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Founded in 1943, the University Press of Kentucky is the statewide mandated nonprofit scholarly publisher for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. With an editorial program that focuses on the humanities and the social sciences, the Press is nationally known for its publications in film, military, and Appalachian studies as well as its offerings on the history and culture of Kentucky, the Ohio Valley region, and the Upper South. Its catalog also includes award-winning titles in political science, philosophy, American history, Asian studies, and popular culture.
Books in JSTOR from University Press of Kentucky
2022 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1816: America Rising 2003
The 25-Year War: America's Military Role in Vietnam 1984
{#289-128}: Poems 2020
3-D Revolution: The History of Modern Stereoscopic Cinema 2012
The 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam: Unparalleled and Unequaled 2010
The Abolitionists and the South, 1831-1861 1995
Abraham Lincoln, Esq.: The Legal Career of America's Greatest President 2010
Absentee Landowning and Exploitation in West Virginia, 1760-1920 1994
The Academic Mind and Reform: The Influence of Richard T. Ely in American Life 1966
Access to Energy: 2000 and After 1979
Accounting in Small Business Decisions 1963
The Achievement of Wendell Berry: The Hard History of Love 2011
Act of Contrition 2001
Act of Justice: Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the Law of War 2007
Actors, Audiences, and Historic Theaters of Kentucky 2000
Adams on Adams 2004
Adolph Rupp and the Rise of Kentucky Basketball 2019
Adorno and Democracy: The American Years 2016
Advance and Destroy: Patton as Commander in the Bulge 2011
Adventures in Paranormal Investigation 2007
The Adventures of David Simple and Volume the Last 1998
Aemilia Lanyer: Gender, Genre, and the Canon 1998
Aesop's Fables: With a Life of Aesop 1993
African American Fraternities and Sororities: The Legacy and the Vision 2012
African American Fraternities and Sororities: The Legacy and the Vision 2005
After the Dream: Black and White Southerners since 1965 2011
After the Trauma: Representative British Novelists Since 1920 1970
Agrarian Kentucky 1977
The Agrarian Vision: Sustainability and Environmental Ethics 2010
Agrarianism and the Good Society: Land, Culture, Conflict, and Hope 2007
Aid Under Fire: Nation Building and the Vietnam War 2016
AIDS and the Social Sciences: Common Threads 1991
Ailing, Aging, Addicted: Studies of Compromised Leadership 1993
The Air Force Way of War: U.S. Tactics and Training after Vietnam 2015
Airlines and Air Mail: The Post Office and the Birth of the Commercial Aviation Industry 2002
Albanian Escape: The True Story of U.S. Army Nurses Behind Enemy Lines 1999
Alben Barkley: A Life in Politics 2016
Albert Capellani: Pioneer of the Silent Screen 2013
Albert D. Kirwan 1975
Albert Shaw of the Review of Reviews 1974
Albert Sidney Johnston: Soldier of Three Republics 2001
Alexander Gumberg and Soviet-American Relations: 1917--1933 1977
Alfred Hitchcock: The Legacy of Victorianism 1995
Aline MacMahon: Hollywood, the Blacklist, and the Birth of Method Acting 2022
All According to God's Plan: Southern Baptist Missions and Race, 1945-1970 2005
All This Hell: U.S. Nurses Imprisoned by the Japanese 2003
The Allegheny Frontier: West Virginia Beginnings, 1730--1830 1970
Allegorical Poetics and the Epic: The Renaissance Tradition to Paradise Lost 1994
Allies in Air Power: A History of Multinational Air Operations 2020
All-Stars and Movie Stars: Sports in Film and History 2008
Almanac of World War I 1998
The Aloineae: A Biosystematic Survey 1979
Alpha Phi Alpha: A Legacy of Greatness, The Demands of Transcendence 2012
Alternative Alices: Visions and Revisions of Lewis Carroll's Alice Books 1997
Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne 2014
Amadis of Gaul, Books I and II 2003
Amadis of Gaul, Books III and IV 2009
Ambition in America: Political Power and the Collapse of Citizenship 2014
Ambrose Bierce is Missing: And Other Historical Mysteries 1992
America and Guerrilla Warfare 2000
America Overcommitted: United States National Interests in the 1980s 1985
America Recommitted: A Superpower Assesses Its Role in a Turbulent World 2001
American Audiences on Movies and Moviegoing 2001
American Business and Foreign Policy: 1920--1933 1971
American Culture in Peril 2012
The American Darters 1983
American Datu: John J. Pershing and Counterinsurgency Warfare in the Muslim Philippines, 1899-1913 2020
An American Dissenter: The Life of Algie Martin Simons 1870--1950 1969
An American Experience in Indonesia: The University of Kentucky Affiliation with the Agricultural University at Bogor 1971
American Grit: A Woman's Letters from the Ohio Frontier 2002
American Justice in Taiwan: The 1957 Riots and Cold War Foreign Policy 2016
American Literature and Science 1992
American Racist: The Life and Films of Thomas Dixon 2004
The American South and the Vietnam War: Belligerence, Protest, and Agony in Dixie 2015
American Vaudeville as Ritual 1965
The American Vision of Robert Penn Warren 1991
The American Voice Anthology of Poetry 1998
American Women Writing Fiction: Memory, Identity, Family, Space 1989
The Americanization of West Virginia: Creating a Modern Industrial State, 1916-1925 1996
America's First Black Socialist: The Radical Life of Peter H. Clark 2013
America's Israel: The US Congress and American-Israeli Relations, 1967--1975 2020
Amphibians and Reptiles of Land Between the Lakes 2016
Amreekiya: A Novel 2018
Andrey Bely: A Critical Review 1978
Animating Space: From Mickey to WALL-E 2010
Ann Dvorak: Hollywood's Forgotten Rebel 2013
Anna Held and the Birth of Ziegfeld's Broadway 2000
Anna Hubbard: Out of the Shadows 2001
Anne Bancroft: A Life 2017
Annotated Bibliography of Films in Automation, Data Processing, and Computer Science 1967
Ante Bellum Houses of the Bluegrass: The Development of Residential Architecture in Fayette County, Kentucky 1961
Antebellum Architecture of Kentucky 1991
Antebellum Politics in Tennessee 1982
The Anti-Masonic Party in the United States: 1826-1843 1983
The Antislavery Movement in Kentucky 1978
Apostles of Rock: The Splintered World of Contemporary Christian Music 1999
Appalachia and America: Autonomy and Regional Dependence 1983
Appalachia in Regional Context: Place Matters 2018
Appalachia in the Sixties: Decade of Reawakening 1972
Appalachia Revisited: New Perspectives on Place, Tradition, and Progress 2016
Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place 2012
Appalachian Health and Well-Being 2012
Appalachian Health: Culture, Challenges, and Capacity 2022
Appalachian Home Cooking: History, Culture, and Recipes 2005
Appalachian Mental Health 1988
The Appalachian Photographs of Earl Palmer 1990
The Appalachian Regional Commission: Twenty-Five Years of Government Policy 1992
Appalachian Toys and Games from A to Z 2013
Appalachian Travels: The Diary of Olive Dame Campbell 2012
Appalachian Women: An Annotated Bibliography 1981
Appalachia's Children: The Challenge of Mental Health 1971
Appalachia's Path to Dependency: Rethinking a Region's Economic History, 1730-1940 1994
Appeasement in International Politics 2000
Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky: Stories of Accommodation and Audacity 2012
Architect of Air Power: General Laurence S. Kuter and the Birth of the US Air Force 2017
Archives of Memory: A Soldier Recalls World War II 1990
The Armies of the Streets: The New York City Draft Riots of 1863 1974
The Arms of the Family: The Significance of John Milton's Relatives and Associates 2004
Arms Transfers under Nixon: A Policy Analysis 1983
Army Diplomacy: American Military Occupation and Foreign Policy after World War II 2015
The Art and Imagination of Langston Hughes 2006
Art for Equality: The NAACP's Cultural Campaign for Civil Rights 2014
The Art of Command: Military Leadership from George Washington to Colin Powell 2017
The Art of Command: Military Leadership from George Washington to Colin Powell 2008
The Art of Ellis Wilson 2000
The Arthurdale Community School: Education and Reform in Depression Era Appalachia 2016
Artisans in the North Carolina Backcountry 1995
The Assault on Elisha Green: Race and Religion in a Kentucky Community 2021
At The Breakers: A Novel 2009
At the Decisive Point in the Sinai: Generalship in the Yom Kippur War 2017
At Zero Point: Discourse, Culture, and Satire in Restoration England 1998
Athens on the Frontier: Grecian-Style Architecture in the Splendid Valley of the West, 1820-1860 2023
Audubon: The Kentucky Years 1976
Aunt Jane Of Kentucky 1907
Australia Faces Southeast Asia: The Emergence of a Foreign Policy 1967
The Austro-Marxists 1890--1918: A Psychobiographical Study 1985
Authority and Female Authorship in Colonial America 1998
The Autonomous Image: Cinematic Narration and Humanism 1981
Back from Westminster: British Members of Parliament and Their Constituents 1993
Back Talk from Appalachia: Confronting Stereotypes 1999
Back to the Light: Poems 2021
Balkan Village 1949
The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles 2000
The Banana Men: American Mercenaries and Entrepreneurs in Central America, 1880-1930 1995
The Banking Crisis of 1933 1973
Barbara La Marr: The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful for Hollywood 2017
Barry Bingham: A Man of His Word 1993
Baseball's Pivotal Era, 1945-1951 1999
Basil Wilson Duke, CSA: The Right Man in the Right Place 2005
Basketball and Philosophy: Thinking Outside the Paint 2007
The Battle Rages Higher: The Union's Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry 2003
Battlefield Surgeon: Life and Death on the Front Lines of World War II 2016
BattleFire!: Combat Stories from World War II 1997
Beckett's Critical Complicity: Carnival, Contestation, and Tradition 1988
Becoming Bourgeois: Merchant Culture in the South, 1820-1865 2006
Becoming King: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Making of a National Leader 2008
Becoming Native To This Place 1994
Beeconomy: What Women and Bees Can Teach Us about Local Trade and the Global Market 2012
The Beer Cheese Book 2017
Bees in America: How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation 2005
Beetle: The Life of General Walter Bedell Smith 2010
Before Big Blue: Sports at the University of Kentucky, 1880-1940 1996
Before The Bomb: How America Approached the End of the Pacific War 1997
Before the Quagmire: American Intervention in Laos, 1954-1961 2012
Behavioral Therapy for Rural Substance Abusers 2000
Behind Japanese Lines: An American Guerrilla in the Philippines 1986
Being Hal Ashby: Life of a Hollywood Rebel 2009
Being Here: Stories 2022
Being in the World: Dialogue and Cosmopolis 2013
Being, Man, and Death: A Key to Heidegger 1970
Belorussia: Under Soviet Rule, 1917--1957 1972
Ben Jonson's 'Dotages': A Reconsideration of the Late Plays 1967
Benjamin Franklin's Humor 2005
The Bennetts: An Acting Family 2004
Berea College: An Illustrated History 2006
Bergson, Eliot, and American Literature 1986
Berlin on the Brink: The Blockade, the Airlift, and the Early Cold War 2012
Bert Combs The Politician: An Oral History 1991
Between a Bird Cage and a Bird House: Poems 2024
Beyond Biotechnology: The Barren Promise of Genetic Engineering 2008
Beyond the Epic: The Life and Films of David Lean 2006
Beyond the Metafictional Mode: Directions in the Modern Spanish Novel 1984
Beyond Tragedy: Structure and Experience in Shakespeare's Romances 1981
Bicycles, Bangs, and Bloomers: The New Woman in the Popular Press 1990
Big Bone Lick: The Cradle of American Paleontology 2008
Big Government and Affirmative Action: The Scandalous History of the Small Business Administration 2001
The Big Sandy 1979
A Biographical Dictionary of Early American Jews: Colonial Times through 1800 1960
Biplanes at War: US Marine Corps Aviation in the Small Wars Era, 1915-1934 2019
The Birds of Kentucky 1994
The Birds of Opulence 2016
The Birth of Bourbon: A Photographic Tour of Early Distilleries 2015
Bitter Legacy: Polish-American Relations in the Wake of World War II 1982
The Bizarre Careers of John R. Brinkley 2002
Black American Literature and Humanism 1981
Black Bone: 25 Years of the Affrilachian Poets 2017
Black Church in the Sixties 1975
Black Coal Miners in America: Race, Class, and Community Conflict, 1780-1980 1987
A Black Educator in the Segregated South: Kentucky's Rufus B. Atwood 1994
Black Greek-letter Organizations in the Twenty-First Century: Our Fight Has Just Begun 2008
Black Liberation in Kentucky: Emancipation and Freedom, 1862-1884 1983
Black Male Fiction and the Legacy of Caliban 2001
Black on Black: Twentieth-Century African American Writing about Africa 2000
Black Southerners, 1619-1869 1984
Blacks in Appalachia 1985
Blazer and Ashland Oil: A Study in Management 1960
Blockbusting in Baltimore: The Edmondson Village Story 1994
Blood, Guts, and Grease: George S. Patton in World War I 2019
Blood in the Hills: A History of Violence in Appalachia 2012
Blood in the Sand: Imperial Fantasies, Right-Wing Ambitions, and the Erosion of American Democracy 2005
Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 2001
Bloodroot: Reflections on Place by Appalachian Women Writers 1998
Bloody Breathitt: Politics and Violence in the Appalachian South 2013
The Blue Grass Cook Book 2012
The Blue Ribbon Cook Book 2008
Bluebirds And Their Survival 2008
Bluecoats and Tar Heels: Soldiers and Civilians in Reconstruction North Carolina 2009
Blue-grass and Rhododendron: Out-doors in Old Kentucky 1901
Bluegrass Cavalcade 2009
Bluegrass Craftsman: Being the Reminiscences of Ebenezer Hiram Stedman Papermaker 1808--1885 1959
Bluegrass Land and Life: Land Character, Plants, and Animals of the Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky: Past, Present, and Future 1991
Bluegrass Paradise: Royal Spring and the Birth of Georgetown, Kentucky 2023
Bluegrass Renaissance: The History and Culture of Central Kentucky, 1792-1852 2012
Bluejackets and Contrabands: African Americans and the Union Navy 2009
Blueprints for Battle: Planning for War in Central Europe, 1948-1968 2012
Bomber Pilot: A Memoir of World War II 1978
Bonaventure des Périers's Novel Pastimes and Merry Tales 1972
Bonds of Womanhood: Slavery and the Decline of a Kentucky Plantation 2021
The Book of Count Lucanor and Patronio: A Translation of Don Juan Manuel's El Conde Lucanor 1977
The Book of Kyng Arthur: The Unity of Malory's Morte Darthur 1965
The Book of the Knight Zifar: A Translation of El Libro del Cavallero Zifar 1983
Boonesborough Unearthed: Frontier Archaeology at a Revolutionary Fort 2019
Borrowed Children 1999
Bossism and Reform in a Southern City: Lexington, Kentucky, 1880-1940 2000
Boswell: Citizen of the World, Man of Letters 1995
Bougainville, 1943-1945: The Forgotten Campaign 1991
Bound to the Fire: How Virginia's Enslaved Cooks Helped Invent American Cuisine 2017
Bourbon 101 2023
Bourbon Desserts 2014
Bourbon Is My Comfort Food: The Bourbon Women® Guide to Fantastic Cocktails at Home 2022
Bourbon's Backroads: A Journey through Kentucky's Distilling Landscape 2019
Bourbon's Backroads: A Journey through Kentucky's Distilling Landscape 2019
De Bow's Review: The Antebellum Vision of a New South 2013
Boy on the Bridge: The Story of John Shalikashvili's American Success 2019
The Braided Dream: Robert Penn Warren's Late Poetry 1990
Brandeis And America 1989
Breaking Protocol: America's First Female Ambassadors, 1933-1964 2020
Breaking the Magic Spell: Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy Tales 1979
Breckinridge: Statesman, Soldier, Symbol 2010
The Breckinridges of Kentucky 1986
A Brief History of Northern Kentucky 2019
The Brief, Madcap Life of Kay Kendall 2002
Brigadier General John D. Imboden: Confederate Commander in the Shenandoah 2003
The Brink of All We Hate: English Satires on Women, 1660--1750 1984
The British Foreign Service and the American Civil War 1994
A Brittle Sword: The Kentucky Militia, 1776-1912 1977
Broadcasting Freedom: The Cold War Triumph of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty 2000
Broadway Goes to War: American Theater during World War II 2021
Broken Boundaries: Women and Feminism in Restoration Drama 1996
The Browning Critics 1965
Bruce Dern: A Memoir 2007
Buffalo Dance: The Journey of York 2022
Building a Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up: Harnessing Real-World Experience for Transformative Change 2016
Building Ho's Army: Chinese Military Assistance to North Vietnam 2019
Burgoo, Barbecue, and Bourbon: A Kentucky Culinary Trinity 2017
Burke and the Nature of Politics: The Age of the American Revolution 1957
Burke and the Nature of Politics: The Age of the French Revolution 1964
Burley: Kentucky Tobacco in a New Century 2013
But the Irish Sea Betwixt Us: Ireland, Colonialism, and Renaissance Literature 1999
Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley 2011
The Buzzel About Kentuck: Settling the Promised Land 1999
Calderón: The Secular Plays 1982
Calderón: Three Comedies by Pedro Calderón de la Barca 1985
Camera Clues: A Handbook for Photographic Investigation 1994
Camp Colt to Desert Storm: The History of U.S. Armored Forces 1999
Camp Nelson, Kentucky: A Civil War History 2002
Canals For A Nation: The Canal Era in the United States, 1790-1860 1990
The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia: Kentucky Students Take ACTION 2020
A Careful Hunger: Poems 2019
Carl Theodor Dreyer and Ordet: My Summer with the Danish Filmmaker 2012
The Carver's Art: Crafting Meaning from Wood 1985
Cassius Marcellus Clay: Firebrand of Freedom 1976
Catherine Spalding, SCN: A Life in Letters 2017
Cattle Kingdom in the Ohio Valley 1783--1860 1959
Caught between Roosevelt and Stalin: America's Ambassadors to Moscow 1998
Caught between Worlds: British Captivity Narratives in Fact and Fiction 2000
Cecelia and Fanny: The Remarkable Friendship Between an Escaped Slave and Her Former Mistress 2011
Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood 2004
Challenge and Change in Appalachia: The Story of Hindman Settlement School 2002
Challenges to Chinese Foreign Policy: Diplomacy, Globalization, and the Next World Power 2009
The Changing Face of Southeast Asia 1966
Changing the Game: My Career in Collegiate Sports Marketing 2020
Changing The Subject: Mary Wroth and Figurations of Gender in Early Modern England 1996
Charles Boyer: The French Lover 2021
Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance 2014
Chateaubriand's Travels in America 1969
Chesapeake Gold: Man and Oyster on the Bay 1990
The Chicago Freedom Movement: Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights Activism in the North 2016
Chicago's White City of 1893 1976
Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson of Kentucky: A Political Biography 2002
Children of the Levee 1957
Children of Wrath: New School Calvinism and Antebellum Reform 1998
Children's Literature of the English Renaissance 1986
China Looks at the West: Identity, Global Ambitions, and the Future of Sino-American Relations 2015
Chinaberry 2011
China's Encounter with Global Hollywood: Cultural Policy and the Film Industry, 1994-2013 2016
Choices 1989
Christian Allegory in Early Hispanic Poetry 1970
The Christmas Truce: Myth, Memory, and the First World War 2015
Chronicle of Alfonso X 2002
Circle of Fire: Dickens' Vision and Style and the Popular Victorian Theater 1966
Cities in the Commonwealth: Two Centuries of Urban Life in Kentucky 1982
Citizen Soldiers in the War of 1812 1999
The Citizen Soldiers: The Plattsburg Training Camp Movement, 1913-1920 2015
Citizen Welles: A Biography of Orson Welles 2023
City of Dreams: The Making and Remaking of Universal Pictures 1997
Civil Rights Crossroads: Nation, Community, and the Black Freedom Struggle 2003
Civil Rights in the Gateway to the South: Louisville, Kentucky, 1945-1980 2009
Civil Society and Politics in Central Asia 2015
The Civil War Guerrilla: Unfolding the Black Flag in History, Memory, and Myth 2015
The Civil War in Kentucky 2009
The Civil War in Popular Culture: Memory and Meaning 2014
The Civil War on the Mississippi: Union Sailors, Gunboat Captains, and the Campaign to Control the River 2016
Civil War Recipes: Receipts from the Pages of Godey's Lady's Book 1999
Civilization and Progress 1971
The Civilization of the Old South: Writings of Clement Eaton 1968
Clarence Brown: Hollywood's Forgotten Master 2018
Clark Clifford: The Wise Man of Washington 2009
Claude A. Swanson of Virginia: A Political Biography 1985
Claude Rains: An Actor's Voice 2008
Clay Lancaster's Kentucky: Architectural Photographs of a Preservation Pioneer 2007
The Clays of Alabama: A Planter-Lawyer-Politician Family 1958
The Climax of Populism: The Election of 1896 1965
Coach Hall: My Life On and Off the Court 2019
Coal In Appalachia: An Economic Analysis 1986
The Coal Miner Who Became Governor 2023
Coal Miners' Wives: Portraits of Endurance 1995
Coal-Mining Safety in the Progressive Period: The Political Economy of Reform 1976
A Coat of Many Colors: Religion and Society along the Cape Fear River of North Carolina 2006
Coffin Hollow and Other Ghost Tales 1977
The Cold War at Home and Abroad: Domestic Politics and US Foreign Policy since 1945 2018
Cold War in the Balkans: American Foreign Policy and the Emergence of Communist Bulgaria 1943--1947 1984
A Cold War Odyssey 1997
The Collected Poems and Journals of Mary Tighe 2005
Collectivization of Agriculture in Eastern Europe 1958
A College For Appalachia: Alice Lloyd on Caney Creek 1995
College for the Commonwealth: A Case for Higher Education in American Democracy 2018
Colley Cibber: A Biography 1986
Columbia Pictures: Portrait of a Studio 1992
A Combat Artist in World War II 1987
Come and Go, Molly Snow: A Novel 1995
Comintern Army: The International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War 1982
Commanding Professionalism: Simpson, Moore, and the Ninth US Army 2023
Committed to Victory: The Kentucky Home Front During World War II 2015
Community Memories: A Glimpse of African American Life in Frankfort, Kentucky 2003
The Complete Guide to Kentucky State Parks 2009
The Complete Retirement Handbook: The Most Authoritative Guide Available 1989
A Concise History of Kentucky 2008
Confederate Citadel: Richmond and Its People at War 2020
Confederate General R.S. Ewell: Robert E. Lee's Hesitant Commander 2004
Confronting Ecological Crisis in Appalachia and the South: University and Community Partnerships 2012
Congressional Ambivalence: The Political Burdens of Constitutional Authority 2010
Congressional Committee Chairmen: Three Who Made an Evolution 1993
Congressional Conservatism and the New Deal 1967
Constantine Samuel Rafinesque: A Voice in the American Wilderness 2004
Constructing Affirmative Action: The Struggle for Equal Employment Opportunity 2011
Consumed by War: European Conflict in the 20th Century 2010
Consuming Pleasures: Active Audiences and Serial Fictions from Dickens to Soap Opera 1997
Contemporary American Women Writers: Narrative Strategies 1985
Contemporary Chinese Political Thought: Debates and Perspectives 2012
Contemporary Public Health: Principles, Practice, and Policy 2013
Contested Borderland: The Civil War in Appalachian Kentucky and Virginia 2006
The Context of Environmental Politics: Unfinished Business for America's Third Century 1978
Contrast-Enhanced Clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1997
The Conversational Circle: Rereading the English Novel, 1740-1775 1996
Conversations with Classic Film Stars: Interviews from Hollywood's Golden Era 2016
Conversations with Kentucky Writers II 2000
Conversations with Kentucky Writers 1996
Conversations with Legendary Television Stars: Interviews from the First Fifty Years 2019
The Conversion of Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg: From Isolation to International Engagement 2015
Cook Together, Eat Together 2021
Cora Wilson Stewart and Kentucky's Moonlight Schools: Fighting for Literacy in America 2006
The Correspondence of Washington Allston 1993
Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Globalization: Citizens without States 2011
Cotton Fields No More: Southern Agriculture, 1865-1980 1984
Country Doctor: The Story of Dr. Claire Louise Caudill 1999
Country Music Goes to War 2005
The County Courts in Antebellum Kentucky 1972
The County in Kentucky History 1976
The Court-Martial of Mother Jones 1995
The Courtship Novel, 1740-1820: A Feminized Genre 1991
Cover Name: Dr. Rantzau 2019
Cowboy Conservatism: Texas and the Rise of the Modern Right 2010
Craftsman of the Cumberlands: Tradition and Creativity 1989
Crane: Sex, Celebrity, and My Father's Unsolved Murder 2015
Crawfish Bottom: Recovering a Lost Kentucky Community 2011
Creatures of Darkness: Raymond Chandler, Detective Fiction, and Film Noir 2000
Creeker: A Woman's Journey 1999
Crèvecoeur's Eighteenth-Century Travels in Pennsylvania and New York 1961
Crime and God's Judgment in Shakespeare 1984
Crime Science: Methods of Forensic Detection 1999
The Crisis of Democratic Theory: Scientific Naturalism and the Problem of Value 1973
Criteria Of Certainty: Truth and Judgment in the English Enlightenment 1990
Critic of Civilization: Georges Duhamel and His Writings 1965
Crossfire: Philosophy and the Novel in Spain, 1900-1934 1993
Crossing the River: A Novel 2016
Crossroads Of Decision: The State Department and Foreign Policy, 1933-1937 1983
Crusaders Against Opium: Protestant Missionaries in China, 1874-1917 1996
The Cry: A New Dramatic Fable 2018
Culinary Tourism 2004
Cultivating an Ecological Conscience: Essays from a Farmer Philosopher 2010
Cultivating Race: The Expansion of Slavery in Georgia, 1750-1860 2012
The Currents of War: A New History of American-Japanese Relations, 1899-1941 2014
Cushing of Gettysburg: The Story of a Union Artillery Commander 1993
Daily Life Depicted in the Cantigas de Santa Maria 1998
Dalton Trumbo: Blacklisted Hollywood Radical 2015
The Dame in the Kimono: Hollywood, Censorship, and the Production Code 2001
Dams, Parks and Politics: Resource Development and Preservation the Truman-Eisenhower Era 1973
Dangerous Doctrine: How Obama's Grand Strategy Weakened America 2016
Daniel Boone: An American Life 2003
Daniel Defoe: Ambition and Innovation 1986
Daniel O'Connell and the Repeal Year 1966
Dark Prisms: Occultism in Hispanic Drama 1995
Darke Hierogliphicks: Alchemy in English Literature from Chaucer to the Restoration 1996
A Darkness at Dawn: Appalachian Kentucky and the Future 1976
Darwin and International Relations: On the Evolutionary Origins of War and Ethnic Conflict 2004
Daughters Of Canaan: A Saga of Southern Women 1995
Daughters of Muscadine: Stories 2023
David Wendel Yandell: Physician of Old Louisville 1978
Days of Darkness: The Feuds of Eastern Kentucky 1994
Dear Alben: Mr. Barkley of Kentucky 1979
Dear Appalachia: Readers, Identity, and Popular Fiction since 1878 2011
The Death of Oliver Cromwell 2000
Debating Divorce: Moral Conflict in Ireland 1993
Decision in the Atlantic: The Allies and the Longest Campaign of the Second World War 2019
Defend and Befriend: The U.S. Marine Corps and Combined Action Platoons in Vietnam 2014
Delia Webster and the Underground Railroad 1996
The Delicate Distress 1997
Democracy in Central Asia: Competing Perspectives and Alternative Strategies 2015
Democracy Rising: South Carolina and the Fight for Black Equality since 1865 2006
The Democratic Soul: A Wilson Carey McWilliams Reader 2011
Demon-Lovers and Their Victims in British Fiction 1988
The Dentist of Auschwitz: A Memoir 1995
Desert Redleg: Artillery Warfare in the First Gulf War 2020
Design in Puritan American Literature 1992
Designing Hollywood: Studio Wardrobe in the Golden Age 2023
Designing the Centennial: A History of the 1876 International Exhibition in Philadelphia 2002
The Dessert Book 2014
Detecting Forgery: Forensic Investigation of Documents 1996
Deterrence in the Second Nuclear Age 1996
Detroit And The "Good War": The World War II Letters of Mayor Edward Jeffries and Friends 1996
Developmental Change: An Annotated Bibliography 1969
Diary of a Disaster: British Aid to Greece, 1940-1941 1986
Diary of a Southern Refugee during the War 2014
Di'bil b. 'Ali: The Life and Writings of an Early 'Abbasid Poet 1961
Dickens's Great Expectations: Misnar's Pavilion versus Cinderella 2002
The Dilemmas of American Conservatism 2010
Dimensions of Authoritarianism: A Review of Research and Theory 1967
Diplomatic Games: Sport, Statecraft, and International Relations since 1945 2014
A Diplomatic Meeting: Reagan, Thatcher, and the Art of Summitry 2021
Disputed Waters: Native Americans and the Great Lakes Fishery 1990
Divide and Dissent: Kentucky Politics, 1930-1963 1987
Divided Counsel: The Anglo-American Response to Communist Victory in China 1986
Divided Fictions: Fanny Burney and Feminine Strategy 1987
Dixie Limited: Railroads, Culture, and the Southern Renaissance 2002
A Doctor for Rural America: The Reforms of Frances Sage Bradley 2020
Documenting Ourselves: Film, Video, and Culture 1998
Domestick Privacies: Samuel Johnson and the Art of Biography 1987
Domination And Defiance: Fathers and Daughters in Shakespeare 1986
Double Jeopardy: Women Who Kill in Victorian Fiction 1990
The Double Strand: Five Contemporary Mexican Poets 1987
The Dover Mound 1959
Dr. Anderson's High-Fiber Fitness Plan 1994
Draftee Division: The 88th Infantry Division in World War II 1986
Drama and Ethos: Natural-Law Ethics in Spanish Golden Age Theater 1975
Dramas of Distinction: Plays by Golden Age Women 1997
Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions from Bosko to Bart Simpson 2006
Dream Derby: The Myth and Legend of Black Gold 2023
The Dream Is Lost: Voting Rights and the Politics of Race in Richmond, Virginia 2017
Drinking from Graveyard Wells: Stories 2023
Driving with the Dead: Poems 2014
Drowned Town 2021
Droysen and the Prussian School of History 1995
Dubious Victory: The Reconstruction Debate in Ohio 1992
Dulcimer Maker: The Craft of Homer Ledford 2003
Duncan Hines: How a Traveling Salesman Became the Most Trusted Name in Food 2014
The Dunning School: Historians, Race, and the Meaning of Reconstruction 2013
Dying to Eat: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Food, Death, and the Afterlife 2018
The Eagle on My Arm: How the Wilderness and Birds of Prey Saved a Veteran's Life 2020
Eating as I Go: Scenes from America and Abroad 2006
Echoes of War: A Thousand Years of Military History in Popular Culture 2002
The Economics of Kentucky Coal 1977
Ecotourism in Appalachia: Marketing the Mountains 2004
Edmund Wilson's America 1983
Educating Air Forces: Global Perspectives on Airpower Learning 2020
Educating the Women of Hainan: The Career of Margaret Moninger in China, 1915-1942 1995
Education and Responsibility 1955
Education for Tragedy: Essays in Disenchanted Hope for Modern Man 1967
Edward M. Almond and the US Army: From the 92nd Infantry Division to the X Corps 2019
Eisenhower and Cambodia: Diplomacy, Covert Action, and the Origins of the Second Indochina War 2016
Eisenhower and Landrum-Griffin: A Study in Labor-Management Politics 1990
Eleanor Powell: Born to Dance 2023
Elites and Change in the Kentucky Mountains 1973
Eliza Calvert Hall: Kentucky Author and Suffragist 2007
Elkhorn: Evolution of a Kentucky Landscape 2018
Eloquent Reticence: Withholding Information in Fictional Narrative 1993
The Embattled Past: Reflections on Military History 2014
The Emergence of Standard English 1996
The Encyclopedia of Louisville 2001
The Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky 2009
Endkampf: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Death of the Third Reich 2004
The Enduring Reagan 2009
Enemies to Allies: Cold War Germany and American Memory 2016
The Enemy in Our Hands: America's Treatment of Prisoners of War from the Revolution to the War on Terror 2010
Energy and Security in the Industrializing World 1990
Energy and the National Defense 1981
Energy From Alcohol: The Brazilian Experience 1983
Engagement with the Past: The Lives and Works of the World War II Generation of Historians 2001
Engaging Appalachia: A Guidebook for Building Capacity and Sustainability 2023
Engineering Corporate Success: A Memoir 2019
Engineering in American Society: 1850--1875 1969
English Congregational Hymns in the Eighteenth Century 1982
Engulfed: The Death of Paramount Pictures and the Birth of Corporate Hollywood 2001
Engulfed: The Death of Paramount Pictures and the Birth of Corporate Hollywood 2021
Enid Yandell: Kentucky's Pioneer Sculptor 2019
Entangled by White Supremacy: Reform in World War I-era South Carolina 2009
Ents, Elves, and Eriador: The Environmental Vision of J.R.R. Tolkien 2006
The Environmental Vision of Thomas Merton 2011
Envisioning Africa: Racism and Imperialism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness 2000
Episcopalians and Race: Civil War to Civil Rights 2000
Erie Water West: A History of the Erie Canal, 1792-1854 1966
Erin's Heirs: Irish Bonds of Community 1991
Ernest Lehman: The Sweet Smell of Success 2022
Escape from Hitler's Europe: An American Airman behind Enemy Lines 1990
Eskimo Boyhood: An Autobiography in Psychosocial Perspective 1974
The Essential Agrarian Reader: The Future of Culture, Community, and the Land 2003
The Essential Cult TV Reader 2010
The Essential HBO Reader 2008
The Essential Science Fiction Television Reader 2008
The Essential Sopranos Reader 2011
Estimating Economic Capacity 1968
The Eternal Crossroads: The Art of Flannery O'Connor 1971
Even As We Breathe: A Novel 2020
Every Hill a Burial Place: The Peace Corps Murder Trial in East Africa 2020
Every Leaf a Mirror: A Jim Wayne Miller Reader 2014
Evil Necessity: Slavery and Political Culture in Antebellum Kentucky 2003
The Evolution Controversy in America 1994
Excellence and Equity: The National Endowment for the Humanities 1984
The Excellence of Falsehood: Romance, Realism, and Women's Contribution to the Novel 1991
The Excursion 1997
Executive Secrets: Covert Action and the Presidency 2004
Exile: The Sense of Alienation in Modern Russian Letters 1995
Expanding the Envelope: Flight Research at NACA and NASA 2001
Explaining Traditions: Folk Behavior in Modern Culture 2011
Exposing the Third Reich: Colonel Truman Smith in Hitler's Germany 2013
The Extirpation of Idolatry in Peru 1968
Faces of Kentucky 2006
Fairy Tale as Myth/Myth as Fairy Tale 1994
Faith in Black Power: Religion, Race, and Resistance in Cairo, Illinois 2017
The Faith of John Dryden: Change and Continuity 1980
The Fall of Kentucky's Rock: Western Kentucky Democratic Politics since the New Deal 2022
The Fallacies of Cold War Deterrence and a New Direction 2001
Fallen Tigers: The Fate of America's Missing Airmen in China during World War II 2021
The Family Legacy of Henry Clay: In the Shadow of a Kentucky Patriarch 2011
Family or Freedom: People of Color in the Antebellum South 2012
Fantasy, Forgery, and the Byron Legend 1996
Farm Families and Change in 20th-Century America 1988
The Faroe Islands: Interpretations of History 1987
Fat Chance: Diet Mania, Greed, and the Infamous Fen-Phen Swindle 2021
The Feminine Reclaimed: The Idea of Woman in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Milton 1986
Femininities, Masculinities, Sexualities: Freud and Beyond 1994
Feminist Literary Criticism: Explorations in Theory 1989
The Festive Play of Fernando Arrabal 1982
A Few Honest Words: The Kentucky Roots of Popular Music 2012
Fields of Learning: The Student Farm Movement in North America 2011
Fifth Symposium on the Structure of Low-Medium Mass Nuclei 1973
Fifty Years of Segregation: Black Higher Education in Kentucky, 1904-1954 1997
Fighter Pilot: The First American Ace of World War II 1982
Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings: The Congress of Racial Equality in Brooklyn 2013
Fighting the Cold War: A Soldier's Memoir 2015
Film's First Family: The Untold Story of the Costellos 2019
Final Words 2023
The Finest Place We Know: A Centennial History of Murray State University, 1922-2022 2022
Finley Peter Dunne and Mr. Dooley: The Chicago Years 1978
The First Cold Warrior: Harry Truman, Containment, and the Remaking of Liberal Internationalism 2006
Fishing the Jumps: A Novel 2019
Flatheads and Spooneys: Fishing for a Living in the Ohio River Valley 1995
Flavors from Home: Refugees in Kentucky Share Their Stories and Comfort Foods 2015
Food and Everyday Life on Kentucky Family Farms, 1920-1950 2006
Football and Philosophy: Going Deep 2008
Footloose in Jacksonian America: Robert W. Scott and his Agrarian World 1989
For a Voice and the Vote: My Journey with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 2014
For Brotherhood and Duty: The Civil War History of the West Point Class of 1862 2015
For Honor, Glory, and Union: The Mexican and Civil War Letters of Brig. Gen. William Haines Lytle 1999
For Jobs and Freedom: Race and Labor in America since 1865 2007
For King, Constitution, and Country: The English Loyalists and the French Revolution 1983
For Slavery and Union: Benjamin Buckner and Kentucky Loyalties in the Civil War 2015
For the Hog Killing, 1979 2019
Ford--A Village in the West Highlands of Scotland: A Case Study of Repopulation and Social Change in a Small Community 1984
Foreign Aid: Its Defense and Reform 1987
Foreign Friends: Syngman Rhee, American Exceptionalism, and the Division of Korea 2019
Foreign Policy and the Developing Nation 1969
Foreign Policy at the Periphery: The Shifting Margins of US International Relations since World War II 2017
Foreign Policy, Inc.: Privatizing America's National Interest 2009
Foreign Seizures: Sabbatino and the Act of State Doctrine 1967
The Forgotten Front: The Eastern Theater of World War I, 1914 - 1915 2018
Forty Minutes to Glory: Inside the Kentucky Wildcats' 1978 Championship Season 2018
Forward with Patton: The World War II Diary of Colonel Robert S. Allen 2017
Foundations of the Nazi Police State: The Formation of Sipo and SD 1990
Founding Visions: The Ideas, Individuals, and Intersections that Created America 2014
Four Comedies by Pedro Calderón de la Barca 1980
Fourteen Points for the Twenty-First Century: A Renewed Appeal for Cooperative Internationalism 2020
The Foxes of Belair: Gallant Fox, Omaha, and the Quest for the Triple Crown 2023
Frances Burney, Dramatist: Gender, Performance, and the Late Eighteenth-Century Stage 1997
Frank L. McVey and the University of Kentucky: A Progressive President and the Modernization of a Southern University 2011
Franklin on Franklin 2000
Free Frank: A Black Pioneer on the Antebellum Frontier 1983
Free Men in an Age of Servitude: Three Generations of a Black Family 1992
Free Soil: The Election of 1848 1970
Freedom and Solidarity: Toward New Beginnings 2016
Freedom at Risk: The Kidnapping of Free Blacks in America, 1780-1865 1994
The Freedom Movement's Lost Legacy: Black Abolitionism since Emancipation 2023
Freedom of the Screen: Legal Challenges to State Film Censorship, 1915-1981 2008
Freedom on the Border: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky 2009
Freedom Rights: New Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement 2011
Freedom to Offend: How New York Remade Movie Culture 2007
Freedom's Main Line: The Journey of Reconciliation and the Freedom Rides 2009
French Inventions of the Eighteenth Century 1952
Frog Pond Philosophy: Essays on the Relationship Between Humans and Nature 2018
From Berlin to Baghdad: America's Search for Purpose in the Post-Cold War World 2008
From Game to War and Other Psychoanalytic Essays on Folklore 1997
From Gentlemen to Townsmen: The Gentry of Batimore County Maryland, 1660--1776 1993
From Mae to Madonna: Women Entertainers in Twentieth-Century America 1999
From My Cold, Dead Hands: Charlton Heston and American Politics 2006
From My Old Kentucky Home to the White House: The Political Journey of Catherine Conner 1999
From Pariah to Patriot: The Changing Image of the German Peasant 1770--1840 1969
From Red Hot to Monkey's Eyebrow: Unusual Kentucky Place Names 1997
From the Farm to the Table: What All Americans Need to Know about Agriculture 2006
From the Mountain, From the Valley: New and Collected Poems 2001
Front Line of Freedom: African Americans and the Forging of the Underground Railroad in the Ohio Valley 2004
A Front Row Seat: An Intimate Look at Broadway, Hollywood, and the Age of Glamour 2022
Frontier Kentucky 1993
The Frontier Mind 1957
Frontier Mission: A History of Religion West of the Southern Appalachians to 1861 1966
Frontiers of Faith: Bringing Catholicism to the West in the Early Republic 2008
Frontsoldaten: The German Soldier in World War II 1997
Fugitives: Evading and Escaping the Japanese 2001
Funeral Festivals in America: Rituals for the Living 2006
The Future of China-Russia Relations 2010
The Future of Religion in American Politics 2009
The Future of the Citizen-Soldier Force: Issues and Answers 1994
Galdós: The Mature Thought 1980
The Gates Open Slowly: A History of Education in Kentucky 1949
Gateway to Equality: Black Women and the Struggle for Economic Justice in St. Louis 2017
Gatewood: Kentucky's Uncommon Man 2023
Gay Poems for Red States 2023
Gender and the Writer's Imagination: From Cooper to Wharton 1987
Gender, Class, Race, and Reform in the Progressive Era 1991
A Genealogy of Dissent: Southern Baptist Protest in the Twentieth Century 1999
A General Who Will Fight: The Leadership of Ulysses S. Grant 2013
General William E. DePuy: Preparing the Army for Modern War 2008
Generals of the Army: Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Arnold, Bradley 2013
Generation on Fire: Voices of Protest from the 1960s, An Oral History 2007
Genetics and Developmental Biology: The Thomas Hunt Morgan Centennial Symposium 1969
Genius in Bondage: Literature of the Early Black Atlantic 2001
Gentry and Common Folk: Political Culture on a Virginia Frontier 1740--1789 1991
The Geopolitics Of Super Power 1988
George Keats of Kentucky: A Life 2012
George Rogers Clark and the War in the West 1976
George Rogers Clark and William Croghan: A Story of the Revolution, Settlement, and Early Life at Locust Grove 2020
Gerald Ford and the Challenges of the 1970s 2005
Gettin' Some Age on Me: Social Organization of Older People in a Rural American Community 1989
Getting Right with Lincoln: Correcting Misconceptions about Our Greatest President 2021
Ghosts across Kentucky 2000
Ghosts of Old Louisville: True Stories of Hauntings in America's Largest Victorian Neighborhood 2017
Ghosts of the Bluegrass 2009
The GI Generation: A Memoir 2000
GI Jive: An Army Bandsman in World War II 1982
G.I. Nightingales: The Army Nurse Corps in World War II 1996
Gilded Age Cato: The Life of Walter Q. Gresham 1988
Ginseng Diggers: A History of Root and Herb Gathering in Appalachia 2022
Ginseng Dreams: The Secret World of America's Most Valuable Plant 2006
Giraldi Cinthio on Romances 1968
The Girl Singer: Poems 2021
A Girl's A Gun: Poems 2017
Girls Rock!: Fifty Years of Women Making Music 2004
Girty 2020
God Bless America: Tin Pan Alley Goes to War 2003
God In The Stadium: Sports and Religion in America 1995
God Speaks to Us, Too: Southern Baptist Women on Church, Home, and Society 2008
The Godfather of Tabloid: Generoso Pope Jr. and the National Enquirer 2008
Godfather: The Intimate Francis Ford Coppola 2004
God's Peculiar People 1988
Goebbels And Der Angriff 1994
Goethe and Rousseau: Resonances of the Mind 1973
Gold Rush Diary: Being the Journal of Elisha Douglas Perkins on the Overland Trail in the Spring and Summer of 1849 1967
Golden Cables of Sympathy: The Transatlantic Sources of Nineteenth-Century Feminism 1999
Golf and Philosophy: Lessons from the Links 2010
The Gospel of Freedom: Black Evangelicals and the Underground Railroad 2022
The Gothic Novel 1790--1830: Plot Summaries and Index to Motifs 1981
Government in Science: The U.S. Geological Survey, 1867--1894 1967
Graham Greene: A Descriptive Catalog 1979
Graham Greene: Some Critical Considerations 1963
Grand Plans: Business Progressivism and Social Change in Ohio's Miami Valley, 1890-1929 1988
Grasping Things: Folk Material Culture and Mass Society in America 1986
The Graves County Boys: A Tale of Kentucky Basketball, Perseverance, and the Unlikely Championship of the Cuba Cubs 2013
The Gray Ghost: A Seckatary Hawkins Mystery 2016
Gray Ghost: The Life of Col. John Singleton Mosby 1999
The Great Powers and Global Struggle, 1490-1990 1994
The Great Revival: Beginnings of the Bible Belt 1972
Green Hills of Magic: West Virginia Folktales from Europe 1970
The Green River of Kentucky 1976
The Greening of the South: The Recovery of Land and Forest 1984
Grieving for Guava: Stories 2020
Grounded: The Case for Abolishing the United States Air Force 2014
Growing Democracy in Japan: The Parliamentary Cabinet System since 1868 2014
Growing Stories from India: Religion and the Fate of Agriculture 2012
Growing Up Hard in Harlan County 1985
The Guardian 1982
A Guide to Cyanobacteria: Identification and Impact 2018
The Gulf: The Bush Presidencies and the Middle East 2012
Gwendolyn Brooks: Poetry and the Heroic Voice 1987
Hal Wallis: Producer to the Stars 2004
The Half-Blood: A Cultural Symbol in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction 1979
Half-Life of a Secret: Reckoning with a Hidden History 2023
The Hallowed Eve: Dimensions of Culture in a Calendar Festival in Northern Ireland 1998
The Hand and the Glove 1970
Hard Times and New Deal in Kentucky: 1929--1939 1986
Harlan Hubbard: Life and Work 1990
Harlan Miners Speak: Report on Terrorism in the Kentucky Coal Fields 2008
Harold Stassen: Eisenhower, the Cold War, and the Pursuit of Nuclear Disarmament 2018
Harry Dean Stanton: Hollywood's Zen Rebel 2020
Harry Langdon: King of Silent Comedy 2017
Harvard, Hollywood, Hitmen, and Holy Men: A Memoir 2023
The Harvest and the Reapers: Oral Traditions of Kentucky 1974
Harvest of Hope: Family Farming/Farming Families 1995
Hateful Contraries: Studies in Literature and Criticism 1965
The Hatfields and the McCoys 1982
Haunted Holidays: Twelve Months of Kentucky Ghosts 2015
Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky 2001
Haunts of Old Louisville: Gilded Age Ghosts and Haunted Mansions in America's Spookiest Neighborhood 2017
Hawks on Hawks 2013
H.B. Morse, Customs Commissioner and Historian of China 1995
Head to Head: Conversations with a Generation of Horse Racing Legends 2021
Healing Appalachia: Sustainable Living through Appropriate Technology 2007
Healing Kentucky: Medicine in the Bluegrass State 2007
Healing Richard Nixon: A Doctor's Memoir 2003
Health and Demography in Kentucky 1964
The Heart of the Hills 1913
Heartwood 1997
Heartwood 2021
Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film 2010
Helen Matthews Lewis: Living Social Justice in Appalachia 2012
Hell in the Holy Land: World War I in the Middle East 2006
Hell-Bent For Music: The Life of Pee Wee King 1996
Hello, Janice: The Wartime Letters of Henry Giles 1992
Henrietta 2008
Henry Clay and the American System 1995
Henry Clay the Lawyer 2000
Henry James Goes to the Movies 2002
Henry Kissinger: Perceptions of International Politics 1984
Henry W. Blair's Campaign to Reform America: From the Civil War to the U.S. Senate 2013
Henry Watterson and the New South: The Politics of Empire, Free Trade, and Globalization 2006
Henslowe's Rose: The Stage and Staging 1976
Her Bread To Earn: Women, Money, and Society from Defoe to Austen 1993
Here Comes The Showboat! 1994
Heroes and Horses: Tales of the Bluegrass 1996
Heroes and States: On the Ideology of Restoration Tragedy 2000
Heroism in the New Black Poetry: Introductions and Interviews 1990
Hicks, Tribes, and Dirty Realists: American Fiction after Postmodernism 2001
Hidden Rivalries in Victorian Fiction: Dickens, Realism, and Revaluation 1987
The High Design: English Renaissance Tragedy and the Natural Law 1970
High Peaks 1977
A Higher Mission: The Careers of Alonzo and Althea Brown Edmiston in Central Africa 2020
Highlander: No Ordinary School 1932--1962 1988
Hill Man 2000
The Hills Remember: The Complete Short Stories of James Still 2012
Hillsville Remembered: Public Memory, Historical Silence, and Appalachia's Most Notorious Shoot-Out 2023
Hippolyta's View: Some Christian Aspects of Shakespeare's Plays 1961
Hiram Martin Chittenden: His Public Career 1973
His and Hers: Essays in Restoration and 18th-Century Literature 1986
Historians on the Homefront: American Propagandists for the Great War 1970
The Historic Kentucky Kitchen: Traditional Recipes for Today's Cook 2013
Historic Maps of Kentucky 1979
The History and Practice of College Health 2002
History by HBO: Televising the American Past 2022
History Mysteries 1989
A History of Appalachia 2001
A History of Blacks in Kentucky: From Slavery to Segregation, 1760-1891 2003
A History of Blacks in Kentucky: In Pursuit of Equality, 1890-1980 1992
A History of Eastern Kentucky University: The School of Opportunity 2005
A History of Education in Kentucky 2011
The History of Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy 2005
The History of Pioneer Lexington, 1779-1806 1939
The History of Sir George Ellison 1996
The History of Southern Drama 1977
A History of Spanish Golden Age Drama 1984
A History of the Hemp Industry in Kentucky 1951
History of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad 2003
A History of the Modern Chinese Army 2007
History Teaches Us to Hope: Reflections on the Civil War and Southern History 2007
Hitchcock and the Censors 2019
Hitchcock Lost and Found: The Forgotten Films 2015
Hitchcock's Partner in Suspense: The Life of Screenwriter Charles Bennett 2014
Hitchhiker: Stories from the Kentucky Homefront 2017
Hitler And Spain: The Nazi Role in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 1989
The Hitler Diaries: Fakes that Fooled the World 1991
Hitler's Generals in America: Nazi POWs and Allied Military Intelligence 2013
Hitler's Man in Havana: Heinz Luning and Nazi Espionage in Latin America 2008
Hitler's Rival: Ernst Thälmann in Myth and Memory 2013
Hitler's Wehrmacht, 1935--1945 2016
Hoax: Hitler's Diaries, Lincoln's Assassins, and Other Famous Frauds 2013
Hollywood As Historian: American Film in a Cultural Context 1983
Hollywood at the Races: Film's Love Affair with the Turf 2019
Hollywood Divided: The 1950 Screen Directors Guild Meeting and the Impact of the Blacklist 2016
The Hollywood Motion Picture Blacklist: Seventy-Five Years Later 2022
Hollywood Presents Jules Verne: The Father of Science Fiction on Screen 2015
Hollywood Under Siege: Martin Scorsese, the Religious Right, and the Culture Wars 2008
Hollywood's Indian: The Portrayal of the Native American in Film 1998
Hollywood's War with Poland, 1939-1945 2010
Hollywood's West: The American Frontier in Film, Television, and History 2005
Hollywood's White House: The American Presidency in Film and History 2003
Holy Toledo: Religion and Politics in the Life of "Golden Rule" Jones 1998
Home and Beyond: An Anthology of Kentucky Short Stories 2001
Homer Lea: American Soldier of Fortune 2010
Homer Simpson Goes to Washington: American Politics through Popular Culture 2008
Homer Simpson Goes to Washington: American Politics through Popular Culture 2008
Homer Simpson Marches on Washington: Dissent through American Popular Culture 2010
Homer Simpson Ponders Politics: Popular Culture as Political Theory 2013
Horace Holley: Transylvania University and the Making of Liberal Education in the Early American Republic 2016
Hounds in the Morning: Sundry Sports of Merry England 1981
Hounds on the Mountain: Poems 2022
A House for All Peoples: Ethnic Politics in Chicago 1890--1936 1971
House of Champions: The Story of Kentucky Basketball's Home Courts 2022
How Kentucky Became Southern: A Tale of Outlaws, Horse Thieves, Gamblers, and Breeders 2010
How We Talked and Common Folks 2009
Human Migration: A Guide to Migration Literature in English 1955--1962 1968
The Humanities and the Understanding of Reality 1966
The Humor of the Old South 2001
I Say the Sky: Poems 2024
I Wonder as I Wander: The Life of John Jacob Niles 2010
Iaiá Garcia 1977
Iconography in Medieval Spanish Literature 1984
I'll Tell You What: The Life of Elizabeth Inchbald 2003
An Illusion of Equity: The Legacy of Eugenics in Today's Education 2023
Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya 2006
Images in Sand 1977
Imaginative Conservatism: The Letters of Russell Kirk 2018
The Immortal Count: The Life and Films of Bela Lugosi 2003
Impact of War on Federal Personnel Administration: 1939--1945 1951
The Impossible Observer: Reason and the Reader in Eighteenth-Century Prose 1979
The Improbable Era: The South since World War II 1976
Improvising Out Loud: My Life Teaching Hollywood How to Act 2017
In Defense of the Bush Doctrine 2007
In Enemy Hands: A Prisoner in North Korea 1991
In Hawthorne's Shadow: American Romance from Melville to Mailer 1985
In Peace and Freedom: My Journey in Selma 2013
In Praise of Poverty: Hannah More Counters Thomas Paine and the Radical Threat 2002
In Remembrance of Emmett Till: Regional Stories and Media Responses to the Black Freedom Struggle 2014
In Search of the Good Life: A Pedogogy for Troubled Times 2007
Income and Employment in the Southeast 1967
Index and Finding List of Serials Published in the British Isles, 1789--1832 1953
The Indian Ocean Tsunami: The Global Response to a Natural Disaster 2011
Indigenous Public Health: Improvement through Community-Engaged Interventions 2022
Indonesia: Resources and Their Technological Development 1970
Industrialization and Southern Society, 1877-1984 1984
The Influence of Airpower upon History: Statesmanship, Diplomacy, and Foreign Policy since 1903 2013
The Injur'd Husband and Lasselia 1999
Ink: A Novel 2023
Innocent Abroad: Charles Dickens's American Engagements 1990
Inside China's Grand Strategy: The Perspective from the People's Republic 2011
Inside Comedy: The Soul, Wit, and Bite of Comedy and Comedians of the Last Five Decades 2021
Inside Greek U.: Fraternities, Sororities, and the Pursuit of Pleasure, Power, and Prestige 2007
Inside Israel's Northern Command: The Yom Kippur War on the Syrian Border 2014
Insurrections: Stories 2016
Integral Pluralism: Beyond Culture Wars 2010
Integrated: The Lincoln Institute, Basketball, and a Vanished Tradition 2017
Intermediate Structure in Nuclear Reactions 1968
International Conflict and Collective Security 1955
Intervention in the Caribbean: The Dominican Crisis of 1965 1989
Inter/View: Talks with America's Writing Women 1990
Into the Wilderness: The Lewis and Clark Expedition 2003
The Intrepid Guerrillas of North Luzon 1999
Intrepid Laughter: Preston Sturges and the Movies 2013
An Introduction to Black Studies 2023
Inventing Maternity: Politics, Science, and Literature, 1650-1865 1999
Investment Decisions in Small Business 1963
The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture: Liberty vs. Authority in American Film and TV 2012
The Invisible Minority: Urban Appalachians 1981
The Irish Play on the New York Stage, 1874-1966 1997
The Irish Question: Two Centuries of Conflict 1995
The Irish Voice in America: 250 Years of Irish-American Fiction 2000
Irish Women Writers: An Uncharted Tradition 1990
Irvin S. Cobb: The Rise and Fall of an American Humorist 2017
It All Happened in Renfro Valley 1999
It Seems to Me: Selected Letters of Eleanor Roosevelt 2001
Itinerant Ambassador: The Life of Sir Thomas Roe 1970
It's Only a Movie!: Films and Critics in American Culture 2001
It's the Cowboy Way!: The Amazing True Adventures of Riders In The Sky 2003
Jack Nicholson: The Early Years 2012
The Jack Sprat Low-Fat Diet: A 28-Day Heart-Healthy Plan You Can Follow the Rest of Your Life 1995
Jacob L. Devers: A General's Life 2015
James and Esther Cooper Jackson: Love and Courage in the Black Freedom Movement 2015
James Joyce and the Burden of Disease 1995
James Still: A Life 2017
Jane Austen in Hollywood 2001
Jane Hicks Gentry: A Singer Among Singers 1998
Janice Holt Giles: A Writer's Life 1998
Japan after 3/11: Global Perspectives on the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Meltdown 2016
Japan in the 21st Century: Environment, Economy, and Society 2005
Japan in the Bluegrass 2001
The Japanese City 1997
Japanese Landscapes: Where Land and Culture Merge 1998
Jarmila Novotná: My Life in Song 2018
Jayne Mansfield: The Girl Couldn't Help It 2021
Jean Gabin: The Actor Who Was France 2023
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: On The Individual and Society 1974
Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back 1980
Jefferson on Jefferson 2002
Jefferson's Declaration of Independence: Origins, Philosophy, and Theology 1998
Jesse Stuart: Essays on His Work 1977
Jesse Stuart On Education 1992
Jessica Lange: An Adventurer's Heart 2023
Jewish Communities on the Ohio River: A History 2007
JFK and de Gaulle: How America and France Failed in Vietnam, 1961-1963 2019
Joan Crawford: The Essential Biography 2002
John Adams and the Diplomacy of the American Revolution 1980
John Ford 2023
John Gay and the London Theatre 1993
John Gilbert: The Last of the Silent Film Stars 2013
John Hervey Wheeler, Black Banking, and the Economic Struggle for Civil Rights 2020
John Hunt Morgan and His Raiders 1985
John J. Pershing and the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I, 1917-1919: April 7-September 30, 1917 2021
John J. Pershing and the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I, 1917-1919: October 1-December 31, 1917 2022
John Marshall Harlan: The Last Whig Justice 1992
John Milton: The Self and the World 1993
John Quincy Adams and American Global Empire 1992
John Sherman Cooper: The Global Kentuckian 1976
John Wesley Hunt: Pioneer Merchant, Manufacturer and Financier 1974
Johnny Green of the Orphan Brigade: The Journal of a Confederate Soldier 1984
Johnson, Rasselas, and the Choice of Criticism 1989
Jonathan Belcher: Colonial Governor 1996
Jonathan Dickinson and the Formative Years of American Presbyterianism 1997
Joseph Jones, M.D.: Scientist of the Old South 1975
Josie Underwood's Civil War Diary 2009
Joyce/Lowry: Critical Perspectives 1997
Judicial Conflict and Consensus: Behavioral Studies of American Appellate Courts 1986
Just a Few Miles South: Timeless Recipes from Our Favorite Places 2021
Just Talk: Narratives of Psychotherapy 1999
Just War Reconsidered: Strategy, Ethics, and Theory 2016
Jutland: World War I's Greatest Naval Battle 2015
Karagiozis: Culture and Comedy in Greek Puppet Theater 1992
Katherine Jackson French: Kentucky's Forgotten Ballad Collector 2020
The Keeneland Association Library: A Guide to the Collection 1958
Keeneland's Ted Bassett: My Life 2009
Keeping the University Free and Growing 1959
Kentuckians and Pearl Harbor: Stories from the Day of Infamy 2020
Kentuckians Before Boone 1992
Kentuckians in Gray: Confederate Generals and Field Officers of the Bluegrass State 2008
The Kentucky African American Encyclopedia 2015
Kentucky Agate: State Rock and Mineral Treasure of the Commonwealth 2013
Kentucky and the Great War: World War I on the Home Front 2016
Kentucky and the Second American Revolution: The War of 1812 1976
The Kentucky Anthology: Two Hundred Years of Writing in the Bluegrass State 2005
Kentucky Archaeology 1996
The Kentucky Barbecue Book 2013
Kentucky Basketball: Two Decades Behind the Scenes 2021
The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book 2009
The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook 2010
Kentucky Bourbon Country: The Essential Travel Guide 2020
Kentucky Bourbon: The Early Years of Whiskeymaking 2008
The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas 1996
Kentucky by Design: The Decorative Arts and American Culture 2015
A Kentucky Christmas 2003
Kentucky Confederates: Secession, Civil War, and the Jackson Purchase 2014
Kentucky Cooks: Favorite Recipes from Kentucky Living 2009
Kentucky Country: Folk and Country Music of Kentucky 1982
Kentucky: Decades of Discord, 1865-1900 1977
The Kentucky Derby: How the Run for the Roses Became America's Premier Sporting Event 2012
The Kentucky Encyclopedia 1992
Kentucky Fighting Men: 1861-1946 1982
Kentucky Folk Architecture 1976
Kentucky Folklore 1989
Kentucky Folkmusic: An Annotated Bibliography 1985
Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies 2012
The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook 2011
Kentucky Ghosts 1994
Kentucky Government, Politics, and Public Policy 2013
The Kentucky Harness Horse 1978
Kentucky Hauntings: Homespun Ghost Stories and Unexplained History 2013
Kentucky Heirloom Seeds: Growing, Eating, Saving 2017
Kentucky Home Place 1999
Kentucky Illustrated: The First Hundred Years 1992
Kentucky in the Reconstruction Era 1979
Kentucky Lawyer 2008
The Kentucky Legislature: Two Decades of Change 1988
Kentucky Marine: Major General Logan Feland and the Making of the Modern USMC 2014
Kentucky Maverick: The Life and Adventures of Colonel George M. Chinn 2015
The Kentucky Mint Julep 2003
Kentucky Moonshine 2003
Kentucky Moonshine 2021
The Kentucky 1970
Kentucky Place Names 1984
Kentucky: Portrait in Paradox, 1900-1950 1996
Kentucky Quilts and Quiltmakers: Three Centuries of Creativity, Community, and Commerce 2023
Kentucky Quilts and Their Makers 1976
Kentucky Rebel Town: The Civil War Battles of Cynthiana and Harrison County 2016
Kentucky Rising: Democracy, Slavery, and Culture from the Early Republic to the Civil War 2011
The Kentucky River 2000
A Kentucky Sampler: Essays from The Filson Club History Quarterly 1926--1976 1977
The Kentucky Shakers 1982
The Kentucky Thoroughbred 2009
Kentucky Votes: Gubernatorial Primary and General Elections, 1923--1959 1963
Kentucky Votes: Presidential Elections, 1952--1960; U.S. Senate Primary and General Elections, 1920--1960 1963
Kentucky Votes: U.S. House Primary and General Elections, 1920--1960 1963
Kentucky Weather 2005
Kentucky's Age of Wood 1976
Kentucky's Best: Fifty Years of Great Recipes 1998
Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage: Two Hundred Years of Southern Cuisine and Culture 2014
Kentucky's Frontier Highway: Historical Landscapes along the Maysville Road 2012
Kentucky's Governors 2004
Kentucky's Last Cavalier: General William Preston, 1816-1887 2004
Kentucky's Natural Heritage: An Illustrated Guide to Biodiversity 2010
Kentucky's Rebel Press: Pro-Confederate Media and the Secession Crisis 2018
Kentucky's Road to Statehood 1992
Killing the Indian Maiden: Images of Native American Women in Film 2009
Killing Tradition: Inside Hunting and Animal Rights Controversies 2008
Killings: Folk Justice in the Upper South 1986
King Lear and the Gods 1988
King of the Mountain: The Nature of Political Leadership 2002
Kings and Captains: Variations on a Heroic Theme 1971
The King's Honor and the King's Cardinal: The War of the Polish Succession 1980
Kingsport, Tennessee: A Planned American City 1987
Knights of the Golden Rule: The Intellectual as Christian Social Reformer in the 1890s 1976
Kontum: The Battle to Save South Vietnam 2011
Korean Democracy in Transition: A Rational Blueprint for Developing Societies 2011
The Korean War in World History 2004
The Korean War: No Victors, No Vanquished 1999
The Ku Klux Klan in the Southwest 1965
La Diana of Montemayor as Social and Religious Teaching 1983
Laboratory for Liberty: The South Carolina Legislative Committee System 1719--1776 1970
Laden Choirs: The Fiction of Patrick White 1983
The Lady and the President: The Letters of Dorothea Dix and Millard Fillmore 1975
Lafcadio Hearn's America: Ethnographic Sketches and Editorials 2002
Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures 2006
Land Between the Lakes 1971
Land Fever: Dispossession and the Frontier Myth 1986
Land of Pure Vision: The Sacred Geography of Tibet and the Himalaya 2014
The Land of Saddle-bags: A Study of the Mountain People of Appalachia 1924
The Land We Dreamed: Poems 2014
Landaluce: The Story of Seattle Slew's First Champion 2022
Landpower in the Long War: Projecting Force After 9/11 2019
Language, Race, and Social Class in Howells's America 1988
Lapham's Raiders: Guerrillas in the Philippines, 1942-1945 1996
The Last Days of Big Grassy Fork 2002
Laura Clay and the Woman's Rights Movement 1975
Laurel and Thorn: The Athlete in American Literature 1981
Law and Society in the South: A History of North Carolina Court Cases 2009
Lawrence Tierney: Hollywood's Real-Life Tough Guy 2022
Learning Native Wisdom: What Traditional Cultures Teach Us about Subsistence, Sustainability, and Spirituality 2008
Lectures of the Air Corps Tactical School and American Strategic Bombing in World War II 2019
The Legacy of J. William Fulbright: Policy, Power, and Ideology 2019
Legislating Racism: The Billion Dollar Congress and the Birth of Jim Crow 2004
Legislative Party Campaign Committees in the American States 1992
Leopardi and the Theory of Poetry 1964
Lessons in Leadership: My Life in the US Army from World War II to Vietnam 2018
Lessons in Likeness: Portrait Painters in Kentucky and the Ohio River Valley, 1802-1920 2011
Letterboxed: The Evolution of Widescreen Cinema 2011
Letters from a Young Shaker: William S. Byrd at Pleasant Hill 1985
The Letters of Thomas Merton and Victor and Carolyn Hammer: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam 2014
Lewis Milestone: Life and Films 2019
Liberty and Empire: British Radical Solutions to the American Problem, 1774--1776 1978
Liberty Brought Us Here: The True Story of American Slaves Who Migrated to Liberia 2020
The Liberty Line: The Legend of the Underground Railroad 1961
The Libro de los Buenos Proverbios: A Critical Edition 1970
Lieutenant Sonia Vagliano: A Memoir of the World War II Refugee Crisis 2022
The Life and Death of the Solid South: A Political History 1988
The Life and Photography of Doris Ulmann 2001
The Life and Work of John C. Campbell 2017
A Life for Freedom: The Mission to End Racial Injustice in South Africa 2016
A Life of Gwendolyn Brooks 1990
The Life of the Parties: Activists in Presidential Politics 1986
Life on the Ohio 1997
Light In The Darkness: African Americans and the YMCA, 1852-1946 1994
The Limits of Dissent: Clement L. Vallandigham and the Civil War 1970
Lincoln and Liberty: Wisdom for the Ages 2014
Lincoln and the Bluegrass 1989
Lincoln before Lincoln: Early Cinematic Adaptations of the Life of America's Greatest President 2016
Lincoln Gordon: Architect of Cold War Foreign Policy 2015
Lincoln Legends: Myths, Hoaxes, and Confabulations Associated with Our Greatest President 2007
Lincoln of Kentucky 2000
Lincoln on Lincoln 1999
Lincoln on Trial: Southern Civilians and the Law of War 2010
Lincoln, Seward, and US Foreign Relations in the Civil War Era 2019
Lincoln's Final Hours: Conspiracy, Terror, and the Assassination of America's Greatest President 2015
The Line: Combat in Korea, January-February 1951 2008
The Lion and the Star: Gentile-Jewish Relations in Three Hessian Towns, 1919-1945 1998
Lion of the Forest: James B. Finley, Frontier Reformer 1994
Liquor in the Land of the Lost Cause: Southern White Evangelicals and the Prohibition Movement 2007
Listen Here: Women Writing in Appalachia 2003
Literacy in the Mountains: Community, Newspapers, and Writing in Appalachia 2019
The Literary Mind of Medieval and Renaissance Spain 1970
Literature And Spirit: Essays on Bakhtin and His Contemporaries 1988
The Little Book of Whiskey Cocktails 2022
Little Kingdoms: The Counties of Kentucky, 1850--1891 1977
The Little Shepherd Of Kingdom Come 1987
The Little White Schoolhouse 1977
Living Sustainably: What Intentional Communities Can Teach Us about Democracy, Simplicity, and Nonviolence 2017
Loans and Legitimacy: The Evolution of Soviet-American Relations, 1919-1933 1996
Local Environmental Movements 2008
Local Politics in Communist Countries 1980
The Logos Reader: Rational Radicalism and the Future of Politics 2006
The Long Civil War: New Explorations of America’s Enduring Conflict 2021
The Longest Rescue: The Life and Legacy of Vietnam POW William A. Robinson 2013
The Longest Shot: Lil E. Tee and the Kentucky Derby 1996
Lorca's Poet in New York: The Fall into Consciousness 1977
Lord of the Rings: The Mythology of Power 2001
Losing the Center: The Decline of American Liberalism, 1968--1992 2013
Losing Vietnam: How America Abandoned Southeast Asia 2013
Lossberg's War: The World War I Memoirs of a German Chief of Staff 2017
The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre 2005
The Lost State of Franklin: America's First Secession 2009
The Lotus Unleashed: The Buddhist Peace Movement in South Vietnam, 1964-1966 2002
The Louisville and Nashville Railroad, 1850-1963 2000
Love and Remembrance: The Poetry of Jorge Manrique 1988
The Love Story in Shakespearean Comedy 1992
Lovecraft: Disturbing the Universe 1990
Loving Arms: British Women Writing the Second World War 1997
Lucifer Ascending: The Occult in Folklore and Popular Culture 2004
Luke Pryor Blackburn: Physician, Governor, Reformer 1979
Lum and Abner: Rural America and the Golden Age of Radio 2007
The Lynching of Cleo Wright 1998
Madam Belle: Sex, Money, and Influence in a Southern Brothel 2014
Madeline McDowell Breckinridge and the Battle for a New South 2009
Mae Murray: The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips 2013
Magic in the Web: Action and Language in Othello 1956
Make Way for Her: And Other Stories 2018
Making Bourbon: A Geographical History of Distilling in Nineteenth-Century Kentucky 2020
Making Good Communities Better 1953
Mammals Of Kentucky 1974
Mammoth Cave Curiosities: A Guide to Rockphobia, Dating, Saber-toothed Cats, and Other Subterranean Marvels 2017
Mammoth Cave National Park: Reflections 2005
Mamoulian: Life on Stage and Screen 2013
Man and Water: The Social Sciences in Management of Water Resources 1974
The Man Who Loved Birds: A Novel 2016
The Manhattan Cocktail: A Modern Guide to the Whiskey Classic 2015
Many-Storied House: Poems 2013
Margaret Cavendish and the Exiles of the Mind 1998
Marie Dressler: The Unlikeliest Star 1997
Mark of the Beast: Death and Degradation in the Literature of the Great War 1989
Mark Twain and the Bible 1969
Mark Twain and the Community 1970
Mark Twain And The South 1974
Mark Twain's Civil War 2007
Marriage on the Border: Love, Mutuality, and Divorce in the Upper South during the Civil War 2020
Marrow: Poems 2022
Martín López: Conquistador Citizen of Mexico 1958
The Marxist and the Movies: A Biography of Paul Jarrico 2007
Mary Pickford: Queen of the Movies 2012
MASH: An Army Surgeon in Korea 1998
The Master Architects: Building the United States Foreign Service 1890--1913 1977
Masters and Slaves in the House of the Lord: Race and Religion in the American South, 1740-1870 1988
Maureen O'Hara: The Biography 2013
Maverick Marine: General Smedley D. Butler and the Contradictions of American Military History 1987
Mavericks on the Border: The Early Southwest in Historical Fiction and Film 2001
Maxwell Taylor's Cold War: From Berlin to Vietnam 2019
Mean...Moody...Magnificent!: Jane Russell and the Marketing of a Hollywood Legend 2021
Media And Revolution 1995
Medicine in Kentucky 1977
Mellencamp: American Troubadour 2015
Mend: Poems 2018
The Mentelles: Mary Todd Lincoln, Henry Clay, and the Immigrant Family Who Educated Antebellum Kentucky 2018
The Merchant Prince of Poverty Row: Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures 1993
The Merchant Prince of Poverty Row: Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures 1993
Met Her on the Mountain: The Murder of Nancy Morgan 2013
The Metamorphoses of the Self: The Mystic, the Sensualist, and the Artist in the Works of Julien Green 1978
Metaphors of Mind in Fiction and Psychology 1987
#MeToo and Beyond: Perspectives on a Global Movement 2022
Metropolitan City Expenditures: A Comparative Analysis 1969
Mexican Lobby: Matías Romero in Washington 1861--1867 1986
Michael Curtiz: A Life in Film 2017
The Mighty Eighth in WWII: A Memoir 2000
Mike Barry and the Kentucky Irish American: An Anthology 1995
Militant Mediator: Whitney M. Young Jr. 1998
Military Agility: Ensuring Rapid and Effective Transition from Peace to War 2020
A Military History of China 2012
Military Justice and the Right to Counsel 1970
The Miltonic Moment 1998
Milton's Ontology, Cosmogony, and Physics 1957
The Mind of Empire: China's History and Modern Foreign Relations 2010
Minstrel of the Appalachians: The Story of Bascom Lamar Lunsford 1984
Miracles of Our Lady 1997
Miriam Hopkins: Life and Films of a Hollywood Rebel 2018
A Mirror to Nature: Transformations in Drama and Aesthetics 1660--1732 1986
Miskwabik, Metal of Ritual: Metallurgy in Precontact Eastern North America 2004
Misogynous Economies: The Business of Literature in Eighteenth-Century Britain 1999
Miss America Kissed Caleb: Stories 2003
The Missile Defense Controversy: Technology in Search of a Mission 2002
Mission to Yenan: American Liaison with the Chinese Communists, 1944-1947 1997
The Mississippi Territory and the Southwest Frontier, 1795-1817 2010
Modern Chinese Legal Reform: New Perspectives 2013
The Modern Satiric Grotesque and Its Traditions 1991
Mommy Goose: Rhymes from the Mountains 2016
The Money Game in Old New York: Daniel Drew and His Times 1986
Monsters on Maple Street: The Twilight Zone and the Postwar American Dream 2023
Monterrey Is Ours!: The Mexican War Letters of Lieutenant Dana, 1845-1847 1990
The Mood/Interest Theory of American Foreign Policy 1985
Moonshiners and Prohibitionists: The Battle over Alcohol in Southern Appalachia 2011
Moral and Spiritual Values in Education: A Challenge to Every American 1952
Morals under the Gun: The Cardinal Virtues, Military Ethics, and American Society 2000
More Kentucky Bourbon Cocktails 2016
The Most Hated Man in Kentucky: The Lost Cause and the Legacy of Union General Stephen Burbridge 2021
Mothers and Daughters in Nineteenth-Century America: The Biosocial Construction of Femininity 1996
Mountain Sisters: From Convent to Community in Appalachia 2003
The Mountain, the Miner, and the Lord and Other Tales from a Country Law Office 1980
Mountaineer Jamboree: Country Music in West Virginia 1984
Mountains on the Market: Industry, the Environment, and the South 2012
Movies About the Movies: Hollywood Reflected 1997
Moving Mountains: How One Woman and Her Community Won Justice from Big Coal 2007
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1928
Multicolored Memories of a Black Southern Girl 2001
Murder and Madness: The Myth of the Kentucky Tragedy 2009
The Murder of Marion Miley 2020
Murder on the Ohio Belle 2020
Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians 2003
Music in English Renaissance Drama 1968
The Music of the Close: The Final Scenes of Shakespeare's Tragedies 1978
My Appalachia: A Memoir 2007
My Brother Slaves: Friendship, Masculinity, and Resistance in the Antebellum South 2016
My Century in History: Memoirs 2006
My Father, Daniel Boone: The Draper Interviews with Nathan Boone 1999
My Life as a Mankiewicz: An Insider's Journey through Hollywood 2012
My Life before the World War, 1860--1917: A Memoir 2013
My Life in Focus: A Photographer's Journey with Elizabeth Taylor and the Hollywood Jet Set 2017
My Old Confederate Home: A Respectable Place for Civil War Veterans 2010
My Place in the Sun: Life in the Golden Age of Hollywood and Washington 2022
The Mystery Chronicles: More Real-Life X-Files 2004
The Mystery of Iniquity: Melville as Poet, 1857--1891 1972
The Myth and Reality of German Warfare: Operational Thinking from Moltke the Elder to Heusinger 2016
The Myth of Triumphalism: Rethinking President Reagan's Cold War Legacy 2020
A Mythic Journey: Gunter Grass's Tin Drum 1974
The Narcotic Farm: The Rise and Fall of America's First Prison for Drug Addicts 2008
Narnia and the Fields of Arbol: The Environmental Vision of C. S. Lewis 2009
The Narrative Imagination: Comic Tales by Phillippe de Vigneulles 1977
Native Americans on Film: Conversations, Teaching, and Theory 2013
Nativism Reborn?: The Official English Language Movement and the American States 1995
Naturalism in American Fiction: The Classic Phase 1984
The Nazi Impact on a German Village 1993
A Nazi Past: Recasting German Identity in Postwar Europe 2015
Nazism, Liberalism, and Christianity: Protestant Social Thought in Germany and Great Britain, 1925-1937 1991
Never Say Die: A Kentucky Colt, the Epsom Derby, and the Rise of the Modern Thoroughbred Industry 2013
The New and Collected Poems of Jane Gentry 2017
New Covenant Bound 2010
New Departures: Rethinking Rail Passenger Policy in the Twenty-First Century 2002
The New Dramatists of Mexico 1967--1985 1991
A New History of Kentucky 2018
New Perspectives on Race and Slavery in America: Essays in Honor of Kenneth M. Stampp 1986
The New Southern University: Academic Freedom and Liberalism at UNC 2012
New Strangers in Paradise: The Immigrant Experience and Contemporary American Fiction 1999
The Newspaper Press in Kentucky 1976
Next Door to the Dead: Poems 2015
Nine Seventeenth-Century Organ Transcriptions from the Operas of Lully 1963
Nineteenth-Century Southern Literature 1980
Nixon's Back Channel to Moscow: Confidential Diplomacy and Détente 2017
No End in Sight: The Continuing Menace of Nuclear Proliferation 2004
Normandy to Victory: The War Diary of General Courtney H. Hodges and the First U.S. Army 2008
Norms in Conflict: Southeast Asia’s Response to Human Rights Violations in Myanmar 2022
North Korea and the World: Human Rights, Arms Control, and Strategies for Negotiation 2016
North Korean Military Proliferation in the Middle East and Africa: Enabling Violence and Instability 2018
Northern Kentucky University: A Panoramic History 2015
Nothing Less Than War: A New History of America's Entry into World War I 2011
Nothing Like an Ocean: Stories 2009
The Notorious John Morrissey: How a Bare-Knuckle Brawler Became a Congressman and Founded Saratoga Race Course 2016
Obama at War: Congress and the Imperial Presidency 2015
The Obligation of Empire: United States' Grand Strategy for a New Century 2004
Occupied City: New Orleans Under the Federals 1862--1865 1965
Of Woods and Waters: A Kentucky Outdoors Reader 2005
The Ohio Frontier: An Anthology of Early Writings 1996
Old Burnside 1977
The Old Dominion and the New Nation: 1788--1801 1972
The Old Fashioned: An Essential Guide to the Original Whiskey Cocktail 2013
Older Rural Americans 1967
Olivia de Havilland: Lady Triumphant 2019
The Olmsted Parks of Louisville: A Botanical Field Guide 2014
The Olympics and Philosophy 2012
On Jordan's Banks: Emancipation and Its Aftermath in the Ohio River Valley 2006
On the Edge of Earth: The Future of American Space Power 2001
On Troublesome Creek: Stories 2022
Once They Were Eagles: The Men of the Black Sheep Squadron 1986
One Nation Under Siege: Congress, Terrorism, and the Fate of American Democracy 2010
One of Morgan's Men: Memoirs of Lieutenant John M. Porter of the Ninth Kentucky Cavalry 2011
One United People: The Federalist Papers and the National Idea 1990
OPEC: The Failing Giant 1986
The Oprah Phenomenon 2007
The Oprah Phenomenon 2007
Order in Chaos: The Memoirs of General of Panzer Troops Hermann Balck 2015
The Organic City: Urban Definition and Neighborhood Organization 1880--1920 1987
Organizing the Breathless: Cotton Dust, Southern Politics, and the Brown Lung Association 1993
Origins of American Political Parties: 1789--1803 1986
The Origins of the Grand Alliance: Anglo-American Military Collaboration from the Panay Incident to Pearl Harbor 2016
Origins Of The Gulag: The Soviet Prison Camp System, 1917-1934 1993
Orphans Of Versailles: The Germans in Western Poland, 1918-1939 1993
The Osier Cage: Rhetorical Devices in Romeo and Juliet 1966
Ostkrieg: Hitler's War of Extermination in the East 2011
Our Appalachia: An Oral History 1988
Our Kentucky: A Study of the Bluegrass State 2000
Our Rightful Place: A History of Women at the University of Kentucky, 1880--1945 2020
Ourselves Alone: Women's Emigration from Ireland, 1885-1920 1989
Out Of Kentucky Kitchens 1989
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Homeless Children and Families in Small-Town America 1996
Out of the Inferno: Poles Remember the Holocaust 1989
Out of the Inkwell: Max Fleischer and the Animation Revolution 2005
Paper Bullets: Print and Kingship under Charles II 1996
The Papers of Henry Clay: Candidate, Compromiser, Elder Statesman, January 1, 1844-June 29, 1852 1991
The Papers of Henry Clay: Candidate, Compromiser, Whig, March 5, 1829-December 31, 1836 1984
The Papers of Henry Clay: Presidential Candidate, 1821-1824 1963
The Papers of Henry Clay: Secretary of State, 1825 1972
The Papers of Henry Clay: Secretary of State 1826 1973
The Papers of Henry Clay: Secretary of State, January 1, 1828-March 4, 1829 1982
The Papers of Henry Clay: Supplement 1793--1852 1992
The Papers of Henry Clay: The Rising Statesman, 1797-1814 1959
The Papers of Henry Clay: The Rising Statesman 1815--1820 1961
The Papers of Henry Clay: The Whig Leader, January 1, 1837-December 31, 1843 1988
Parker Hitt: The Father of American Military Cryptology 2022
Parleying with the Devil: Prisoner Exchange in Yugoslavia, 1941‒1945 2020
Partisans of the Southern Press: Editorial Spokesmen of the Nineteenth Century 1994
Passage to the Center: Imagination and the Sacred in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney 1999
Passing for Black: The Life and Careers of Mae Street Kidd 1997
Passing the Buck: Congress, the Budget, and Deficits 2004
Passing the Test: Combat in Korea, April-June 1951 2011
The Passionate Fictions of Eliza Haywood: Essays on Her Life and Work 2000
Patchwork: A Bobbie Ann Mason Reader 2018
The Path to a Larger Life: Creating Kentucky's Educational Future 1990
Patricia Neal: An Unquiet Life 2021
Patricia Neal: An Unquiet Life 2006
Paul G. Hoffman: Architect of Foreign Aid 1985
Paul Rusch in Postwar Japan: Evangelism, Rural Development, and the Battle against Communism 2018
Paving the Way for Reagan: The Influence of Conservative Media on US Foreign Policy 2018
Payne Hollow Journal 1996
Peace And Disarmament: Naval Rivalry and Arms Control, 1922-1933 1995
The Peace Corps Experience: Challenge and Change, 1969-1976 1997
Peace Out of Reach: Middle Eastern Travels and the Search for Reconciliation 2007
Peacemakers: American Leadership and the End of Genocide in the Balkans 2018
Pennsylvania and the War of 1812 1970
Pennsylvania Mining Families: The Search for Dignity in the Coalfields 1993
The People's Voice: The Orator in American Society 1979
Perfect Black 2021
The Perilous Hunt: Symbols in Hispanic and European Balladry 1980
Perpetuities Law in Action: Kentucky Case Law and the 1960 Reform Act 1962
Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle 2011
Pershing's Tankers: Personal Accounts of the AEF Tank Corps in World War I 2018
Perspectives in Developmental Change 1968
Perspectives on Contemporary Literature: Literature and the Historical Process 1988
Perspectives on Contemporary Literature: Literature and the Other Arts 1987
Perspectives On Irish Nationalism 1989
Perspectives on Max Frisch 1982
Phantoms of Old Louisville: Ghostly Tales from America's Most Haunted Neighborhood 2017
The Philosophy of Ang Lee 2013
The Philosophy of Charlie Kaufman 2011
The Philosophy of Clint Eastwood 2014
The Philosophy of David Cronenberg 2012
The Philosophy of David Lynch 2011
The Philosophy of Film Noir 2006
The Philosophy of Horror 2010
The Philosophy of J.J. Abrams 2014
The Philosophy of Joss Whedon 2011
The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese 2007
The Philosophy of Michael Mann 2014
The Philosophy of Neo-Noir 2007
The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film 2008
The Philosophy of Sherlock Holmes 2012
The Philosophy of Spike Lee 2011
The Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick 2007
The Philosophy of Steven Soderbergh 2011
The Philosophy of the Beats 2012
The Philosophy of the Coen Brothers 2009
The Philosophy of the Western 2010
The Philosophy of The X-Files 2009
The Philosophy of Tim Burton 2014
The Philosophy of TV Noir 2008
The Philosophy of War Films 2014
Phyllis George: Shattering the Ceiling 2022
The Pictorial Mode: Space and Time in the Art of Bryant, Irving, and Cooper 1971
Picturing Peter Bogdanovich: My Conversations with the New Hollywood Director 2020
Pigboat 39: An American Sub Goes to War 1984
Pioneer Spirit: Catherine Spalding, Sister of Charity of Nazareth 2006
Pious Brief Narrative in Medieval Castilian and Galician Verse: From Berceo to Alfonso X 1978
Pittsburgh and the Urban League Movement: A Century of Social Service and Activism 2020
The Place of Poetry: Two Centuries of an Art in Crisis 1981
Plant Life of Kentucky: An Illustrated Guide to the Vascular Flora 2005
Play of a Fiddle: Traditional Music, Dance, and Folklore in West Virginia 1999
The Plum Thicket 1954
A Poet at the Fountain: Essays on the Narrative Verse of Guillaume de Machaut 1974
The Poetic Vision of Robert Penn Warren 1977
Poetry Of Discovery: The Spanish Generation of 1956-1971 1982
Pogue's War: Diaries of a WWII Combat Historian 2001
Pola Negri: Hollywood's First Femme Fatale 2014
A Polish Factory: A Case Study of Workers' Participation in Decision Making 1960
The Political Career of W. Kerr Scott: The Squire from Haw River 2014
A Political Companion to Flannery O'Connor 2017
A Political Companion to Frederick Douglass 2018
A Political Companion to Henry David Thoreau 2009
A Political Companion to Herman Melville 2013
A Political Companion to James Baldwin 2017
A Political Companion to John Steinbeck 2013
A Political Companion to Marilynne Robinson 2016
A Political Companion to Philip Roth 2017
A Political Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson 2011
A Political Companion to Saul Bellow 2013
A Political Companion to W. E. B. Du Bois 2018
A Political Companion to Walker Percy 2013
A Political Companion to Walt Whitman 2011
Political Parties and Primaries in Kentucky 1990
Political Science in America: Oral Histories of a Discipline 1991
The Political Thought of Henry David Thoreau: Privatism and the Practice of Philosophy 2016
Politics and Nuclear Power: Energy Policy in Western Europe 1986
Politics and Religion in the White South 2005
Politics and the African Development Bank 1990
The Politics of Being Mortal 1988
The Politics of City-County Merger: The Lexington-Fayette County Experience 1977
The Politics of Despair: Power and Resistance in the Tobacco Wars 1993
The Politics of Downtown Development: Dynamic Political Cultures in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. 1998
The Politics of Motion: The World of Thomas Hobbes 1973
The Politics of Richard Wright: Perspectives on Resistance 2018
Pop Culture and the Dark Side of the American Dream: Con Men, Gangsters, Drug Lords, and Zombies 2019
Populism and Politics: William Alfred Peffer and the People's Party 1974
Portrait Of A Father 1988
Poverty: A New Perspective 1975
Power and Empowerment in Higher Education: Studies in Honor of Louis Smith 1978
Power and Place: Preservation, Progress, and the Culture War over Land 2023
Power And Profits: U.S. Policy in Central America 1994
Power versus Law in Modern China: Cities, Courts, and the Communist Party 2017
The Presence of Camões: Influences on the Literature of England, America, and Southern Africa 1996
The Presence of Pessoa: English, American, and Southern African Literary Responses 1998
The Presidency in the Twenty-first Century 2011
The Presidential Pulse of Congressional Elections 1997
Pretend the Ball Is Named Jim Crow: The Story of Josh Gibson 2024
The Price of China's Economic Development: Power, Capital, and the Poverty of Rights 2015
The Price of Freedom: Slavery and Manumission in Baltimore and Early National Maryland 1997
The Price of Scarlet: Poems 2017
Prince of Dublin Printers: The Letters of George Faulkner 1972
The Prince of Jockeys: The Life of Isaac Burns Murphy 2013
Privileged and Confidential: The Secret History of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board 2012
Problems Unique to the Holocaust 1999
Professional Playwrights: Massinger, Ford, Shirley and Brome 1992
Profiles from the Kitchen: What Great Cooks Have Taught Us about Ourselves and Our Food 2006
Prologue to Conflict: The Crisis and Compromise of 1850 2005
Prologue to Democracy: The Federalists in the South 1789--1800 1968
The Promise and Perils of Populism: Global Perspectives 2015
Prophet Without Honor: Glen H. Taylor and the Fight for American Liberalism 1974
Prospects Of Power: Tragedy, Satire, the Essay, and the Theory of Genre 1991
Protestant-Catholic Relations in America: World War I Through Vatican II 1972
Proud Kentuckian: John C. Breckinridge, 1821-1875 1976
P.S. I Love You: The Story of the Singing Hilltoppers 2007
Pseudo-Science and Society in 19th-Century America 1987
The Public Papers of Governor Bert T. Combs: 1959--1963 1979
The Public Papers of Governor Brereton C. Jones, 1991-1995 2001
The Public Papers of Governor Edward T. Breathitt, 1963-1967 1984
The Public Papers of Governor Keen Johnson, 1939-1943 1982
The Public Papers of Governor Lawrence W. Wetherby, 1950-1955 1983
The Public Papers of Governor Louie B. Nunn: 1967--1971 1975
The Public Papers of Governor Martha Layne Collins, 1983-1987 2006
The Public Papers of Governor Simeon Willis, 1943-1947 1988
The Public Papers of Governor Wendell H. Ford, 1971-1974 1978
The Pundits: British Exploration of Tibet and Central Asia 1990
The Pursuit of Truth: A Historian's Memoir 2005
Putting Folklore To Use 1994
The Quare Women: A Story of the Kentucky Mountains 2019
The Queen of Technicolor: Maria Montez in Hollywood 2022
Quest for Eros: Browning and 'Fifine' 1980
Quests of Difference: Reading Pope's Poems 1986
The Quiet Professional: Major Richard J. Meadows of the U.S. Army Special Forces 2011
Quilt Stories 1994
Raccoon John Smith: Frontier Kentucky's Most Famous Preacher 2005
Race and Liberty in America: The Essential Reader 2009
Race, War, and Remembrance in the Appalachian South 2008
Racial Politics And Urban Planning: Gary, Indiana, 1980-1989 1993
Racing for America: The Horse Race of the Century and the Redemption of a Sport 2021
Radical Future Pasts: Untimely Political Theory 2014
Radical Innocence: A Critical Study of the Hollywood Ten 1989
Raising Her Voice: African-American Women Journalists Who Changed History 1994
Raising Racists: The Socialization of White Children in the Jim Crow South 2011
Raising the Devil: Satanism, New Religions, and the Media 2000
Ralph Ellison and the Raft of Hope: A Political Companion to Invisible Man 2004
Ranger: A Soldier's Life 2017
Raoul Walsh: The True Adventures of Hollywood's Legendary Director 2011
A Rape in the Early Republic: Gender and Legal Culture in an 1806 Virginia Trial 2017
Rappaccini's Children: American Writers in a Calvinist World 1981
Rare Birds: An American Family 2001
Reading Africa into American Literature: Epics, Fables, and Gothic Tales 2002
Reading Deconstruction/Deconstructive Reading 1983
Reagan and the World: Leadership and National Security, 1981--1989 2017
The Real Disaster Is Above Ground: A Mine Fire and Social Conflict 1990
Real or Fake: Studies in Authentication 2009
Real-Life X-Files: Investigating the Paranormal 2001
Rebel Raider: The Life of General John Hunt Morgan 1986
Rebuilding the Christian Commonwealth: New England Congregationalists and Foreign Missions, 1800-1830 1976
The Recess 2000
Reconstructing American Historical Cinema: From Cimarron to Citizen Kane 2006
Reconstructing Appalachia: The Civil War's Aftermath 2010
Records of Woman, with Other Poems 1999
The Redshirt: A Novel 2020
Refiguring Authority: Reading, Writing, and Rewriting in Cervantes 1995
Reflections on Constitutional Law 2006
Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment 2007
Reflections on Life, Death, and the Constitution 2009
Reform in America: The Continuing Frontier 1985
Reform in the House of Commons: The Select Committee System 1993
The Reform'd Coquet, Familiar Letters Betwixt a Gentleman and a Lady, and The Accomplish'd Rake 1999
Reformers to Radicals: The Appalachian Volunteers and the War on Poverty 2008
The Re-Imagined Text: Shakespeare, Adaptation, and Eighteenth-Century Literary Theory 1995
ReJoycing: New Readings of Dubliners 1998
Relics of the Christ 2007
Religion and Politics in the Early Republic: Jasper Adams and the Church-State Debate 1996
Religion and Resistance in Appalachia: Faith and the Fight against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining 2016
Religion and Sustainable Agriculture: World Spiritual Traditions and Food Ethics 2016
Religion and the Radical Republican Movement, 1860-1870 1990
Religion In Antebellum Kentucky 1976
Religious Rite and Ceremony in Milton's Poetry 1968
The Religious Sublime: Christian Poetry and Critical Tradition in 18th-Century England 1972
The Reluctant Film Art of Woody Allen 2001
The Reluctant Film Art of Woody Allen 2016
Remaking the World: Decolonization and the Cold War 2023
Remembering The Battle of the Crater: War as Murder 2012
Rennie's Way 1994
Replacing France: The Origins of American Intervention in Vietnam 2007
Representation in State Legislatures 1982
The Republic of Letters in America: The Correspondence of John Peale Bishop and Allen Tate 1981
The Republican Command: 1897--1913 1971
The Republican Right since 1945 1983
Republicans and Labor: 1919--1929 1969
Rereading Appalachia: Literacy, Place, and Cultural Resistance 2015
Resistance in the Bluegrass: Empowering the Commonwealth 2022
Resisting Rebellion: The History and Politics of Counterinsurgency 2004
Respiratory Control: Central and Peripheral Mechanisms 1993
The Rest of the Dream: The Black Odyssey of Lyman Johnson 1988
Restoring Shakertown: The Struggle to Save the Historic Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill 2005
Restraining Air Power: Escalation Management between Peer Air Forces 2022
Rethinking Race: Franz Boas and His Contemporaries 1996
Rethinking the Civil War Era: Directions for Research 2018
The Return of Astraea: An Astral-Imperial Myth in Calderón 1986
Return to Nature?: An Ecological Counterhistory 2011
Revolt of the Rednecks: Mississippi Politics, 1876-1925 1951
Revolution and Ideology: Images of the Mexican Revolution in the United States 1995
A Revolution Down on the Farm: The Transformation of American Agriculture since 1929 2008
Revolutionary Pairs: Marx and Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, Gandhi and Nehru, Mao and Zhou, Castro and Guevara 2020
Rex Ingram: Visionary Director of the Silent Screen 2014
Rhyme and Meaning in Richard Crashaw 1961
Richard Mather of Dorchester 1976
Riding to Arms: A History of Horsemanship and Mounted Warfare 2022
Ridley Scott: A Biography 2019
Ring Around the Moon: Mommy Goose Rhymes 2019
The Rise of Aggressive Abolitionism: Addresses to the Slaves 2004
The Rise of the Midwestern Meat Packing Industry 1982
The Rise of the Urban South 1985
The Rising Clamor: The American Press, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Cold War 2019
Rituals and Riots: Sectarian Violence and Political Culture in Ulster, 1784-1886 2000
River Jordan: African American Urban Life in the Ohio Valley 1998
River Of Earth 1978
River of Hope: Black Politics and the Memphis Freedom Movement, 1865--1954 2014
Riverside Remembered 1992
Road Of Stars To Santiago 1994
The Road to Independence: The Revolutionary Movement in New York, 1773--1777 1967
Roadside History: A Guide to Kentucky Highway Markers 2002
Robert Frost and the New England Renaissance 1988
Robert Penn Warren: Critical Perspectives 1981
Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men: A Reader's Companion 2018
Robert Riskin: The Life and Times of a Hollywood Screenwriter 2006
Rock Art Of Kentucky 1997
Rock Fences of the Bluegrass 1992
The Roland Legend in Nineteenth Century French Literature 1991
A Romance of the Republic 1867
Romanticism and Women Poets: Opening the Doors of Reception 1999
Roosevelt: The Party Leader, 1932-1945 1991
The Roots of Appalachian Christianity: The Life and Legacy of Elder Shubal Stearns 2001
The Roots of Nazi Psychology: Hitler's Utopian Barbarism 2000
A Rose for Mrs. Miniver: The Life of Greer Garson 1999
Roy Wilkins: The Quiet Revolutionary and the NAACP 2014
Royal Portraits in Hollywood: Filming the Lives of Queens 2009
Royce's Voyage Down Under: A Journey of the Mind 1980
Rückzug: The German Retreat from France, 1944 2012
The Run for the Elbertas 1980
Run Me a River 1964
Running Mad for Kentucky: Frontier Travel Accounts 2004
Rural Life and Culture in the Upper Cumberland 2004
Russell Kirk: American Conservative 2015
The Russian Bureau: A Case Study in Wilsonian Diplomacy 1983
Rusties and Riddles and Gee-Haw Whimmy-Diddles 1989
Ryan's Daughter: The Making of an Irish Epic 2020
The SA Generals and the Rise of Nazism 1998
Sabers through the Reich: World War II Corps Cavalry from Normandy to the Elbe 2017
Sacred Mountains: A Christian Ethical Approach to Mountaintop Removal 2015
The Safety of Small Things: Poems 2024
The Sailor: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Transformation of American Foreign Policy 2021
Salvation and the Savage: An Analysis of Protestant Missions and American Indian Response, 1787--1862 1965
Salvator Rosa in French Literature: From the Bizarre to the Sublime 2005
Samuel Richardson and the Dramatic Novel 1968
Satire: A Critical Reintroduction 1994
Satire and Society in Wilhelmine Germany: Kladderadatsch and Simplicissimus, 1890--1914 1984
Saul Bass: Anatomy of Film Design 2014
Savory Memories 1998
Sayings of the Ancestors: The Spiritual Life of the Sibundoy Indians 1989
The Schlieffen Plan: International Perspectives on the German Strategy for World War I 2014
A Scholar's Conscience: Selected Writings of J. Saunders Redding, 1942-1977 1992
Schools for All: The Blacks and Public Education in the South, 1865--1877 1974
Scissors, Paper, Rock: A Novel 2016
Scott, Chaucer, and Medieval Romance: A Study in Sir Walter Scott's Indebtedness to the Literature of the Middle Ages 1987
Scott the Rhymer 1988
The Scourges of Heaven: A Novel 1998
The Sea and the Second World War: Maritime Aspects of a Global Conflict 2019
The Secret History of RDX: The Super-Explosive that Helped Win World War II 2018
The Secretary of Defense 1980
Secrets of the Sideshows 2005
The Seed Of Sally Good'n: A Black Family of Arkansas, 1833-1953 1985
Seeing America: Women Photographers between the Wars 2000
The Self-Inflicted Wound: Southern Politics in the Nineteenth Century 1985
Selling Catholicism: Bishop Sheen and the Power of Television 1998
Selma to Saigon: The Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War 2014
Senatorial Politics and Foreign Policy 1962
Sense Of Place: American Regional Cultures 1990
The Separate City: Black Communities in the Urban South, 1940-1968 1995
Sergeant York: An American Hero 1985
Serving Two Masters: Moravian Brethren in Germany and North Carolina, 1727-1801 2000
The Seventeenth-Century Resolve: A Historical Anthology of a Literary Form 1980
The Shadow of Death: The Holocaust in Lithuania 1992
The Shadow of Eternity: Belief and Structure in Herbert, Vaughan, and Traherne 1981
Shake-Out: Iowa Farm Families in the 1980s 1989
Shaker Made: Inside Pleasant Hill's Shaker Village 2024
The Shaker Village 2008
Shakespeare and the Greek Romance: A Study of Origins 1970
Shakespeare and the Outer Mystery 1968
Shakespeare and the Poet's Life 1990
Shakespeare and the Uses of Comedy 1986
The Shame of Southern Politics: Essays and Speeches 2002
Shantyboat Journal 1994
Shantyboat On The Bayous 1990
The Shape of Fear: Horror and the Fin de Siècle Culture of Decadence 1998
Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop: The Team That Changed Children's Television 2022
Sharp Cut: Harold Pinter's Screenplays and the Artistic Process 2003
The Shawnee 1993
She Said What?: Interviews with Women Newspaper Columnists 1993
The Sheriff: America's Defense of the New World Order 2004
Ships That Sail No More: Marine Transportation from San Diego to Puget Sound 1910--1940 1966
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim: A Writer in Early Hollywood 1999
Shooting the Pacific War: Marine Corps Combat Photography in WWII 2000
Short of the Glory: The Fall and Redemption of Edward F. Prichard Jr. 1998
Showman of the Screen: Joseph E. Levine and His Revolutions in Film Promotion 2016
The Shriek of Silence: A Phenomenology of the Holocaust Novel 1992
Sidelined: How American Sports Challenged the Black Freedom Struggle 2013
Sidney J. Furie: Life and Films 2015
Sidney Lumet: Film and Literary Vision 2001
Silas House: Exploring an Appalachian Writer's Work 2021
Silent Heroes: Downed Airmen and the French Underground 2001
Silent Players: A Biographical and Autobiographical Study of 100 Silent Film Actors and Actresses 2002
A Simple Justice: Kentucky Women Fight for the Vote 2020
Singing The Glory Down: Amateur Gospel Music in South Central Kentucky, 1900-1990 1991
Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown 2019
Sister States, Enemy States: The Civil War in Kentucky and Tennessee 2009
Sisters in Pain: Battered Women Fight Back 2000
Slave And Freeman: The Autobiography of George L. Knox 1979
Slavery and Freedom in the Bluegrass State: Revisiting My Old Kentucky Home 2023
Slaves, Slaveholders, and a Kentucky Community's Struggle Toward Freedom 2019
Slender Is The Thread: Tales from a Country Law Office 1987
Small Screen, Big Feels: Television and Cultural Anxiety in the Twenty-First Century 2020
Smokescreen: Debunking Wildfire Myths to Save Our Forests and Our Climate 2021
Smoky Mountain Voices: A Lexicon of Southern Appalachian Speech Based on the Research of Horace Kephart 1993
So Much to Lose: John F. Kennedy and American Policy in Laos 2014
"So Wise Were Our Elders": Mythic Narratives from the Kamsá 1994
Soccer Diplomacy: International Relations and Football since 1914 2020
Social Deviancy and Adolescent Personality 1962
The Social Documentary Photography of Milton Rogovin 2019
The Social History of Bourbon 1963
The Social Self: Hawthorne, Howells, William James, and Nineteenth-Century Psychology 1997
Sociomedical Perspectives on Patient Care 1993
The Soil and Health: A Study of Organic Agriculture 1947
The Soldier Image and State-Building in Modern China, 1924-1945 2019
Soldier in the Sinai: A General's Account of the Yom Kippur War 2014
Some Like It Wilder: The Life and Controversial Films of Billy Wilder 2010
Some Vistas of Modern Mathematics: Dynamic Programming, Invariant Imbedding, and the Mathematical Biosciences 1968
Something's Rising: Appalachians Fighting Mountaintop Removal 2009
Songs of Life and Grace: A Memoir 2003
South Africa and the World: The Foreign Policy of Apartheid 1970
The South and the New Deal 1994
South from Hell-fer-Sartin: Kentucky Mountain Folk Tales 1988
South Pacific Diary, 1942-1943 1996
South West Africa and the United Nations 1967
Southeast Asia Among the World Powers 1957
The Southern Appalachian Region: A Survey 1962
Southern Crossroads: Perspectives on Religion and Culture 2008
Southern Farmers and Their Stories: Memory and Meaning in Oral History 2006
Southern History on Screen: Race and Rights, 1976-2016 2019
Southern Music/American Music 1979
Southern Political Party Activists: Patterns of Conflict and Change, 1991-2001 2004
The Southern Strategy Revisited: Republican Top-Down Advancement in the South 1996
Southern Voices: Biet Dong and the National Liberation Front 2022
Southern Writers at Century's End 1997
Sown in the Stars: Planting by the Signs 2023
The Spanish Ballad in English 1973
Spanish Poetry of the Twentieth Century: Modernity and Beyond 1994
Spectacular Bid: The Last Superhorse of the Twentieth Century 2019
The Spirit of Carnival: Magical Realism and the Grotesque 1995
Spookiest Stories Ever: Four Seasons of Kentucky Ghosts 2010
Sporty Creek 1999
Stage-Coach Days In The Bluegrass 1935
Stages of Evil: Occultism in Western Theater and Drama 2005
The Star-Spangled Screen: The American World War II Film 2022
The State of the Earth: Environmental Challenges on the Road to 2100 2007
State Violence in East Asia 2013
Stephen Rolfe Powell: Glassmaker 2007
Stereoscopic Cinema and the Origins of 3-D Film, 1838-1952 2007
Steven Spielberg and Philosophy: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Book 2008
Stitched Together: Stories of a Kentucky Life 2019
Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply 2016
Stoner's Boy: A Seckatary Hawkins Mystery 2016
A Strange Whim of the Sea: The Wreck of the USS Macaw 2023
Strategic Studies and Public Policy: The American Experience 1982
Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access 2013
Street Smart: The New York of Lumet, Allen, Scorsese, and Lee 2005
Street with No Name: A History of the Classic American Film Noir 2002
Street with No Name: A History of the Classic American Film Noir 2002
Strictly Dynamite: The Sensational Life of Lupe Velez 2023
Striking Back: Combat in Korea, March-April 1951 2010
Stroheim 2000
The Struggle for Cooperation: Liberated France and the American Military, 1944--1946 2019
The Struggle Is Eternal: Gloria Richardson and Black Liberation 2018
Studio Affairs: My Life as a Film Director 1996
Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story 2015
Style and Status: Selling Beauty to African American Women, 1920-1975 2007
Submarine Commander: A Story of World War II and Korea 1988
Subordinating Intelligence: The DoD/CIA Post-Cold War Relationship 2019
Sue Mundy: A Novel of the Civil War 2006
Super Tuesday: Regional Politics and Presidential Primaries 1992
Supplement to the Index of Middle English Verse: Carleton Brown and Rossell Hope Robbins 1966
Surface and Destroy: The Submarine Gun War in the Pacific 2011
Sustainable Poetry: Four American Ecopoets 1999
Sweet Pea at War: A History of USS Portland 2003
Swing It!: The Andrews Sisters Story 2000
Sylvia Rafael: The Life and Death of a Mossad Spy 2014
The Symbolic Earth: Discourse and Our Creation of the Environment 1996
The Synagogues of Kentucky: Architecture and History 1995
Take It from the Big Mouth: The Life of Martha Raye 1999
Take Sides with the Truth: The Postwar Letters of John Singleton Mosby to Samuel F. Chapman 2007
Taking Shergar: Thoroughbred Racing's Most Famous Cold Case 2018
Taking the Town: Collegiate and Community Culture in the Bluegrass, 1880-1917 2008
Tales from Kentucky Doctors 2008
Tales from Kentucky Funeral Homes 2009
Tales from Kentucky Lawyers 2003
Tales from Kentucky Nurses 2015
Tales from Kentucky One-Room School Teachers 2011
Tales from Kentucky Sheriffs 2011
Tales from Tennessee Lawyers 2005
Tales of Kentucky Ghosts 2010
Talking Appalachian: Voice, Identity, and Community 2013
Taps For A Jim Crow Army: Letters from Black Soldiers in World War II 1983
Tar Hollow Trans: Essays 2023
Team 19 in Vietnam: An Australian Soldier at War 2013
Television Histories: Shaping Collective Memory in the Media Age 2001
The Telltale Lilac Bush and Other West Virginia Ghost Tales 1965
Temperance And Racism: John Bull, Johnny Reb, and the Good Templars 1996
Tennis and Philosophy: What the Racket is All About 2010
The Terezin Diary of Gonda Redlich 1992
Texas Divided: Loyalty and Dissent in the Lone Star State, 1856-1874 1990
The Theatre in Early Kentucky: 1790-1820 1971
Then and Now: The Personal Past in the Poetry of Robert Penn Warren 1982
They Made the Movies: Conversations with Great Filmmakers 2023
Thirteen Women Strong: The Making of a Team 2008
This is Home Now: Kentucky's Holocaust Survivors Speak 2009
This Land, This South: An Environmental History 1996
Thomas C. Mann: President Johnson, the Cold War, and the Restructuring of Latin American Foreign Policy 2018
Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky: An Uncommon Life in the Commonwealth 2003
Thomas Hunt Morgan: Pioneer of Genetics 1976
Thomas Ince: Hollywood's Independent Pioneer 2012
Thomas Merton: Social Critic 1971
Thomas Merton's Gethsemani: Landscapes of Paradise 2005
Thoughts on War 2020
Three American Frontiers: Writings of Thomas D. Clark 1968
Three Kentucky Artists: Troye, Hart, Price 1974
The Three Kentucky Presidents: Lincoln, Taylor, Davis 1978
Three Kentucky Tragedies 1991
Three Melodramas by Pietro Metastasio 1981
The Three Secular Plays of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: A Critical Study 2000
Through Mobility We Conquer: The Mechanization of U.S. Cavalry 2006
Thunder in the Argonne: A New History of America's Greatest Battle 2018
Thunder of Freedom: Black Leadership and the Transformation of 1960s Mississippi 2013
Tilmann Riemenschneider: His Life and Work 1982
Time on Target: The World War II Memoir of William R. Buster 1999
To Keep the Peace: The United Nations Condemnatory Resolution 1977
To Reach the High Frontier: A History of U.S. Launch Vehicles 2002
Tobacco and Kentucky 1975
Tobacco Culture: Farming Kentucky's Burley Belt 1998
Tobacco Harvest: An Elegy 2004
Tobacco Merchant: The Story of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company 1995
Tolkien's Art: A Mythology for England 2001
Tongue of Water, Teeth of Stones: Northern Irish Poetry and Social Violence 1999
Torchbearer of Freedom: The Influence of Richard Price on 18th Century Thought 1952
The Total Light Process: New & Selected Poems 2004
Totalitarianism on Screen: The Art and Politics of The Lives of Others 2014
A Tour of Reconstruction: Travel Letters of 1875 2011
Toward an Augustan Poetic: Edmund Waller's "Reform" of English Poetry 1962
Toward Freedom Land: The Long Struggle for Racial Equality in America 2010
Toward Octavio Paz: A Reading of His Major Poems, 1957--1976 1986
Towboat on the Ohio 1995
Towns and Villages of the Lower Ohio 1998
Traces: A Novel 2022
Trade and the American Dream: A Social History of Postwar Trade Policy 1996
The Tragic Myth: Lorca and Cante Jondo 1978
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1984
The Transformations of Godot 1980
Transylvania: Tutor to the West 1980
Trapped!: The Story of Floyd Collins 1979
Travel Literature and the Evolution of the Novel 1983
Travels Between the Hudson and the Mississippi: 1851--1852 1971
The Treaty of Portsmouth: An Adventure in American Diplomacy 1969
Trees and Shrubs of Kentucky 1973
Trial by Friendship: Anglo-American Relations, 1917-1918 1993
The Trial: The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators 2003
Tricksters and Estates: On the Ideology of Restoration Comedy 1997
The Troubled Alliance: German-Austrian Relations, 1914--1917 1970
True Faith And Allegiance: The Burden of Military Ethics 1995
Truman and the Democratic Party 1997
Truman, Congress, and Korea: The Politics of America's First Undeclared War 2016
Truman Defeats Dewey 1999
The Tube Has Spoken: Reality TV and History 2010
The Turkish Arms Embargo: Drugs, Ethnic Lobbies, and US Domestic Politics 2020
Twentieth-Century Southern Literature 1997
Twilight of the Republic: Empire and Exceptionalism in the American Political Tradition 2013
Two Paths to The New South: The Virginia Debt Controversy, 1870--1883 1974
Two Worlds in the Tennessee Mountains: Exploring the Origins of Appalachian Stereotypes 1997
UnAfrican Americans: Nineteenth-Century Black Nationalists and the Civilizing Mission 1998
Unchained Voices: An Anthology of Black Authors in the English-Speaking World of the Eighteenth Century 2004
Uncle Bud Long: The Birth of a Kentucky Folk Legend 1973
Uncle Sam's War of 1898 and the Origins of Globalization 2003
Uncle Will of Wildwood: Nineteenth-Century Life in the Bluegrass 1974
Under the Bombs: The German Home Front, 1942-1945 1986
Uneven Ground: Appalachia since 1945 2008
The Unfolding God of Jung and Milton 1993
A Union Woman in Civil War Kentucky: The Diary of Frances Peter 2000
A Uniquely American Epic: Intimacy and Action, Tenderness and Violence in Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch 2019
The United States and Japan in the Postwar World 1989
The United States and NATO: The Formative Years 1984
United States National Interests in a Changing World 1973
Uniting Against the Reich: The American Air War in Europe 2023
The University in the American Future 1966
The University of Kentucky: A Pictorial History 1989
The University of Louisville 2000
The Unknown Dead: Civilians in the Battle of the Bulge 2005
Unnatural Ability: The History of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Thoroughbred Racing 2023
An Unseen Light: Black Struggles for Freedom in Memphis, Tennessee 2018
Unsolved History: Investigating Mysteries of the Past 2005
Unwilling to Quit: The Long Unwinding of American Involvement in Vietnam 2023
Up Cutshin and Down Greasy: Folkways of a Kentucky Mountain Family 1988
Upheaval: Stories 2009
Urban Guerrilla Warfare 2007
The Urban South: A History 1990
U.S. Naval Gunfire Support in the Pacific War: A Study of the Development and Application of Doctrine 2021
US Presidential Elections and Foreign Policy: Candidates, Campaigns, and Global Politics from FDR to Bill Clinton 2017
The US Senate and the Commonwealth: Kentucky Lawmakers and the Evolution of Legislative Leadership 2019
The U.S. South and Europe: Transatlantic Relations in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 2013
The USS Flier: Death and Survival on a World War II Submarine 2008
Utmost Art: Complexity in the Verse of George Herbert 1966
Vampire Legends in Contemporary American Culture: What Becomes a Legend Most 2002
The Vandana Shiva Reader 2014
Vascular Plants Of Kentucky: An Annotated Checklist 1992
The Vatard Sisters 1983
Veit Harlan: The Life and Work of a Nazi Filmmaker 2016
Venerable Trees: History, Biology, and Conservation in the Bluegrass 2015
The Verbal Icon: Studies in the Meaning of Poetry 1982
Vernon and Irene Castle's Ragtime Revolution 2007
Victor Fleming: An American Movie Master 2013
Victorious Insurgencies: Four Rebellions that Shaped Our World 2010
Vietnam Declassified: The CIA and Counterinsurgency 2010
The Vietnam War: A Study in the Making of American Policy 1985
Vietnam's Second Front: Domestic Politics, the Republican Party, and the War 2010
The View from the Ground: Experiences of Civil War Soldiers 2007
Violence against Women in Kentucky: A History of U.S. and State Legislative Reform 2014
The Violence of the Green Revolution: Third World Agriculture, Ecology, and Politics 2016
Virginia at War, 1861 2005
Virginia at War, 1862 2007
Virginia at War, 1863 2009
Virginia at War, 1864 2009
Virginia at War, 1865 2012
Virginia's Blues, Country, and Gospel Records, 1902-1943: An Annotated Discography 1989
Virtual Afterlives: Grieving the Dead in the Twenty-First Century 2014
The Virtues of Ignorance: Complexity, Sustainability, and the Limits of Knowledge 2008
Virtues of Renewal: Wendell Berry's Sustainable Forms 2019
Visions of the American West 1989
Vitagraph: America's First Great Motion Picture Studio 2021
V.K. Wellington Koo and the Emergence of Modern China 2004
A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio 2011
The Voice of the Child in American Literature 1990
The Voice of the Frontier: John Bradford's Notes on Kentucky 1993
Voice of the Wildcats: Claude Sullivan and the Rise of Modern Sportscasting 2014
Voices From the Holocaust 1993
Voices from the Korean War: Personal Stories of American, Korean, and Chinese Soldiers 2004
Voices from the Peace Corps: Fifty Years of Kentucky Volunteers 2011
Voices from the Vietnam War: Stories from American, Asian, and Russian Veterans 2010
Voices of African Immigrants in Kentucky: Migration, Identity, and Transnationality 2019
Voices of Resistance: Testimonies of Cuban and Chilean Women 1999
Von Sternberg 2010
Walter Hines Page: Ambassador to the Court of St. James's 1970
Walter Pater: Humanist 1970
Wanting Radiance: A Novel 2020
War and Remembrance: The Story of the American Battle Monuments Commission 2018
War & Homecoming: Veteran Identity and the Post-9/11 Generation 2022
War in the American Pacific and East Asia, 1941-1972 2018
War in the Modern Great Power System: 1495--1975 1983
A War of Logistics: Parachutes and Porters in Indochina, 1945--1954 2015
War of Supply: World War II Allied Logistics in the Mediterranean 2022
The War That Never Ends: New Perspectives on the Vietnam War 2007
The War to End All Wars: The American Military Experience in World War I 1986
Warhogs: A History of War Profits in America 1997
The Warner Brothers 2023
Warren Oates: A Wild Life 2009
Wars of Modern Babylon: A History of the Iraqi Army from 1921 to 2003 2017
Washington on Washington 2003
Washington's Iron Butterfly: Bess Clements Abell, An Oral History 2022
Watchman at the Gates: A Soldier's Journey from Berlin to Bosnia 2021
Water in Kentucky: Natural History, Communities, and Conservation 2017
The Watercolors of Harlan Hubbard 2021
The Way of Duty, Honor, Country: The Memoir of General Charles Pelot Summerall 2010
The Wayward Liberal: A Political Biography of Donald Richberg 1970
We Shall Return!: MacArthur's Commanders and the Defeat of Japan, 1942-1945 1988
Weavers of the Southern Highlands 2003
Weeds of Kentucky and Adjacent States: A Field Guide 1991
We'll Always Have the Movies: American Cinema during World War II 2006
Wellspring 1975
Wendell Berry and Higher Education: Cultivating Virtues of Place 2017
Wendell Berry and Religion: Heaven's Earthly Life 2009
Wendell Berry: Life and Work 2007
West Virginia: A History 1993
Western Kentucky University 1987
Westward into Kentucky: The Narrative of Daniel Trabue 1981
Wetland Drainage, Restoration, and Repair 2007
Whaling Will Never Do For Me: The American Whaleman in the Nineteenth Century 1994
What Comes Down to Us: 25 Contemporary Kentucky Poets 2009
What Ever Happened to Orson Welles?: A Portrait of an Independent Career 2022
What My Heart Wants To Tell 1979
What Parish Are You From?: A Chicago Irish Community and Race Relations 1995
What Price Hollywood?: Gender and Sex in the Films of George Cukor 2020
What Things Cost: an anthology for the people 2023
The Wheel of Servitude: Black Forced Labor after Slavery 1978
When Slavery Was Called Freedom: Evangelicalism, Proslavery, and the Causes of the Civil War 2002
When Winter Come: The Ascension of York 2008
Which Fork Do I Use with My Bourbon?: Setting the Table for Tastings, Food Pairings, Dinners, and Cocktail Parties 2020
The Whigs' America: Middle-Class Political Thought in the Age of Jackson and Clay 2020
While Father Is Away: The Civil War Letters of William H. Bradbury 2003
Whistle Stops: Adventures in Public Life 1985
Whistling in the Dark: Memory and Culture in Wartime London 1999
Who Killed Betty Gail Brown?: Murder, Mistrial, and Mystery 2017
Who Owns Appalachia?: Landownership and Its Impact 1983
Why Air Forces Fail: The Anatomy of Defeat 2006
Why Air Forces Fail: The Anatomy of Defeat 2016
Why We Fought: America's Wars in Film and History 2008
Wide Neighborhoods: A Story of the Frontier Nursing Service 1981
Wild Yet Tasty: A Guide to Edible Plants of Eastern Kentucky 2019
Wildcat Memories: Inside Stories from Kentucky Basketball Greats 2014
Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky 2004
Wildflowers and Ferns of Red River Gorge and the Greater Red River Basin 2019
Wildflowers of Mammoth Cave National Park 1997
William Dunbar: Scientific Pioneer of the Old Southwest 2007
William Faulkner: From Jefferson to the World 1959
William Goebel: The Politics of Wrath 1977
William Golding: Some Critical Considerations 1978
William H. Crawford: 1772--1834 1974
William Louis Poteat: A Leader of the Progressive-Era South 2000
William Motherwell's Cultural Politics 2001
William Wyler: The Life and Films of Hollywood's Most Celebrated Director 2013
Willis Duke Weatherford: Race, Religion, and Reform in the American South 2016
Wingless Flight: The Lifting Body Story 2002
The Winning Tradition: A History of Kentucky Wildcat Basketball 1998
Winter Fruit: English Drama, 1642-1660 1995
With a Hammer for My Heart: A Novel 1997
With Amusement for All: A History of American Popular Culture since 1830 2006
With Charity for All: Lincoln and the Restoration of the Union 1997
With Mortal Voice: The Creation of Paradise Lost 1982
With the Tigers over China, 1941-1942 1999
With Utmost Spirit: Allied Naval Operations in the Mediterranean, 1942-1945 2004
Without Consent: Mass-Elite Linkages in Presidential Politics 1988
The Wolfpen Notebooks: A Record of Appalachian Life 1991
Woman Earthly and Divine in the Comedy of Dante 1975
The Woman Who Dared: The Life and Times of Pearl White, Queen of the Serials 2023
A Woman's Wage: Historical Meanings and Social Consequences 1990
Women and Reform in a New England Community, 1815-1860 2000
Women and the White House: Gender, Popular Culture, and Presidential Politics 2013
Women Editing Modernism: "Little" Magazines and Literary History 1995
Women Healers and Physicians: Climbing a Long Hill 1997
Women in Kentucky 1979
Women in the Medieval Spanish Epic and Lyric Traditions 1975
The Women of Country Music: A Reader 2003
Women Politicians and the Media 1996
Women Who Made a Difference 1989
Women's Acts: Plays by Women Dramatists of Spain's Golden Age 1997
Wonderful Wasteland and other natural disasters: Poems 2019
Woody Plants of Kentucky and Tennessee: The Complete Winter Guide to Their Identification and Use 2013
The Woolen Industry of the Midwest 1970
Workers Under Stress: The Impact of Work Pressure on Group Cohesion 1971
Working-Class Mobilization and Political Control: Venezuela and Mexico 1989
The World Is Our Home: Society and Culture in Contemporary Southern Writing 2000
The World Of Hannah More 1996
World of Relations: The Achievement of Peter Taylor 1998
World Politics on Screen: Understanding International Relations through Popular Culture 2014
Worldmaking Spenser: Explorations in the Early Modern Age 2000
The World's Eye 1982
The WPA Guide to Kentucky 1939
Writers and Miners: Activism and Imagery in America 2002
Writing Appalachia: An Anthology 2020
Writing Southern Politics: Contemporary Interpretations and Future Directions 2006
Writing the Legal Record: Law Reporters in Nineteenth-Century Kentucky 2017
Yankee Blitzkrieg: Wilson's Raid through Alabama and Georgia 1976
Yanks in Blue Berets: American UN Peacekeepers in the Middle East 2023
Yanks Over Europe: American Flyers in World War II 1996
Yates Paul, His Grand Flights, His Tootings 1963
Yellow Fever and Public Health in the New South 1992
Yes We Did?: From King's Dream to Obama's Promise 2009
Yesterday's People: Life in Contemporary Appalachia 1993
You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet: Interviews with Stars from Hollywood's Golden Era 2017
You Bet Your Life: The Burdens of Gambling 2001
The Young Philosopher 1999
You've Come A Long Way, Baby: Women, Politics, and Popular Culture 2009
Yves Montand: The Passionate Voice 2024
Zero-Sum Victory: What We're Getting Wrong About War 2021
Ziegfeld and His Follies: A Biography of Broadway's Greatest Producer 2015