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World Literature Today
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Norman, OK 73019-4037 
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World Literature Today

Vol. 88, No. 2, March/April 2014

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Table of Contents

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  1. Daniel Simon
    DOI: 10.7588/
    Stable URL:
  2. Notebook
  3. Departments
  4. Poetry
    • Two Poems (pp. 12-13)
      Ketty Nivyabandi and Translated by David Shook
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0012
      Stable URL:
    • Felipe Benítez Reyes and Translated by Anna Rosenwong
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0024
      Stable URL:
  5. WLT Interview
  6. Fiction
    • Floaters (pp. 20-23)
      Gianni Skaragas
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0020
      Stable URL:
  7. Features
    • Cross-Cultural Humor
      • Petri Tamminen and Translated by Jill G. Timbers
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0026
        Stable URL:
      • The Literary Salon (pp. 29-31)
        Žydrūnas Drungilas and Translated by Elizabeth Novickas
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0029
        Stable URL:
      • Gluing (pp. 32-33)
        Benny Andersen and Translated by Michael Goldman
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0032
        Stable URL:
      • Two Poems (p. 34)
        Haji Khavari and Translated by Roger Sedarat
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0034
        Stable URL:
      • Pouria Alami, Translated by Poupeh Missaghi and Adam Seth
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0035
        Stable URL:
      • Raquel Castro Maldonado and Translated by George Henson
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0038
        Stable URL:
      • Myrsini Gana and David Sedaris
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.88.2.0041
        Stable URL:
  8. 2013 Puterbaugh Fellow
  9. World Literature in Review
  10. Outpost