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Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America

Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America OPEN ACCESS

Translated with an interpretive essay by MICHAEL P. STEINBERG
Copyright Date: 1995
Published by: Cornell University Press
Pages: 128
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    Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America
    Book Description:

    Aby M. Warburg (1866-1929) is recognized not only as one of the century's preeminent art and Renaissance historians but also as a founder of twentieth-century methods in iconology and cultural studies in general. Warburg's 1923 lecture, first published in German in 1988 and now available for the first time in English translation, Michael Steinberg offers offers at once a window on his career, a formative statement of his cultural history of modernity, and a document in the ethnography of the American Southwest. This edition includes thirty-nine photographs, many of them originally presented as slides with the speech, and a rich interpretive essay by the translator.

    Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America translates Warburg's seminal study of the "serpent ritual" of the Hopi people, which grew out of a trip to the American Southwest undertaken by Warburg in 1895-1896.

    eISBN: 978-1-5017-0770-4
    Subjects: History
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  1. Aby M. Warburg

    If I am to show you images, most of which I photographed myself, from a journey undertaken some twentyseven years in the past, and to accompany them with words, then it behooves me to preface my attempt with an explanation. The few weeks I have had at my disposal have not given me the chance to revive and to work through my old memories in such a way that I might offer you a solid introduction into the psychic life of the Indians. Moreover, even at the time, I was unable to give depth to my impressions, as I had...

  2. Michael P. Steinberg

    The story is by now famous. In September 1895, the young art historian Aby Warburg left Florence for New York to attend the wedding of his brother Paul. He had much work planned during his projected three-year stay in Italy, which had begun the previous year, and there is no apparent evidence that he intended his American trip to be a long one. Curiously, his distaste for New York and the society to which he was introduced there served to prolong his American journey and make it into an episode of profound importance to his work and life.

    In 1897,...

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