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English River Book

English River Book: A North West Company Journal and Account Book of 1786

Edited with an Introduction by Harry W. Duckworth
Copyright Date: 1990
Pages: 256
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    English River Book
    Book Description:

    One of the few surviving documents from this important period in Canadian history is The English River

    eISBN: 978-0-7735-6213-4
    Subjects: History
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Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents (pp. vii-vii)
  3. Tables and Maps (pp. viii-viii)
  4. PREFACE (pp. ix-x)
    Harry W. Duckworth
  5. INTRODUCTION (pp. xi-xxxviii)

    Hudson’s Bay Company Archives document hbca f.2/1 is a parchment-bound book containing seventy-three foolscap pages. The outside cover is labelled “1786/English River/Book/R.R.R.”¹ The document is part of the archives’ collection of North West Company papers. Its principal contents are the accounts of the North West Company’s employees at English River (the North Westers’ name for the Churchill River) for the trading season of 1785–6. The men whose accounts appear were employed at the familiar English River posts at Île-à-la-Crosse and Lac La Ronge and in the Rat River country, but also at Athabasca, which had not yet been made...

  6. The English River Book
    • CONTENTS of the original edition (pp. 3-4)
    • A Cree Trading Vocabulary (pp. 5-7)
    • THE JOURNAL (pp. 9-21)

      [p. 2] 1786. Arabasca¹ 1st April 1786 Saturday

      This Morning the Bigg Chiefs Band² who Arrived yesterday Traded about two packs³ among twenty men at midday one lodge of them went away after Mr Pond had told them not to Come any more to this Fort that Derry⁴ Should go this Summer and build a fort at the lack des Esclave⁵ and that I would go there next fall with the goods, at one O clock there Arrived a young man from the old Chiefs Band for Tobaco⁶ he left them two days ago on the other Side of lack...

    • THE ACCOUNT BOOK (pp. 22-126)

      The Men’s Accounts are printed here exactly as they appear, except that the two halves of each account, giving amounts due to the company (usually labelled “Dr”) and those due to the man from the company (labelled “Contra”), appear in the original on opposite pages, and here the two halves are printed one above the other. The accounts are all in the same hand except for a few additions which are printed in sans-serif here. General features of the accounts are discussed in the introduction, and each man is listed in the biographies in appendix B. No extensive commentary has...

  8. NOTES (pp. 173-194)
  9. BIBLIOGRAPHY (pp. 195-200)
  10. INDEX (pp. 201-212)