Ugarit Verlag Publisher Description

Ugarit-Verlag was originally established by Prof. Dr. Manfried Dietrich and Prof. Dr. Oswald Loretz on the 13th of July 1988, as a company constituted under civil law (Gesellschaft Bürgerlichen Rechts) for the purpose of publishing academic books. Publication began in 1988 with ​​the series ALASP(M) = “Essays on the Literature of Ancient Syria-Palestine (and Mesopotamia)”, and in the same year the series UBL = “Ugaritic-Biblical Literature” followed.
As a young, independent publishing house, Ugarit-Verlag publishes scientific literature in the field of Ancient East-Mediterranean Studies since 1988 in Münster, Germany. Their focus is in the fields of Philology, History of Religion, History, and Archaeology. Their works are written to an audience of scientists as well as students, who are interested in scientific publications for research, and didactic teaching aids.

Books in JSTOR from Ugarit Verlag
4 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Ben Porat Yosef: Studies in the Bible and Its World: Essays in Honor of Joseph Fleishman 2019
Economy of Religions in Anatolia and Northern Syria: From the Early Second to the Middle of the First Millennium BCE 2019
Mesopotamia in the Ancient World: Impact, Continuities, Parallels. Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium of the Melammu Project Held in Obergurgl, Austria, November 4-8, 2013 2015
Traditions of Written Knowledge in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia: Proceedings of Two Workshops Held at Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main in December 2011 and May 2012 2014