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The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology

Vol. 85, 1999

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Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter (pp. i-iv)
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  2. Editorial Foreword (pp. v-vii)
    Lisa Montagno Leahy, Margaret Serpico, John Tait and John Taylor
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  6. Neal A. Spencer
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  7. Karin N. Sowada
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  8. Gay Robins
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  9. M. Eaton-Krauss
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  10. Aidan Dodson
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  11. David Ridgway
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  12. Joachim Friedrich Quack
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  13. Ghislaine Widmer
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  14. J. D. Ray
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  15. Arthur C. Aufderheide, Michael Zlonis, Larry L. Cartmell, Michael R. Zimmerman, Peter Sheldrick, Megan Cook and Joseph E. Molto
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  16. Donald M. Bailey
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    Stable URL:
  17. Brief Communications
  18. Reviews
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