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The American Historical Review

Vol. 109, No. 2, April 2004

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Table of Contents

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  1. Sheilagh Ogilvie
    DOI: 10.1086/530335
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  2. Balazs A. Szelenyi
    DOI: 10.1086/530336
    Stable URL:
  3. Julia Rodriguez
    DOI: 10.1086/530337
    Stable URL:
  4. Yukiko Koshiro
    DOI: 10.1086/530338
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  5. Mark Von Hagen
    DOI: 10.1086/530339
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  6. Reviews of Books (pp. 469-470)
    Reading History in Early Modern England D. R. Woolf
    Review by: Rosemary Mitchell
    DOI: 10.1086/530340
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  7. Reviews of Books (pp. 470-471)
    Barbarism and Religion: Volume Three, The First Decline and Fall J. G. A. Pocock
    Review by: Daniel Woolf
    DOI: 10.1086/530341
    Stable URL:
  8. Reviews of Books (pp. 471-472)
    Reading Irish Histories: Texts, Contexts, and Memory in Modern Ireland Lawrence W. McBride
    Review by: Anne Dolan
    DOI: 10.1086/530342
    Stable URL:
  9. Reviews of Books (pp. 472-473)
    Patrons, Clients, and Empire: Chieftaincy and Over-Rule in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Colin Newbury
    Review by: Jane Samson
    DOI: 10.1086/530343
    Stable URL:
  10. Reviews of Books (pp. 473-474)
    The Death of the Nation: American Culture and the End of Exceptionalism David W. Noble
    Review by: Donald Pease
    DOI: 10.1086/530344
    Stable URL:
  11. Reviews of Books (pp. 474-475)
    The Politics of Collective Violence Charles Tilly
    Review by: Geoffrey Robinson
    DOI: 10.1086/530345
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  12. Reviews of Books (pp. 475-476)
    The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past John Lewis Gaddis
    Review by: Joseph Mali
    DOI: 10.1086/530346
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  13. Reviews of Books (pp. 476-477)
    How to Do the History of Homo-Sexuality David M. Halperin
    Review by: John Howard
    DOI: 10.1086/530347
    Stable URL:
  14. Reviews of Books (pp. 477-478)
    How the Idea of Religious Toleration Came to the West Perez Zagorin
    Review by: Christine Kooi
    DOI: 10.1086/530348
    Stable URL:
  15. Reviews of Books (pp. 478-479)
    Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation Thomas Laqueur
    Review by: Rachel Maines
    DOI: 10.1086/530349
    Stable URL:
  16. Reviews of Books (pp. 479-480)
    Gender and Morality in Anglo-American Culture, 1650-1800 Ruth H. Bloch
    Review by: Mary Beth Norton
    DOI: 10.1086/530350
    Stable URL:
  17. Reviews of Books (pp. 480-481)
    Middle-Class Culture in the Nineteenth Century: America, Australia and Britain Linda Young
    Review by: John E. Crowley
    DOI: 10.1086/530351
    Stable URL:
  18. Reviews of Books (pp. 481-482)
    American Citizens, British Slaves: Yankee Political Prisoners in an Australian Penal Colony, 1839-1850 Cassandra Pybus, Hamish Maxwell-Stewart
    Review by: Satadru Sen
    DOI: 10.1086/530352
    Stable URL:
  19. Blood Ground: Colonialism, Missions, and the Contest for Christianity in the Cape Colony and Britain, 1799-1853 Elizabeth Elbourne
    Review by: Norman Etherington
    DOI: 10.1086/530353
    Stable URL:
  20. Reviews of Books (pp. 482-483)
    Dark Vanishings: Discourse on the Extinction of Primitive Races, 1800-1930 Patrick Brantlinger
    Review by: Antoinette Burton
    DOI: 10.1086/530354
    Stable URL:
  21. Reviews of Books (pp. 483-484)
    Prostitution, Race, and Politics: Policing Venereal Disease in the British Empire Philippa Levine
    Review by: Mark Harrison
    DOI: 10.1086/530355
    Stable URL:
  22. Reviews of Books (pp. 484-485)
    The Empire of the Raj: India, Eastern Africa and the Middle East, 1858-1947 Robert J. Blyth
    Review by: Daniel R. Headrick
    DOI: 10.1086/530356
    Stable URL:
  23. Reviews of Books (pp. 485-486)
    The Origins of World War Richard F. Hamilton, Holger H. Herwig
    Review by: Samuel R. Williamson, Jr.
    DOI: 10.1086/530357
    Stable URL:
  24. Reviews of Books (pp. 486-487)
    The Culture of Defeat: On National Trauma, Mourning, and Recovery Wolfgang Schivelbusch, Jefferson Chase
    Review by: Alon Confino
    DOI: 10.1086/530358
    Stable URL:
  25. Reviews of Books (pp. 487-488)
    In the Aftermath of Genocide: Armenians and Jews in Twentieth-Century France Maud S. Mandel
    Review by: Alex Alvarez
    DOI: 10.1086/530359
    Stable URL:
  26. Reviews of Books (pp. 488-489)
    Britain, America and Rearmament in the 1930s: The Cost of Failure Christopher Price
    Review by: John Ferris
    DOI: 10.1086/530360
    Stable URL:
  27. Reviews of Books (pp. 489-491)
    The American Century in Europe R. Laurence Moore, Maurizio Vaudagna
    Review by: Richard F. Kuisel
    DOI: 10.1086/530361
    Stable URL:
  28. Reviews of Books (pp. 491-492)
    Practicing Kinship: Lineage and Descent in Late Imperial China Michael Szonyi
    Review by: Pamela Kyle Crossley
    DOI: 10.1086/530362
    Stable URL:
  29. Reviews of Books (pp. 492-493)
    Chinese Visions of Family and State, 1915-1953 Susan L. Glosser
    Review by: Gail Hershatter
    DOI: 10.1086/530363
    Stable URL:
  30. Reviews of Books (pp. 493-494)
    Private Life under Socialism: Love, Intimacy, and Family Change in a Chinese Village, 1949-1999 Yunxiang Yan
    Review by: Susan Glosser
    DOI: 10.1086/530364
    Stable URL:
  31. Reviews of Books (pp. 494-495)
    Witness against History: Literature, Film, and Public Discourse in Twentieth-Century China Yomi Braester
    Review by: Peter Zarrow
    DOI: 10.1086/530365
    Stable URL:
  32. Reviews of Books (pp. 495-496)
    Mapping Early Modern Japan: Space, Place, and Culture in the Tokugawa Period (1603-1868) Marcia Yonemoto
    Review by: Philip Brown
    DOI: 10.1086/530366
    Stable URL:
  33. The Last Samurai Edward Zwick, John Logan, Marshall Herskovitz
    Review by: Thomas Keirstead
    DOI: 10.1086/530367
    Stable URL:
  34. Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order: The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945 Parks M. Coble
    Review by: Rana Mitter
    DOI: 10.1086/530368
    Stable URL:
  35. Reviews of Books (pp. 497-499)
    The North Korean Revolution, 1945-1950 Charles K. Armstrong
    Review by: Michael J. Seth
    DOI: 10.1086/530369
    Stable URL:
  36. Ho Chi Minh: The Missing Years 1919-1941 Sophie Quinn-Judge
    Review by: David G. Marr
    DOI: 10.1086/530370
    Stable URL:
  37. Reviews of Books (pp. 499-501)
    Postcolonial Vietnam: New Histories of the National Past Patricia M. Pelley
    Review by: Ngo Vinh Long
    DOI: 10.1086/530371
    Stable URL:
  38. Reviews of Books (pp. 501-502)
    Mughal Warfare: Indian Frontiers and High Roads to Empire, 1500-1700 Jos Gommans
    Review by: Stephen P. Blake
    DOI: 10.1086/530372
    Stable URL:
  39. Christians and Missionaries in India: Cross-Cultural Communication Since 1500 Robert Eric Frykenberg, Alaine Low
    Review by: Duncan B. Forrester
    DOI: 10.1086/530373
    Stable URL:
  40. The Felt Community: Commonalty and Mentality before the Emergence of Indian Nationalism Rajat Kanta Ray
    Review by: Kumkum Chatterjee
    DOI: 10.1086/530374
    Stable URL:
  41. Reviews of Books (pp. 503-504)
    The Partitions of Memory: The Afterlife of the Division of India Suvir Kaul
    Review by: Yasmin Saikia
    DOI: 10.1086/530375
    Stable URL:
  42. Reviews of Books (pp. 504-505)
    Cultural History in Australia Hsu-Ming Teo, Richard White
    Review by: Gregory Melleuish
    DOI: 10.1086/530376
    Stable URL:
  43. Reviews of Books (pp. 505-506)
    The Once and Future Army: A History of the Citizen Military Forces 1947-1974 Dayton McCarthy
    Review by: David Day
    DOI: 10.1086/530377
    Stable URL:
  44. Reviews of Books (pp. 506-507)
    The Captors' Narrative: Catholic Women and Their Puritan Men on the Early American Frontier William Henry Foster
    Review by: June Namias
    DOI: 10.1086/530378
    Stable URL:
  45. Reviews of Books (pp. 507-508)
    Law, Rhetoric, and Irony in the Formation of Canadian Civic Culture Michael Dorland, Maurice Charland
    Review by: Allan Smith
    DOI: 10.1086/530379
    Stable URL:
  46. Reviews of Books (pp. 508-509)
    Courted and Abandoned: Seduction in Canadian Law Patrick Brode
    Review by: James Snell
    DOI: 10.1086/530380
    Stable URL:
  47. Reviews of Books (pp. 509-510)
    At Odds: Gambling and Canadians, 1919-1969 Suzanne Morton
    Review by: Robert A. Campbell
    DOI: 10.1086/530381
    Stable URL:
  48. Reviews of Books (pp. 510-511)
    Something for Nothing: Luck in America Jackson Lears
    Review by: Brian Roberts
    DOI: 10.1086/530382
    Stable URL:
  49. Reviews of Books (pp. 511-512)
    Spain in America: The Origins of Hispanism in the United States Richard L. Kagan
    Review by: Ramon A. Gutierrez
    DOI: 10.1086/530383
    Stable URL:
  50. Reviews of Books (pp. 512-513)
    William Bradford's Books: "Of Plimmoth Plantation" and the Printed Word Douglas Anderson, William Bradford
    Review by: David Read
    DOI: 10.1086/530384
    Stable URL:
  51. Reviews of Books (pp. 513-514)
    Taverns and Drinking in Early America Sharon V. Salinger
    Review by: Mark Edward Lender
    DOI: 10.1086/530385
    Stable URL:
  52. Reviews of Books (pp. 514-515)
    Making Manhood: Growing up Male in Colonial New England Anne S. Lombard
    Review by: Daniel Scott Smith
    DOI: 10.1086/530386
    Stable URL:
  53. Anne Orthwood's Bastard: Sex and Law in Early Virginia John Ruston Pagan
    Review by: Merril D. Smith
    DOI: 10.1086/530387
    Stable URL:
  54. Reviews of Books (pp. 515-516)
    Brabbling Women: Disorderly Speech and the Law in Early Virginia Terri L. Snyder
    Review by: Jane Kamensky
    DOI: 10.1086/530388
    Stable URL:
  55. Reviews of Books (pp. 516-517)
    A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic John Ferling
    Review by: Woody Holton
    DOI: 10.1086/530389
    Stable URL:
  56. Reviews of Books (pp. 517-518)
    A Community Built on Words: The Constitution in History and Politics H. Jefferson Powell
    Review by: Joyce Lee Malcolm
    DOI: 10.1086/530390
    Stable URL:
  57. Reviews of Books (pp. 518-519)
    The Revolution of 1800: Democracy, Race, and the New Republic James Horn, Peter S. Onuf
    Review by: Michael Zuckert
    DOI: 10.1086/530391
    Stable URL:
  58. Reviews of Books (pp. 519-520)
    A Wilderness So Immense: The Louisiana Purchase and the Destiny of America Jon Kukla
    Review by: Peter S. Onuf
    DOI: 10.1086/530392
    Stable URL:
  59. Reviews of Books (pp. 520-521)
    The Hanging of Ephraim Wheeler: A Story of Rape, Incest, and Justice in Early America Irene Quenzler Brown, Richard D. Brown
    Review by: Amy Gilman Srebnick
    DOI: 10.1086/530393
    Stable URL:
  60. Reviews of Books (pp. 521-522)
    Refined Tastes: Sugar, Confectionary, and Consumers in Nineteenth-Century America Wendy A. Woloson
    Review by: Susan J. Terrio
    DOI: 10.1086/530394
    Stable URL:
  61. Reviews of Books (pp. 522-523)
    The Puritan as Yankee: A Life of Horace Bushnell Robert Bruce Mullin
    Review by: Douglas A. Sweeney
    DOI: 10.1086/530395
    Stable URL:
  62. Reviews of Books (pp. 523-524)
    Persons of Color and Religious at the Same Time: The Oblate Sisters of Providence, 1828-1860 Diane Batts Morrow
    Review by: Thomas Murphy
    DOI: 10.1086/530396
    Stable URL:
  63. Reviews of Books (pp. 524-525)
    White People Do Not Know How to Behave at Entertainments Designed for Ladies and Gentlemen of Colour: William Brown's African and American Theater Marvin McAllister
    Review by: Dale Cockrell
    DOI: 10.1086/530397
    Stable URL:
  64. Reviews of Books (pp. 525-526)
    Forgotten Readers: Recovering the Lost History of African American Literary Societies Elizabeth McHenry
    Review by: David Henkin
    DOI: 10.1086/530398
    Stable URL:
  65. Subversives: Antislavery Community in Washington, D. C., 1828-1865 Stanley Harrold
    Review by: Leonard L. Richards
    DOI: 10.1086/530399
    Stable URL:
  66. Reviews of Books (pp. 526-527)
    The Waterman's Song: Slavery and Freedom in Maritime North Carolina David S. Cecelski
    Review by: William J. Mahar
    DOI: 10.1086/530400
    Stable URL:
  67. Reviews of Books (pp. 527-528)
    Confederate Industry: Manufacturers and Quartermasters in the Civil War Harold S. Wilson
    Review by: Michael Gagnon
    DOI: 10.1086/530401
    Stable URL:
  68. Reviews of Books (pp. 528-529)
    Galvanized Yankees on the Upper Missouri: The Face of Loyalty Michele Tucker Butts
    Review by: Sherry L. Smith
    DOI: 10.1086/530402
    Stable URL:
  69. Reviews of Books (pp. 529-530)
    A Year in the South: Four Lives in 1865 Stephen V. Ash
    Review by: Daniel W. Crofts
    DOI: 10.1086/530403
    Stable URL:
  70. Reviews of Books (pp. 530-531)
    The Scalawags: Southern Dissenters in the Civil War and Reconstruction James Alex Baggett
    Review by: Michael W. Fitzgerald
    DOI: 10.1086/530404
    Stable URL:
  71. Reviews of Books (pp. 531-532)
    Urban Emancipation: Popular Politics in Reconstruction Mobile, 1860-1890 Michael W. Fitzgerald
    Review by: Samuel L. Webb
    DOI: 10.1086/530405
    Stable URL:
  72. Reviews of Books (pp. 532-533)
    Organizing America: Wealth, Power, and the Origins of Corporate Capitalism Charles Perrow
    Review by: Gerald Zahavi
    DOI: 10.1086/530406
    Stable URL:
  73. Reviews of Books (pp. 533-534)
    Mythic Galveston: Reinventing America's Third Coast Susan Wiley Hardwick
    Review by: Matthew W. Klingle
    DOI: 10.1086/530407
    Stable URL:
  74. Reviews of Books (pp. 534-535)
    St. Louis in the Century of Henry Shaw: A View beyond the Garden Wall Eric Sandweiss
    Review by: James Borchert
    DOI: 10.1086/530408
    Stable URL:
  75. Reviews of Books (pp. 535-536)
    Western Places, American Myths: How We Think about the West Gary J. Hausladen
    Review by: William G. Robbins
    DOI: 10.1086/530409
    Stable URL:
  76. Reviews of Books (pp. 536-537)
    Red Lodge and the Mythic West: Coal Miners to Cowboys Bonnie Christensen
    Review by: Brian W. Dippie
    DOI: 10.1086/530410
    Stable URL:
  77. Reviews of Books (pp. 537-538)
    Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip Ken Burns, Dayton Duncan, Keith David
    Review by: James A. Ward
    DOI: 10.1086/530411
    Stable URL:
  78. Reviews of Books (pp. 538-539)
    Christian Science on Trial: Religious Healing in America Rennie B. Schoepflin
    Review by: Susan E. Cayleff
    DOI: 10.1086/530412
    Stable URL:
  79. Reviews of Books (pp. 539-540)
    The Body Electric: How Strange Machines Built the Modern American Carolyn Thomas de la Pena
    Review by: Tim Armstrong
    DOI: 10.1086/530413
    Stable URL:
  80. Reviews of Books (pp. 540-541)
    Sapphic Slashers: Sex, Violence, and American Modernity Lisa Duggan
    Review by: Marc Stein
    DOI: 10.1086/530414
    Stable URL:
  81. Reviews of Books (pp. 541-542)
    A Penny for the Governor, a Dollar for Uncle Sam: Income Taxation in Washington Phil Roberts
    Review by: John D. Buenker
    DOI: 10.1086/530415
    Stable URL:
  82. The Island Edge of America: A Political History of Hawai'i Tom Coffman
    Review by: Paul F. Hooper
    DOI: 10.1086/530416
    Stable URL:
  83. Reviews of Books (pp. 542-544)
    The Devil in Silicon Valley: Northern California, Race, and Mexican Americans Stephen J. Pitti; Silicon Valley, Women, and the California Dream: Gender, Class, and Opportunity in the Twentieth Century Glenna Matthews
    Review by: Donna R. Gabaccia
    DOI: 10.1086/530417
    Stable URL:
  84. Reviews of Books (pp. 544-545)
    Mary McLeod Bethune and Black Women's Political Activism Joyce A. Hanson
    Review by: Ann D. Gordon
    DOI: 10.1086/530418
    Stable URL:
  85. The Pen Is Mightier: The Muckraking Life of Charles Edward Russell Robert Miraldi
    Review by: Joseph P. McKerns
    DOI: 10.1086/530419
    Stable URL:
  86. An American Family: The Great War and Corporate Culture in America Ferdinando Fasce, Ian Harvey
    Review by: Sanford M. Jacoby
    DOI: 10.1086/530420
    Stable URL:
  87. Reviews of Books (pp. 546-547)
    Good Americans: Italian and Jewish Immigrants during the First World War Christopher M. Sterba
    Review by: Neil A. Wynn
    DOI: 10.1086/530421
    Stable URL:
  88. Reviews of Books (pp. 547-548)
    The Archaeologist Was a Spy: Sylvanus G. Morley and the Office of Naval Intelligence Charles H. Harris, III, Louis R. Sadler
    Review by: Thomas Schoonover
    DOI: 10.1086/530422
    Stable URL:
  89. Reviews of Books (pp. 548-549)
    City of Courts: Socializing Justice in Progressive Era Chicago Michael Willrich
    Review by: Elizabeth Dale
    DOI: 10.1086/530423
    Stable URL:
  90. Reviews of Books (pp. 549-550)
    Rumors of Indiscretion: The University of Missouri "Sex Questionnaire" Scandal in the Jazz Age Lawrence J. Nelson
    Review by: Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz
    DOI: 10.1086/530424
    Stable URL:
  91. Reviews of Books (pp. 550-551)
    Marketing Modernism between the Two World Wars Catherine Turner
    Review by: Jay Satterfield
    DOI: 10.1086/530425
    Stable URL:
  92. Reviews of Books (pp. 551-552)
    The World's Best Book: Taste, Culture, and the Modern Library Jay Satterfield
    Review by: Paul R. Gorman
    DOI: 10.1086/530426
    Stable URL:
  93. Reviews of Books (pp. 552-553)
    The Anarchy of Empire in the Making of U.S. Culture Amy Kaplan
    Review by: Kristin Hoganson
    DOI: 10.1086/530427
    Stable URL:
  94. Dictators, Democracy, & American Public Culture: Envisioning the Totalitarian Enemy, 1920s-1950s Benjamin L. Alpers
    Review by: Saverio Giovacchini
    DOI: 10.1086/530428
    Stable URL:
  95. American Empire: Roosevelt's Geographer and the Prelude to Globalization Neil Smith
    Review by: Martin W. Lewis
    DOI: 10.1086/530429
    Stable URL:
  96. Reviews of Books (pp. 554-555)
    FDR's Body Politics: The Rhetoric of Disability Davis W. Houck, Amos Kiewe
    Review by: Paul K. Longmore
    DOI: 10.1086/530430
    Stable URL:
  97. Reviews of Books (pp. 555-556)
    Nazi Saboteurs on Trial: A Military Tribunal and American Law Louis Fisher
    Review by: William M. Wiecek
    DOI: 10.1086/530431
    Stable URL:
  98. Reviews of Books (pp. 556-557)
    The National Labs: Science in an American System, 1947-1974 Peter J. Westwick
    Review by: Daniel Lee Kleinman
    DOI: 10.1086/530432
    Stable URL:
  99. Reviews of Books (pp. 557-558)
    Existential America George Cotkin
    Review by: Terry A. Cooney
    DOI: 10.1086/530433
    Stable URL:
  100. Reviews of Books (pp. 558-559)
    The Greatest Menace: Organized Crime in Cold War America Lee Bernstein
    Review by: David E. Ruth
    DOI: 10.1086/530434
    Stable URL:
  101. Termination's Legacy: The Discarded Indians of Utah R. Warren Metcalf
    Review by: Wade Davies
    DOI: 10.1086/530435
    Stable URL:
  102. Reviews of Books (pp. 559-560)
    Race and Redistricting: The Shaw-Cromartie Cases Tinsley E. Yarbrough
    Review by: Chandler Davidson
    DOI: 10.1086/530436
    Stable URL:
  103. Reviews of Books (pp. 560-561)
    The Political Use of Racial Narratives: School Desegregation in Mobile, Alabama, 1954-1997 Richard A. Pride
    Review by: Steven J. L. Taylor
    DOI: 10.1086/530437
    Stable URL:
  104. Reviews of Books (pp. 561-562)
    The Strike That Changed New York: Blacks, Whites, and the Ocean Hill-Brownsville Crisis Jerald E. Podair
    Review by: Marjorie Murphy
    DOI: 10.1086/530438
    Stable URL:
  105. Reviews of Books (pp. 562-563)
    Archie Bunker's America: TV in an Era of Change, 1968-1978 Josh Ozersky
    Review by: Aniko Bodroghkozy
    DOI: 10.1086/530439
    Stable URL:
  106. Reviews of Books (pp. 563-564)
    Religion and Immigration: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Experiences in the United States Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, Jane I. Smith, John L. Esposito
    Review by: Stuart E. Knee
    DOI: 10.1086/530440
    Stable URL:
  107. Reviews of Books (pp. 564-565)
    The Fracture of Good Order: Christian Antiliberalism and the Challenge to American Politics Jason C. Bivins
    Review by: Robert H. Craig
    DOI: 10.1086/530441
    Stable URL:
  108. Reviews of Books (pp. 565-566)
    Dead on Arrival: The Politics of Health Care in Twentieth-Century America Colin Gordon
    Review by: Daniel M. Fox
    DOI: 10.1086/530442
    Stable URL:
  109. Reviews of Books (pp. 566-567)
    Valuing Animals: Veterinarians and Their Patients in Modern America Susan D. Jones
    Review by: Nigel Rothfels
    DOI: 10.1086/530443
    Stable URL:
  110. Reviews of Books (pp. 567-568)
    Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution Gerald Markowitz, David Rosner
    Review by: Allison L. Hepler
    DOI: 10.1086/530444
    Stable URL:
  111. Reviews of Books (pp. 568-569)
    Anxious Parents: A History of Modern Childrearing in America Peter N. Stearns
    Review by: David I. Macleod
    DOI: 10.1086/530445
    Stable URL:
  112. Reviews of Books (pp. 569-570)
    American Orientalism: The United States and the Middle East Since 1945 Douglas Little
    Review by: Michael A. Palmer
    DOI: 10.1086/530446
    Stable URL:
  113. Private Lives, Public Secrets: Gender, Honor, Sexuality, and Illegitimacy in Colonial Spanish America Ann Twinam
    Review by: Arlene J. Diaz
    DOI: 10.1086/530447
    Stable URL:
  114. Reviews of Books (pp. 571-572)
    Radical Women in Latin America: Left and Right Victoria Gonzalez, Karen Kampwirth
    Review by: Asuncion Lavrin
    DOI: 10.1086/530448
    Stable URL:
  115. Reviews of Books (pp. 572-573)
    Race and Nation in Modern Latin America Nancy P. Appelbaum, Anne S. Macpherson, Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt
    Review by: Greg Grandin
    DOI: 10.1086/530449
    Stable URL:
  116. Reviews of Books (pp. 573-574)
    Consuming the Caribbean: From Arawaks to Zombies Mimi Sheller
    Review by: Arnold J. Bauer
    DOI: 10.1086/530450
    Stable URL:
  117. Reviews of Books (pp. 574-575)
    Becoming Campesinos: Politics, Identity, and Agrarian Struggle in Postrevolutionary Michoacan, 1920-1935 Christopher R. Boyer
    Review by: Suzanne Pasztor
    DOI: 10.1086/530451
    Stable URL:
  118. Reviews of Books (pp. 575-576)
    1932: Scars of Memory (Cicatriz de la Memoria) Jeffrey Gould, Carlos Henriquez Consalvi
    Review by: Virginia Garrard-Burnett
    DOI: 10.1086/530452
    Stable URL:
  119. Reviews of Books (pp. 576-577)
    Cultivating Coffee: The Farmers of Carazo, Nicaragua, 1880-1930 Julie A. Charlip
    Review by: David McCreery
    DOI: 10.1086/530453
    Stable URL:
  120. Gaitanismo, Left Liberalism, and Popular Mobilization in Colombia W. John Green
    Review by: Frank Safford
    DOI: 10.1086/530454
    Stable URL:
  121. Reviews of Books (pp. 577-578)
    We Alone Will Rule: Native Andean Politics in the Age of Insurgency Sinclair Thomson
    Review by: Nils Jacobsen
    DOI: 10.1086/530455
    Stable URL:
  122. Reviews of Books (pp. 578-579)
    Order and Place in a Colonial City: Patterns of Struggle and Resistance in Georgetown, British Guiana, 1889-1924 Juanita De Barros
    Review by: Ana Paulina Malavassi-Aguilar
    DOI: 10.1086/530456
    Stable URL:
  123. Reviews of Books (pp. 579-580)
    Slavery and the Economy of Sao Paulo 1750-1850 Francisco Vidal Luna, Herbert S. Klein
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    Slavery and Identity: Ethnicity, Gender, and Race in Salvador, Brazil, 1808-1888 Mieko Nishida
    Review by: Hendrik Kraay
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  125. Caetana Says No: Women's Stories from a Brazilian Slave Society Sandra Lauderdale Graham
    Review by: Kathleen Higgins
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    Diploma of Whiteness: Race and Social Policy in Brazil, 1917-1945 Jerry Davila
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    Labors Appropriate to Their Sex: Gender, Labor, and Politics in Urban Chile, 1900-1930 Elizabeth Quay Hutchison
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    Old Age in the Roman World: A Cultural and Social History Tim G. Parkin
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    Heraclius Emperor of Byzantium Walter E. Kaegi
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    The Perfect Servant: Eunuchs and the Social Construction of Gender in Byzantium Kathryn M. Ringrose
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    Medieval Cruelty: Changing Perceptions, Antiquity to the Early Modern Period Daniel Baraz
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    Strategies of Sanity and Survival: Religious Responses to Natural Disasters in the Middle Ages Jussi Hanska
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    Order and Exclusion: Cluny and Christendom Face Heresy, Judaism, and Islam (1000-1150) Dominique Iogna-Prat, Graham Robert Edwards
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    Body and Sacred Place in Medieval Europe, 1100-1389 Dawn Marie Hayes
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  136. Slakt, vanner och makt: En studie av elitens politiska kultur i 1100-talets Danmark [Kindred, Friends, and Power: A Study of the Elite's Political Culture in Twelfth-Century Denmark] Lars Hermanson
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    Portraits of Medieval Women: Family, Marriage, and Politics in England 1225-1350 Linda E. Mitchell
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    English Diplomatic Practice in the Middle Ages Pierre Chaplais
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    The Poverty of Riches: St. Francis of Assisi Reconsidered Kenneth Baxter Wolf
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    The Carmelites and Antiquity: Mendicants and Their Pasts in the Middle Ages Andrew Jotischky
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    Medicine before Science: The Rational and Learned Doctors from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment Roger French
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    Sodomy in Early Modern Europe Tom Betteridge
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    A Man of Three Worlds: Samuel Pallache, a Moroccan Jew in Catholic and Protestant Europe Mercedes Garcia-Arenal, Gerard Wiegers, Martin Beagles
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    The Jesuits and the Thirty Years War: Kings, Courts, and Confessors Robert Bireley
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    Historical Atlases: The First Three Hundred Years, 1570-1870 Walter Goffart
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    The Peninsular War: A New History Charles Esdaile
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    Roots of Hate: Anti-Semitism in Europe before the Holocaust William I. Brustein
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    The Ruhr Crisis, 1923-1924 Conan Fischer
    Review by: Larry Peterson
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    Great Britain, Germany and the Soviet Union: Rapallo and after, 1922-1934 Stephanie C. Salzmann
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    England's Elizabeth: An Afterlife in Fame and Fantasy Michael Dobson, Nicola J. Watson
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  153. Reviews of Books (pp. 605-606)
    Elizabeth I David Loades
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    Mary of Guise in Scotland, 1548-1560: A Political Career Pamela E. Ritchie
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  155. Reviews of Books (pp. 607-608)
    Kingship and Crown Finance under James VI and I 1603-1625 John Cramsie
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  156. Reviews of Books (pp. 608-609)
    Pamphlets and Pamphleteering in Early Modern Britain Joad Raymond
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  157. Reviews of Books (pp. 609-610)
    Unitarian Radicalism: Political Rhetoric, 1770-1814 Stuart Andrews
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  158. Reviews of Books (pp. 610-611)
    Industrializing English Law: Entrepreneurship and Business Organization, 1720-1844 Ron Harris
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  159. Reviews of Books (pp. 611-612)
    Civilising Subjects: Colony and Metropole in the English Imagination, 1830-1867 Catherine Hall
    Review by: Gyan Prakash
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  160. Reviews of Books (pp. 612-613)
    Hobson and Imperialism: Radicalism, New Liberalism, and Finance 1887-1938 P. J. Cain
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  161. Reviews of Books (pp. 613-614)
    The Liberal Party in Rural England 1885-1910: Radicalism and Community Patricia Lynch
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    Manliness and the Boys' Story Paper in Britain: A Cultural History, 1855-1940 Kelly Boyd
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    Lawrence of Arabia: The Battle for the Arab World James Hawes
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    Christabel Pankurst: Fundamentalism and Feminism in Coalition Timothy Larsen
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    Just Taxes: The Politics of Taxation in Britain, 1914-1979 Martin Daunton
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    The Labour Party and the Planned Economy 1931-1951 Richard Toye
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    Half the Battle: Civilian Morale in Britain during the Second World War Robert Mackay
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  168. Reviews of Books (pp. 620-621)
    In the Shadow of the Virgin: Inquisitors, Friars, and Conversos in Guadalupe, Spain Gretchen D. Starr-LeBeau
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  170. Reviews of Books (pp. 621-622)
    The Emergence of Mass Politics in Spain: Populist Demagoguery and Republican Culture, 1890-1910 Jose Alvarez-Junco
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    The Spanish Republic at War 1936-1939 Helen Graham
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    Republic of Egos: A Social History of the Spanish Civil War Michael Seidman
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    Charlemagne and France: A Thousand Years of Mythology Robert Morrissey, Catherine Tihanyi
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    La musique a la cour de Francois Ier Christelle Cazaux
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    Anti-Italianism in Sixteenth-Century France Henry Heller
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    Science in the Age of Sensibility: The Sentimental Empiricists of the French Enlightenment Jessica Riskin
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    Calvet's Web: Enlightenment and the Republic of Letters in Eighteenth-Century France L. W. B. Brockliss
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    The Myth of the French Bourgeoisie: An Essay on the Social Imaginary 1750-1850 Sarah Maza
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  179. Madame Tussaud and the History of Waxworks Pamela Pilbeam
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  180. Reviews of Books (pp. 630-631)
    The Genesis of Napoleonic Propaganda, 1796 to 1799 Wayne Hanley
    Review by: Leigh Whaley
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  181. Reviews of Books (pp. 631-632)
    Un si discret pouvoir: Aux origines de la chambre de commerce de Paris 1803-1853 Claire Lemercier
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  182. Reviews of Books (pp. 632-633)
    Nordic Lights: Education for Nation and Civic Society in the Nordic Countries, 1850-2000 Sirkka Ahonen, Jukka Rantala
    Review by: Pirjo Markkola
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  183. Reviews of Books (pp. 633-634)
    Sodomy in Reformation Germany and Switzerland, 1400-1600 Helmut Puff
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  184. Reviews of Books (pp. 634-635)
    The Butcher's Tale: Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town Helmut Walser Smith
    Review by: Michael A. Meyer
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  185. Reviews of Books (pp. 635-636)
    Hysterical Men: War, Psychiatry, and the Politics of Trauma in Germany, 1890-1930 Paul Lerner
    Review by: Robert Weldon Whalen
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  186. Reviews of Books (pp. 636-637)
    The Three German Navies: Dissolution, Transition, and New Beginnings, 1945-1960 Douglas C. Peifer
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  187. Reviews of Books (pp. 637-638)
    The Manly Masquerade: Masculinity, Paternity, and Castration in the Italian Renaissance Valeria Finucci
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  188. Reviews of Books (pp. 638-639)
    Dressing Renaissance Florence: Families, Fortunes, and Fine Clothing Carole Collier Frick
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  189. Reviews of Books (pp. 639-640)
    Honoring God and the City: Music at the Venetian Confraternities, 1260-1807 Jonathan Glixon
    Review by: Ann E. Moyer
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  190. Reviews of Books (pp. 640-641)
    Venice and Venetia under the Habsburgs, 1815-1835 David Laven
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  191. Reviews of Books (pp. 641-642)
    Born to Crime: Cesare Lombroso and the Origins of Biological Criminology Mary Gibson
    Review by: Daniel Pick
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  192. Reviews of Books (pp. 642-643)
    War, Religion and Court Patronage in Habsburg Austria: The Social and Cultural Dimensions of Political Interaction, 1521-1622 Karin J. MacHardy
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  193. Reviews of Books (pp. 643-644)
    Secret City: The Hidden Jews of Warsaw, 1940-1945 Gunnar S. Paulsson
    Review by: Shimon Redlich
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  194. Reviews of Books (pp. 644-645)
    Yugoslavia and Its Historians: Understanding the Balkan Wars of the 1990s Norman M. Naimark, Holly Case
    Review by: Carole Rogel
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  195. Reviews of Books (pp. 645-646)
    Summerfolk: A History of the Dacha, 1710-2000 Stephen Lovell
    Review by: Christopher Ely
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  196. Reviews of Books (pp. 646-647)
    The Play of Ideas in Russian Enlightenment Theater Elise Kimerling Wirtschafter
    Review by: Gary Marker
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  197. Reviews of Books (pp. 647-648)
    New Myth, New World: From Nietzsche to Stalinism Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal
    Review by: Catherine Evtuhov
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  198. Reviews of Books (pp. 648-649)
    Nationalizing the Russian Empire: The Campaign against Enemy Aliens during World War I Eric Lohr
    Review by: Hubertus F. Jahn
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  199. Reviews of Books (pp. 649-650)
    Experiencing Russia's Civil War: Politics, Society, and Revolutionary Culture in Saratov, 1917-1922 Donald J. Raleigh
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  201. The Social Life of the State in Subarctic Siberia Nikolai V. Ssorin-Chaikov
    Review by: John McCannon
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  202. Reviews of Books (pp. 651-652)
    Rebellion and Violence in Islamic Law Khaled Abou El Fadl
    Review by: Colin Imber
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  203. Reviews of Books (pp. 652-653)
    Possessors and Possessed: Museums, Archaeology, and the Visualization of History in the Late Ottoman Empire Wendy M. K. Shaw
    Review by: Rhoads Murphey
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  204. Reviews of Books (pp. 653-654)
    Mosul before Iraq: Like Bees Making Five-Sided Cells Sarah Shields
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  205. Reviews of Books (pp. 654-655)
    Between Memory and Desire: The Middle East in a Troubled Age R. Stephen Humphreys
    Review by: Carter Vaughn Findley
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  206. Reviews of Books (pp. 655-656)
    Israel, the Impossible Land Jean-Christophe Attias, Esther Benbassa, Susan Emanuel
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  207. Reviews of Books (pp. 656-657)
    Living with Colonialism: Nationalism and Culture in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Heather J. Sharkey
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  208. Reviews of Books (pp. 657-658)
    Pioneers of Change in Ethiopia: The Reformist Intellectuals of the Early Twentieth Century Bahru Zewde
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    Images and Empires: Visuality in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa Paul S. Landau, Deborah D. Kaspin
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  210. Reviews of Books (pp. 659-660)
    Dis-Ease in the Colonial State: Medicine, Society, and Social Change among the AbaNyole of Western Kenya Osaak A. Olumwullah
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    Vilimani: Labor Migration and Rural Change in Early Colonial Tanzania Thaddeus Sunseri
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  212. The End of Empire in French West Africa: France's Successful Decolonization? Tony Chafer
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  213. Collected Essays (pp. 662-670)
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  215. Other Books Received (pp. 673-680)
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    M. Mark Stolarik and Daniel Hobbins
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