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The Journal of Negro Education

Vol. 85, No. 3, Summer 2016

Why We Can’t Wait: (Re)Examining the Opportunities and Challenges for Black Women and Girls in Education
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Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter (pp. i-iv)
    DOI: 10.7709/
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  2. Ivory A. Toldson
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0193
    Stable URL:
  3. Lori D. Patton, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Chayla Haynes and Terri N. Watson
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0194
    Stable URL:
  4. Tondra L. Loder-Jackson, Lois McFadyen Christensen and Hilton Kelly
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0199
    Stable URL:
  5. Simone Gibson
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0212
    Stable URL:
  6. Charlotte E. Jacobs
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0225
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  7. Terri N. Watson
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0239
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  8. John R. Slate, Pamela L. Gray and Brandolyn Jones
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0250
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  9. Ashley L. Smith
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0261
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  10. Delicia Tiera Greene
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0274
    Stable URL:
  11. Maisie L. Gholson
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0290
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  12. Crystal R. Chambers, MaryBeth Walpole and Nolan Outlaw
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0302
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  13. Keon M. McGuire, Saskias Casanova and Charles H.F. Davis III
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0316
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  14. Lori D. Patton and LaWanda W. Ward
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0330
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  15. Deniece Dortch
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0350
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  16. Rachel Alicia Griffin
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0365
    Stable URL:
  17. Chayla Haynes, Saran Stewart and Evette Allen
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0380
    Stable URL:
  18. Book/Media Reviews (pp. 392-395)
    Hopeful Girls, Troubled Boys: Race and Gender Disparity in Urban Education by Nancy Lopez
    Review by: Andrea Smith
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0392
    Stable URL:
  19. Book/Media Reviews (pp. 395-397)
    Shapeshifters: Black girls and the choreography of citizenship by Aimee Meredith Cox
    Review by: Denice D. Nabinett
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0395
    Stable URL:
  20. Book/Media Reviews (pp. 397-400)
    Laboring Positions: Black Women, Mothering and the Academy by Sekile Nzinga-Johnson
    Review by: Laquore J. Meadows
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0397
    Stable URL:
  21. Book/Media Reviews (pp. 400-401)
    A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Women: African American Muslim Women in the Movement for Black Self-Determination, 1950-1975 by Bayyinah S. Jefferies
    Review by: DeWitt Scott
    DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.85.3.0400
    Stable URL:
  22. Back Matter (pp. 402-406)
    DOI: 10.7709/
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