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Practical Action Publishing helps to build the skills and capabilities of researchers and practitioners involved in international development through the dissemination of knowledge in a variety of mediums, including books and peer reviewed journals. Over the past 40 years, as well a pursuing an independent publishing programme, we have collaborated with a number of international development organizations including UNDP, Care International, DFID, IFRC, Save the Children, Oxfam, UNICEF, FAO and many others.
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Decentralized Energy Access and the Millennium Development Goals: An analysis of the development benefits of micro hydropower in rural Nepal 2011
Expanding Energy Access in Developing Countries: The role of mechanical power 2009
Food Regimes and Agrarian Questions 2013
From Vulnerability to Resilience: A framework for analysis and action to build community resilience 2011
Gender and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 2019
Gender, Roads, and Mobility in Asia 2012
Grass Roots Injury Prevention: A guide for field workers 2013
Hygiene Promotion: A Practical Manual for Relief and Development 2007
Minimum Economic Recovery Standards 3rd Edition 2017
Normas mínimas para la recuperación económica 3rd Edition 2018
Normes minimales pour le relèvement économique 3rd Edition 2018
Peasants and the Art of Farming: A Chayanovian Manifesto 2014
Small-scale Rural Biogas Programmes: A handbook 2015
Small-scale Soapmaking: A handbook 1986
Supporting Rural Water Supply: Moving towards a Service Delivery Approach 2011
Sustainable Cities: Local Solutions in the Global South 2012
Uncertain Futures: Adapting development to a changing climate 2011
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Humanitarian Contexts: Reflections on current practice 2015