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Books in JSTOR from Leiden University Press
57 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Animals in Dutch Travel Writing, 1800-present OPEN ACCESS 2023
Applying Sharia in the West: Facts, Fears and the Future of Islamic Rules on Family Relations in the West OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Asian Studies Parade: Archival, Biographical, Institutional and Post-Colonial Approaches OPEN ACCESS 2023
Atlas of Material Life: Northwestern Europe and East Asia, 15th to 19th century 2020
Ayatollah Khomeini’s Mystical Poetry and its Reception in Iran and the Diaspora 2023
Being a Slave: Histories and Legacies of European Slavery in the Indian Ocean OPEN ACCESS 2020
Being Muslim in Indonesia: Religiosity, Politics and Cultural Diversity in Bima 2021
Big Books in Times of Big Data 2019
Bureaucrats of Liberation: Southern African and American Lawyers and Clients During the Apartheid Era 2020
Cape Conflict: Protest and Political Alliances in a Dutch Settlement 2019
Caribbean Cultural Heritage and the Nation: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao in a Regional Context 2023
Colonialism and Slavery: An Alternative History of the Port City of Rotterdam 2021
The Colonization of Freed African Americans in Suriname: Archival Sources relating to the U.S.-Dutch Negotiations, 1860-1866 2019
The Company Fortress: Military Engineering and the Dutch East India Company in South Asia, 1638-1795 2020
Conflict and Development in Iranian Film 2013
Courtly Riddles: Enigmatic Embellishments in Early Persian Poetry 2010
Designating Place: Archaeological Perspectives on Built Environments in Ostia and Pompeii 2020
Discourses of Disruption in Asia: Creating and Contesting Meaning in the Time of COVID-19 2023
Economic Diversity in Contemporary Timor-Leste OPEN ACCESS 2023
Ending Famine in India: A Transnational History of Food Aid and Development, c. 1890-1950 OPEN ACCESS 2023
The E-Primer: An Introduction to Creating Psychological Experiments in E-Prime® 2019
The Exposition of Artistic Research: Publishing Art in Academia 2014
The Fall and Rise of Blasphemy Law OPEN ACCESS 2016
Father of Persian Verse: Rudaki and his Poetry OPEN ACCESS 2010
The Heirs of Vijayanagara: Court Politics in Early Modern South India OPEN ACCESS 2022
The Holy Drama: Persian Passion Play in Modern Iran OPEN ACCESS 2013
In Praise of Ambiguity: Erasmus, Huizinga and the Seriousness of Play 2018
Inescapable Entrapments?: The Civil-Military Decision Paths to Uruzgan and Helmand 2021
The Invasion of the Dutch East Indies OPEN ACCESS 2015
Ishikawa Sanshir.’s Geographical Imagination: Transnational Anarchism and the Reconfiguration of Everyday Life in Early Twentieth-Century Japan 2020
Islam, Politics and Change: The Indonesian Experience after the Fall of Suharto OPEN ACCESS 2016
Jihad and Islam in World War I: Studies on the Ottoman Jihad on the Centenary of Snouck Hurgronje's "Holy War Made in Germany" OPEN ACCESS 2016
Lawmaking in Dutch Sri Lanka: Navigating Pluralities in a Colonial Society 2023
The League Against Imperialism: Lives and Afterlives 2020
Lightning in the Age of Benjamin Franklin: Facts and Fictions in Science, Religion, and Art 2023
Losing Our Minds, Coming to Our Senses: Sensory Readings of Persian Literature and Culture 2021
Middle High German Legends in English Translation 2021
Mirrors of Entrapment and Emancipation: Forugh Farrokhzad and Sylvia Plath OPEN ACCESS 2015
Monsoon Asia: A reader on South and Southeast Asia 2023
The Operations of the Navy in the Dutch East Indies and the Bay of Bengal OPEN ACCESS 2018
Pearls of Meaning: Studies on Persian Art, Poetry, ..f.sm and History of Iranian Studies in Europe.J.T.P. de Bruijn 2020
The Persian Whitman: Beyond a Literary Reception 2019
Philippine Confluence: Iberian, Chinese and Islamic Currents, C. 1500-1800 2020
A Pictographic Naxi Origin Myth from Southwest China: An Annotated Translation 2023
Principles for Progress: Essays on Religion and Modernity by `Abdu'l-Bahá 2018
Proportional Systems in the History of Architecture: A Critical Consideration 2018
The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám: An Updated Bibliography 2010
Sharia Incorporated: A Comparative Overview of the Legal Systems of Twelve Muslim Countries in Past and Present OPEN ACCESS 2010
South Asia Unbound: New International Histories of the Subcontinent 2023
Star Authors in the Age of Romanticism: Literary Celebrity in the Netherlands 2018
Terrorists on Trial: A Performative Perspective OPEN ACCESS 2016
Tourism and the Emergence of Nation-States in the Arab Eastern Mediterranean, 1920s-1930s OPEN ACCESS 2023
The Travels of Pieter Albert Bik: Writings from the Dutch Colonial World of the Early Nineteenth Century 2017
Understanding Contemporary Islamic Crises in the Middle East: The Issues Beneath the Surface OPEN ACCESS 2016
The United States and South Asia from the Age of Empire to Decolonization: A History of Entanglements 2022
Wali Pitu and Muslim Pilgrimage in Bali, Indonesia: Inventing a Sacred Tradition 2022
World History - A Genealogy: Private Conversations with World Historians, 1996–2016 OPEN ACCESS 2017