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Gallaudet University Press is a nonprofit scholarly publisher that shares knowledge by and about deaf people with the world. We are the only academic press with a mission to publish content by and about deaf and hard of hearing people, and our publishing program reflects the rich cultural life and diverse perspectives of these communities. Our publications support Gallaudet University’s reputation as an international thought leader for deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind people. We are committed to Gallaudet’s bilingual (American Sign Language and English) mission and disseminating works that advance the understanding and recognition of deaf people and signed languages around the world.

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American Annals of the Deaf 1886 - 2021
American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb 1847 - 1886
Sign Language Studies 1972 - 2021
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279 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1,000 Signs of Life: Basic ASL for Everyday Conversation 2004
Above the Birch Line: Poems 2021
The Academic Foundations of Interpreting Studies: An Introduction to Its Theories 2018
ACCESS: Multiple Avenues for Deaf People 2008
Accountability-Based Reforms: The Impact on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 2011
Advances in Cognition, Education, and Deafness 1991
Advances in Educational Interpreting 2021
Advances in Teaching Sign Language Interpreters 2005
Adventures of a Deaf-Mute and Other Short Pieces 2017
Alandra's Lilacs: The Story of a Mother and Her Deaf Daughter 1999
Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School 2004
American Sign Language and Early Literacy: A Model Parent-Child Program 2012
American Sign Language Green Books, A Student Text Units 10-18 1981
American Sign Language Green Books, A Student Text Units 1-9 1980
American Sign Language Green Books, A Student Text Units 19-27 1981
American Sign Language Green Books, A Teacher's Resource Text on Curriculum, Methods, and Evaluation 1980
American Sign Language Green Books, A Teacher's Resource Text on Grammar and Culture 1980
The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary 2010
The American Sign Language Handshape Puzzle Book 2004
The American Sign Language Handshape Starter: A Beginner's Guide 2002
Amy Signs: A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter, and Their Stories 2012
And No Birds Sing 2016
Angels and Outcasts: An Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature 1985
Animal Signs 1995
The Art of Being Deaf: A Memoir 2014
Assessing Deaf Adults: Critical Issues in Testing and Evaluation 2005
At Home Among Strangers: Exploring the Deaf Community in the United States 1989
Between Two Worlds: My Life as a Child of Deaf Adults 2019
Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Families: Narrative Interviews 2012
Black Deaf Students: A Model for Educational Success 2007
Blind Rage: Letters to Helen Keller 2006
BUG: Deaf Identity and Internal Revolution 2007
Building Bridges, Crossing Borders: One Young Deaf Woman’s Education 2014
Case Studies in Deaf Education: Inquiry, Application, and Resources 2018
Change and Promise: Bilingual Deaf Education and Deaf Culture in Latin America 2016
Citizenship, Politics, Difference: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Signed Language Communities 2015
Cochlear Implants: Evolving Perspectives 2011
Cochlear Implants in Children: Ethics and Choices 2002
Cognition, Education, and Deafness: Directions for Research and Instruction 1985
Come Sign With Us: Sign Language Activities for Children 1996
Coming to My Senses: One Woman's Cochlear Implant Journey 2014
Communication Therapy: An Integrated Approach to Aural Rehabilitation with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adolescents and Adults 1996
Comparative Studies in Special Education 1994
A Constant Struggle: Deaf Education in New South Wales Since World War II 2019
Context, Cognition, and Deafness 2001
Controlling Our Destiny: A Board Member’s View of Deaf President Now 2020
Conversational Sign Language II: An Intermediate Advanced Manual 1972
Conversations with Interpreter Educators: Exploring Best Practices 2017
Country of Glass: Poems 2022
Crossing the Divide: Representations of Deafness in Biography 2006
Crying Hands: Eugenics and Deaf People in Nazi Germany 1999
Damned for Their Difference: The Cultural Construction of Deaf People as Disabled 2002
Day by Day: The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter 2008
Deadly Charm: The Story of a Deaf Serial Killer 2010
A Deaf Adult Speaks Out 1989
Deaf American Literature: From Carnival to the Canon 2000
Deaf American Poetry: An Anthology 2009
Deaf American Prose, 1830-1930 2013
Deaf American Prose, 1980–2010 2012
Deaf and Disability Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2010
Deaf Children in China 2000
Deaf Children in Public Schools: Placement, Context, and Consequences 1997
Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father 2005
Deaf Education in America: Voices of Children from Inclusion Settings 2007
Deaf Empowerment: Emergence, Struggle, and Rhetoric 1997
Deaf Epistemologies, Identity, and Learning: A Comparative Perspective 2016
Deaf Epistemologies: Multiple Perspectives on the Acquisition of Knowledge 2012
Deaf Eyes on Interpreting 2018
Deaf Hearing Boy: A Memoir 2004
The Deaf Heart: A Novel 2015
Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America 2012
Deaf History and Culture in Spain: A Reader of Primary Documents 2009
The Deaf History Reader 2007
Deaf History Unveiled: Interpretations from the New Scholarship 1993
Deaf Identity and Social Images in Nineteenth-Century France 2008
Deaf in DC: A Memoir 2010
Deaf in Delhi: A Memoir 2006
Deaf Interpreters at Work: International Insights 2014
Deaf Learners: Developments in Curriculum and Instruction 2006
Deaf Lives in Contrast: Two Women's Stories 2008
The Deaf Mute Howls 1998
Deaf People Around the World: Educational and Social Perspectives 2009
Deaf People in Hitler's Europe 2002
Deaf People in the Criminal Justice System: Selected Topics on Advocacy, Incarceration, and Social Justice 2021
Deaf President Now!: The 1988 Revolution at Gallaudet University 1995
Deaf Professionals and Designated Interpreters: A New Paradigm 2008
Deaf Space in Adamorobe: An Ethnographic Study in a Village in Ghana 2015
Deaf Sport: The Impact of Sports within the Deaf Community 1991
Deaf Students and the Qualitative Similarity Hypothesis: Understanding Language and Literacy Development 2013
Deaf to the Marrow: Deaf Social Organizing and Active Citizenship in Viet Nam 2017
The Deaf Way II Anthology: A Literary Collection by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers 2002
The Deaf Way: Perspectives from the International Conference on Deaf Culture 1994
Deaf Women's Lives: Three Self-Portraits 2005
Deaf-Blind Reality: Living the Life 2012
Disability Protests: Contentious Politics, 1970 - 1999 2001
Disabling Pedagogy: Power, Politics, and Deaf Education 2008
Discourse in Signed Languages 2011
Ears, Eyes, and Hands: Reflections on Language, Literacy, and Linguistics 2018
Edmund Booth: Deaf Pioneer 2004
Educational and Developmental Aspects of Deafness 1990
Educational Interpreting: How It Can Succeed 2004
El Jardín Silencioso: Una guía para los padres para criar a un niño sordo 2017
Elements of French Deaf Heritage 2020
The Emergence of the Deaf Community in Nicaragua: “With Sign Language You Can Learn So Much" 2005
Enhancing Diversity: Educators with Disabilities 1998
Evolving Paradigms in Interpreter Education 2013
Extraordinary from the Ordinary: Personal Experience Narratives in American Sign Language 2009
A Fair Chance in the Race of Life: The Role of Gallaudet University in Deaf History 2008
Far from Home: Memories of World War II and Afterward 2005
Fighting in the Shadows: Untold Stories of Deaf People in the Civil War 2017
For “Children Who Vary from the Normal Type" 2000
Forging Deaf Education in Nineteenth-Century France: Biographical Sketches of Bébian, Sicard, Massieu, and Clerc 2009
Form, Meaning, and Focus in American Sign Language 2013
Four Days in Michigan: A Novel 2009
From Integration to Inclusion: A History of Special Education in the 20th Century 2009
From Pity to Pride: Growing Up Deaf in the Old South 2004
From Topic Boundaries to Omission: New Research on Interpretation 2003
Gaillard in Deaf America: A Portrait of the Deaf Community, 1917, Henri Gaillard 2002
The Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language 2005
Genetics, Disability, and Deafness 2004
Gesture in Multiparty Interaction 2019
Get Your Elbow Off the Horn: Stories through the Years 2020
Guidelines for Multilingual Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs 2021
Hearing Difference: The Third Ear in Experimental, Deaf, and Multicultural Theater 2006
HEARING, MOTHER-FATHER DEAF: Hearing People in Deaf Families 2008
Here or There: Research on Interpreting via Video Link 2018
The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL: Its History and Structure 2011
A Historical and Etymological Dictionary of American Sign Language: The Origin and Evolution of More Than 500 Signs 2015
The History of Gallaudet University: 150 Years of a Deaf American Institution 2014
The History of Inclusion in the United States 2005
The History of Special Education: From Isolation to Integration 1993
The Human Right to Language: Communication Access for Deaf Children 2008
I Fill This Small Space: The Writings of a Deaf Activist 2009
Illusions of Equality: Deaf Americans in School and Factory, 1850-1950 1999
In Our Hands: Educating Healthcare Interpreters 2012
In Our Own Hands: Essays in Deaf History, 1780–1970 2016
In Silence: Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf World 2006
Indian Sign Language: A Linguistic Analysis of Its Grammar 2018
Innovative Practices for Teaching Sign Language Interpreters 1999
Intermediate Conversational Sign Language 1982
International Perspectives on Sign Language Interpreter Education 2009
International Practices in Special Education: Debates and Challenges 2011
International Sign: Linguistic, Usage, and Status Issues 2015
Interpreter Education in the Digital Age: Innovation, Access, and Change 2015
Interpreting in Legal Settings 2008
Interpreting in Multilingual, Multicultural Contexts 2010
Interpreting in the Zone: How the Conscious and Unconscious Function in Interpretation 2016
Investigations in Healthcare Interpreting 2014
An Invincible Spirit: The Story of Don Fulk 2019
Islay: A Novel 2013
Issues Unresolved: New Perspectives on Language and Deaf Education 1998
It's a Small World: International Deaf Spaces and Encounters 2015
It’s Not What You Sign, It’s How You Sign It: Politeness in American Sign Language 2007
Judaism and Disability: Portrayals in Ancient Texts from the Tanach through the Bavli 1998
A Key to the World 2019
Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children 1995
Language and the Law in Deaf Communities 2003
Language Attitudes in the American Deaf Community 2012
Language in Hand: Why Sign Came Before Speech 2001
Language in Motion: Exploring the Nature of Sign 1995
Language Policy and Planning for Sign Languages 2010
Language, Power, and Resistance: Mainstreaming Deaf Education 2017
Laurent Clerc: The Story of His Early Years 1991
Learning American Sign Language in High School: Motivation, Strategies, and Achievement 2015
Learning To See: American Sign Language as a Second Language 1997
Legal Interpreting: Teaching, Research, and Practice 2022
Legal Rights, 6th Ed.: The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People 2015
Lessons in Laughter: The Autobiography of a Deaf Actor 1989
Let’s Go In: My Journey to a University Presidency 2020
Linguistic Coping Strategies in Sign Language Interpreting 2016
Linguistics of American Sign Language, 5th Ed.: An Introduction 2011
Listening through the Bone: Collected Poems 2018
Literacy and Deaf Education: Toward a Global Understanding 2020
Literacy and Deaf People: Cultural and Contextual Perspectives 2004
Living with Hearing Loss 2003
Managing Their Own Affairs: The Australian Deaf Community in the 1920s and 1930s 2018
Manual Communication: Implications for Education 1990
Many Ways to Be Deaf: International Variation in Deaf Communities 2003
Mental Health Services for Deaf People: Treatment Advances, Opportunities, and Challenges 2015
Metaphor in American Sign Language 2000
Mickey’s Harvest: A Novel of a Deaf Boy’s Checkered Life 2015
A Mighty Change: An Anthology of Deaf American Writing, 1816 - 1864 2000
Miriam Hearing Sister: A Memoir 2022
Missing Words: The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss 1993
Moon on the Meadow: Collected Poems 2008
More Than Meets the Eye: Revealing the Complexities of an Interpreted Education 2013
Mrs. Sigourney of Hartford: Poems and Prose on the Early American Deaf Community 2013
Multicultural Aspects of Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities 1996
Multilingualism and Sign Languages: From the Great Plains to Australia 2006
My First Book of Sign 1986
My Life of Language: A Memoir 2017
My Life with Kangaroos: A Deaf Woman’s Remarkable Story 2013
My Mother Made Me Deaf: Discourse and Identity in a Deaf Community 2017
My Signing Book of Numbers 1988
Neither–Nor: A Young Australian's Experience with Deafness 2007
Never the Twain Shall Meet: Bell, Gallaudet, and the Communications Debate 1987
New Approaches to Interpreter Education 2006
A New Civil Right: Telecommunications Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans 2006
The Next Generation of Research in Interpreter Education: Pursuing Evidence-Based Practices 2018
No Walls of Stone: An Anthology of Literature by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers 1992
On the Beat of Truth: A Hearing Daughter’s Stories of Her Black Deaf Parents 2013
once upon a twin: poems 2021
Orchid of the Bayou: A Deaf Woman Faces Blindess 2001
Original Signs: Gesture, Sign, and the Sources of Language 1999
Outcasts and Angels: The New Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature 2012
Parents and Their Deaf Children: The Early Years 2003
The Parents’ Guide to Baby Signs: Early Communication with Your Infant 2008
Paris in America: A Deaf Nanticoke Shoemaker and His Daughter 2018
Partners in Education: Issues and Trends from the 21st International Congress on the Education of the Deaf 2011
The People Who Spell: The Last Students from the Mexican National School for the Deaf 2011
A Phone of Our Own: The Deaf Insurrection Against Ma Bell 2000
A Place of Their Own: Creating the Deaf Community in America 1989
The Politics of Deafness 1996
Primary Movement in Sign Languages: A Study of Six Languages 2011
Professional Autonomy in Video Relay Service Interpreting 2019
Promoting Positive Transition Outcomes: Effective Planning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Young Adults 2016
Prosodic Markers and Utterance Boundaries in American Sign Language Interpretation 2009
Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Adolescents 2015
Psychotherapy with Deaf Clients from Diverse Groups 2010
A Quiet Foghorn: More Notes from a Deaf Gay Life 2022
Reflections: My Life in the Deaf and Hearing Worlds 2010
The Rising of Lotus Flowers: Self-Education by Deaf Children in Thai Boarding Schools 2005
The Role of the Educational Interpreter: Perceptions of Administrators and Teachers 2021
The Second International Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research: Selected Papers 2020
Seeing Language in Sign: The Work of William C. Stokoe 1996
Service Learning in Interpreter Education: Strategies for Extending Student Involvement in the Deaf Community 2013
Shall I Say A Kiss?: The Courtship Letters of a Deaf Couple, 1936-1938 1999
Shifting the Dialog, Shifting the Culture: Pathways to Successful Postsecondary Outcomes for Deaf Individuals 2017
Show of Hands: A Natural History of Sign Language 2011
Sign Language Archaeology: Understanding the Historical Roots of American Sign Language 2015
Sign Language Interpreting: Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality 1999
Sign Language, Sustainable Development, and Equal Opportunities: Envisioning the Future for Deaf Students 2016
Sign Languages in Contact 2007
Signed Language Corpora 2022
Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research: Selected Papers from the First International Symposium 2015
Signed Language Interpreting in Brazil 2012
Signed Language Interpreting in the 21st Century: An Overview of the Profession 2018
Signed Language Interpreting in the Workplace 2017
Signed Language Interpreting Pedagogy: Insights and Innovations from the Conference of Interpreter Trainers 2022
Signed Languages: Discoveries from International Research 2001
Signing and Belonging in Nepal 2016
Signing Fun: American Sign Language Vocabulary, Phrases, Games, and Activities 2006
Signing in Puerto Rican: A Hearing Son and His Deaf Family 2009
Signs and Wonders: Religious Rhetoric and the Preservation of Sign Language 2014
Signs of the Times 2011
Silent Alarm: On the Edge with a Deaf EMT 1995
The Silent Garden: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Deaf Child 2016
Silent Life and Silent Language: The Inner Life of a Mute in an Institution for the Deaf 2018
Silent Observer 1993
Sister and Brother: A Family Story 2018
Social Constructions of Deafness: Examining Deaf Languacultures in Education 2012
Sociolinguistic Variation in American Sign Language 2001
The Sociolinguistics of Ethiopian Sign Language: A Study of Language Use and Attitudes 2017
Sound Sense: Living and Learning with Hearing Loss 2010
Sounds Like Home: Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South 2019
The Spanish National Deaf School: Portraits from the Nineteenth Century 2007
Speechreading: A Way To Improve Understanding 1985
The Stories They Told Me: The Life of My Deaf Parents 2017
The Study of Signed Languages: Essays in Honor of William C. Stokoe 2002
Surviving in Silence: A Deaf Boy in the Holocaust, The Harry I. Dunai Story 2002
Sweet Bells Jangled: Laura Redden Searing, A Deaf Poet Restored 2003
Teaching and Learning in Bilingual Classrooms: New Scholarship 2014
Teaching from the Heart and Soul: The Robert F. Panara Story 2007
Tell Me How It Reads: Tutoring Deaf and Hearing Students in the Writing Center 2012
Telling Deaf Lives: Agents of Change 2014
To the Lexicon and Beyond: Sociolinguistics in European Deaf Communities 2004
Toward a Deaf Translation Norm 2009
Translation, Sociolinguistic, and Consumer Issues in Interpreting 2007
Turn on the Words!: Deaf Audiences, Captions, and the Long Struggle for Access 2021
Turning the Tide: Making Life Better for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Schoolchildren 2014
Understanding International Sign: A Sociolinguistic Study 2016
Video Relay Service Interpreters: Intricacies of Sign Language Access 2011
The Week the World Heard Gallaudet 1989
What's Your Sign for Pizza?: An Introduction to Variation in American Sign Language 2003
When I Am Dead: The Writings of George M. Teegarden 2007
When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes: The Memoirs of a Deaf Doctor 1993
Whispers of a Savage Sort: And Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience 2009
Women and Deafness: Double Visions 2006
You and Your Deaf Child: A Self-Help Guide for Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children 1997