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The Basler Afrika Bibliographien Publishing House has been publishing scholarly works on southern Africa, especially Namibia, since 1971. Its thematic emphases are oriented towards the humanities and social sciences. The BAB Publishing House seeks to promote cultural exchange and engagement regarding important contemporary historical issues and, in particular, to provide African scholars with a platform. Their (cultural-) historical, political and anthropological publications are aimed at international academic audiences as well as engaged readers broadly interested in Africa.

Books in JSTOR from Basler Afrika Bibliographien
38 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The Aftermath of the Cassinga Massacre: Survivors, Deniers and Injustices 2017
Always Something Else: Urban Asia and Africa as Experiment 2016
As Long as They Don't Bury Me Here: Social Relations of Poverty in a Namibian Shantytown 2011
Breweries, Politics and Identity: The History Behind Namibia's Beer 2019
Bruchstücke: Forschungsreisen in Deutsch-Südwestafrika 2012
Building Bridges: Namibian Nationalists Clemens Kapuuo, Hosea Kutako, Brendan Simbwaye, Samuel Witbooi 2010
The Changing Faces of Aawambo Musical Arts 2017
Decolonising the Academy: A Case for Convivial Scholarship 2020
Developmentalism, Dependency, and the State: Industrial Development and Economic Change in Namibia since 1900 2020
Diamond Warriors in Colonial Namibia: Diamond Smuggling, Migrant Workers and Development in Owamboland 2022
Die Linie: Ethnografisches Feldtagebuch einer Namibia-Forschung im Jahr 1996 2020
Digitalization and the Field of African Studies 2019
Erika Sutter: Seen with Other Eyes: Memories of a Swiss Eye Doctor in Rural South Africa 2013
Explorations in African History: Reading Patrick Harries: Reading Patrick Harries 2015
Fictioning Namibia as a Space of Desire: An Excursion into the Literary Space of Namibia During Colonialism, Apartheid and th 2019
Gender and Colonialism: A History of Kaoko in north-western Namibia 1870s-1950s 2012
The Gender Politics of the Namibian Liberation Struggle 2014
Growing Wild: The Correspondence of a Pioneering Woman Naturalist from the Cape 2020
In the Twilight of the Revolution: The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) 1959-1994 2009
The Inevitable Pipeline into Exile: Botswana's Role in the Namibian Liberation Struggle 2012
Kingdom, State and Civil Society in Africa: Conceptual and Political Collisions 2017
Listening to Colonial History. Echoes of Coercive Knowledge Production in Historical Sound Recordings from Southern Africa: Echoes of Coercive Knowledge Production in Historical Sound Recordings from Southern Africa 2023
"Little Research Value": African Estate Records and Colonial Gaps in a Post-Colonial National Archive 2017
Naming the Land: San Identity and Community Conservation in Namibia's West Caprivi 2012
National Culture in Post-Apartheid Namibia: State-sponsored Cultural Festivals and their Histories 2015
Native Estates: Records of Mobility across Colonial Boundaries 2017
Owners of Learning: The Nyae Nyae Village Schools over Twenty-Five Years 2016
A Path Through Hard Grass: A Journalist's Memories of Exile and Apartheid 2014
The Politics of a South African Frontier: The Griqua, the Sotho-Tswana and the Missionaries, 1780-1840 2010
The Politics of Nature and Science in Southern Africa 2016
Ruling Nature, Controlling People: Nature Conservation, Development and War in North-Eastern Namibia since the 1920s 2018
The San and the N‡a Jaqna Conservancy, Tsumkwe District West, Namibia: The San and the N‡a Jaqna Conservancy, Tsumkwe District West, Namibia 2018
Traders and Trade in Colonial Ovamboland, 1925-1990: Elite Formation and the Politics of Consumption under Indirect Rule and Apartheid 2014
Transformation from Below? White Suburbia in the Transformation of Apartheid South Africa to Democracy 2015
Voices from the Kavango: A Study of the Contract Labour System in Namibia, 1925-1972 2020
Where are you from?: �Playing White� under Apartheid 2016
Women Journalists in Namibia's Liberation Struggle Women 1985-1990 2008
Writing Namibia - Coming of Age 2022