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World Literature Today
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Norman, OK 73019-4037 
T: 405 325 4531

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World Literature Today

Vol. 89, No. 5, September/October 2015

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Table of Contents

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  1. Daniel Simon
    DOI: 10.7588/
    Stable URL:
  2. Notebook
  3. Q&A
  4. Fiction
    • Sunrise (pp. 14-18)
      Nnedi Okorafor
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0014
      Stable URL:
    • Naja Marie Aidt and Translated by Denise Newman
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0026
      Stable URL:
  5. Essay
    • Of My Tibetan Days (pp. 19-22)
      Ma Jian and Translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0019
      Stable URL:
    • Chris Astwood
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0030
      Stable URL:
  6. Crime & Mystery
  7. Poetry
    • Jiang Tao, Translated by Tony Barnstone and Translated by Ming Di
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0033
      Stable URL:
  8. Six Cuban Poets
    • Margaret Randall
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0034
      Stable URL:
    • Leymen Pérez and Translated by Margaret Randall
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0037
      Stable URL:
    • Yanira Marimón and Translated by Margaret Randall
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0037a
      Stable URL:
    • Laura Ruiz Montes and Translated by Margaret Randall
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0038
      Stable URL:
    • Alfredo Zaldívar and Translated by Margaret Randall
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0038a
      Stable URL:
    • Untitled (p. 39)
      Caridad Atencio and Translated by Margaret Randall
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0039
      Stable URL:
    • Nation (p. 39)
      Israel Domínguez and Translated by Margaret Randall
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.5.0039a
      Stable URL:
  9. Bodies in Literature
  10. World Literature in Review
  11. Outpost