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The Romance of the Rose or Guillaume de Dole

The Romance of the Rose or Guillaume de Dole

Jean Renart
Copyright Date: 1993
Pages: 136
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    The Romance of the Rose or Guillaume de Dole
    Book Description:

    The author of at least two noteworthy romances of the early thirteenth century,Le Roman de la Rose or Guillaume de DoleandL'Escoufle(The Kite), as well asLe Lai de l'Ombre, Jean Renart is today recognized as the most accomplished practitioner of the "realistic romance" in Old French literature.

    eISBN: 978-0-8122-9235-0
    Subjects: Language & Literature
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Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents (pp. v-vi)
  3. Acknowledgments (pp. vii-viii)
  4. Introduction (pp. 1-16)

    Little is known of the early thirteenth-century writer Jean Renart. Only three works have been attributed to him with any degree of certainty: a romance calledL’Escoufle(The Kite), a short narrative poem calledLe Lai de POmbre(The Reflection), andLe Roman de la Rose(The Romance of the Rose, or,Guillaume de Dole).¹ Dates given forThe Romance of the Roserange from 1204 to 1228, although recent research has offered compelling evidence for the earlier date.²Guillaume de Doleis a subtitle added by a seventeenth-century critic in order to avoid confusion with the better known Romance...

  5. The Romance of the Rose or Guillaume de Dole (pp. 17-94)

    The teller of this tale, who has included in it beautiful songs so that they may be remembered, hopes that his fame and renown will reach Rheims in Champagne and the ear of the handsome Milon de Nanteuil, one of the great men of our time. For just as one dyes cloth red to increase its worth, just so has he added poems and their melodies to thisRomance of the Rose, which is something quite new.¹ It is so different from other works, being embroidered here and there with beautiful songs, that an uncouth person could never understand it....

  6. Notes (pp. 95-104)
  7. Appendix 1: Clothing in the Thirteenth Century (pp. 105-108)
  8. Appendix 2 (pp. 109-114)
  9. Selected Bibliography (pp. 115-116)
  10. Index of Historical Personages (pp. 117-117)