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Key Change

Key Change: New Musicals for Young Audiences

Copyright Date: 2016
Pages: 296
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    Key Change
    Book Description:

    Key Change: New Musicals for Young Audiencespresents four groundbreaking musicals developed by Children's Theatre Company, widely regarded as the leading theatre of its kind in North America. These works embody singular styles and sounds, yet all represent the robust spirit of unique people finding their way in the world. They are all sure to entertain, including the Broadway hitA Year with Frog and Toad.The quirkyTale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl,by Lisa D'Amour, with music by Sxip Shirey, is set in a town unprepared to accept a girl born with a pouch. But eventually, with the help of her friend Sue, everyone comes to understand just how wonderful Marsupial Girl is.Madeline and the Gypsies-adapted by Barry Kornhauser from the popular book by Ludwig Bemelmans, with music by Michael Koerner-gives little Madeline and her friend Pepito a taste of circus life after they get lost at a carnival and Gypsies carry them away. InBuccaneers!(written by Liz Duffy Adams, with music by Ellen Maddow) a girl leads the young pirates who capture her toward a better life through her wits and tenacity.A Year with Frog and Toadchronicles the unlikely friendship of silly Toad and responsible Frog that endures all seasons. Based on the classic books by Arnold Lobel, adapted by Willie Reale, with music by Robert Reale, it made its mark on Broadway and was nominated for three Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

    Each of these musicals guarantees a distinctive, delightful theatrical experience. Now teachers and children far and wide can read them in one volume and produce them in their own schools, theatres, and communities.

    eISBN: 978-1-4529-5032-7
    Subjects: Language & Literature
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Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents (pp. v-vi)
  3. PREFACE (pp. vii-viii)
    Jeanine Tesori
  4. INTRODUCTION (pp. ix-xiv)
    Elissa Adams

    Musicals can cast such potent spells. Most of us have experienced those transcendent moments when a character moves from language into song, taking our hearts with them. We have felt the swell of energy as a cast of actors begins to sing and dance, lifting us practically out of our seats. As Jeanine Tesori, the Tony-nominated composer ofShrek the Musical,Thoroughly Modern Millie, andCaroline or Change, recalls so eloquently in her preface to this anthology, musicals can get under our skin and change our lives.

    Throughout its fifty-year history, Children’s Theatre Company has celebrated the power of musicals...

  5. Tale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl (pp. 1-78)
    Lisa D’Amour, Sxip Shirey and Whit MacLaughlin

    The world premiere ofTale of a West Texas Marsupial Girlopened on January 19, 2007, at Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota....

  6. Madeline and the Gypsies (pp. 79-142)
    Barry Kornhauser, Ludwig Bemelmans, Michael Koerner, Circus Juventas, Peter C. Brosius and Joe Chvala

    The world premiere ofMadeline and the Gypsiesopened on September 19, 2008, at Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota....

  7. Buccaneers! (pp. 143-204)
    Liz Duffy Adams, Ellen Maddow and Peter C. Brosius

    The North American premiere ofBuccaneers! opened on September 14, 2012, at Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota....

  8. A Year with Frog and Toad (pp. 205-261)
    Willie Reale, Arnold Lobel, Robert Reale and David Petrarca

    The North American premiere ofA Year with Frog and Toadopened on August 23, 2002, at Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota....

  9. CONTRIBUTORS (pp. 262-270)