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Books in JSTOR from Mwanaka Media and Publishing
61 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Africa Must Deal with Blats for Its True Decolonisation: Unclothed Truth about Internalised Internal Colonialism 2023
Africa, UK, and Ireland: Writing Politics and Knowledge Production 2018
Africanization and Americanization Anthology, Volume 1: Africa Vs North America : Searching for Inter-racial, Interstitial, Inter-sectional, and Interstates 2018
Africa’s Contemporary Food Insecurity: Self-inflicted Wounds through Modern Veni Vidi Vici and Land Grabbing 2023
Battling Language Rights Governance in Africa: Swisselgianism, Ubackism, and the Ambazonia-Cameroun War 2021
Because Sadness is Beautiful? 2019
Best "New" African Poets 2018 Anthology 2018
Best New African Poets 2019 Anthology 2019
Best New African Poets 2021 Anthology 2021
A Case of Love and Hate: The Book of Quotes Volume 1 2018
A Cat and Mouse Affair: Exploring Sustainable Measures of Resolving the Vendor-Local Authority Conflict: A Case of Maronder 2018
Chitungwiza Mushamukuru: An Anthology from Zimbabwe's Biggest Ghetto Town 2019
A Conversation: .., A Contact 2018
Cultural Hybridity and Fixity: Strategies of Resistance in Migration Literatures 2018
A Dark Energy 2018
The day and the dweller 2020
epochs of morning light: prose poems 2018
Experimental Writing: Africa Vs Latin America� 2023
Family Law and Politics with Biology and Royalty in Africa and North America 2021
fly in a beehive 2018
Fragmented Lives 2022
Ghetto Symphony 2019
The Gods Sleep Through It All: A collection of essays 2018
HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe: A Review on the Relationship Between Perception of Masculinity amongst Unmarried Young Men and their Sexual Behaviors 2011
How the Twins Grew Up: A collection of short stories for children 2018
I Threw a Star in a Wine Glass 2018
Keeping the Sun Secret: Poems 2021
Keys in the River: New and Collected Stories 2018
Logbook written by a drifter 2018
Love Notes: An Anthology of African and East European Indigenous Languages 2021
Mad Bob Repuplic: Bloodlines, Bile and a Crying Child: struggle poems 2018
A Matter of Inclusion 2022
Not Yet Post-Colonial: Essays on Ghetto Being, Cosmology and Space in Post-Imperial Zimbabwe 2020
Notes from a Modern Chimurenga: Collected Stuggle Stories 2020
Otherness and Pathology: The Fragmented Self and Madness in Contemporary African Fiction 2021
Ouafa and Thawra: About a Lover from Tunisia: Poetry, Drawings, Essay 2019
Pano Calo: A Bemba and English Bilingual Translation version 2022
Parks and Recreation 2020
Phenomenology of Decolonizing the University: Essays in the Contemporary Thoughts of Afrikology 2019
Re-centring Mother Earth: Ecological Reading of Contemporary Works of Fiction 2022
Registers of Loss: PhotoTalking with the Baobab Trees of Nyatate 2021
Revolution Recollected and New Struggle Poems 2023
The Rhythm of Life 2019
Royal Burial and Enthronement in Ambazonia: Interrogating the Relevance of Postcolonial Education in Africa 2023
The Scholarship Girl: Life Writing 2018
School Based HIV Education Affecting Girls in Selected Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa 2022
Sentiments 2018
Shades of Black 2020
Shaping Up: Art drawings, Essays, Poetry and Interpretations 2021
South Africa and United Nations Peacekeeping Offensive Operations: Conceptual Models 2018
This Body is an Empty Vessel: Poetry 2021
Tintinnabulation of Literary Theory: Traversing Genres to Contemporary Experience 2018
The Trick is to Keep Breathing: Covid 19 Stories From African and North American Writers 2022
Under The Steel Yoke 2018
The Ungendered 2018
Words That Matter 2018
Writing Woman Anthology: Drama and Scholarly Essays 2023
Writing Woman Anthology: Personal Essays and Short Stories 2023
Writing Woman Anthology: Poetry and Visual Art 2023
Zimbabwe: Beyond Robert Mugabe: Essays, Non Fictions and Letters 2022
Zimbolicious Anthology. An Anthology of Zimbabwean Literature and Arts. Volumen 6 2021