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Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948

Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948: Volume 1: Debates. Volume 2: Reports and Papers.

James K. Miller
Michael F. Harrington
Copyright Date: 1995
Pages: 577
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    Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948
    Book Description:

    Delegates to the convention examined Newfoundland's economy and society, and debated the merits of returning to responsible government (suspended in 1934) or joining the Canadian confederation. A number of public figures of the 1950s and 1960s came into prominence during the convention, most notably Joseph R. Smallwood, leader of the confederate group.

    eISBN: 978-0-7735-6512-8
    Subjects: Political Science
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Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents (pp. v-v)
  3. [Illustrations] (pp. vi-xviii)
  4. The National Convention Act, 1946 (pp. 1-52)

    WHEREAS is has been decided that provision should be made for enabling the people of Newfoundland to examine future of the Island and express their considered views as to suitable forms of government for the Island, having regard to the financial and economic conditions prevailing therein, and that this provision could most appropriately be the holding of an elected National Convention of Newfoundland;

    AND WHEREAS is has been decided that the said Convention should have the duty and function hereinafter in this Act set forth;

    AND WHEREAS it is necessary to provide for the constitution of the said Convention and...


    1. Unless otherwise ordered, the Convention shall meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 3 o’clock, and upon adjournment of Friday’s session shall stand adjourned until the following Monday.

    2. Subject to prior adjournment, if at the hour of 6 o’clock in the evening the daily business of the Convention or of the Committee of the Whole be not concluded, the Chairman shall leave the Chair until 8 o’clock.

    3. Meetings shall be held in public unless the Convention otherwise orders.

    4. The Chairman of the Convention shall preside at all sittings of the Convention save that in...

  6. Report of the Steering Committee (pp. 445-446)

    1. The Steering Committee at its meeting at 11 am this day gave further consideration to the organisation of the work of the Convention and has agreed upon a final report.

    2. The Committee recommends that the Convention set up committees to deal with each of the following subjects:

    (a) Fisheries

    (b) Finance (Public)

    (c) Forestry

    (d) Mining

    (e) Agriculture

    (f) Local Industries

    (g) Education

    (h) Public Health & Welfare

    (i) Transportation

    It is proposed that members shall be appointed to the committees by the Chairman of the Convention in accordance with the attached schedule. Each member of the Convention...

  7. Report of Conference of a Committee of the National Convention with His Excellency the Governor in Commission, held at Government House, February 8,1947. (pp. 447-447)

    His Excellency the Governor presided.

    The following Commissioners were present: Hon. Sir John C. Puddester, Kt., Hon A.J. Walsh, Hon. W.H. Flinn, Hon. R.L.M. James and Hon. H.W. Quinton. The Committee of the National Convention consisted of: Mr. F.G. Bradley, K.C., Hon. R.B. Job, Mr. C.A. Crosbie, Mr. T.G.W.Ashbourne, Mr. G.F. Higgins, K.C., Mr. J.R. Smallwood, Mr. I. Newell and Mr. F.D. Fogwill.

    The purpose of the conference was to discuss the resolution passed by the National Convention at the session of February 4, and forwarded to the Secretary to the Commission of Government by the Secretary of the National...

  8. The London Delegation, 1947 (pp. 448-509)

    A. Matters to be Discussed with the United Kingdom Government (n.d.)

    B. Statement of Matters to be Discussed with the United Kingdom Government (n.d.)

    C. First Meeting with Delegation from Newfoundland National Convention, 29 April, 1947.

    D. Memorandum in Reply to Questions submitted by the Delegation (1 May, 1947).

    E. Second Meeting with the Delegation, 1 May, 1947.

    F. Reply to the Memorandum submitted to the Newfoundland Delegation on May 1, 1947 (6 May, 1947).

    G. Memorandum with Reference to Section 3 of the Convention Act, 1946 (6 May, 1947).

    H. Third Meeting with the Delegation, 7 May, 1947.


  9. Report of the Ottawa Delegation Proposed Arrangements for the Entry of Newfoundland into Confederation. (pp. 510-521)

    His Excellency Sir Gordon Macdonald, K.C.M.G.,

    Governor of Newfoundland,

    St. John’s, Newfoundland.

    My dear Governor:

    On March 20, 1947, at the request of the National Convention of Newfoundland, you enquired whether the Government would receive a delegation which had been appointed by the Convention to come to Ottawa to ascertain what fair and equitable basis for union with Canada might exist. The Government of Canada replied that it would be happy to receive this delegation, and that it was “of the opinion that the questions to be discussed with the delegation are of such complexity and of such significance for...

  10. Draft Provincial Budget Prepared by J.R. Smallwood, December 1947 (pp. 522-523)

    Note: The original, detailed document could not be found. The following reconstruction is taken from a report in theEvening Telegram,December 9,1947 and from the debates on the draft budgetin the Convention. There are some minor discrepancies between these two sources. See also P.A.Bridle (ed.)Documents on Relations between Canada and Newfoundland, Volume 2, Part I, p.752.

    aln debate on December 10, 1947, Mr. Smallwood agreed that this figure should be increased by $83,172 for each of the first four years of union,

    bTax on cables, etc.

    cInsurance licences.

    dIncludes repayments of principal and interest on loans to housing...

  11. APPENDIX A Members and Officers of the National Convention (pp. 524-540)
  12. APPENDIX B Persons Mentioned in the Debates and Reports (pp. 541-546)
  13. Index (pp. 547-552)