (pp. 1318-1319)
    Church Politics in Seventeenth-Century Rome: Cardinal Decio Azzolino, Queen Christina of Sweden, and the Squadrone Volante Marie-Louise Roden
    Review by: Thomas F. Mayer
    DOI: 10.1086/532826
    Stable URL:
  165. Reviews of Books (pp. 1319-1320)
    Making and Remaking Italy: The Cultivation of National Identity around the Risorgimento Albert Russell Ascoli, Krystyna von Henneberg
    Review by: Marcia Landy
    DOI: 10.1086/532827
    Stable URL:
  166. Reviews of Books (pp. 1320-1321)
    Racial Theories in Fascist Italy Aaron Gillette
    Review by: Neil MacMaster
    DOI: 10.1086/532828
    Stable URL:
  167. Reviews of Books (pp. 1321-1322)
    Fenicotteri in Volo: Donne comuniste nel ventennio fascista Patrizia Gabrielli
    Review by: Ilaria Favretto
    DOI: 10.1086/532829
    Stable URL:
  168. Reviews of Books (pp. 1322-1323)
    Seeing Red: Hungarian Intellectuals in Exile and the Challenge of Communism Lee Congdon
    Review by: Paul Breines
    DOI: 10.1086/532830
    Stable URL:
  169. Reviews of Books (pp. 1323-1324)
    Between God and Tsar: Religious Symbolism and the Royal Women of Muscovite Russia Isolde Thyret
    Review by: Brenda Meehan
    DOI: 10.1086/532831
    Stable URL:
  170. Reviews of Books (pp. 1324-1325)
    Toward the Rising Sun: Russian Ideologies of Empire and the Path to War with Japan David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye
    Review by: J. N. Westwood
    DOI: 10.1086/532832
    Stable URL:
  171. An Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939 Terry Martin
    Review by: Kees Boterbloem
    DOI: 10.1086/532833
    Stable URL:
  172. Reviews of Books (pp. 1325-1326)
    Bloody Saturday in the Soviet Union: Novocherkassk, 1962 Samuel H. Baron
    Review by: Charters Wynn
    DOI: 10.1086/532834
    Stable URL:
  173. Reviews of Books (pp. 1326-1327)
    Image and Imperialism in the Ottoman Revolutionary Press, 1908-1911 Palmira Brummett
    Review by: Kemal Silay
    DOI: 10.1086/532835
    Stable URL:
  174. Reviews of Books (pp. 1327-1328)
    The Politicization of Islam: Reconstructing Identity, State, Faith, and Community in the Late Ottoman State Kemal H. Karpat
    Review by: Donald Quataert
    DOI: 10.1086/532836
    Stable URL:
  175. Reviews of Books (pp. 1328-1329)
    Inventing Home: Emigration, Gender, and the Middle Class in Lebanon, 1870-1920 Akram Fouad Khater
    Review by: Elizabeth Thompson
    DOI: 10.1086/532837
    Stable URL:
  176. Reviews of Books (pp. 1329-1330)
    The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World Avi Shlaim
    Review by: F. Robert Hunter
    DOI: 10.1086/532838
    Stable URL:
  177. Reviews of Books (pp. 1330-1331)
    Les Maitres du secret: Ordre mondain et ordre religieux dans la communaute Druze en Israel Isabelle Rivoal
    Review by: Kais M. Firro
    DOI: 10.1086/532839
    Stable URL:
  178. Reviews of Books (pp. 1331-1332)
    Chere Algerie: Comptes et mecomptes de la tutelle coloniale, 1930-1962 Daniel Lefeuvre
    Review by: William B. Cohen
    DOI: 10.1086/532840
    Stable URL:
  179. Reviews of Books (pp. 1332-1333)
    Uncivil War: Intellectuals and Identity Politics during the Decolonization of Algeria James D. Le Sueur
    Review by: John P. Entelis
    DOI: 10.1086/532841
    Stable URL:
  180. Reviews of Books (pp. 1333-1334)
    Controlling Knowledge: Religion, Power and Schooling in a West African Muslim Society Louis Brenner
    Review by: Martin A. Klein
    DOI: 10.1086/532842
    Stable URL:
  181. Reviews of Books (pp. 1334-1335)
    Contested Power in Angola, 1840s to the Present Linda Heywood
    Review by: M. Anne Pitcher
    DOI: 10.1086/532843
    Stable URL:
  182. The Internationale Peter Miller
    Review by: Stephen Cole
    DOI: 10.1086/532844
    Stable URL:
  183. Reviews of Books (pp. 1336-1337)
    Markova: Comfort Gay Rodolfo Quizon, Gil Portes, Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr.
    Review by: Jacqui Sadashige
    DOI: 10.1086/532845
    Stable URL:
  184. Black Hawk Down Jerry Bruckheimer, Ridley Scott, Ken Nolan
    Review by: Lou Coatney
    DOI: 10.1086/532846
    Stable URL:
  185. Collected Essays (pp. 1339-1349)
    DOI: 10.1086/532847
    Stable URL:
  186. DOI: 10.1086/532848
    Stable URL:
  187. Other Books Received (pp. 1353-1366)
    DOI: 10.1086/532849
    Stable URL:
  188. Communications (pp. 1367-1368)
    Piotr S. Wandycz, Padraic Kenney, H. G. Jones and Jacqui Sadashige
    DOI: 10.1086/532850
    Stable URL: