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The Difficult Days:

The Difficult Days:

Roberto Sosa
Copyright Date: 1983
Pages: 104
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    The Difficult Days:
    Book Description:

    Roberto Sosa was born in Honduras in 1930. Expressing the oppression and poverty of his country, the poems in The Difficult Days are from Un Mutido Para Todos Dividido and Los Pobres, which won the Adonais Prize for Poetry in Madrid in 1968.

    Originally published in 1983.

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    eISBN: 978-1-4008-5700-5
    Subjects: Language & Literature
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Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents (pp. v-vi)
  3. INTRODUCTION (pp. vii-1)
    Robert Sosa, BARDINI and ALCARAVÁN

    From the magazinePlural(Mexico City), May, 1982:

    Roberto Sosa was born in 1930 in the village of Yoro (where, in his own words, “it rains fish and airplanes”), in Honduras (“that enormous cultural pothole in Central America”). He is one of the most serious and prolific living Honduran authors and his work has received awards in his own country and abroad.

    Among his works areCaligrams(1959),Walls(1966),The Sea Inside(Juan Ramón Molinas Award, Honduras, 1967),The Poor(Adonais Award, Spain, 1967),A Brief Study of Poetry and Its Creation(1969), andA World For All Divided...

  4. Esta Luz Que Subscribo (pp. 2-3)
  5. Los Pobres (pp. 4-5)
  6. Transparencia (pp. 6-7)
  7. Los Peldaños Que Faltan (pp. 8-9)
  8. Los Indios (pp. 10-13)
  9. La Realidad (pp. 14-15)
  10. La Yerba Cortada por los Campesinos (pp. 16-19)
  11. Los Elegidos de la Violencia (pp. 20-21)
  12. Las Voces No Escuchadas de los Ricos (pp. 22-23)
  13. La Muerte Otra (pp. 24-25)
  14. Los Claustros (pp. 26-27)
  15. La Hora Baja (pp. 28-31)
  16. Malignos Bailarines sin Cabeza (pp. 32-33)
  17. Las Sales Enigmáticas (pp. 34-35)
  18. Piano Vacío (pp. 36-37)
  19. La Batalla Oscura (pp. 38-39)
  20. Mi Padre (pp. 40-53)
  21. Arte Espacial (pp. 54-55)
  22. Canción para un Gato Muerto (pp. 56-57)
  23. Testimonios (pp. 58-59)
  24. Los Días Difíciles (pp. 60-63)
  25. Después de los Encuentros (pp. 64-65)
  26. Un Anormal Volumen de Lluvia (Crónica de un Juicio Final) (pp. 66-69)
  27. Descripción de una Ciudad en Peligro (pp. 70-73)
  28. El Aire Que Nos Queda (pp. 74-75)
  29. El lnvierno Puede Ser un Inválido (pp. 76-77)
  30. La Arena del Desierto Que Comparto con Otros (pp. 78-80)
  31. Back Matter (pp. 81-83)