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Agenda Publishing is an independent publisher of books in economics, political economy, politics and philosophy for the higher education market worldwide. Agenda’s publishing aims to facilitate access to economic ideas for a readership that has traditionally found them forbidding and inaccessible, whether in the wider social sciences, or in the public square, but who nevertheless wish to gain a greater understanding of how the economy works.

Books in JSTOR from Agenda Publishing
159 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Advances in Sports Economics 2022
Alarums and Excursions: Improvising Politics on the European Stage 2019
Analysing Corruption 2017
Angrynomics 2020
The Anthropocene: 101 Questions and Answers for Understanding the Human Impact on the Global Environment 2023
Austerity: When is it a mistake and when is it necessary? 2020
Banking on the State: The Political Economy of Public Savings Banks 2021
Behavioural Economics 2017
Belt and Road: The First Decade 2023
Blockchain and the Digital Economy: The Socio-Economic Impact of Blockchain Technology 2020
Bounded Rationality 2020
British Business Banking: The Failure of Finance Provision for SMEs 2021
Capitalism, Socialism and Property Rights: Why market socialism cannot substitute the market 2018
Care: Reflections on Who We Are 2023
Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Future of Money 2023
Central Bank Independence and the Future of the Euro 2020
China's Hong Kong: The Politics of a Global City 2019
China's Hong Kong: The Politics of a Global City 2021
The Chinese Economy 2021
Civil Economy: Another idea of the market 2016
Conservatism 2023
The Conservative Challenge to Globalization: Anglo-American Perspectives 2020
The Contradictions of Capital in the Twenty-First Century: The Piketty Opportunity 2016
Corbynism in Perspective: The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn 2021
Credit Rating Agencies 2022
Cryptocurrencies: Money, Trust and Regulation 2023
Cryptocurrencies: Money, Trust and Regulation 2021
Cultural Economics 2020
The Cultural Infrastructure of Cities 2023
Degrowth 2018
Dictionary of Corruption 2024
Disease 2022
Divided They Fell: Crisis and the Collapse of Europe's Centre-Left 2023
Doreen Massey Critical Dialogues 2018
The Doreen Massey Reader 2018
Driving Change: Travel in the Twenty-First Century 2019
Economic Anthropology 2021
The Economics of Airlines 2017
The Economics of Airlines 2021
The Economics of Arms 2017
The Economics of Cars 2018
The Economics of Construction 2019
The Economics of Fishing 2021
The Economics of Fund Management 2022
The Economics of Music 2021
The Economics of Music 2017
The Economics of Oil and Gas 2020
The Economy of the Gulf States 2019
Elinor Ostrom and the Bloomington School: Building a New Approach to Policy and the Social Sciences 2021
Essays on Civil War, Inequality and Underdevelopment 2021
Europe and Northern Ireland's Future: Negotiating Brexit's unique case 2018
The European Central Bank 2021
The European Social Question: Tackling Key Controversies 2022
European Studies: Past, Present, Future 2020
Europe's Brexit: EU perspectives on Britain's vote to leave 2018
Everyday Economics: A user's guide to the modern economy 2017
Evolving Regional Economies: Resources, Specialization, Globalization 2022
Exploring the Chinese Social Model: Beyond Market and State 2022
Farming as Financial Asset: Global Finance and the Making of Institutional Landscapes OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Federal Reserve and its Founders: Money, politics and power 2018
Feminist Political Economy: A Global Perspective 2023
Financial Inclusion 2021
Financialization: Economic and Social Impacts 2022
Finntopia: What we can learn from the world's happiest country 2020
Flawed Capitalism: The Anglo-American condition and its resolution 2018
Freedom: An Impossible Reality 2021
Freeing Trade in North America 2020
The French Economy 2021
The Future of UK-China Relations: The Search for a New Model 2019
The Gig Economy 2019
Global Health: Geographical Connections 2023
Grand Strategy and the Rise of China: Made in America 2023
The History of Economics: A Course for Students and Teachers 2018
How to Save the City: A Guide for Emergency Action 2023
Idleness 2022
Ignorance 2022
In Defence of Philanthropy 2021
The Indian Economy 2019
Industrial Policy 2023
The Informal Economy 2019
Inside the Deal: How the EU Got Brexit Done 2023
The Italian Economy 2018
The Japanese Economy 2020
Karl Polanyi's Political and Economic Thought: A Critical Guide 2019
Labour Regimes and Global Production 2022
The Living Wage 2017
Logos: The mystery of how we make sense of the world 2018
London 2022
Macroeconomic Policy Since the Financial Crisis 2023
The Magic Money Tree and Other Economic Tales 2021
Marginalism 2018
The Market 2018
Market/Place: Exploring Spaces of Exchange 2020
Medical Economics: An Integrated Approach to the Economics of Health 2022
The Mexican Economy 2022
Mexico City 2023
A Modern Migration Theory: An Alternative Economic Approach to Failed EU Policy 2021
The Money Laundering Market: Regulating the criminal economy 2018
The Natural Dividend: Just Management of our Common Resources 2023
Negotiating Our Economic Future: Trade, Technology and Diplomacy 2020
The New Politics of Trade: Lessons from TTIP 2017
New York 2023
Of Time and Lamentation: Reflections on Transience 2017
Outside the EU: Options for Britain 2020
Owning the City: Property Rights in Authoritarian Regimes 2022
Pandemonium: Saving Europe 2021
Paris 2022
The Political Economy of Brexit 2017
The Political Economy of Housing Financialization 2019
The Political Economy of Industrial Strategy in the UK: From Productivity Problems to Development Dilemmas 2021
Political Football: Regulation, Globalization and the Market 2021
Political Racism: Brexit and its Aftermath 2022
Politicians and Economic Experts: The Limits of Technocracy 2023
Populism: Latin American Perspectives 2023
Populocracy: The Tyranny of Authenticity and the Rise of Populism 2019
Post-Keynesian Theory Revisited: Money, Uncertainty and Employment 2020
Poverty and the World Order: The Mirage of SDG 1 2023
The Price of Football: Understanding Football Club Finance 2021
The Price of Football: Understanding Football Club Finance 2020
Productivity 2020
Pursuing the Knowledge Economy: A Sympathetic History of High-Skill, High-Wage Hubris 2022
The Pursuit of Governance: Nordic Dispatches on a New Middle Way 2022
Pyromania: Fire and Geopolitics in a Climate-Disrupted World 2024
Quantitative Easing: The Great Central Bank Experiment 2020
Race and the Undeserving Poor: From abolition to Brexit 2018
Reflections on the Future of the Left 2017
Regulating Banks: The Politics of Instability 2022
Resilient Welfare States in the European Union 2022
The Resource Curse 2018
Rethinking Global Labour: After neoliberalism 2018
The Return of the State: Restructuring Britain for the Common Good 2021
Rights versus Antitrust: Challenging the Ethics of Competition Law 2024
The Rise of State Capital: Transforming Markets and International Politics OPEN ACCESS 2023
The Russian Economy 2023
Seeing Ourselves: Reclaiming Humanity from God and Science 2020
The Size of Government: Measurement, Methodology and Official Statistics 2020
Slipping Loose: The UK's Long Drift Away From the European Union 2020
Social Movements in Latin America: Mapping the Mosaic 2020
Social Preferences: An Introduction to Behavioural Economics and Experimental Research 2021
The South Korean Economy 2022
Sovereign Wealth Funds: Between the State and Markets 2022
The Spectre of Price Inflation 2023
Squalor 2022
Stopping Gender-Based Violence and Harassment at Work: The Campaign for an ILO Convention 2022
The Strongmen: European Encounters with Sovereign Power 2020
Supercharge Me: Net Zero Faster 2022
Sustainable Development, Education and Learning: The Challenge of Inclusive, Quality Education for All 2023
Sustainable Human Settlements within the Global Urban Agenda: Formulating and Implementing SDG 11 2024
Taiwan: A Contested Democracy Under Threat 2024
Terrorist Financing 2022
Thatcherism 2023
A Troubled Constitutional Future: Northern Ireland After Brexit 2022
Turkey in the Global Economy: Neoliberalism, Global Shift, and the Making of a Rising Power 2021
Understanding Corruption: How Corruption Works in Practice 2022
Want 2022
Warmonger: Vladimir Putin's Imperial Wars 2023
What Matters Most: Conversations on the Art of Living 2023
Whatever It Takes: The Battle for Post-Crisis Europe 2020
Xiconomics: What China’s Dual Circulation Strategy Means for Global Business 2023