Artstor to JSTOR: A migration guide
Artstor to JSTOR: A migration guide

The Artstor website will be retired next year on August 1, 2024.

Artstor's content, key resources, and functionality are moving to JSTOR. Use this guide to help transition your institution to using Artstor on JSTOR.

Table of Contents
  • Support materials and videos
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Collections published
  • Feature comparison

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Support materials and videos

Review the videos, tutorials, and other support and promotional materials to ensure your institution's seamless transition. Be sure to download the migration checklist.

Migration checklist

A detailed list to plan your move, organized by role

Training kit

Materials to use for training and presenting

Promotional tools

Materials to share with your community

Artstor experience on JSTOR

Watch video on YouTube

Artstor on JSTOR

See full playlist on YouTube

Preparing to Teach with Images from JSTOR

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Frequently asked questions General
Why is Artstor moving to JSTOR?

JSTOR is investing in the future and sustainability of Artstor's high-quality collections and key functionality by incorporating them in one platform, where we will continue to build tools for teaching and learning as we expand access to this invaluable visual resource.

As a mission-driven nonprofit, JSTOR works to promote and preserve the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Institutions are increasingly seeking streamlined, trustworthy, and cost-effective solutions in the changing landscape of research and education, and we are working to meet those needs by bringing diverse digital content together in a platform optimized for teaching and research.

This is why we're bringing what we call the Artstor experience — its library and key functionalities — to JSTOR. We know that Artstor isn't just images, but also the experience of using those images, whether that involves downloading or citing, zooming or comparing, creating groups, or sharing curated content. We've already brought these features and more to JSTOR, where they will be enhanced, maintained, and joined by many more.

Do you have any recommendations for how to update links on database lists and websites?
To link to a search limited to images, we recommend the page. This will be most similar to linking to If you want to link to the licensed Artstor collections only (rather than all image content), you could link to This will be most similar to linking to
Where can I find support materials?
We are continuously updating and adding new content on the Artstor on JSTOR: Working with images training page . You can also always find help on our Support site.
Do you recommend that new subscribers only use Artstor on JSTOR?
Yes. JSTOR meets most image-centric users' needs and is generally more intuitive than the Artstor platform; we encourage using it from the start.
Will JSTOR set up redirects for Artstor image and/or image group URLs to their JSTOR counterpart?
Yes. On August 1, 2024, will redirect to, Artstor item stable links will redirect to their counterpart on JSTOR, and image group links will redirect to their Workspace folder counterpart. Redirects will be in place for at least a year (August 1, 2025) per best practices, though we recommend updating permalinks for content and images as soon as you're ready to use Artstor on JSTOR.
Will the Artstor website continue to be supported until it is retired?
Yes. Core functionality (e.g., content, search, browse, image groups, authentication) will receive the same support through August 1, 2024, and our support team will maintain dedicated support for the Artstor site. As we get closer to retiring Artstor, we might not fix smaller problems that arise in favor of ensuring that JSTOR is fully ready to support Artstor users across the board.
Account administration
What do I need to do to migrate my institution?
Detailed instructions for account administrators and others with administrative duties are available on this migration hub, including a checklist walking you through every step.
How do I access my admin account on JSTOR?
Log in to JSTOR using your Artstor credentials then select JSTOR Admin from the drop-down menu, or visit directly and log in using your Artstor credentials.
Do I need to add all my existing users to JSTOR?
No, users added previously will be carried over.
How do I manage and add new users on JSTOR?
Consult our full guide to user management.
How can I view my holdings on JSTOR?
Consult our full guide to holdings.
How can I view all my usage reports?
In terms of Artstor-specific reports, you can currently view "Artstor/JSTOR Cross-platform Usage Report" on JSTOR. You cannot yet view "Artstor User Engagement Report" on JSTOR, but we do plan to support user engagement metrics in the future. Additionally, although you cannot currently view usage reporting isolated to Artstor, available cross-platform and multimedia reports provide comparable information. Learn all about available reports on JSTOR, and review our dedicated page for Artstor admins on JSTOR.
Features and functionality
Are all Artstor features available on JSTOR?
We've put together a feature comparison chart to help show you and your users which Artstor features are on JSTOR, where you can find them, and what is still in development. This table is updated with every new release.
Where can I find more information on specific features?
Our release notes page on our support site covers all major image-related updates to JSTOR since January 2022, and links to further documentation where relevant.
How do I search for images on JSTOR?
You can start your search with images only, or start with a general search and narrow your results to images. You can search by media type or color, browse by collection, geography, or classification, and save as you go.
Can I have image groups on JSTOR?
Yes. Workspace on JSTOR replaces image groups. Here, you can save, organize, present, annotate, and export Artstor's images and groups along with articles, book chapters, and other images and primary sources from JSTOR. We will also be copying all Artstor user groups to JSTOR in February 2024. Learn more in the image group section of this FAQ.
Will personal collections be supported and/or automatically moved to JSTOR?
Existing personal collection items on Artstor can be copied to JSTOR Workspace folders using the copy tool. For step-by-step instructions, see the Artstor image group section of this FAQ. We are also exploring functionality to allow users to add new personal items to JSTOR, and will have more information about this in the first half of 2024.
How do I browse or search collections on JSTOR?
Visit our collections page to browse or filter the collections list, or perform a search within all collections. You can also use search facets on collection pages to browse within Artstor collections by classification, geography, date, and more.
Is metadata sequencing on JSTOR suitable for images?
In June 2022, we improved presentation of metadata on image pages, with more relevant metadata now appearing higher on the item page. You can search for an image and see for yourself!
Artstor image groups
Will Artstor image groups automatically be available on JSTOR? If so, when?

Yes. JSTOR will copy all Artstor users' image groups to their personal JSTOR Workspaces. Image group copying will begin on February 1, 2024. Learn more about how this will work.

Is there anything Artstor users need to do to ensure their image groups are copied to JSTOR?

To ensure they are included in the February copy event, users should create and/or finalize image groups on Artstor by February 1, 2024. Image groups created after this date and changes to them may not be included in the February copy event, but users can continue to copy your image groups to JSTOR on their own until August 1, 2024, when the Artstor website will be retired. Note: Users can also delete any image groups they don't want copied to their Workspace before this date, but might find that this is easier to do on JSTOR with bulk move and delete features in Workspace.

What can account administrators do to make sure all copied groups are findable and accessible for their users?

Once image groups have been copied, users will receive an email with documentation, a video introduction to image groups on JSTOR, and a link to their personal Workspace, where copied groups will appear as folders.

If a user is no longer at an institution, to whom will those groups be migrated?

Groups will still be copied over to that user's Workspace. In the event that a group is still in use but owned by a user no longer affiliated with the institution, admins should make a copy of that group on Artstor, use the copy tool to copy it to JSTOR, and reshare with their institution.

Will this affect image groups on Artstor, and/or groups already copied to JSTOR?

No. This one-time copy event will not affect image groups on Artstor, nor will it affect images groups that are copied to Workspace by users before or after.

Will image group owners be alerted when image groups have been copied?

Yes, users will receive an email with documentation a video introduction to image groups on JSTOR, and a link to their personal Workspace, where copied groups will appear as folders.

How will the copied groups appear in JSTOR Workspace?

They will appear as folders in users' personal JSTOR Workspaces. The Workspace folders will retain the names of copied image groups.

Will image group shared permissions be transferred from Artstor to the JSTOR Workspace folder?

Yes, if the image group owner's affiliated institution and group's institution shared permissions are the same institution, we will automatically reshare the new workspace folder with that institution on JSTOR.

What happens when an item is copied that isn't available on JSTOR?

Users will receive a report listing any items that failed to copy due to being unavailable on JSTOR. When or if an item becomes available, it will automatically appear in the Workspace folder.

What should users do if they make or edit an image group on Artstor after JSTOR has copied my image groups?

Users can copy newly created or edited groups using our copy tool until August 1, 2024.

If a user has already copied an image group themselves, will JSTOR copy it again?

Yes, all image groups that exist for a user on Artstor will be copied into a Workspace folder. A user can easily delete unwanted groups that are automatically copied.

Will personal collections be copied to Workspace?

Personal collections from Artstor will only be copied to JSTOR if they are included in an existing image group. Here is how to add personal collections to image groups on Artstor:

  1. Log into Artstor.
  2. Open the “Browse” drop-down menu and select “Personal Collections.”
  3. Open the “Organize” drop-down menu and select “Select all on page” to select all images on the page.
  4. Select Save selections to a new group and choose a name for your new image group.
    1. Note: You can display up to 72 items per page. If you have more than this in your personal collection, repeat these steps for each page.
If users don't complete this process before image groups are copied in February, they can still follow the steps above and use our copy tool to transfer personal content to JSTOR until August 1, 2024.

Can I find all of Artstor's licensed collections on JSTOR?
Approximately 99% of Artstor's licensed collections are already on JSTOR. We are actively working with contributors whose collections are not yet available to ensure that their content will be discoverable on JSTOR as soon as possible. Check the status of all Artstor collections.
When will all of Artstor's licensed images and collections be available on JSTOR?
We are currently working to move the final 1% of Artstor licensed images over to JSTOR. We expect the majority to be republished in the coming months, and will update the list of collections as we complete this work.
Is all the Public content from Artstor on JSTOR?
Unlike the Artstor Digital Library content on the current Artstor website, which is licensed to Artstor participants by JSTOR, the Public Collections on the Artstor website are published and managed by content contributors and not part of the licensed Artstor content. These contributors have control over their content, including whether or when it is published to JSTOR. Thus, not all public collections that are available on the Artstor website have yet been republished to JSTOR. Conversely, there are new collections published to JSTOR that are not available on the Artstor website. You can explore all collections available on JSTOR on the Collections page.
Is there a difference in quality between the images on Artstor and on JSTOR?
The quality of the Artstor images you see on JSTOR is the same, with the same resolution.
What's happening to Forum?
Forum is not going anywhere, and will continue to be Forum participants' means of managing and publishing their collections.
How do I transfer my institutional collections from Artstor to JSTOR?
You'll need to take a few steps to prepare your JSTOR collection, but ultimately you'll just be publishing to a new target as a JSTOR Institutional one. You'll then publish those images to this new target and you're all set! Visit our support site for more information, including a video tutorial. Using the Visual Resources Template? See how Artstor field mappings compare to JSTOR.
Will data from contributing institutions automatically be migrated from Artstor to JSTOR, or should each institution publish their collections manually?
We don't have a plan to automatically migrate collections to JSTOR. Institutions can do this themselves by logging into Forum and setting up a new target to publish to JSTOR from Forum; the process is just like setting up an Artstor target. However, if you don't want to do this yourself we are happy to assist you by creating a target and publishing for you. We will be providing this hands-on support for moving collections through December 31, 2023. Please contact us for this assistance at
Are there differences between publishing to JSTOR versus Artstor from Forum?
There are a few differences to note when publishing to JSTOR. Visit our Feature Comparison: Publishing to Artstor versus JSTOR from Forum for a comparison of features related to publishing between the two platforms and links to more information.
Pricing, billing, and access
Are there any changes to the Artstor price? What is the current fee structure?
Based on years of participant feedback and in anticipation of cost savings from the platform integration, we were able to revise and reduce our fee structure for Artstor to save institutions up to 30% on their annual fees. Fees for existing participants are being reduced in a phased approach; the majority reduction was applied to 2022 renewals, but for some communities further savings will come in 2023 and 2024. Please contact your account representative or for more details.
Will billing be combined with JSTOR?
Artstor and JSTOR billing will remain separate, as we recognize that, for many institutions, the invoices for Artstor and JSTOR are sent to different contacts and/or paid by different departments. We are, however, able to combine Artstor and JSTOR into a single invoice; if you'd prefer this, simply reach out to your account representative.
Do I need a new license agreement to access Artstor on JSTOR?
If you have signed the JSTOR Institutional Participation Agreement with a version date of 10.28.14 or later, incorporating JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use and Product and Payment Terms, then your agreement already covers terms for using Artstor on JSTOR and no further agreement is required by JSTOR. If you (i) have not previously used content on JSTOR, (ii) have not signed a JSTOR Institutional Participation Agreement since that version date, (iii) need to formally approve the Artstor terms, or (iv) are not sure if you need a new license agreement please review and sign a new agreement here or contact
If my institution already subscribes to JSTOR, will we still need to pay for Artstor?
Yes. The JSTOR platform is home to a variety of Open Access and licensed content packages of all types (books, journals, primary sources, and images). To subscribe to Artstor institutions will still need to pay an annual subscription fee that is separate from other JSTOR content that they may license. Access to licensed Artstor content is not included in the cost of other JSTOR content packages.
How do users access Artstor content on JSTOR?

Artstor users can easily log in to JSTOR in the following ways:

  • If you have access to Artstor or previously registered for an account on Artstor, the same email address and password also works on JSTOR.
  • If you have logged into your Artstor account within the last 120 days, you will have access to content your institution subscribes to from JSTOR and Artstor.
  • If you usually log in to your Artstor account through your institution's login page, you can now do that on JSTOR as well.

Visit Artstor on JSTOR: Working with images training page for more information on where to go from here.

When is the Artstor website going away?
The Artstor website will be retired and all users will be redirected to JSTOR on August 1, 2024. Artstor's high-quality collections and key functionality are now available on JSTOR.
What is the timeline for publishing audio and video files on JSTOR?
Audio, video, and panorama are all supported on JSTOR as of December 2023.
Collections published

Approximately 99% of Artstor's licensed collections are already on JSTOR. We are actively working with institutions whose collections are not yet available to ensure that their content will be discoverable on JSTOR as soon as possible. Browse through the collections available on Artstor to see if they are also currently available on JSTOR.

Have a question about what you're seeing? Reach out to

A. Cemal Ekin: Hagia Sophia 47 Available on JSTOR
Abby Williams Hill Collection (University of Puget Sound) 124 Available on JSTOR
Ackland Art Museum (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) 16,015 Available on JSTOR
Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects 192 Available on JSTOR
Ai Weiwei: AW Asia 86 Available on JSTOR
Aida Laleian: Architecture in Romania and Armenia 963 Available on JSTOR
Albright-Knox Art Gallery 2,089 Available on JSTOR
Alex Dika Seggerman: Egyptian Modernism 105 Available on JSTOR
Alexander Adducci: Historical Scenic Design 2,849 Available on JSTOR
Alka Patel Archive: Afghanistan and Iran, Art and Architecture 4,792 Available on JSTOR
Alka Patel Archive: Cuban Art and Architecture 570 Available on JSTOR
Alka Patel Archive: South Asian Art and Architecture 10,034 Available on JSTOR
Allan Langdale: Cyprus Photographs 6,783 Available on JSTOR
American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA) Collection (University of Michigan) 12,185 Available on JSTOR
American Folk Art Museum 1,659 Available on JSTOR
American Institute of Indian Studies 69,459 Available on JSTOR
American Museum of Natural History 1,667 Available on JSTOR
Amistad Research Center 282 Available on JSTOR
Amon Carter Museum of American Art 2,929 Available on JSTOR
Andrew Dickson White Architectural Photographs Collection (Cornell University Library) 1,370 Available on JSTOR
Andrew Spence 13 Available on JSTOR
AP Art History 76 Available on JSTOR
Architecture of Dublin (University College Dublin) 620 Available on JSTOR
Arielle Kozloff Brodkey: Egyptian and other Ancient Art 2,444 Available on JSTOR
Art Gallery of Ontario 619 Available on JSTOR
Art History Survey Collection 4,953 Available on JSTOR
Art Institute of Chicago 1,451 Available on JSTOR
ART on FILE: Contemporary Architecture, Urban Design and Public Art 22,313 Available on JSTOR
Arthur Szyk 500 Available on JSTOR
Artstor Slide Gallery 196,844 Available on JSTOR
Asia Art Archive 9,892 Available on JSTOR
Asia Society 282 Available on JSTOR
Asian Art Photographic Distribution (AAPD) (University of Michigan) 9,583 Available on JSTOR
Aurel Stein Diary, China 1906-1908 (Bodleian Libraries) 237 Available on JSTOR
Avery/GSAPP Architectural Plans and Sections (Columbia University) 19,846 Available on JSTOR
Baltimore Museum of Art 2,523 Available on JSTOR
Baltimore Museum of Art: Archives 96 Available on JSTOR
Barbara Anello: Photographs of Khmer Sites and Monuments 2,739 Available on JSTOR
Barbara Anello: Photographs of Ladakh, India 129 Available on JSTOR
Barbara Anello: Photographs of New York Graffiti 174 Available on JSTOR
Barbara Anello: Photographs of Southeast Asia and Morocco 750 Available on JSTOR
Bard Graduate Center Gallery 2,604 Available on JSTOR
Berlin State Museums (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) 21,361 Available on JSTOR
Beverly Willis 57 Available on JSTOR
Beyond the Taj: Architectural Traditions and Landscape Experience in South Asia (Cornell University Library) 6,684 Available on JSTOR
Bob Gore: Faith-based Communities 314 Available on JSTOR
Bob Schalkwijk Photography 2,963 Available on JSTOR
Bowdoin College Museum of Art 5,598 Available on JSTOR
Brian Davis: Architecture in Britain 1,656 Available on JSTOR
California College of the Arts: Capp Street Project Archive 2,764 Available on JSTOR
California College of the Arts: Contemporary Art Project 5,716 Available on JSTOR
Canyonlights World Art Image Bank: Art, Archaeology and Architecture 6,223 Available on JSTOR
Carnegie Arts of the United States 4,176 Available on JSTOR
Carnegie Institution of Washington Photographs of Mayan Excavations (Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University) 44,336 Available on JSTOR
Carnegie Survey of Architecture of the South (Library of Congress) 6,884 Available on JSTOR
Cedric van Eenoo 60 Available on JSTOR
Center for Creative Photography 36,006 Available on JSTOR
Century Magazine Illustrations of the American Civil War (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) 106 Available on JSTOR
Charles Platt: Foundation for Landscape Studies 493 Available on JSTOR
Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (CCC) 421 Available on JSTOR
Christopher Long: Central European Architecture (University of Texas at Austin) 215 Available on JSTOR
Christopher Roy: African Art and Field Photography 3,501 Available on JSTOR
Cincinnati Art Museum (CAM) 981 Available on JSTOR
Clarence Ward Archive (National Gallery of Art, Department of Image Collections) 3,901 Available on JSTOR
Classical Antiquity Lantern Slide Collection (Bryn Mawr College) 325 Available on JSTOR
Colby College Museum of Art 2,463 Available on JSTOR
Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros 313 Not yet in JSTOR
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 980 Available on JSTOR
Condé Nast, Cartoons and fashion photography 32,699 Not coming to JSTOR
Connecticut College 1,026 Available on JSTOR
Cook's Voyages to the South Seas (Natural History Museum, London) 1,647 Available on JSTOR
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum 8,239 Available on JSTOR
Corcoran Gallery of Art 1,192 Available on JSTOR
Cornell Fine Arts Museum (Rollins College) 60 Available on JSTOR
Corning Museum of Glass 2,784 Available on JSTOR
Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi of Great Britain 13,016 Available on JSTOR
Coutauld Gallery (Courtauld Institute of Art) 532 Available on JSTOR
Cuban Heritage Collection (University of Miami Libraries) 1,170 Available on JSTOR
Dallas Museum of Art 7,380 Available on JSTOR
David Boggett: Art, Architecture, and Festivals in Japan 864 Available on JSTOR
David S. Efurd 9,706 Available on JSTOR
David Wade: Pattern in Islamic Art 1,500 Available on JSTOR
Davis Museum at Wellesley College 8,201 Available on JSTOR
Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University 6,389 Available on JSTOR
Deepanjana Danda Klein and Arno Klein: Cave Temples at Ellora, India 3,031 Available on JSTOR
Detroit Institute of Arts 1,608 Available on JSTOR
Diego Rivera (Detroit Institute of Arts) 1,009 Available on JSTOR
Dmitry Borshch 22 Available on JSTOR
Donald Woodman 154 Available on JSTOR
Dov Friedman: American and European Architecture 563 Available on JSTOR
Dura-Europos and Gerasa (Yale University) 18,366 Available on JSTOR
Elizabeth Peyton 173 Not yet in JSTOR
Emilio Sanchez Foundation 79 Available on JSTOR
Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archives 14,340 Available on JSTOR
Estate of Francis Newton Souza 899 Available on JSTOR
Eugene James Martin 200 Available on JSTOR
Experimental Printmaking Institute (Lafayette College) 516 Available on JSTOR
Eyes of the Nation: A Visual History of the United States (Library of Congress) 5,418 Available on JSTOR
Ezra Stoller Archive, Esto Photographics Inc. (Esto) 14,548 Available on JSTOR
Farber Gravestone Collection (American Antiquarian Society) 13,447 Available on JSTOR
Ferguson-Royce: Pre-Columbian Photography (University of Texas at Austin) 4,199 Available on JSTOR
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 17,754 Available on JSTOR
First Fleet Collection (Natural History Museum, London) 600 Available on JSTOR
Flint Institute of Arts 2,329 Available on JSTOR
Fondazione Federico Zeri (Università di Bologna) 28,280 Available on JSTOR
Foto Reali Archive (National Gallery of Art, Department of Image Collections) 3,448 Available on JSTOR
Foundation for Landscape Studies 7,931 Available on JSTOR
Fowler Museum (University of California, Los Angeles) 5,326 Available on JSTOR
Frank Cancian Documentary Photograph Archive 179 Available on JSTOR
Franklin Furnace Archive 11,435 Available on JSTOR
Freedman Gallery (Albright College) 979 Available on JSTOR
Frick Art Reference Library Photoarchives 24,875 Available on JSTOR
Gazette du Bon Ton (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) 87 Available on JSTOR
George Eastman Museum 20,223 Available on JSTOR
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum 833 Available on JSTOR
Gernsheim Photographic Corpus of Drawings 37,456 Available on JSTOR
Getty Research Institute: Alexander Liberman, Julius Shulman Photography Archives 7,554 Available on JSTOR
Getty Research Institute: Carl and Jennifer Strom: Korean Buddhist Monasteries 3,248 Available on JSTOR
Getty Research Institute: Study Photographs of European Tapestries 4,877 Available on JSTOR
Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise Collection 855 Available on JSTOR
Giza Archaeological Expedition Archive (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) 22,206 Available on JSTOR
Glenstone 173 Available on JSTOR
Global Art and Culture from Art Resource 969 Available on JSTOR
Graphic Design Collection (The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art) 1,352 Available on JSTOR
Hal Box and Logan Wagner: Mexican Architecture and Urban Design (University of Texas at Austin) 5,722 Available on JSTOR
Harry Ransom Center (University of Texas at Austin) 818 Available on JSTOR
Hartill Archive of Architecture and Allied Arts 15,887 Available on JSTOR
Harvard Art Museums 1,116 Available on JSTOR
Herbert Cole: African Art, Architecture, and Culture (University of California, Santa Barbara) 947 Available on JSTOR
Hill Ornithology Collection (Cornell University Library) 265 Available on JSTOR
Hillwood Estate, Museum and Garden 999 Available on JSTOR
Historic American Sheet Music Covers (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) 29 Available on JSTOR
Historic Campus Architecture Collection (HCAP) (Council of Independent Colleges) 4,045 Available on JSTOR
Historic Illustrations of Art & Architecture (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) 297 Available on JSTOR
Hofstra University Museum 197 Available on JSTOR
Houston Community College 550 Available on JSTOR
Howardena Pindell 20 Available on JSTOR
Huntington Archive of Asian Art 10,774 Available on JSTOR
Illuminated Manuscript Collection (Princeton University Library) 3,299 Available on JSTOR
Image of the Black in Western Art (IBWA) (Harvard University) 24,712 Available on JSTOR
Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields 6,381 Available on JSTOR
International Museum of Children's Art 196 Available on JSTOR
J. Paul Getty Museum 5,011 Available on JSTOR
Jacqueline Barnitz: Modern Latin American Art (The University of Texas at Austin) 4,699 Available on JSTOR
James Conlon: Mali and Yemen sites and architecture 869 Available on JSTOR
James J. O'Donnell: Deir Mar Musa, Syria 21 Available on JSTOR
Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum (Rutgers University) 269 Available on JSTOR
Jean Charlot Collection (University of Hawaii at Manoa Library) 326 Available on JSTOR
Jingfan Wang: Traditional Chinese Printmaking 80 Available on JSTOR
John Pinto Collection (Princeton University) 1,969 Available on JSTOR
Jon Schueler Estate 335 Available on JSTOR
Jorge Durand and Douglas Massey: Mexican Retablos 170 Available on JSTOR
Josef and Anni Albers Foundation 2,100 Available on JSTOR
Joseph Peller 31 Available on JSTOR
Joseph Stapleton: Self-Portraits 293 Available on JSTOR
Judith and Holofernes (Jessica E. Smith and Kevin R. Brine Charitable Trust) 332 Available on JSTOR
Judy Chicago 367 Available on JSTOR
Julia Jacquette 13 Available on JSTOR
Kerr Archive, Pre-Columbian artifacts 544 Available on JSTOR
Larry Qualls Archive: Contemporary Art 132,908 Available on JSTOR
Le Corbusier (Dalhousie University) 252 Available on JSTOR
Library of Congress Collection 20,661 Available on JSTOR
Los Angeles County Museum of Art 1,039 Available on JSTOR
Lukas - Art in Flanders 4,440 Available on JSTOR
Madeline Caviness: Medieval Stained Glass 1,417 Available on JSTOR
Magnum Photos 131,447 Available on JSTOR
Majolica International Society 1,220 Available on JSTOR
Manuscripts and Early Printed Books (Bodleian Library, Oxford University) 24,514 Available on JSTOR
Mark Rogovin: Mexican Murals 162 Available on JSTOR
Mark Rothko, The Collections of Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko 319 Available on JSTOR
Mattress Factory 8,623 Available on JSTOR
Mauritshuis 514 Available on JSTOR
Mellink Archive (Bryn Mawr College) 3,912 Available on JSTOR
Milton Rogovin: Social Documentary Photographs 260 Available on JSTOR
Minneapolis College of Art and Design Collection 2,808 Available on JSTOR
Minneapolis College of Art and Design Faculty Artists 40 Available on JSTOR
Minneapolis Institute of Art 4,640 Available on JSTOR
Minor White Archive (Princeton University Art Museum) 5,867 Available on JSTOR
Misun Ahn: Contemporary Architecture, Japan and South Korea 777 Available on JSTOR
Moreen O'Brien Maser Memorial Collection (Skidmore College) 853 Available on JSTOR
Mott-Warsh Collection 316 Available on JSTOR
Museo de Arte de Ponce 146 Available on JSTOR
Museo Eduardo Carrillo 28 Available on JSTOR
Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia 75,911 Available on JSTOR
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 21,453 Available on JSTOR
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 15,556 Available on JSTOR
Native American Art and Culture (National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution) 11,900 Available on JSTOR
New Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibitions 6,266 Available on JSTOR
New York School of Interior Design 457 Available on JSTOR
New-York Historical Society: Museum & Library 22,735 Available on JSTOR
Norton Simon Museum 1,065 Available on JSTOR
Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) Faculty Collection 215 Available on JSTOR
Pacita Abad Art Estate 500 Available on JSTOR
Panos Pictures 35,017 Available on JSTOR
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (Harvard University) 147,780 Available on JSTOR
Philadelphia Museum of Art 7,545 Available on JSTOR
Plans of Ancient and Medieval Buildings and Archaeological Sites (Bryn Mawr College) 7,989 Available on JSTOR
Portland Art Museum 2,367 Available on JSTOR
Princeton University Art Museum 586 Available on JSTOR
Not available
Ralph Lieberman Archive (Harvard University) 3,493 Available on JSTOR
Ralph Lieberman: Architectural Photography 8,246 Available on JSTOR
Ramón Casas Sketchbooks (Northwestern University Library) 116 Available on JSTOR
RAMSA (Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLP) 6,156 Available on JSTOR
Rebecca Hackemann 215 Available on JSTOR
Rescue Public Murals: FAIC 522 Available on JSTOR
Restoration of Cultural Monuments in Oaxaca, Mexico (The University of Texas at Austin) 918 Available on JSTOR
Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN) 14,071 Available on JSTOR
Reynolda House Museum 186 Available on JSTOR
Rhizome 3,160 Available on JSTOR
Richard F. Brush Art Gallery (St. Lawrence University) 196 Available on JSTOR
Rijksmuseum 67,164 Available on JSTOR
RISD Museum (Rhode Island School of Design) 3,674 Available on JSTOR
Rob Linrothe: Tibetan and Buddhist Art 5,130 Available on JSTOR
Robert Winter: Architecture of California (Occidental College) 2,051 Available on JSTOR
Roger Brown Study Collection 781 Available on JSTOR
Romare Bearden Foundation 784 Available on JSTOR
Roy Lichtenstein 2,003 Available on JSTOR
Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery (Scripps College) 721 Available on JSTOR
Saint Louis Art Museum 2,903 Available on JSTOR
Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art (University of Florida) 737 Available on JSTOR
San Anto Cultural Arts 62 Available on JSTOR
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 1,784 Available on JSTOR
Sara N. James: European Architecture and Sculpture 2,137 Available on JSTOR
Sarah Quill: Architecture of Venice 918 Available on JSTOR
Scala Archives 15,622 Available on JSTOR
Schlesinger Library of the History of Women in America (Harvard University) 35,982 Available on JSTOR
Seattle Art Museum 4,972 Available on JSTOR
Shangri La, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art 798 Available on JSTOR
Sheila Blair, Jonathan Bloom, Walter Denny: Islamic Art and Architecture Collection 19,006 Available on JSTOR
Shuilu'an Temple (Nothwestern University) 20 Available on JSTOR
Sites and Photos 87,006 Available on JSTOR
Smith College Museum of Art 12,991 Available on JSTOR
Smithsonian American Art Museum 4,121 Available on JSTOR
Society of Architectural Historians Architecture Resources Archive (SAHARA) 20,202 Available on JSTOR
Southeast Asia Visions: John M. Echols Collection (Cornell University Library) 10,070 Available on JSTOR
Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark) 160 Available on JSTOR
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute 8,002 Available on JSTOR
The Ringling Theatre Collection (University of Florida) 5,176 Available on JSTOR
Tenniel Civil War Cartoon Collection (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) 53 Available on JSTOR
Terra Foundation for American Art 780 Available on JSTOR
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts: Oeuvre 894 Available on JSTOR
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts: Photographic Legacy Project 34,934 Available on JSTOR
The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS) 16,410 Available on JSTOR
The Barnes Foundation 437 Available on JSTOR
The City College of New York 1,787 Available on JSTOR
The Cleveland Museum of Art 6,292 Available on JSTOR
The D. James Dee Archive of Contemporary Art 1,112 Available on JSTOR
The Frick Collection 490 Available on JSTOR
The Illustrated Bartsch 51,516 Available on JSTOR
The Mellon International Dunhuang Archive 67,667 Available on JSTOR
The Menil Collection 195 Available on JSTOR
The Metropolitan Museum of Art 10,138 Available on JSTOR
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Brooklyn Museum Costumes 5,878 Available on JSTOR
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Exhibition Installation Photographs 8,253 Available on JSTOR
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: William Keighley 3,672 Available on JSTOR
The Morgan Library & Museum 201 Available on JSTOR
The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) 247 Available on JSTOR
The Museum of Modern Art: Architecture and Design 6,947 Available on JSTOR
The Museum of Modern Art: Exhibition Installation Photograph Collection (Photographic Archive) 16,705 Available on JSTOR
The Museum of Modern Art: Painting and Sculpture 1,610 Available on JSTOR
The Museum of the City of New York 71,277 Available on JSTOR
The National Gallery of Art 36501 Available on JSTOR
The National Gallery, London 2,369 Available on JSTOR
The Phillips Collection 4,054 Available on JSTOR
The Renaissance Society (University of Chicago) 2,602 Available on JSTOR
The Ringling Circus Museum (Florida State University) 4,896 Available on JSTOR
The Ringling Museum of Art (Florida State University) 1,266 Available on JSTOR
The Samuel H. Kress Collection: Lantern Slides 845 Available on JSTOR
The Samuel H. Kress Collection 1,742 Available on JSTOR
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation 7,111 Available on JSTOR
The Trout Gallery (Dickinson College) 8,155 Available on JSTOR
The Walters Art Museum 5,337 Available on JSTOR
The Warburg Institute 10,157 Available on JSTOR
Thomas K. Seligman Archive 4,112 Available on JSTOR
Thomas McGovern: Bearing Witness (to AIDS) 104 Available on JSTOR
Timothy Drescher: Community Murals 5,827 Available on JSTOR
Tom Muir 62 Available on JSTOR
Tufts University Art Gallery 88 Available on JSTOR
University Library (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 3,768 Available on JSTOR
University of British Columbia Library, Rare Books and Special Collections 346 Available on JSTOR
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Art Collection 1,787 Available on JSTOR
Vesalius Anatomical Illustrations (Northwestern University) 253 Available on JSTOR
Via Lucis: Romanesque Art and Architecture 1,368 Available on JSTOR
Victoria and Albert Museum 1,075 Available on JSTOR
Wangechi Mutu 101 Available on JSTOR
Wayne Andrews: Architecture (Esto) 4,209 Available on JSTOR
Wilfried Wang: Modern Architecture (University of Texas at Austin) 458 Available on JSTOR
William L. MacDonald Collection: Architecture (Princeton University) 4,465 Available on JSTOR
William Randolph Hearst Archive (Long Island University) 2,050 Available on JSTOR
Williams College Museum of Art 2,751 Available on JSTOR
Worcester Art Museum 2,008 Available on JSTOR
World Architecture (Columbia University) 7,940 Available on JSTOR
World Architecture: Virtual Reality Panoramas (Columbia University) 2,207 Available on JSTOR
World Monuments Fund 1,943 Available on JSTOR
World War I and II Posters and Postcards (University of Minnesota Libraries) 5,736 Available on JSTOR
Wriston Art Center Galleries (Lawrence University) 1,268 Available on JSTOR
Not available
Yale Center for British Art 5,463 Available on JSTOR
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History 11,177 Available on JSTOR
Yale University Art Gallery 1,878 Available on JSTOR
Yao Ceremonial Artifacts (Ohio University) 3714 Available on JSTOR
Not available
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