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World Literature Today
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World Literature Today

Vol. 86, No. 5, September/October 2012

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Table of Contents

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  1. Daniel Simon
    DOI: 10.7588/
    Stable URL:
  2. Notebook
  3. Departments
  4. Cover Features
    • Equatorial Guinean Lit
    • Very Short Fiction
      • Robert Shapard
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0046
        Stable URL:
      • The Vision (pp. 50-51)
        Carmen Boullosa and Translated by Kristina Zdravič Reardon
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0050
        Stable URL:
      • Hisham Bustani and Translated by Thoraya El-Rayyes
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0051
        Stable URL:
      • Two Stories (p. 53)
        Alex Epstein and Translated by Becka Mara McKay
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0053
        Stable URL:
      • Skellig (pp. 54-55)
        Vanessa Gebbie
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0054
        Stable URL:
      • Josefine Klougart and Translated by Alexander Weinstein
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0056
        Stable URL:
      • Baku (p. 57)
        Sylvia Petter
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0057
        Stable URL:
      • Truth (pp. 58-59)
        Nora Nadjarian
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0058
        Stable URL:
      • Continuity of Hell (pp. 59-60)
        Andrés Neuman and Translated by George Henson
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0059
        Stable URL:
      • The Surprise (pp. 60-61)
        Lili Potpara and Translated by Kristina Zdravič Reardon
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0060
        Stable URL:
      • Two Stories (p. 62)
        Clemens Setz and Translated by Peter Constantine
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0062
        Stable URL:
  5. World Literature in Review
  6. Outpost
    • Mexico City (p. 80)
      Laura Hernandez
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.86.5.0080
      Stable URL: