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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin

Vol. 53, No. 3, Winter, 1995-1996

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Table of Contents

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  2. Philippe de Montebello
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  3. Introduction (pp. 10-18)
    Thomas Campbell
    DOI: 10.2307/3258784
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  4. Prudence O. Harper
    DOI: 10.2307/3258785
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  5. Egyptian (p. 22)
    Catharine H. Roehrig
    DOI: 10.2307/3258786
    Stable URL:
  6. Helen C. Evans, Daniel Walker and Marsha Hill
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  7. Islamic (pp. 15-16+28-34)
    Daniel Walker
    DOI: 10.2307/3258788
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  8. Medieval (pp. 12+35-44)
    Barbara Drake Boehm
    DOI: 10.2307/3258789
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  9. European 16th-19th Centuries (pp. 3-4+10-12+14-15+45-58)
    Alice Zrebiec, Linda Wolk-Simon and Stuart W. Phyrr
    DOI: 10.2307/3258790
    Stable URL:
  10. Amelia Peck
    Stable URL:
  11. 20th Century (pp. 1+63-66)
    Jane Adlin and Amelia Peck
    DOI: 10.2307/3258792
    Stable URL:
  12. Julie Jones, Heidi King, Michael Gunn and Kathleen Bickford
    Stable URL:
  13. Asian (pp. 18+72-80)
    Joyce Denney, James C. Y. Watt and Barbara Brennan Ford
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