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Parenting Programs in Shelby County, Tennessee

Parenting Programs in Shelby County, Tennessee: A Brief Review of the Research Literature

Anamarie Auger
Clare Stevens
Jill S. Cannon
Lisa Sontag-Padilla
Copyright Date: 2016
Published by: RAND Corporation
Pages: 20
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    Parenting Programs in Shelby County, Tennessee
    Book Description:

    Programs that serve parents of young children provide families with services in order to improve parenting practices and positively influence children’s development. This report presents an overview of outcomes associated with rigorously evaluated parenting programs currently operating in Shelby County, Tennessee.

    eISBN: 978-0-8330-9583-1
    Subjects: Education, Sociology
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  1. Parenting Programs in Shelby County, Tennessee A Brief Review of the Research Literature (pp. 1-20)
    Anamarie Auger, Clare Stevens, Jill S. Cannon and Lisa Sontag-Padilla

    The home is likely the most influential environment in a child’s life. Positive parenting practices, such as being emotionally supportive and providing a stimulating learning environment with language-rich interactions and opportunities to explore and discover, have immediate and lasting effects on children’s academic and social and emotional development.¹ Because of the importance of the home environment, many national and local programs and organizations work to provide support services to parents to increase their knowledge of child development and empower them to provide emotionally supportive and cognitively stimulating environments.

    One such organization, the Urban Child Institute (UCI), is focused on promoting...