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The Chinese University Press was established in 1977 as the publishing house of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement, preservation and dissemination of knowledge, as well as the promotion of multi-cultural academic exchanges.

The Press publishes more than fifty titles per year and carries well over 1,300 titles on its backlist. It is an established publisher of many scholarly works on China and Hong Kong studies and on Chinese culture.

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Journals in JSTOR from The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press
3 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
China Review 1991 - 2023
Journal of Chinese Linguistics 1973 - 2019
Journal of Chinese Linguistics Monograph Series 1982 - 2019
Books in JSTOR from The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press
290 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
80 and with a Many Colored Brush 2017
Against the Body 2019
Amazing, How Amazing It Is, Every Night of the Shining Sun 2013
American Life: A History of America Through the Eyes of a Chinese Historian 2021
The Ancestor 2011
Ancient Enmity: International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2017 2017
Androgyny 2017
Angel of Tigers 2017
Anorexia Nervosa and Family Therapy in a Chinese Context 2011
Ascendant Peace in the Four Seas: Drama and the Qing Imperial Court 2012
Barefoot Souls 2017
Because the sky was real 2015
Beckoned 2019
The Best China: Essays from Hong Kong 2020
Between the Trees and the nonTrees 2015
Between Two Shores 2020
Blue Tile 2011
Bodies in China: Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Politics 2016
Bookstore in a Dream 2011
Botanical Illustrated Guide to Hong Kong Native Plants (Chinese-English Bilingual Edition) 2022
A Brighter Side 2009
The Broken Seals: Part One of The Marshes of Mount Liang 1994
Brush, Seal and Abacus: Troubled Vitality in Late Ming China’s Economic Heartland, 1500–1644 2018
Building in China: Henry K. Murphy's "adaptive Architecture," 1914-1935 2001
The burden of being bama 2015
Business Chinese 2005
Cantonese: Since the 19th Century 2023
Canyon in the Body (English and Simplified Chinese) 2013
Carnival of Animals: Xi Xi’ s Animal Poems (Chinese-English Bilingual Edition) 2022
Change and Continuity: A History of St. Stephen's Girls' College, Hong Kong, 1906-1996 2021
The Changing Room: Selected poetry of Zhai Yongming 2011
The China Miracle: Development Strategy and Economic Reform (Revised Edition) 2003
China Pluperfect I: Epistemology of Past and Outside in Chinese Art 2022
China Pluperfect II: Practices of Past and Outside in Chinese Art 2022
China’s Great Transformation: Selected Essays on Confucianism, Modernization, and Democracy 2018
The China-U.S. Trade War and Future Economic Relations 2019
Chinese Language and Culture: An Intermediate Reader 2002
Chinese Leadership Wisdom from the Book of Change 2006
Chinese Poetic Writing 2016
Chinese Rhyme Prose: Poems in the Fu Form from the Han and Six Dynasties Periods 1971
Chrysanthemums 2019
The Chu Silk Manuscripts from Zidanku, Changsha (Hunan Province): Vol. 1 2020
City of the Dead and Song of the Night 2015
Civilizing the Chinese, Competing with the West: Study Societies in Late Qing China 2017
Classical Chinese Medicine 2019
Collaborative Regional Development in Northeast Asia: Towards a Sustainable Regional and Subregional Future 2011
The Collected Poems of Li He 2016
Collected Writings on Chinese Culture 2011
Confucian Role Ethics: A Vocabulary 2011
Confucian Tradition and Global Education 2007
Conjecturing Hong Kong’s Future: Lam Hang-chi’s Editorials from the Hong Kong Economic Journal 1975–1984 2018
Counter Position 2017
A Critical History of New Music in China 2010
Crossing Borders: Sinology in Translation Studies 2022
The Cultural Revolution in the Foreign Ministry of China 2004
Culture & History of Postrevolutionary China: The Perspective of Global Modernity 2011
Daoist Philosophy and Literati Writings in Late Imperial China: A Case Study of The Story of the Stone 2013
Daxue and Zhongyong: Bilingual Edition 2012
The Dead in the Garden 2015
Democracy on Trial: Social Movements and Cultural Politics in Postauthoritarian Taiwan 2013
A Designer's Decade of Contemporary Art in China: The Book Designs of He Hao, 2003-2013 2014
Dimensions of Originality: Essays on SeventeenthCentury Chinese Art Th eory and Criticism 2013
A Documentary History of Public Health in Hong Kong 2018
A Door in Epynt 2013
Double Shadows: Selected Poetry of Ouyang Jianghe 2012
Dragons: Shorter Fiction of Leung Ping Kwan 2020
The Drunkard 2020
Dusk at Quarry Bay 2019
The East Turkestan Independence Movement, 1930s to 1940s 2018
East-Europe Triptych 2019
Economic Feasibility of Projects: Managerial and Engineering Practice 2003
Egret in a Ploughed Field 2017
The Emperor of Poetry Translated from Conquered Nations 2017
An Encounter in Shadows 2019
An Encyclopedia of Practical Translation and Interpreting 2018
Entering the Landscape 2019
An Essay on Mourning 2017
Ethics in Action: Workable Guideline for Private and Public Choices 2008
Ethics Unbound: Chinese and Western Perspectives on Morality 2013
Facility Siting in the AsiaPacific: Perspectives on Knowledge Production and Application 2011
The Faith of a Mushroom 2017
Fellowship 2016
Financial Analysis in Hong Kong: Qualitative Examination of Financial Statements (2nd edition) for CEOs and Board Members 2013
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 2011
Flame 2011
Flash Cards: Chinese and English Bilingual Version 2011
The Flower Dies under a Skin of Glass 2019
The Flower Princess: A Cantonese Opera by Tong Dik Sang 2010
Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain 1996
From A Cottager's Sketchbook, Vol.1 2005
From A Cottager's Sketchbook, Vol.2 2006
From Scalpel to Spade: A Surgeon’s Road to Ithaka 2021
From Taoism to Teaism 2019
Functions of the Heart 2017
Gao Village Revisited: The Life of Rural People in Contemporary China 2018
A Garden of One’s Own: A Collection of Modern Chinese Essays, 1919–1949 2012
The Gathering Company: Part Three of The Marshes of Mount Liang 2001
Gender, Discourse and the Self in the Literature: Issues in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong 2010
The Genera of Orchidaceae in Hong Kong (45th Anniversary Commemorative Edition) 2022
Growing Your Own Food in Hong Kong 2013
The Haunted Hand 2019
Heritage 2017
A History of Cultic Images in China: The Domestic Statuary of Hunan 2020
HK Live! 2017
Hong Kong in the Belt and Road Initiative 2020
Hong Kong Lights 2017
Hong Kong Night 2015
Hong Kong Soft Power: Art Practices in the Special Administrative Region, 2005–2014 2018
Hong Kong Taxation: Law and Practice 2012–13 Edition 2012
Hong Kong Taxation: Law and Practice, 2016–17 Edition 2016
Hong Kong Taxation: Law and Practice, 2018–19 Edition 2018
Hong Kong Taxation: Law & Practice 2013-14 Edition 2013
Hong Kong Taxation: Law & Practice 2014-15 Edition 2014
How Can I Call What Is between Us a Past? 2013
How the “Red Star" Rose: Edgar Snow and Early Images of Mao Zedong 2022
How the Red Sun Rose: The Origins and Development of the Yan’an Rectification Movement, 1930–1945 2018
How to Go to the Tao Temple 2019
Huangdi Neijing: A Synopsis with Commentaries 2010
Hungry Ghost 2015
I Can Almost See The Clouds of Dust: Selected Poetry of Yu Xiang 2013
I Decided to Dissolve 2017
I Like Hong Kong: Art and Deterritorialization 2010
If We Have Lost Our Oldest Tales 2011
The Image Hunter 2015
Imprints of Kinship: Studies of Recently Discovered Bronze Inscriptions from Ancient China 2017
In Brief 2011
In Jerusalem 2019
In the Serious Light of Nothing 2013
In Time's Core: Selected Poems of Coral Bracho 2015
The Invisible Citizens of Hong Kong: Art and Stories of Vietnamese Boatpeople 2014
Iron Ox: Part Four of The Marshes of Mount Liang 2002
Islands or Continents: International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2013 (SingleVolume Anthology) 2013
The Ivory Tower and the Marble Citadel: Essays on Political Philosophy in Our Modern Era of Interacting Cultures 2012
Keepsake 2019
Keywords in Chinese Culture 2020
Lam Woo: Master Builder, Revolutionary, and Philanthropist 2017
Learning to Emulate the Wise: The Genesis of Chinese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline in TwentiethCentury China 2012
A Legacy of Elegance: Oracle Bones Collection from The Chinese University of Hong Kong 2017
A Letter from the Airport 2017
Like a Black Bird 2017
The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons 2015
A Little Primer of Tu Fu 2016
Loneliness‧Autopsy 2011
The Lost Generation: The Rustication of China’s Educated Youth (1968–1980) 2013
The Lost Texts of Confucius’ Grandson: Guodian, Zisi, and Beyond 2023
Lotus Leaves: Selected Poems of Leung Ping Kwan 2020
A Loud Noise 2013
Love and Women in Early Chinese Fiction 2008
Low Key 2011
Make war not war 2015
The Man Without Arms 2017
Marathon in Hong Kong: Challenges and Health 2010
The Meaning of Freedom: Yan Fu and Origins of Chinese Liberalism 2008
A Medical History of Hong Kong: 1842–1941 2018
A Medical History of Hong Kong: 1942–2015 2019
A Medical History of Hong Kong: The Development and Contributions of Outpatient Servicese 2021
Meeting the Challenges: A Historical Record of China’s Development—Speeches by Wen Jiabao at the World Economic Forum Events 2014
Memories of Peking: South Side Stories 2020
The Metamorphosis of Tianxian pei: Local Opera under the Revolution (1949–1956) 2015
The Metaphor of the Sea 2011
Ming Erotic Novellas: Genre, Consumption, and Religiosity in Cultural Practice 2011
The Mingjia & Related Texts 2019
Mirage 2014
The Moon in the Glass 2019
A Moth Laid Its Eggs in My Armpit, and Then It Died 2013
The Mozi: A Complete Translation 2010
Multilevel Analysis of the PISA Data: Insights for Policy and Practice 2013
Multiple Modernities: A Tale of Scandinavian Experiences 2011
My Body Is a Central Committee 2019
My Own Voice 2013
Myself, My Train and You 2011
Nails 2013
Naked Picnic 2013
The Naming of a Crow 2011
Nathan Road 2011
A Needle Hole through the Constellations 2019
Negotiating Religion in Modern China: State and Common People in Guangzhou, 1900–1937 2011
Never Turning Back 2017
The New and the Multiple: Sung Senses of the Past 2004
New Life for Old Ideas: Chinese Philosophy in the Contemporary World: A Festschrift in Honour of Donald J. Munro 2019
Newton, Force at a Distance, Imperialism 2013
Nude: A Study in Poignancy  2019
October Dedications: Selected Poetry of Mang Ke 2018
Off the Wild Poles of Love Games 2019
Old Things 2011
On the Cold Mountain 2019
On the Preeminence of the Working Class 2019
Orca 2013
Ordinary Days, a Memoir 2020
Orion's Shoulder 2017
The Other Shore: Plays by Gao Xingjian 1999
Ouroboros 2013
Overt and Covert Treasures: Essays on the Sources for Chinese Women’s History 2012
Paper Dreams 2011
Pascal's Will 2017
Performance Art 2015
A Phone Call From Dalian: Selected Poetry of Han Dong 2012
Pinky's Rule 2017
Play Therapy in Asia 2017
A Poem for a Book 2015
Poem in Blue 2015
Poetry and Conflict Anthology 2015
Poetry for Beginners 2017
Poppies by the Motorway 2017
Poverty in a Rich Society: The Case of Hong Kong 2017
Prado 2015
A Pragmatist and His Free Spirit: The Half Century Romance of Hu Shi and Edith Clifford Williams 2009
The Principal’s Graduation: My Heartfelt Words 2018
The Question of Raising Cranes 2017
The Question of the Other 2007
Real Life in China at the Height of Empire: Revealed by the Ghosts of Ji Xiaolan 2014
The Rebirth of the Moral Self: The Second Generation of Modern Confucians and their Modernization Discourses 2016
Red Swan: How Unorthodox Policy-Making Facilitated China’s Rise 2018
Religion and Chinese Society: Ancient and Medival China 2004
Renewal: The Chinese State and the New Global History 2013
Res Publica: Plato's Republic in Classical German Philosophy 2015
Salon Salon: Fine Art Practices from 1972 to 1982 in Profile – A Beijing Perspective 2019
The Salt Dress Inside Me 2015
The Scattered Flock: Part Five of The Marshes of Mount Liang 2002
The Scholar's Mind: Essays in Honor of Frederick 2009
Scorched Maps 2013
Scotoma 2015
The Scribe’s Confession 2019
The Sea 2013
Searching for the Way: Theory of Knowledge in Pre-modern and Modern China 2008
Self-Portrait with a Swarm of Bees 2019
Semantics and Nutrition 2015
Senses of the City: Perceptions of Hangzhou and Southern Song China, 1127–1279 2017
Shanghai’s Dancing World: Cabaret Culture and Urban Politics, 1919–1954 2010
Ship of Poets 2019
Short Prayer 2011
Silence and Blood 2019
Silence 2015
Silk Poems 2019
Sinologists as Translators in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries 2015
Sinology in Post-Communist States: Views from the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Poland, and Russia 2016
Sleeping in Gaza 2015
Snow in August: Play by Gao Xingjian 2003
So … You Have Decided to Become a Physician: Advice to Aspiring Young Doctors 2020
Sociology and Anthropology in TwentiethCentury China: Between Universalism and Indigenism 2012
Something Crosses My Mind 2014
Song of Exploring the Waterways 2015
A Song of the Corner 2011
Song of the Shattering Vessels 2015
The Southern Garden Poetry Society: Literary Culture and Social Memory in Guangdong 2013
Speech and Silence 2019
Spouses at Keyboards 2019
Stairway 2011
Stalin and Mao: A Comparison of the Russian and Chinese Revolutions 2018
Stars 79–80 2019
Subjective Writing in Contemporary Chinese Literature 2020
Sunday Sparrows 2019
Taipei People 2018
Tales of Magistrate Bao and His Valiant Lieutenants: Selections from Sanxia wuyi 1998
The Tattoo Artist 2011
The Teddy Bear Chronicles 2020
The Theory of Absence 2013
Things We Lost in the Fire 2019
Those that Rise from Mediocrity 2019
The Three Leaps of Wang Lun: A Chinese Novel 2015
Th_x001F_e Empress and the Heavenly Masters: A Study of the Ordination Scroll of Empress Zhang (1493) 2015
Th_x001F_e Gate of Darkness: Studies on the Leftist Literary Movement 2015
The Tiger Killers: Part Two of The Marshes of Mount Liang 1997
A Time and A Tide: Charles K. Kao ─ A Memoir 2011
The Tin Wash Dish 2015
To Another World 2015
To Read: To Love 2011
Today Matsuo Bashō Cooks 2019
Tracks of Emotion 2013
The Transcendental and the Mundane: Chinese Cultural Values in Everyday Life 2021
Transforming History: The Making of a Modern Academic Discipline in TwentiethCentury China 2011
Translation and Global Asia: Relocating Networks of Cultural Production 2014
Translation and Modernization in East Asia in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries 2017
Transmutations of Desire: Literature and Religion in Late Imperial China 2020
The True Story of Lu Xun 2002
Two or Three Things about Desire 2013
Variation on Roses 2017
Voices from the Frontline: Narratives of Nonnative English Speaking Teachers 2015
Wandering Mind and Metaphysical Thoughts 2018
The West As the Other: A Genealogy of Chinese Occidentalism 2014
What do you expect, heart? 2013
What We Have Said Haunts Us 2015
What Would You Do If You Suddenly Went Blind? 2019
Wild Geese Returning: Chinese Reversible Poems 2017
Wind Says: Selected Poetry of Bai Hua 2012
Winds Howl Through the Mansions 2011
Wittgenstein, A One-way Ticket, and Other Unforeseen Benefits of Studying Chinese 2019
Words & The World Anthology 2011
_x001F_The Classic Chinese Novel: A Critical Introduction 2015
The Yellow Emperor’s Inner: Transmission of Acupuncture 2020