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World Literature Today
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Norman, OK 73019-4037 
T: 405 325 4531

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World Literature Today

Vol. 90, No. 6, November/December 2016

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Table of Contents

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  1. Michelle Johnson
    DOI: 10.7588/
    Stable URL:
  2. Notebook
  3. Rotten Row by Petina Gappah
    Review by: Michelle Johnson
    DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0063
    Stable URL:
  4. Essays
  5. Q&A
  6. Poetry
    • Hera Naguib
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0021
      Stable URL:
    • Alison Wong
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0029
      Stable URL:
    • Two Poems (pp. 30-31)
      Meena Alexander
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0030
      Stable URL:
    • Five Poems (pp. 38-39)
      Zsuzsa Takács and Translated by Erika Mihálycsa
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0038
      Stable URL:
    • Three Poems (p. 49)
      Diti Ronen and Translated by Linda Stern Zisquit
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0049
      Stable URL:
    • Two Poems (p. 58)
      Lidija Dimkovska, Translated by Ljubica Arsovska and Translated by Patricia Marsh
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0058
      Stable URL:
    • Three Poems (pp. 68-69)
      Zeina Hashem Beck
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0068
      Stable URL:
  7. Crime & Mystery
    • Look to the Ladies (pp. 22-24)
      Janet Laurence
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0022
      Stable URL:
  8. Fiction
    • The Grouse Hunt (pp. 25-27)
      Iben Mondrup and Translated by Kerri Pierce
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0025
      Stable URL:
    • Home (pp. 28-29)
      Alison Wong
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0028
      Stable URL:
    • Zsuzsa Takács and Translated by Erika Mihálycsa
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0032
      Stable URL:
    • Gunnhild Øyehaug and Translated by Kerri Pierce
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0050
      Stable URL:
    • Danube 1954 (pp. 59-63)
      Zsuzsa Selyem and Translated by Erika Mihálycsa
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0059
      Stable URL:
    • Carmen Boullosa and Translated by Shelby Vincent
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0064
      Stable URL:
  9. Creative Nonfiction
    • Crossed Paths (pp. 40-43)
      Wang Anyi and Translated by Andrea Lingenfelter
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0040
      Stable URL:
    • Ping Zhu
      DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0043
      Stable URL:
  10. World Literature in Review
  11. Nota Bene (p. 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, 83, 85, 87, 89, 91)
    DOI: 10.7588/worllitetoda.90.6.0073a
    Stable URL:
  12. Outpost
  13. Back Matter (pp. 93-95)
    DOI: 10.7588/
    Stable URL: