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Benjamin Disraeli Letters

Benjamin Disraeli Letters: 1842-1847, Volume 4

Volume: 4
Copyright Date: 1989
Pages: 449
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    Benjamin Disraeli Letters
    Book Description:

    Part of the critically acclaimed Letters of Benjamin Disraeli series. This volume contains or describes letters written by Disraeli between 1842 and 1847.

    eISBN: 978-1-4426-7127-0
    Subjects: History
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Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents (pp. v-v)
  3. ILLUSTRATIONS (pp. vi-vi)
  4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (pp. vii-viii)
  5. INTRODUCTION (pp. ix-liii)

    This fourth volume includes Disraeli’s letters from 1842 to 1847 – the most dramatic period of his middle life, and the one still subject to continuing debate and interpretation. These are the years of Young England, of the trilogy, and of the overthrow of Peel. This is also the period of some of the actions by Disraeli which have evoked much criticism and reproof, such as his vote against the Maynooth grant and his denial in 1846 that he had sought office under Peel in 1841. Each topic requires our particular attention: historians and political scientists will find the parliamentary activities...

  6. EDITORIAL PRINCIPLES (pp. liv-lv)
  7. DISRAELI CHRONOLOGY 1842-1847 (pp. lvi-lxiv)
  9. CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF LETTERS 1842-1847 (pp. lxxi-lxxxiii)
  10. [Illustrations] (pp. lxxxiv-2)
  11. Letters (pp. 3-331)

    My dear Sa, Jany 29th. 1842

    I can tell you nothing for we live more alone than we did at Caen, & tho’ I date this from the Carlton ’tis only from the Library, being obliged to come / here for books. But I believe there is no news – the King of Prussia is the sole subject of chatter & the sole object of gazers.¹

    I never heard tho’ / I have asked, the end of Lambert.²

    In affairs private there is a lull, Ford being out of town – but returning on Monday. Pyne played me a trick³ a a...

  12. APPENDIX I PRE-1842 LETTERS NEWLY FOUND (pp. 333-361)
  13. APPENDIX II ‘Coeur de Lion’/‘Laelius’/‘Runnymede’ Letters (pp. 362-370)
  14. APPENDIX III Draft of Memorandum for Louis Philippe (pp. 371-373)
  15. APPENDIX IV Draft of Letter to Palmerston (pp. 374-375)
  16. APPENDIX V Commonplace Book (pp. 376-381)
  17. APPENDIX VI ‘Tom Noddy’ (pp. 382-382)
  18. APPENDIX VII ‘A Grand Junction Ministry’ (pp. 383-383)
  19. APPENDIX VIII 1847 Bucks Election Material (pp. 385-393)
  20. APPENDIX IX Published Occasional Pieces 1842-1847 (pp. 394-399)
  21. APPENDIX X Inventory of the Contents of Grosvenor Gate (pp. 400-406)
  22. RECIPIENTS, VOLUME FOUR (pp. 407-408)
  23. INDEX TO VOLUME FOUR (pp. 409-449)