American Journal of Archaeology

Vol. 112, No. 1, Jan., 2008

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief (p. 1)
    Naomi J. Norman
  3. Master of the Lion: Representation and Hybridity in Cypriote Sanctuaries (pp. 3-27)
    Derek B. Counts
  4. Pledges of Empire: The Ara Pacis and the Donations of Rome (pp. 57-89)
    Diana E. E. Kleiner and Bridget Buxton
  5. Si quis hic sederit: Streetside Benches and Urban Society in Pompeii (pp. 91-119)
    Jeremy Hartnett
  6. Archaeology in Bulgaria, 2006 Season (pp. 143-170)
    Ivo D. Cholakov and Krastyu Chukalev
  7. Frederick R. Matson, 1912-2007 (pp. 171-172)
    Eugene N. Borza
  8. Reviews

  9. Books Received (pp. 199-202)
  10. Back Matter