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World Literature Today
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Norman, OK 73019-4037 
T: 405 325 4531

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World Literature Today

Vol. 89, No. 6, November/December 2015

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Table of Contents

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  1. Daniel Simon
    DOI: 10.7588/
    Stable URL:
  2. Notebook
  3. Q&A
  4. Fiction
    • Gray (pp. 14-15)
      Dung Kai-cheung and Bonnie S. McDougall
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0014
      Stable URL:
    • Boy out of Time (pp. 19-23)
      Lois Taylor
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0019
      Stable URL:
  5. World Music
  6. Crime & Mystery
  7. Editor's Pick
    • The Book of Tokyo: A City in Short Fiction by Michael Emmerich, Jim Hinks, Masashi Matsuie
      Review by: Michelle Johnson
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0023
      Stable URL:
  8. SPECIAL SECTION: Political Voices from the Maghreb
    • Rashid Boudjedra and André Naffis-Sahely
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0024
      Stable URL:
    • Christopher Schaefer
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0028
      Stable URL:
    • The Illiterate Man (pp. 32-34)
      Ahmed Bouanani and Emma Ramadan
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0032
      Stable URL:
    • Lauren Camp
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0035
      Stable URL:
    • Two Poems (pp. 38-39)
      Circe Maia and Jesse Lee Kercheval
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0038
      Stable URL:
    • Two Poems (pp. 40-41)
      Hedy Habra
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0040
      Stable URL:
    • Two Poems (pp. 42-44)
      Ravi Shankar
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0042
      Stable URL:
    • Three Poems (p. 45)
      Lola Créïs and Cole Swensen
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0045
      Stable URL:
    • Rita Malikonyte Mockus
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0046
      Stable URL:
    • Two Poems (pp. 48-50)
      Lauren Camp
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0048
      Stable URL:
    • Two Poems (p. 51)
      Wafaa S. Jdeed and Lahab Assef Al-Jundi
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0051
      Stable URL:
    • Tatiana Oroño and Jesse Lee Kercheval
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0052
      Stable URL:
    • Five Spanish Art Poems
      • Ramón Gaya, Arthur Dixon and Daniel Simon
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0053
        Stable URL:
      • Eduardo Mitre, Arthur Dixon and Daniel Simon
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0054
        Stable URL:
      • Andrés Sánchez Robayna, Arthur Dixon and Daniel Simon
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0055
        Stable URL:
      • Mario Arteca, Arthur Dixon and Daniel Simon
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0056
        Stable URL:
      • José Mateos, Arthur Dixon and Daniel Simon
        DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0057
        Stable URL:
  10. World Literature in Review
  11. Outpost
    • Books@Café (p. 80)
      Courtney Gilman
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.89.6.0080
      Stable URL:
  12. DOI: 10.7588/
    Stable URL: